The New He-Man 19

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The New He-Man 19

A new wrinkle

     The first thing I did was head over the hideout where I began went back to work on Silvia. I was going to need her computation capabilities to calculate what would happen if the vampire would succeed in opening a doorway to heaven. "It would be disastrous," I heard "Mike?" I asked

"Yes Dave if Delcan opens a doorway home it would destroy everything the Father and Mother has ever build not just on Earth but all over the Universe and beyond that," Mike told me

"Why didn't you tell me before?" I asked

"It was important that you knew your enemy, and what he is planning to do," Mike told me

"If I had known this I would have ended this with my sword chopping Delcan head," I told him

"Because chopping Delcan's head wouldn't work. It has all been tried he has been around too long. All of the methods of killing vampires don't work on him he's been burned, stabbed, hacked, he has even been given the vaccine that kills the vampires disease had failed. We think this is why he wants to come home this way because he wants it to end," Mike said

"But he won't go home he will be absorbed by the Father?" I said

"Either way he will finally die," Mike told me

"Just a question Mike now that I know vampires exist I can assume that there are vampires with souls right?" I asked

"There are," Mike agreed

"What happens to them truthfully do go on or do they get absorbed by the Father?" I asked

I could hear the smile "Just like all diseases they are cured," He responded

"That all I wanted to know," I smiled

I went back to work on Silvia when my cellphone went off picking it up "Hello?"

"Dave are you ok?" I heard Jeff I could hear the fear in his voice.

"Yes Jeff I am fine," I told him

"We had someone come by telling us you were kidnapped by a vampire," He told me

"I am fine," I told him

"Will you come to the hotel so I can see with my own eyes?" Jeff pleaded

"Sure just do me a favor see if those people could be there when I get there I have information?" I replied

"I think so" Jeff told me

"Ok Dave I do what I can," Jeff told me

I made a quick stop home, and took a quick shower. After changing I left for the hotel.

I knocked on the door a second later I thought the door was going to be torn from its hinges when it came flying open and I found myself being attacked by a madman. Jeff came out of the room and pulled me into a bear hug then literally dragged me into the room. "Jeff?" I choked out

"Jeff?" I choked out again,

"Um Jeff why don't you let your boyfriend go so he can breath?" Drew teased

Jeff looked at then blushed as he let me go.

 "I am ok Jeff really," I reassured him

"I was just so worried about you," Jeff said

"I noticed," I smiled

Taking the attention away from Jeff Nick asked, "How did you get out?"

"He-Man was in the neighborhood, and came to my rescue," I told them

We came further into the room where saw a woman with, short red hair, a pale complexion that come from having red hair, and she looked like she looked lost as if some great force had ripped some thing away from her. I got Laura as her name, and from her aura I could tell she was a Slayer. Next to her was gaunt man who looked like he was in his thirties with brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a black suit white a white tie and a white handkerchief in his left pocket and too looked as if something had happened to him as well. And from the aura around him I could tell that he was Lauren's Watcher. These people to Jeff about my abduction I had to wonder why tough.

"You told Jeff," I stated

"Yes," the woman responded

"Dave this is Laura and Blaylock," Nick introduced

We shook hands then sat down

I stated, "Then you are the Slayer He-Man told me about,"

"You know I am a slayer?" She asked

"When you talk to Dave he seem to tell you what comes to his mind," Drew smiled

"Anyway I have to tell you something," I told her

"Do we need to take a walk?" The man asked

"No these guys need to know what is going on," I told them all

"Besides its not like we are virgin to this stuff," Drew commented I had to wonder about that too it's funny that I didn't get this stuff from Mike when I met them the first time.

"You didn't ask" I heard in my head

"Ok what do you have to say?" the slayer asked interrupting my train of thought

"I know what Delcan wants," I told them

"Well don't keep us in suspense," Justin said

"He wants to go home," I responded

"Go home?" The man asked

"Yes he wants to go home to Heaven or the other side whatever you want to call it he wants to get there," I said

They all looked at me waiting to go on.

"He's found a spell which will open a doorway to Heaven," I continued

"What wrong with that?" Nick asked

"I wasn't sure until I talked with Mike," I said

"Who's Mike?" Jeff asked

"He's my spirit guide," I clarified

"Spirit Guide?" The man asked

"For a Watcher you sure don't know much," I smiled

This got a laugh out of the slayer

"Dave is a psychic," Jeff said proudly

"A psychic-in-training," I corrected

"Anyway," The Watcher asked

"He told me that if Delcan succeeds he will destroy the universe, and more," I said

"Th. th. The Universe!" The Slayer exclaimed

"Yes everything that both the Father, and Mother has ever created will be destroyed if Delcan succeed in going home," I confirmed

"Then what are we waiting for let's go kill him," The slayer countered

"Because we don't know when and where this ritual take place," The Watcher replied

"Besides every attempt to kill him has failed and this is way he want to go home because nothing has been able to do it," I told her

"He right," Blaylock confirmed

"We have another problem," I stated

"What problem is that?" Drew asked

"With me gone Delcan will be looking for another psychic to take my place," I said

"How many psychics do you have here in Philly?" Nick asked

"At least 10 maybe 20 real psychics," I responded

"So anyone of them could be a target, and we can't protect them all," The Watcher said

"Wait why are you involving Dave?" Jeff asked

"Because I am already involved Jeff," I told him

"But you don't have to be," Jeff pleaded

"I am still a target Jeff,"

I could see he didn't like this, and his heart was fighting itself.

