The New He-Man chapter 14

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The New He-Man 14

The Search

     I came back to the guys and they were all crying. "Are you guys ok?" I asked

"We are fine but Steve has been our driver for 2 yrs to lose him like that is horrible," Nick cried

"I am sorry I wish I could have gotten to him in time," I told them

"We are thankful for what you were able to do but why did it happen?" Drew sobbed

"Well from what I saw while dragging you guys out a group of people were fighting a giant robot and I guess we got caught in the crossfire," I told them

"Those fucking Sentinels!" Jeff cursed

"You know about them?" I asked

"They killed a good friend of ours nine months ago," Justin said

"I am sorry guys," I told them again

"What there is nothing you can do about it," Jeff said.

Justin turned to me giving me a weird look I couldn't shake it.

"Well its not like you were there any way," Justin finally said.

"Well how about we get you guys out of this place before it starts raining fire," I joked

"Well how are we going to get anyway?" Jeff asked

I saw a cab across the street and went over to it, "Hi are you in service?" I asked

"I will be in a second I just dropped a bunch of girls off from their prom," He told me

"Not to rush you but I have a couple of friends who vehicle was trashed and need to get back to their hotel," I told him

"That sucks I think I can come through," He said

I turned to the guys waving them over making their way "Well I can think of one way you can come through," I smiled

"Isn't that?" He asked

"Yep and they need your help and since this cab can only fit 4 people please get them to their hotel," I confirmed

"No problem my girl will love to hear about this," He glowed

"What about you?" Drew asked

"I will see you guys at the hotel," I reassured him

After the taxi drove off I went in search of the Slayer to let her know about the vampire the Angel of Death told me about. Finding a hideaway I pulled out my sword and said, "By the Power of Grayskull!" and second later I was He-Man and I went for my search. I found her fighting a gang of vampires and she was winning I pulled out my sword and charged the scene and then chopped the head off of one of them. "Any room for a muscle-bound maniac?" I asked

"There is for a hunk like you," Nightstalker confirmed.

"We need to talk," I told her, as I trusted my sword into the heart of the demon in front of me. This was something He-Man was not meant to do I am suppose to respect all life even evil ones.

"What about?" She asked

"I will tell you as soon as we get done here," I told her as I punched a vamp sending her into a telephone pole she hit it so hard that she splintered part of the pole and staking herself.

"I look forward to hearing about it," She said as she staked another vamp. The rest took off saving their own skin.

We moved out of the area where we talked, "Ok a very good friend of mine was a visited by an celestial being who had informed him about a vampire who has killed at least 9 people already," I told her.

"How come I haven't heard about this vamp?" Stalker asked

"Because he has kept you busy with these little vampire assaults blinding you to his presents," I told her

"Celestial what kind of being has that kind of information?" She asked

"I don't know but seek out a friend of mine Dave Shavel he is the one with the contact," I told her about my alter ego.

"I will do that especially since I need more information on this vampire," She told me.

"Well I hate to run but I have to be somewhere," I told her

"Well it was good of you to show up like you always do," Nightstalker.

"It's a pleasure," I smiled

I ran off into the night running off towards my friend's hotel, I got there in record time thanks to my super speed. I found a vacant park and changed back to Dave Shavel. Walking up to the front desk I saw the same two guys the one guy came up to me and said, "Thank you Sir if you hadn't told me to go home I would have lost both my wife and my newborn son,"

"I am glad things worked out the way they did," I told him

"How did you know anyway?" He asked

"I think a more important question what is your name?" I asked

"The name is Matt Pallack," He told me.

"My name is Dave Shavel," I held out my hand

"I want to thank you again Dave," Matt took my hand and shook it.

"So what is the wee ones name?" I asked

"We are calling him Steve after my father," Matt told me.

I closed my eyes again trying to see. "You're a psychic aren't you," Matt questioned

"I am working on enhancing my latent psychic capabilities," I told him

"What ever it is you got I still want to thank you for your timely advice," Matt told me.

"Well here is another advice get him in martial arts as soon as possible," I told him

"I will but why?" Matt asked

"Because he will become a fighter for the side of good," I told him

"He is going to be a fighter?" Matt asked

"There is no way in I am going to let my son fight," Matt told me

"I am afraid it is not up to you, however for all I know he may join the service and he is going to need those skills," I told him

He just looked at me and said "You said you are working on your talent so you don't know,"

I silently call for Mike I need help to explain this. Thankfully he came "He is not going to join the service he is going to be a fighter in a war that will begin with the death of his father" He told me  "I know I can't tell him that," I said

"No you can't but you should tell him something along those lines," Mike told me

I turn to Matt and said, "He is going to save you some day and it will be his skills that do it,"

Matt looked at me reluctantly and replied, "Ok I will take you advice and get him enrolled as soon as he is old enough,"

With that he went back to the desk and I went to see my friends.

While in the Elevator I had a small talk with Mike he was telling me what to say to Stalker when I see her. "Should I tell her about me being He-Man?" I asked

"That is up to you Dave," Mike told me

I got off the elevator and walked towards their room knocking on the door Nick answered and the first thing he did was embrace me in a hug and said, "Thank God you are ok,"

"Uh Nick air," gasped

He let go with cherry red cheeks "Sorry," Nick blushed

"It nice to be loved," I smiled

"Well I know someone in here is infatuated with you he is just too shy to say anything," Nick winked

"You mean one of you is really gay?" I queried

"Yes and if you tell anyone," I heard the threat in his voice.

"Yeah Nick I am going to run out and scream it to the world," I said sarcastically.

He just looked at me then laughed

"So who has a crush on me?" I asked

"He asked me to keep on the wrap until he works up the courage to tell you himself," Nick told me.

"Ok I will wait," I sighed dramatically

We went farther into the room where I was hugged by Drew and Justin thanking me for getting them back to the hotel. When Jeff hugged me I felt more then I did when the rest hugged me. I looked into his eyes and I could see that there was more there. "Jeff why don't you just come out and say it?" I asked sweetly

He just looked at me stunned then he turned to Nick "You promised!"

"He said nothing Jeff I saw it in your eyes," I told him

Jeff looked at me for a second and then said, "I wanted to say something the first day I met you and was afraid to say anything,"

"Oh just kiss already," Drew laughed

"Well who am I to disobey an order," I replied and leaned in and kiss Jeff on the lips.

There was a cheer in the room then Justin put his hand on my shoulder and whispered, "We need to talk when we can."