The New He-Man chapter 13

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The New He-Man 13

He-Man vs. Sentinels

     I got up after a very restful sleep walking to the bathroom I got into the shower thinking I was going to need to work on making a base center outside of Grayskull. After getting ready for a small time out of the house it is the weekend a day where worry should be left at the back door. I got on the trolley only to have my cell phone go off, "Hello?" I answered

"Hey Dave its Jeff," I heard

"Hey Jeff what can I do for you?" I asked

"We were all wondering what you were doing?" He told me

"Well I am not doing anything at the moment," I told him

"Good you can hang out with us," He said then hung up not giving me time to say anything so I got off the trolley heading one way and getting on one the other way.

"Damn guys they can be quite inconvenient at times," I smiled to myself

Getting off the trolley then coming up to the hotel I came up to the front desk where the clerk he asked, "what can I do for you?"

"Mr. Timmons has asked that I join them today," I told him

"Really and why would they want to meet some one as dismal you?" He snickered

"They same reason why they would stay at a mundane hotel like this," I smirked

"This is one of the best hotels in the city," He sounded offended and he should be. I turned to see Drew walking in it is so nice to have this to happen when it is needed.

"Actually I did a background check of this place," I told him "do you want to know I found?" I asked I could see him paling in front of me. I smiled, "It pays to have people in high places,"

He looked at me with a deer in the headlight look, "I would think twice before pointing that nose up at people," I told him.

I was about to turn when a strange feeling came over me "Call home," I told the guy next to the snob. I saw he was worried about something. "Forget calling get the hell home as soon as possible without getting hurt yourself," I told him. He just looked at me and I just stared back at him Drew had walked up to us, "If our friend," Giving the desk clerk a look then continued, "Says something it is in your best interest to listen," The one guy just looked at me then back at Drew then ran out the door as fast as his feet could carrying him.

"As for you sir I think I will talk to our agent and have our hotel changed because its employees are less then accommodating," Drew and I left the guy with a defeated look.

"What do you know?" He asked

"I don't but getting in people's mind is part of the job of psychologist," I told him

"What about the other guy?" He asked

"His wife is going into labor and she is having complications if she doesn't get the soon she could lose the baby," I told him

"Wow what do you read with me?" He asked

"You really want a reading don't you?" I chuckled

"Well yeah," He told me

"I am getting strong Drew and at the moment the only things I see are things the literally jump out at me like Nick and that guy and?" I was cut off by another sight an Angel of Death was in the hall thanks to my Guide I was able to make them out. I turned to follow Drew turned to see me walking down the hall, "What is it?" he asked

"I don't know but get your cell phone ready," I told him.

I followed the Angel until I got to a room the door was opened slightly but the door hinge was busted in "Drew call the Police!" I told him.

I slowly opened the door to see a woman she was laying face down with her face pointed away from us. I slowly made my way in Drew followed behind me I got to her there was blood all over the place but what caught my attention was the wound centered around her neck. "Stay back Drew," I told him I looked over to see the Angel of Death as he shook his head "Vampire?" I asked telepathically

"A vicious one this is the ninth one this week," He sighed

"What about the Slayer?" I asked

"She doesn't know about this one she is too busy with the little attack this one is sending her way," He told me

"Dave what are you doing?" Drew asked

I didn't answer him right away "I take it He-Man will be needed to stop this monster?" I asked

"The slayer could do it but he is very old and very powerful," The Angel told me

"I see an Angel Drew we are too late to help her," I told him sadly we were walking out when the police and the paramedics the police asked their questions and we left.

"You ok Drew?" I asked

"Its not the first time I had seen a dead body," He told me

"That right you were a ERT before joining 98 degrees," I stated

"You know that because you are getting it from me?" He asked

I just looked at him and smiled "Well I got that by a more simpler method,"

He looked at me waiting for me to continue, "I looked it up like most fans," I smiled

I could see him sigh a little I knew he wanted a reading and I would love to give him one but I didn't see anything for him yet.

We got to the room and Drew told them about the Angel and the dead women.

Nick asked what the police had said and I told them what I told the police we were walking by saw the door pushed in and went to see if the person was ok.

I didn't like to lie but I didn't know how much they knew about vampires and I wasn't going to tell them about them just yet. After talking for a bit we when out in the limo talking finding out more about these wonderful guys. The limousine was shook and the whole vehicle was launched into the air and came to a violent landing. Being the first to recover I shook Justin trying to get a response I could smell gas not wasting time I grabbed Justin first and got him out of the burning limousine "Please let me get these people out Father," I prayed. I got out to see people fighting a giant robot and they weren't doing a good job. "I will help them as soon as I can," I said to myself. I ran back to get Nick out pulling him out I took him to where I put Justin. "This is taking too long we need more muscles for this job," I said as I pulled out my sword.

     Justin was coming around on his own he saw Dave pullout a sword `How in the world did he hide that from us?' he thought to himself "By the Power of Grayskull!" Dave shouted.

Light emanated around him changing him to the muscle man he saw on the news. "I have the Power!" He said bring the sword to his waste. He didn't see me watching him as he took off to save Drew and Jeff from the burning limo he grabbed both in with little strain and dropped them off where he put the rest of them. He was going to save the driver when the fire reached the fuel tank and the limo went up. Dave bent over covering us protecting us from the flying debris.

     I got up then took off after the group of people who were fighting the giant robot. One guy held up his hand firing something from it, "Mutant," I said.

"Could you use a hand?" I asked

"This isn't your fight," The man in a visor said

"It is now especially since my friends limo was destroyed by the crossfire," I told

"We are sorry but no one is a match for the Sentinels," The man said

Laser was fired from the Sentinel I pulled out my sword and blocked it. "I think I can do something about this," I said running up to it punching its leg, the metal crumble under my fist and the Sentinel exploded.

"Well I be damned," The man in the visor, said

"The Name is Cyclops," He introduced

"He-Man," I shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you He-Man," He smiled

"Well got to go but I will be around," I said making my way to a dark alley changing myself back.

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