The New He-Man chapter 17

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The New He-Man 17

Getting Help

     The soft sound of pitter-patter woke me up the next morning stirring a little I got up and looked out the window to see it was raining outside. Getting up, and walking towards the bathroom with a quick relief and a nice warm shower I felt more awake then I did a few moments ago. After getting some breakfast I got ready then headed out for Castle Grayskull where I spoke with the Sorceress. We talked about what Nightstalker and I had said to each other.

     "It is a most difficult question Dave Shavel; as He-Man you have sworn to uphold the sacred duty to preserve life," She said

"And yet you are coming up on such people that don't have such restrictions," She continued

"Even in the Navy I had to deal with such people. But even then I didn't like the fact that I might have to kill someone. There is no reason why two grown adults to behave like children, and fight over petty things," I said

"However as He-Man you also have the swore duty to protect the innocence as well," Sorceress said

The Castle was silent for a few moment as the Soldier in me began to think things over. And no matter how I tried to rationalize why I shouldn't do this nonetheless it was the soldier in me that said otherwise. Just as He-Man had the duty to protect the innocence it is the duty of a soldiers to aid those in need.

So after a sigh I stated "Which is also true so I guess all in all it is as the Nightstalker had said it is them or us,"

"I know how you feel the last He-Man had the same problem," She told me

"What did you tell him?" I asked

"That you have a sacred duty to help the innocence whenever possible even if it means to he need to kill," She told me.

I look at her thanked her for seeing me then left for home.

     While driving home it was still raining a lot harder then earlier. I was in deep thought kept thinking about the decision I was making it was one thing to defend yourself but to out right attack was something that I wasn't sure about. My attention was brought back to the present when an object flew past my truck. A second later I was buffed about by the backwash from whatever it was that blew past me. I looked up to see a fire truck flying do the road not knowing what it was I continued to drive until I saw the last passenger car on the rail that ran along highway. As I drove along I notice that train wasn't moving thinking that there was probably just another train on the track ahead I continued on. Another minute into the drive I saw the same fire truck that flew past me it was stopped up ahead its lights were blaring. The road up ahead was blocked by more rescue vehicles following the train's passenger cars I finally realized that the cars had no power when I looked ahead I saw one of the cars was at a 45 degree angle. I was able to get to an off ramp just before the rescue vehicles it was then I saw the river had overflowed its banks it hadn't reached this far but who know how long that lasted. Looking down the river I saw that that the river had taken the train bridge with it along with some of the foundation as well. I could see more passenger cars in the river as well the engine, "This looks like they could use stronger hands," I commented as I pulled into a nearby park I got out of my truck looking around thankful that most people do take walks in the rain pulling out my sword I cried, "By the Power of Grayskull!" A thunderous noise echoed around me as the Power of Grayskull encompassed me "I have the Power!" I call as I brought my sword to my waist. I ran over to train wreck the first thing I did was head for the car that was quickly sliding into the river. I got under it getting a good grip I picked it up with and carried it over to the highway. As soon as I put it down paramedics were all over the train like ants at a picnic "No time to rest," I said as I dove into the river I the got under a over turn car and hefted it out of the water. Doing the same thing I put it on the highway, then dove for the rest. By the time I had gotten the engine out of the river the paramedics had treated most of the injured and had the dead taken to the local hospital. Putting the Engine down on the highway I soon mobbed by reporters "He-Man can we talk," I heard them all overlap each other. One of the firemen came up to me and said, "Thank you for your timely arrival He-Man if you hadn't we wouldn't have been able to save as many as we did,"

"My pleasure sir," I replied

Another fireman came up to me he had a wee boy in his hands he looked worst for wears other then that he was alive.

"I have a young man here who want to thank you," The man said

"Why hi there what is your name?" I smiled

"Joshua," His little voice spoke he giggled a little

"Thank you for rescuing us He-Man," He spoke

"My pleasure now if you will all excuse me I must be off," I said taking off for where I put my truck changed back then headed for home.


     I got home a little while later getting a quick lunch still debating whether fighting vampires was something I should concern myself with. Putting the dishes in the sink I decided it was time to get some spiritual advice.

Stepping into the living room and pulling out a white candle, and lit it. Calling on my spirit guide for help, "Mike I need some help,"

"You want to know why bother with the vampires?" Mike asked

"Yes I mean yes I had asked the Sorceress but I am still not sure I should do this any of it?" I questioned

"Because it is your destiny," He told me

"My Destiny how is it my destiny?" I asked

"It just is," Mike told me

"I thought it was my destiny to join the Navy and become a great officer but that fell through," I confessed

"No it was your destiny to join the Navy, and receive the training will need," Mike told me

I sighed a little "I still don't know if I want this,"

"I don't know I want to be He-Man really," I said

"As much as I like to continue but it is getting dark out He-Man is going to be needed tonight," Mike told me.

With that the link was broken and I was looking around me.

Getting up I went outside forgetting about the time change. I went on my nightly walk I heard a scream looking around I pulled out my sword and said, "By the Power of Grayskull!" I felt the magic surge around me and my sword changing me from Dave to He-Man "I have the Power!" I called out taking off for the scream I saw Nightstalker fighting a bunch of vampires. But what caught my attention was the bodies on the ground. I ran at them to make sure they were alright when I got closer I saw a little boy laying facedown. I knelt down to turn him over I could see the bite mark on his neck. Turning his head to see his face I felt a lump in the back of my throat it was the wee boy Joshua I had rescued earlier. "Thank you rescuing us He-Man" I heard in my head. I picked the boy up and hugged him; I turned to see Nightstalker fighting the vampires putting the boy down I pulled out my sword walked up to the nearest vampire wounded up my fist and socked him so hard I sent him flying into a telephone pole. He hit it so hard that wires snapped and wrapped around the vampire frying. Then I brought my sword around chopping the next vampire's head off. The whole time all I saw was that little boy's face like why did God have me save him only for him to die. While I was a psychic in training and I knew that we write our life charts I still couldn't expect this moment. Grabbing a vampire off of Nightstalker "You will not take another life tonight scum!" I said as Nightstalker got up and plunged a stake into its heart it screamed then turned to dust.

"Thanks for your help," She said to me.

"I didn't do it for you I did it for Joshua," I told her

"Who is Joshua?" She asked

"He's the wee boy I saved today only to have these vampires take his life," I replied pointing at the boy on the ground.

She looked at the boy and his family "That is why I fight He-Man because of that," Nightstalker responded

I looked at her re-sheathed my sword then "I know I told you that I would help you in your fight but until tonight I was still wasn't sure," I told her

"You are not the first to be unsure of fighting the nightly battle," Nightstalker confessed

"Well I didn't need that," I said as I pointed at Joshua then continued, "As a wake up call,"

"Nobody wants that He-Man," Nightstalker responded.

I left Nightstalker after doing a round with her and I needed answers from a higher source.

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