"Jeff we can't fight our destinies, and this is part of mine I must help," I told him

"I know Dave I am just worried,"

"Jeff I am worried only a fool wouldn't be,"

We all sat there for a few minutes the silence was so strong you could hear the breeze out side the window.

"Jeff I know this isn't easy, but I am going to help the slayer," I told him

"Because you aren't going to like it if someone else got hurt," Jeff said

"Not just that but because if I don't everything can be lost not just me but the entire universe there are worst thing then death," I told him

"Is there any way I can help?" Jeff asked

"Yeah go on that stage and sing, as someone once said `Songs are also prayers,'" I smiled

"I mean how can I help with this Vampire," Jeff asked

"And I told you Jeff for now the only thing you can do is sing," I told him

     We spent the next several hours going over plan including how to find He-Man to see if he can help. I knew he would help, and for obvious reason. We were finalizes our plans when all hell broke loss, and large explosion rocked the hotel I was momentarily reminded of the Nimitz and when she was struck by that mine. Pushing that thought aside I turned to the window beside me was Drew, and we both saw a handful of Sentinels roaming the city streets. One of them had open fire on a moving car and it exploded. Another Sentinel had fired at someone, and it hit a gas station "Get down!" I said as I instinctively covered Drew as glass shattered and the heat of the explosion filled the room.

The hotel shuck with an aftershock shaking lose more lose object.

"Let get out of this room!" Nick screamed over the shaking hotel we all got up, and ran out of the room.

Outside of the room was sea of total chaos as crowds of people all trying to escape.

I was able to find a vacant room pulling out my sword "By the Power of Grayskull!" a second later a thunderous sound filled the room as the magic of Grayskull encased me filling me with strength, and wisdom "I have the Power!" I said

Running out to the streets I was met by at least 5 Sentinels all had their arm pointed at someone. Making for the closest one "Hey big, and ugly why don't you pick on someone your own sizes," I said bringing my fist up and punching it in the leg causing it to shake apart. I saw one of the flying X-men "thanks for the help," I turn to see Cyclops "My pleasure," I replied as I brought my sword up deflecting a laser blast

"Who's flying overhead?" I asked

"Storm" Cyclops replied

"She can create electricity right?" I asked

"She can create lightning," Cyclops confirmed

"Tell her to get ready to hit me sword with a bolt," I told him

He hit his comm. button and called Storm when signaled I took my sword and threw it so fast that it caught two Sentinels pinning them to a building a bolt of lightning blazed across the sky, hitting the hilt of my sword. And since it was made of metal the lightning went into it, and the EMI from it short-circuited every component inside the Sentinels. They came tumbling down "Timber!" I called.

There were two left one of them shot a steel cable at me it wrapped around my legs "This isn't fishing season," I smirked as I snapped the cable lines with ease before the Sentinel could reel in the rest of it I pulled on it I could feel it struggle to get away. "Now it's my turn," I said with a mighty heave I pulled the Sentinel down. With only one Sentinel left we made short work of it. "That was amazing I never seen anyone do that to the Sentinels," Jean said as their remains sizzled with electricity looking around I notice that the gas station was still on fire I pulled out my sword put into the ground, and ran around the gas station cutting into the street once I was done I then stomped my foot and widening the gap getting my fingers under the ground and lifted it up with ease. Fearing that the station may explode again I hurled the gas station into space.

"I've seen such power once," Jean awed

"I don't like to brag," I replied

"Well if you will excuse me," I said as I picked up the Sentinels remains

"What are you doing?" Cyclops asked

"I don't like to waste so I plan to recycle these overgrown windup toys," I told them.

I took them to my hideaway where I changed back to Dave. Removing their homing devices then destroying them.

Returning to the guys once again I found myself in Jeff's arms as he hugged me, "What happened to you?" Jeff asked

"We got separated by that crowd of fleeing people." I told him

"I thought Delcan grabbed you again," Jeff confessed

"Are we getting paranoid?" I asked

"Just a little," Jeff blushed

"Oh will you two kiss and get it over with," Nick chuckled

Leaning in Jeff kissed me full on taking me completely surprise.

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