The New He-Man chapter 16

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The New He-Man 16

The New Base

     While holding Jeff comforting him I couldn't help but feel like I was betraying Jake. I could feel Jeff love all the same. Letting go I looked into Jeff's eyes for a second and I could even see that love. "Awww!" I heard Drew woo.

"Quiet it you," I laughed

"So what are going to do?" Nick asked

"I have no clue," Justin confessed

"Have you guys been to the Franklin Institute?" I asked

"No what is there?" Drew asked

"There lots there. Think of it as a miniature Smithsonian Institute," I told them

"Really?" Justin asked

"Really I remember a full 4-8-8-4 Big Boy in there, that and much, much more," I told them

"We can check it out if its sucks we can blame Dave for the idea," Nick said

     We pulled up to the Franklin Institute and walked in when we got in the guys all said, "Wow!"

"I told you," I smirked walking up to the desk and said, "I need five passes,"

"Sure sir," The clerk said

She went to work on the computer to register us in to the Institute. I handed her, my Credit Card, and ID she took it I turned to the guys they are all looking around I think they were trying to decide what to do first.

"One of the pleasures of my hometown this is the city of learning we have everything that is you could want from this place to the Academy of Natural Science to what ever," I told

"Sir here is your passes, and your credit card and your ID," The female clerk handed me. "Thank you," I replied

We went through out the place going over everything that the Franklin had to offer.

We stopped off at the observatory section Jeff was the first to spot the Stonehenge model "Wow is this what it looked like whole?"

"Maybe," I told him

"Wow a telescope!" Justin going out to the deck with the telescope everyone did each looking out it.

"This place is so cool thanks for telling us about this place," Drew cheered

We continued our tour coming to the basement where there was not a 4-8-8-4 but a 4-10-2 Baldwin 60000 "My bad wrong train," I apologized.

"I don't care what do they call this behemoth?" Nick responded

"It is a 4-10-2 Baldwin 60000," I replied

"How did you know that?" Jeff asked

"I love trains and this is one of my favorites outside the Big Boy and the new Acelo Hi speed from Amtrak," I told them

"What with the numbers in front of the name?" Drew asked

Turning to the train "Look at the train's wheels how many do you see?" I asked

They all looked it was Nick who picked it up "There are 4 small front wheels, 10 big midsection wheels, and 2 back wheels,"

"Exactly back in the steam engine days one of the ways they identified them was by how many wheel the engine had," I told them

"Cool," Justin said as he eyed the Steam Engine. We made our way to the rest of the Museum after seeing everything we went to the souvenir shop after that we went back to the hotel the guys each went to their room.

Sitting there in the common room thinking I did good.

"Yes you did," I turned to see Jake sitting on the couch, "That Jeff is a good man Dave you are a blessed to know him," I heard him  "Ja, Jak, Jake?" I sat there stunned.

"How have you been Dave?" He asked

"Missing you like crazy," I told him

"You know I am not gone forever, and we will be together again someday," Jake said

"I know but I can't help but feel like I betrayed you," I told him

"You haven't," Jake told me

"But I left you to die," I told him

"You didn't you were pulled to the flight deck by others and even if you weren't there was no way you could have saved me," Jake told me.

"I could have done something," I responded

"Dave you were meant for something different, and it was my time," Jake told me

I just sat there thinking but how much I missed my former lover.

"I know you do but you have Jeff, and he will be there for you," Jake told me

I could feel the tear run down my face thinking about Jake and how much I loved him. "Jake just tell me one thing did you die before or after the Nimitz sank beneath us?" I questioned

I didn't hear the door open Nick stepped out when he heard Dave talking to someone in the sitting room he was getting ready to pummel the asshole for playing with Jeff heart when he saw no one was out here then he saw Dave crying he knew Dave was seeing someone from his past.

"I am sorry Jake I am so sorry for leaving you to die," I cried

Nick wasn't sure who he was talking to but it was obvious Dave had cared for.

"I know I am dealing with survivor's guilt I am not that much of a blockhead," Dave said with some humor.

Nick sat there watching the somewhat one-way conversation he would have to ask Dave who it was he was talking to.

"Jake if I am seeing you does that mean my psychic capabilities are getting stronger?" I asked

"You already a strong psychic just trust your first instinct you should know that," Jake told me

"I got to go Babe," Jake told me

"Ok Jake," I said with a sigh.

"You are such a softy," Jake laughed

I laughed as my beloved Jake left to go back to his life on the other side.

I sighed thinking about how much things had changed.

"So who were you talking to?" I gasped as Nick snuck up on me.

"Just a friend of mine," I replied

"He had to be more then a friend to have you cry like that," Nick said

"He was my love," I told Nick

"What happened?" Nick asked

"I was forced to leave him behind," I said as tears fell from my eyes

Nick came up to me and hugged me as I started grieve for Jake.

"Dave are you ok?" Jeff came up to me Nick let go, and let Jeff hold me

"I am fine just had a spiritual encounter," I told him.

