The New He-Man chapter 11

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The New He-Man 11

Psychic powers

     I got to school the next day I was just sitting down when I received an imprint from the room. Why I never felt it before is beyond me especially this strong. It was a guy he was walking down the hall of the school when a man in a mask came up beside him. He felt something sharp in his back and all went black. He didn't know who it was or why all he knows is he is trapped here. I got up just as Dallus came in he saw the strange look on my face "What wrong?" he asked

"Some one died here in our halls," I told him

"Are you sure?" He asked

"Yes I can feel impression from the victim," I told him walking out the door and following the scent so to speak Dallus came up after me. I put my hand on the lockers feeling the imprint of the poor fellow. "Dave what is it?" Dallus asked

"I think my psychic instincts are getting stronger," I told him

"Unless this was very recent," I turned to him

I made my way down the hall I could feel the person he was strong. The bell rang braking my concentration I was losing the imprint with incoming influx of people from the outside Dallus looked at me I could see a strange look in his eyes.

"I think this was recent Professor," I told him

"But how?" He asked

I closed my eyes but I couldn't see anything outside the imprint, "I don't know your going to need a more experienced then me I am still learning how to use my gift all I can do is feel things and if it is strong enough I can see things like Angels and the occasional spirit," I told him

He didn't like what he was hearing so he went to the dean's office to find out if I was right or not. "Hey Dave what going on?" I heard seeing Josh McCall coming into the class.

"Nothing much just getting to know the school halls," I lied

"Cool," He said taking his seat.

"Hey Dave," Amy came up to me.

"Hey Amy," I greeted

"Dave can I see you?" Dallus called me

The class was wondering what was going on.

I followed him to the dean's office I heard "Cale this is Dave Shavel,"

"Good to meet you Mr. Shavel," He extended his hand I took it.

"I hope I am not in trouble?" I asked

"No this is about Luke Berady he is the student you may have felt," Dallus replied

"What about him?" I asked

"The professor tell me that you felt him in the halls," The Dean said

"I felt something but I am not sure," I told him

"Mr. Shavel, Luke Berady was killed over the weekend," Dallus told me

"What?" I asked

"He had come in to finished a project that he was working on when someone stabbed him in the back," The Dean said

"Wow," I exclaimed

"That is why we need to talk," Dallus said

"We don't know who it was and no one is talking," Cale told me

I sat there thinking about it and said, "It is as I told Professor Dallus my talents are still developing you need a more experienced psychic to help out here,"

"We know that but you may still be able to help," Dallus said

"How so?" I asked


     Outside the Dean's office no one saw the guys listening in on our conversation and he didn't like what he was hearing. He ran out of there to find his friend. "Ben we need to talk!" he called

"What is it Dan?" Ben asked

"There is a guy in the Dean's office and they are talking about that fag Berady," Dan told him

"And what are they talking about?" Ben asked getting worried

"The guy says he can feel Berady's ghost or something and he knows he how he was killed," Dan told him

Ben look spooked "What does he know?" He finally asked

"He doesn't know it was you but the Dean is going to let him try to find out," Dan said

"We are going to have to silence him," Ben said

"Yeah but how?" Dan asked

"I don't know!" Ben nearly shouted


     "So how do you want me to begin?" I asked

"Just how you did it just walk around the hall and see what you come up with," Mr. Don told me

"That might make someone worried," I told them

"I am sure it will," Mr. Don smiled

I sighed and said, "I will do what I can,"

"Thank you," Dallus replied


     Professor and I went back to class where he lectured the class on how to spot trouble when it came to people. I listen for the most part I was thinking how I was going to do what they asked me to do. I didn't know where to begin `Well I will start from the beginning I guess' I thought to myself.

We broke for lunch I didn't go I walked the halls looking for anything that will help. The silence of the hall helped me a lot. "Ok Mike where do I go from here?" I asked my guide

"Start with the imprint" I heard my guide. Looking for the imprint again I continued walking the hall.

Unknown to me was the person following me he slowly watched me. He got nerves every time I stopped and looked around. He didn't like me poking around like I was.

     I felt something on the walls so I put my hand there feeling what ever was there. "I think there something here on this wall?" I said to myself.

Walking on I came up to Berady's locker where I got an even bigger imprint He was a gentle person who like practically everyone in fact there were few who disliked him. It took me all of lunch to find this all out I went to the Dean's officer to let him know what I found out, "I don't know much more but I think an ultraviolet light may reveal something on that wall," I told him

"Very good I will see if I can get one," Mr. Don smiled

"I only wish I could do more," I confessed

"This more then what the police was able to gather," The Dean said


     "Ben I don't like it he stopped at the wall where we left the blood print," Dan told him

"Does he know what he found?" Ben asked

"No but I think he has an idea," Dan told his friend

"This isn't good we need to get rid of this meddler before he says too much," Ben said

"How are we going to do that if he is helping the Dean?" Dan asked

"I don't know but I will think about something," Ben replied


After school I went home and meditated looking for help. I went in search for this guy. But I was coming up blank


     I came into school the next day but I was at a lost I did notice that the wall I stopped at had been destroyed there were bricks and mortar all over the place someone didn't want me to find out who had killed Berady. I walked by his locker only to notice that it too was ripped from its foundation someone was getting nervous and they didn't like me snooping around; I went to the Dean's office to let him know about the new wrinkle.

