The New He-Man 18

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The New He-Man 18


I got home feeling a little tired but I needed help from the other side. So I lit a white candle taking deep breaths I began to meditate "Mike why?" I asked

"Destiny," Mike told me

"Destiny?" I asked

"Destiny, "Mike confirmed

"It was my destiny to save Joshua from a train wreck only to not be able save him from vampires?" I asked in anger

"No it was your destiny to save him, and his to give you what you needed," Mike told me

"And what did I need that cost him his life?" I asked

"A reason to fight," Mike said

"I don't understand?" I queried

"Dave you were given a great responsibility to save lives even if it meant to take them," Mike told me

These were the things I was unsure of.

"But why did Joshua have to die why couldn't you have told me something to make things clearer?" I asked

"Destiny," Mike repeated

"God I hate this destiny crap," I swore.

"A lot of people do but they can't help it, It is who they are you were destined to find the Sword of Power after the death of He-Man, and he understands that you have to do what have to do," Mike told me

Then he says, "That vampire you are after, and the demon are one and the same."

"That is a big help but why not tell me who the vampire is?" I asked

"I can't interfere as you know that." Mike told me

"Just answer me one how do I find this vampire?" I asked

"Just use your head Dave," Mike answered

"You are a great help," I sighed

I got up and blew out the candle then went to bed.


The next day I got up and went out to get back to working on the new hideout there I got to work. The first thing I did when I got to the cave was to explore it, and boy is it is big I was surprised when I first found it the entrance is three stories high and a block long. The main segment was made feel like I was Pinocchio inside the giant sperm whale I could fit three F-14 Tomcat squadrons in here. The internal networks of the cavern were even bigger I could fit five squadrons of F/A-18 Super Hornets in each of these caverns; there are six separate caverns each and once I was done exploring the caves I came back to the main entrance were I kept the Sentinel pieces and began to dismantling them and sorting out their components and where I was going to put them. Once that was done I began taking the Sentinels metal skin and making them in to the framework for my super computer. When I had a frame I liked I began to rewrite their systems, and putting together my new computer together.

After 7 hours of rewriting the Sentinel's motherboards their software had a great deal of computations and algorithms built into them. I had using everything I learned in the Navy to go around multiple security emplacements. I made a lot of head way the FOH uses pretty simple systems in their Sentinels but given the fact that these things were suppose to be indestructible at least that is what the FOH want people to think. But anyone with my kind of background knows how to breakthrough the impossible. I am sure the mutants would like to know that while I was going through I notice a serious flaw in their system a common flaw in most robotic system. They have a weak EMI protection really weak but their outer skin was thick enough to protect it against whatever mutants can throw at them.

The trick will be getting underneath the armor in order get to the circuit.

After 7 hour of working on my new computer, which I am calling Silvia after my favorite psychic my back was hurting and I had a migraine the size of Philadelphia and I needed a break. I did get to the point that in a few days work Silvia was going to be up and running not bad for doing this all by myself.


     Making my way to Center City I began to window shop funny how people don't know that He-Man walks among them I was minding my own business a hand touched my shoulder I turned to see Nick Lachey with a pair of sunglasses on. "Hey man I told you I was into doing you in public," I said to him.

"But you promised," Nick pouted like a little boy

A couple passerby's turned to see what the commotion was about we just smiled, and walked way before some recognized Nick. When we were far enough away Nick cuffed me in the back of the head. "What was that for?" I asked

"For not doing me in public," Nick deadpanned

I just laughed and asked, "What are you up to?"

"Well everyone went shopping, and forgot to wake me up," He told me

"Those bastards," I laughed

"Well since they are out shopping I thought I do the same thing," Nick said

"Well I am not doing anything so I guess I can force myself to go along with you," I sighed dramatically.