He took it at face value, "Ok Dave," He replied

I got up and said, "Well I better get going,"

"Do you have to?" Jeff asked

"Yes I do I have to get ready for school," I told them

"Oh Ok," Jeff said

After saying good by I headed for the ravine where I hid the Sentinel remains. To make my new base I am going to need a wee bit more muscles. "By The Power of Grayskull!" I said a second later I was He-Man "Well now lets get to work," I said as fist began to make a passage into the rock side. Once I had a good size cave made I changed back to my normal self. Then began to dissemble the Sentinels a piece at a time these things were amazing a real breakthrough in robotic technology too bad it is used for such evil purposes like eliminating mutants.

It took most of the day to completely dismantle the Sentinel for my purposes I even destroyed what had looked like a type of tracking device on each had.

     The night air was getting frigid as the season changed from summer to fall you smell the change in the season. "AHHHHH!" I heard a scream turning towards the sound it was a woman running from a bunch of demons I never seen them before. But I will find out later looking around then pulled out my sword "By the Power of Grayskull!" this sent a magical field around me "I have the Power!"

Taking off for the girl, and the demons I would catch them in no time.

     "The master needs three more she will do nicely," The demon said all the while the girl is screaming bloody murder "Shut her up before she gives us away," The Demon ordered

"To late ugly," They turned to see me standing there.

"I suggest you let the young lady go," I demanded

"Get the human," The Lead Demon ordered

The demon bunch charged me two of them had swords the other didn't pulling out my own sword I got into a fighting stance. One brought its sword down, and mine intercepted then I brought my sword around in one swift motion I broke the sword in two. The demon looked down at his sword while the rest still came at me. With fists flying my way I dodged them and socked one on the right it went flying and hit a stone so hard that he put crack in it. He himself had trouble getting back up.

More demons rushed me, and I once again I sent one flying this time I sent him flying into his friend. They in turn it a tree so hard that the tree came down. I ran over to catch the tree as it came in close contact to a nearby home. The Demons were about to flee when I decided to use the tree as a weapon, and swung it at them hitting them so hard that they flew like birds. Putting the tree down I ran over the girl she was badly shaken. "Its ok you will be just fine," I told her holding out my hand.

"Thanks you so much!" She wailed

"You are quite welcome young lady," I smiled at her

"Can you tell me why those creatures were chasing you?" I asked

"There was something about needing five people," She told me

"Five people for what purpose?" I asked

"I have no idea," She confessed

"Well you are welcome once again," I said as I walked off.

Still as He-Man I went in search of the Slayer. We had as far as I was aware double trouble one nasty old vampire and now some demon who needs five people for some reason this isn't good none whatsoever.

     Coming up on Nightstalker she was fighting off another set of the same demons that I had just fought off. Knowing this I charged but this time I plan to capture one. One of the demons had pulled out a sword and was about to take a swing at Nightstalker taking my sword out I threw it at the demon disarming him. I then tackled him hitting the demon so hard it dripped like a dead weight we will deal with it later. We had living demons to deal with I picked up my sword and charged the rest. "What kind of demons are these?" I asked Nightstalker.

"They are Kailiff henchmen demons," She replied

"We need to interrogate one of them," I told her

"I um know," She says as she thrust a Kailiff away from her.

I thrust my sword into the nearby Kailiff killing it.

This has to be the first time the Sword of Power ever had blood on it.

Punching the next Kailiff demon sending it flying into a car hitting it so hard that the car split in two.

I walked over to the parked cars where the demon laid picked up each car by its bumper. Just as the demon got up I brought both cars together and smashed them over the Kailiff with in the 10 minutes the fight was over and we had one badly wounded Kailiff. "Now demon what does this master want with five people?" I asked

"I will not talk," It defied

"I will find out one way or the other," Nightstalker replied

"Well I will see you in Hell first," The Demon defied

"Not a problem," Nightstalker said as she pulled out a dagger and slit the demon's neck.

"I wish you hadn't done that," I sighed

"I couldn't let him live he is a demon after," Nightstalker replied

I asked, "Isn't there away to not have kill even demons all life is crucial?"

"While I wish there were most demons aren't as lenient towards human life as you would think," She told me.

I took what she said, and stored for things to remember this is my first time ever fighting anything especially things the go bumping in the night.

"I am sorry I never intended to fight like this; Fighting to defend yourself is one thing but to kill out right is just wrong," I told her

"That is why we fight demons some aren't as bad as the most but they are rare and we look for those who willing help defend us but it all comes down to them or us and I rather it be them at the end of the pointy end of sword," Nightstalker said

"You are correct," I told her I am going to have to talk to the Sorceress when I get a chance and see what she says about this.

"So have you talked to this Dave Shavel person about this deadly vampire?" Nightstalker asked

"He's told me that he doesn't have anything new but he will try," I told her.

This was one of the things I love about being He-Man I don't have a suit to hide well except the sword but it can't been seen by anyone until I am ready to use it.

We continued our rounds after finding nothing I left and then

changed back.