The New He-Man chapter 12

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The New He-Man 12

Getting to the Bottom

     Going to school the next day wasn't making me feel any better which was sad. I love to learn but I was too distracted with the murder and how to solve it. I didn't care about the threat on my life I've face far worst.

     I walked down the hall I had my senses opened up for anything but I was too wrapped up in finding that I wasn't able to calm myself. Walking into the classroom Dallus was there he asked, "How is it going any progress?"

"No I am to caught up think straight," I told him

"Well I am sure you can do it," He said

"I'm not that sure of that I never had to look into a murder before," I told him

"No one is Dave," Dallus said

Then it came to me I am thinking too much like a civilian and not like a sailor. I had to get back to my military training I just sat there and Dallus looked at me and asked, "What are you thinking?"

"I am getting back to basic training," I told him

"What are you thinking?" He asked

"All of these things that have happened," I told him

"Like what?" he asked

"Like the fact that Luke's locker was ripped out," I told him

"Yeah that is pretty big," Dallus said

I got up and thought it was time to put something's into motion.

Walking up to the Dean's office and said, "I know who killed Luke," I told him

"Do you?" He asked

"No but it needs to come out that way," I told him

"Why?" He asked

"Because someone doesn't want me to know and I am going to find out," I told him

I left the office without another word I had plans to make.

"Hey Sean," I smiled

"Hey Dave how is it going?" He smiled back

"I can say I never felt better," I said

"Good," He smiled

I headed off into class where they had several lectures on the human mind. One that I was quite capable of manipulating at this point; not that I liked to do such things but I have very little time.

We broke for lunch and I went to 30th street I notice that I was being watched very closely. I nearly forgotten how to think this way I opened all of my senses to what going on around me. I purposely made sure I was out in the open the whole day. I walked down the halls when I felt something Luke he was trying to get my attention, "Luke it is time for you to go home the Father is waiting for you," I told him

"I am can't God must hate me," He told me

"God hates no one and love all he is waiting just give him that chance," I told him

"But I can't I still want to know why I was killed," He told me

"And I am going to find out," I told him

"But this doesn't concern you," He told me

"You are my friend and I am going to see to it that justice is done," I told him

"Thank you for being my friend," Luke said

"Always my friend always," I told him

I walked down the hall again looking around me my whole world blacken and my last thought was `So much for always being on the alert'

     "Man we can't do this," Dan finally said

"We have no choice if he blabs we are done for," Ben told his friend as he filled the vat with concrete.

"But why not just scare him into not telling," Dan said

"Because he already told the Dean he knows who did it," Ben said

     I came around noting that I couldn't move my feet. I looked over and there they were my feet were in cement and they were arguing over what to do with me the bonds on the other hand were badly tied a lowly recruit could get out of these.

"So why did you do it?" I finally asked

Ben turn to me surprise I was awake.

"He was going to tell people that I was his boyfriend and I got scared," Ben said

"I though you loved him?" I asked

"I did but I was too afraid of what people would have thought of me if they found out," Ben told me

"And now that you know I can't let you live to tell anyone," Ben said pushing me into the Delaware River. Once in the river I broke from my bonds easily I pulled out my sword then smacked it against the concrete breaking it. Re-sheathing the sword I swam back to the surface smiling at the stunned jocks I came back ashore. "You know you better make sure you know who it is you are tying up," I told them

"How did you get out of that?" Dan asked

"Please a first year recruit could have gotten out of that," I smirked

"I meant it man I can't let you live," Ben said pulling out a knife and I was betting it was the knife he used to kill Luke.

"Why because you killed someone or are you afraid I am going to tell someone you gay?" I asked dodging his first swing.

"Man you have no idea what it is like," He said

"Why because your gay well guess what big boy so am I and I did a whole 4 yrs tour in the navy so I don't want to hear you sob story," I told him

He came at me again this time I punched him in the side.

"Man its not that simple," He growled

"I suggest you stop before you lose," I said as I dodged another swing.

"Ben stop man," Dan begged

"No I am not going to let this guy tell anyone," Ben said

In another swing I relieved him of the knife in and had him on the ground fast before he could react.

"Like I said you were going to lose, I've been trained in hand-to-hand combat," I told him

He tried to get back up but I punched him back down.

"Now listen to me it is ok that you are gay but you still have to answer for your crime," I told him

"Never I will never expect that I am gay," Ben said getting up out of my grip he picked his knife back up and charged me when he to slash at me I stepped aside.

"Why will you never except who you are?" I asked

"Because God hate homos and I will be eternally condemned to hell," He said he was in rage and was on the brink of insanity.

"And what God would do such a thing?" I asked

"The God I know will take you in his arms if you ask him to," I told him

"And how do you know?" Ben asked

"I am also psychic, I know," I told him

"You people are phonies," Ben snarled and when he charged this time I dodged him but he had too much momentum and ran right into a power line his knife cut some of the plastic and made contact with the wires. He had 120 volts going through his body and who know how many amps or ohms it was more then his body to handle. He was thrown 30 feet back the way he came.

When he landed I didn't need to be a doctor to see that his head facing the odd angle to know he had broken his neck. I ran over to him to feel for a pulse but there wasn't one he was quite dead.

I got up Dan ran over to him and cried

"Father take this poor man into your arms," I prayed

I put my hand on Dan's shoulder, "I am sorry," I told him

"Why? Why wouldn't he stand down?" Dan cried

"He was so afraid of being unexpected that it he couldn't live with it," I told Dan who just looked at me

"Why didn't Ben tell me he was gay he is my best friend now I really feel bad for calling Luke a fag," Dan sighed

"Fear is the most paralyzing of all emotions and the fear of rejections is just a bad," I told him

I just walked up to him and gave him a hug. He hugged me back and just cried we walked back to the Dean's office where Dan explained what had happened with Luke and Ben. After calling the police where they found Ben and had concluded that he had died by electrocution when his knife made contact with the power lines, and either way I was cleared do it being self-defense they had Dan testimony about how Ben had thrown me into the water and would have let me drown.

     "This was all over him not wanting to come out of the closet," The Dean sighed

"I think if he knew that he was well liked he wouldn't have been so afraid to come out," I said

"Well he can also thank his parents as well they are diehard Catholics and would have disowned him if he had come out of the closet." The Dean told me with that I left the office thinking how so-call faithful can judge someone when in most holy books say judge not lest ye be judged. I was thinking these thoughts when the screeching sounds of brakes failing whizzed by me I turned to see a several hundred pound city bus as it sped towards the pier. I ran to a nearby dark alley and lifted my sword "By the Power of Grayskull!" I called. The power encased me, and the sword I felt it in my body as it changed me from Dave Shavel to He-Man "I have the Power!" My deeper voice spoke bring my sword to my waist. I took off in a gallop going off after the runaway bus as it neared the Delaware River. Grabbing the bumper of the bus I pulled it to a stop and hefted it over my head then placed it softly back on the ground where the buses' doors opened and people came pouring out some thanking God others just kissing the street that they were alive and so on and so forth. I didn't stay even after a crowd came asking my name and what where I came from.

Thanks to my great strength and speed I was able to run all the way back to my place with out a problem.

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