"Are you sure?" He asked I took him to the site and he shook his head "Damn," Dean swore.


     I got to class sat down and then I felt a presence I turned to see a guy enter the class he was some what striking he had some bulk around the arms. He had like a Hispanic skin coloring with a Caucasian stance. I couldn't see his eyes but I felt something from him he sat next to me "You are treading dangerous water man continue and you will end up like Berady," He told me then left.

Any normal person would have been shaken by the treat but I survived a sinking ship not much scared me nowadays. So I went on looking into the issue calming myself down I called, "Luke I need your help now," I called

I sat there and he came to me, "I am Luke Berady I was murdered in this school," He told me He was a beautiful person Hispanic complexion with a nice smile, "Thank you for your kind thoughts," He told me

"What happened do you know who it was that did this?" I asked

"No and it is frustrating to think someone would kill me," He spoke

"I am willing to help you Luke but I need to know how to help," I told him

"I heard that guy and I will not let you die because of me," He said with concerns

"I am quite capable of handling myself and I have a new friend to help," I told him

"You are calling me a friend?" He seem astonished

"Why wouldn't I?" I asked

"Because I am gay and I was afraid to tell people," He told me

"Luke I am gay," I told him

"Wow but I must ask why has God turned his back on me why did he allow me to die?" He cried

"You are talking about the wrong God Luke and he didn't allow it to happened it was just what had to be," I told him

"So Luke did you have a boyfriend while you were here?" I asked

"Yes his name was Ben Bolbic," Luke smiled

"How was your relationship?" I asked

"We were good he was just nervous on coming out," Luke told me

"Really?" I asked

"Yes," Luke confirmed

"Did Ben have any other friends?" I asked

"Yes Dan Necla," He told me

"Did what did he look like?" I asked

I didn't get the answer because class was beginning to fill up students. We went over several lectures today but I wasn't paying any attention I wanted to tell Dallus but I knew I had to act alone on this.


     Leaving class that day was horrible because I was getting close to an answer but I didn't know how to proceed

My thoughts were all put on hold when my phone rang "Hello?" I answered

"Hey man how is it going?" I heard Nick's voice

"Hey there what is happening?" I asked

"Well we were wondering if you like to hang out?" Nick asked

"Sure I love to just so long there are no vampires this time," I replied

I heard him laughing, "We'll do our best," He told me

"Ok let me get ready and I will be over," I told him


     I arrived at their hotel and asked the manager what floor they are on. After she gave it to me I went up.

Knocking the door a thought came to my mind, "Who is it?" I heard "Room service," I answered in my best female voice.

"We are good," I heard Drew he sounded a little out of breath

"Are you sure? I have fresh pillows, clean towels, new toilet paper," I told them

"No we are fine," Nick reaffirmed

"I also have some hot chocolate mix, and coffee refills," I persisted

"No we are good," Drew said

I had to control my reaction because this is funny,

"Hi Matilda how are you?" I asked no one

"Oh just fine I just changed sheet in the next room there was some sticky stuff on it," I said changing my voice

"Really whatever could that be?" I asked

I heard the door open I turned to see Jeff he was about to say something when he saw me talking to myself then he heard Nick and Drew talking back and forth about the strange maids they have here. He then gave me the thumbs up. "I wonder where it could have came from?" I asked

"Well I have heard if you are going to get head nothing works better then brotherly love," My Matilda said

"Now that is just gross," came a door flying open and a Nick Lachey. "Howdy Nick," I smiled

"Did you see which way those maids went?" he asked

"What maids?" I asked turning to Jeff "Have you seen any maids?"

"Nope just Nick hearing things again," Jeff said keeping a straight face

"No I know I was hearing two maids out here so was Drew," Nick said

"Hummmmmm I don't know I just got up here," I smiled

"I know I am not going crazy," Nick stated I just lost it with Jeff right behind me

"Damn Nick you make this too easy," I laughed

"What are you talking about?" He asked it was then Drew erupted into a ball of laughter

"Nick you are really slow," Drew laughed

Then it dawned on him "That was you?" he asked

I couldn't answer I was too busy laughing my head off. Once we died down Nick said "Asshole," It was then that his icy stare broke and he began laughing.

"I am sorry I couldn't resist," I said

"You are still an asshole," He told me

"Is that anyway to talk to a fan?" I asked

"No but it is to a friend," He smiled

That caught me off-guard did he just call me a friend, `Wow' I thought.

"So what have you been up to?" Justin asked

"Well I am trying to solve a murder case," I told them truthfully

"A murder case?" Nick asked

"Yeah a student was killed over the weekend and I felt him," I told them

"Any idea?" Jeff asked

"No," I said

We just hung out for the rest of the night.


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