Nick just laughed then cuffed me again. We walked down Market Street, and did some window-shopping. We came up to a shoe store, and went in. Nick picked out a new pair of sneakers not seeing anything I liked waited for Nick to finish his shopping I was having a great time with Nick he was big goof. But you couldn't help but love him he had this natural aura around him that just grabbed you as soon as were in his sight. "So Dave what else do you want to do?" He asked

"Well I don't know about you but I am hungry," I said Nick was about to say something when his stomach did the talking for him. "I take it you are hungry too," I chuckled


He just turned a crimson color I just laughed and took him to a nearby restaurant. After we ate we went back to shopping I found a nice black shirt with a Phillies logo on it I am not much for sport but I did believe in supporting my cities teams. I also bought a red button shirt along with a pair black slack. Nick got a pair brown slack and with a black stripe shirt. We then headed back to his hotel As we enter the hotel I couldn't help but think how lucky I was to meet these wonderful people and I couldn't stop thinking about Jeff a part of me wonders if Jake had sent him my way. We got to Nick's room we sat there for a while waiting on the rest to come back from wherever they were. Nick had turned on the TV

"We are Live at the Betsy's Ross Bridge where a section of the suspension towers is on the verge of collapsing, Three cars including a limousine are trapped on the bridge," The reporter stated pretending that my cell phone went off "Shit will you excuse me Nick," I said running out of the room, and not looking back. I ran into an unlocked room "Mike is Jeff and the other stuck on the Betsy Ross?" I asked "Yes," was all I heard and all I needed "By the Power of Grayskull!" I shouted as pulled out my sword a moment later I called on the Sorceress, "Sorceress I need to get to the Betsy Ross Bridge," A portal opened up and I ran through it, she got me as close as she could


Jeff, and rest were trapped inside their limo and the bridge was shaking "Man just our luck," Drew spewed

Justin looked out the window watching the holding the cables continued to sway several cables had already snapped. It was only a matter of time before the tower came crashing down and on top of them. "God Please help us," Jeff prayed. As they watched the tower broke lose and came crumbling down. Everyone in the limo had closed their eyes waiting for the impact seconds pasted, and one by one they all opened their eyes Justin was the first to look out the window and he smiled, "It appears that we have a guardian angel," Everyone looked out the window and saw He-Man holding the Suspension Tower.


     "In a surprising turn of events He-Man showed up and caught the suspension tower saving everyone on the Betsy Ross," Nick heard and sighed in relief.

"He-Man has now thrown suspension tower into the small island in the Delaware River," The reported spoke.



     After looking around to make sure no more debris was going to fall on anyone I went to each vehicle to make sure no one was hurt. Once that was done I ran into the crowd disappearing into the mob.

When I got back to the hotel Nick was still glued to the TV set "You ok Nick?" I asked

"Yeah I just came close to losing me friend, and all I could do is sit here and watch," Nick replied

"I know the feeling Nick every soldier know that feeling it is never easy," I told him

"How do you guys deal with it?" Nick asked

"We just do," I said as the memory of the Nimitz came back to me.

"Its got to be hard," Nick responded

"Like I said it is not easy," I told him

We just sat there in silence "Well Nick I got to get going I have a full day of school in the morning," I told him

"OK man thanks for coming," Nick replied

I went outside not thinking of much except Jeff and how much I loved the guy not to mention his brothers.

I didn't even think of what time it was at least not until I felt a meaty hand hit the back of my head and all went black.



     Nightstalker was roaming the city thinking about her lost friend the blast that had killed him when she came upon a group of Kailiff Demons carrying a man. He had a cut on his forehead she had never seen this guy before but the Kailiff Demons had him, and she had to rescue him. Pulling out a bowie knife she charged after them. When she got close she flung the knife at them catching one in the back. "Get this one back to the Master we will handle the Slayer," The Leader said.

They charged her while the loner took off with the man Nightstalker pulled out another knife, and threw it at the closest hitting it dead on killing it on contact. The rest still charge her getting into fighting stance she pulled out a quarterstaff. Smacking the next closest the leader came at her grabbing her quarterstaff snapping it in two.

Then smacked her sending her flying backward into a parked car. By the time Nightstalker got up the Kailiffs were gone, and so was the guy they had.

She had failed him she had to seek out He-Man, and hopefully find out what was going on.


     "How did it go?" Nightstalker watcher asked as she entered their underground domain "Not good Blaylock I came up on Kailiffs again, and they made off with another person," She told him

"Don't worry about it Laura we get him back I have heard back from the Council He-Man was right there is a 7 century old vampire Delcan he is here in Philadelphia, and he is out to change the world," Blaylock said

"How?" She asked

"It appears that he needs five people one being a strong psychic," Blaylock replied

"Psychic why a psychic?" Laura asked

"It seems he need someone who can tap into the spirit realm," Blaylock responded

"A psychic Blaylock I remember He-Man telling me about a friend of his who was a psychic," Laura responded

"Really do you remember his name?" Blaylock asked

"Dave, Dave Sheeval or something," Laura responded

"I will have the Council look into the name," Blaylock replied

Nightstalker finally removed her mask revealing a head covered by short red hair.


