The New He-Man 15

New Love

            I just shook my head when Justin turned back to the rest of the guys. I looked at Jeff Timmons and smiled this is the first person I have been able to get to know and hopefully love since Jake Sacton. The man I loved how he was lost to on the Nimitz it was another reason thinking about that ship that hurts me so much. He was one of the people I was forced to leave behind when I was pulled back to the Flight Deck.

"Dave are you ok?" Nick asked

"Yeah I am fine," My quivering voice replied

"Dave what wrong?" Jeff asked

"I am fine," I responded then left the room and ran out the door. Leaving them stunned and wondering what had just happened.

I ran to a nearby park and started sobbing out of control. I could feel the blades of grass and the breeze going through my closely cropped hair.

"Dave what wrong?" I heard Jeff I didn't turn to him right away I just sat there looking down the park there were a couple stray dogs running around the park.

The wind felt good as I remember Jake for the first time since the sinking of my ship. I had forgot how much I love him and how much I had pushed him to the back of my mind.

"I am sorry I am having a flashback to an event that happened to me in while in the service," I told him

"What happened?" Jeff asked

"I am not ready to discuss it my friend," I told him

"When you are ready I will be here for you," Jeff said

"When you need me I will be here for you," I heard Jake's voice.

"I am sorry for running out like that," I told him.

"You have nothing to be sorry for this is something that is really bothering you." Jeff told me

He just sat there holding me as I felt my grief over Jake.

He held me until the ground began to rumble brought us back the present I looked up to see three Sentinels coming into the park "Jeff run!" I told him as the Sentinels began to search the park looking for mutants. We took off running just as the Sentinels began shooting up the place. It became a scene of utter chaos as everyone went running for his or her life. I was separated from Jeff in the fleeing mob of people I was even pushed to the ground. Which was the break I needed as if found a manhole cover prying it open I squirmed into it. Pulling out my sword "By the Power of Grayskull!"

"I have the Power!" I said a second later.

Leaving the sewers a different way I come out to the park to see Jeff acting as a shield for a little boy who had fallen. The Sentinel brought its arm up and fired I got there just in time to block the laser with my sword. I turned to Jeff, "Get out of here I will deal with these walking tin cans,"

"I lost a friend of mine."

"I will find him just get out here,"

Both Jeff and the boy took off running turning back to the Sentinels "Move aside human," One of them demand

"Not if shooting children is part of your program," I told them. They all brought their arms up, and instead of waiting for them to fire at me. I ran at them "Have you've seen the moon yet?" I asked as I brought my fist around punching the one on the right sending it flying into orbit.  A blast missed me I turned around the remaining Sentinels had their arms pointed at me; I held my sword up as they fired again they fired, "No thank you why do you have some I hear it is quite a blast," I said as my sword deflected the laser blast back at them it hit one of them dead-on it exploded on a second later. Leaving one left it fired a steel cable it wrapped around me "I do tend to get too wrapped up in my life,"

"But you can't let it get you down," I said as I snapped the lines like twigs.

"Halt!" Sentinel ordered

"Try your best tin head," I tested

It grabbed me and started to squeeze me "That is quite the grip you got there bucko," I said struggling to free myself.

I was surprise on how much of a grip this overgrown tin can had.

But it was still no match for my strength in a mighty thrust I broke free "Close but no cigar," I smiled

Its eyes began to glow ducking out of the way it shot just missed me. "Now that isn't very nice I don't want to play anymore," I said jumping on its shoulder then and punched its head sending it flying into the Schuylkill. I decided to take the remains out of there I picked one up and took it to a ravine in where I then hit a soft spot causing a small rockslide burying it after that I ran back to get the other and did the same. I got back to the hotel changing back to Dave Shavel and went back up to the guy's room.


     Knocking on the door it flew open and I found myself being attacked by a popstar. "Jeff?" I gasped

"Hey Jeff you might want to let go before you suffocates your boyfriend," Nick laughed

Jeff let go then he began looking me over for wounds, or anything out of the ordinary.

"Jeff are you planning to undress me in front of everyone?" I asked

"I am just making sure you ok," Jeff replied

"I am fine I was pushed to the ground by the mob running from the Sentinels," I reassured him.

"I hate the FOH!" Jeff sneered

I was really surprised by Jeff reaction it was the first time I heard such a response to anything.

"I know what you mean Jeff but what can we do?" Drew asked

"Against those things not much," Jeff sighed

I just hugged him back comforting him.