     I started to come around I could feel the meaty shoulder of the Demon that held me it was strong but I didn't know what was going on.

All I did know was that I had to get out of here. I needed was to get to my sword at the same time I needed to find this vampire that was killing and why he is looking for five people.

I let myself got limp, and allowed them to take me wherever I knew that nobody knew where I was or how to help me except He-Man as soon as I can get away.

"The Master wants this human alive," The Demon beside us said


     "I just got off with the Council there is a Dave Shavel who has developing psychic capabilities," Blaylock told Laura.

"He had just recently helped solve a case at his University," Blaylock continued

"Is he powerful enough for this vampire?" Laura asked

"Maybe we are still checking him out but this vampire has been around for centuries so he knows how to get around," Blaylock replied


     I was brought to a rundown row home, which looked like any other row home I could have walked by this place everyday, and never would have known.

I was put into a plush chair, and the Demons left. I groaned as my head started to clear.

"I am sorry about all of this," I heard my vision was still a wee bit out of whack.

I looked up at a very good looking man; he had long black hair. He had deep blue eyes, and high cheekbones he had a nice broad chest.

"What do you want?" I asked

"Ah my dear boy I need you," He smiled

"Why me?" I asked

"You are someone in touch with the other side," He told me

"Ok?" I responded as my head finally cleared.

"You see I am tired of this world, and I want to leave," He told me

"Ok why the murders of 9 people?" I asked

"I found a spell in which will help me open a dimensional door that will let me enter, and I will be able to crossover," He told me

"So what does that have to do with me, and the five others you have? Or the 9 death you have on you?" I asked

"I needed the blood of 9 people each with different backgrounds and I need 5 people with different aspect you my boy are the last one you are both a homosexual and a psychic," He told me

"First of all how did you know that?" I asked

"And second I am Psychic in training," I told him

"The first one was easy gays have different auras as hetero you'd be surprise," He smiled

"Is that why you look like that?" I asked

"Oh my appearance?" He asked

"Yeah you are hoping to appeal to my sexual nature," I replied with a bit of disgust

"Actually appearing this way to put all of the people I have at ease it much easier then my vamp face," He smiled

"Well I am so relieved that you put this on for us," I replied

"You know I find that smartass response is quite refreshing it been nearly 600 years; since I had been around some with such a witty attitude," The Vampire laughed

"I am glad that I amuse you," I told him

"Now I must put you in the dungeon I can't have you leave," He said as he summoned a guard another vampire he escorted me to a underground cell.

I was left alone looking around for any sort of surveillance system. I had to be sure putting my hand to my back I felt my sword those demon henchmen never disarmed me and right now all I want to do is escape.

Doing one more check pulling out my sword "By the Power of Grayskull!" I felt the magic surge around me and my sword changing me from Dave to He-Man "I have the Power!" I called out

"This is one tight squeeze," I said then walked up to a wall

"I think it is time I made a new exit," with that I brought my fist up and punched the wall opening a 5 foot gap in the dungeon the door opened and in stepped the vampire guard

"Who in the fuck are you?" It demanded

"The name is He-Man, and I have freed this prisoner and I will save the rest when I get back," I told him

"You can't get away," It said as it brought up its own sword.

"Actually I can bye now," I said and walked out



     "I can't wait to talk to the psychic I want to know more about the other side," Delcan said as he walked down the stairs to the dungeons

When he got to the one he wanted the door was opened and when he went in there was a gaping and his guard looking dumbfounded "What happened?" He demanded

"Some warrior man came, and rescued Shavel," The Guard answered

"How did this warrior man know Shavel was here?" Delcan asked

"He could have had a transponder on him you know those Kailiffs don't check for that kind of stuff," The guard said

"I know but they are quite handy," Delcan sighed as he walked out of the dungeon and went back up to the main room and poured himself a glass of wine and started to think.

     I made my way back to my home this was a very draining day the good news was that Silvia was coming on along nicely I give her a day or two before she is fully functional. At the same time being captured and being told why the vampire wanted me, and all of the others. There was a systematical reason behind their deaths but whatever the reasons he still killed and as a soldier those deaths must be avenge.

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