The New He-Man chapter 2

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The New He-Man 2

The Dawn

     Three months later I was lying down in the grass in the nearby park in the City of Philadelphia. Taking in the lovely star filled night I have been thinking about the Nimitz and how it met its fate taking hundreds of my shipmates with it.

I sighed a little thinking of all the friends I had lost thanks to an obsolete mine. The search for the carrier still went on to this day.

     Forgetting about the past and enjoying the future I start my first day at the University tomorrow taking up psychology but I am going to offer a twist I have been working on my latent psychic abilities hoping it will help my understand my patients more. I was really looking forward to it.

The peaceful night was shattered by a piercing noise of a woman screaming being the type of person I am I ran to it. Before me was a woman being cased by three man one had a knife not thinking I ran into action the one with the knife I ran to first in one swift move I kicked him in the face dropping him like a dead weight. His friends notice he was missing and turned around at the same time I felt my calling once again I was going to help people. They came at me and got myself into a fighting stance getting ready for them. One charged me with fist flying I dodged them taking a few swings myself.

     I don't know what happened at one minute I was going strong the next I was running for my life with all three of the bullies after me. The girl got away at least. I could hear them "If we can't have girl pussy we can settle for man pussy," One jeered

I hate fighting in reverse. I kept running, and hiding not something I was proud of but the strongest man is the one who knows when to fight and when to flee.

     I turned to see where they were when I tripped over something. "Argh!" I cried I looked at what my klutzy ass tripped over. My annoyance went bye, bye as soon as I took hold of the sword a very beautiful sword. Amazingly it felt as those it belonged to me I couldn't believe found this sword in the middle of the park in Philadelphia. It then began to glow and a woman's face appeared she had some kind of hood on her head it looked like a falcon's head.

     "I can help you but you must help me," She said

At the moment I couldn't deny her. "Ok," I told her

"Lift the sword up and say By The Power of Grayskull," She told me

Raising the sword I commended, "By The Power of Grayskull!" a magical effect encased me magical lights shot out of the sword moments later I cried, "I have the Power!"

The light dimmed down and I had a looked myself I changed big time my skin had tanned, my muscles grew in size, I had a breastplate which was strapped to my shoulders, on the breastplate there was a cross and on my back attached to the straps was a sword sheath. I looked down my nice toned body to see a pare of spandex pants I was wearing a pare of military issue combat boots I was amazed at my new look. I could hear the bullies as they came closer. Put my sword in its place on my back. Just in time to see the gang to catch up to me. "Well what do we have here?" One of them sneered

"We have a fruit in tights," Another sneered

"I would leave if I were you boys," I said in my new deeper bass like voice.

"Oh and what are you going to do about it fag?" One of them jeered

"Well if you insist," I replied I picked one up with very little effort and heaved him 3 yards away.

"Holy Shit!" The one on the left yelled.

Then I grabbed a nearby sign pulled it out of the ground then tied it around the rest of them with it.

"Now I got to go but I will be around," I told them.

     Walking off into the park away from public eyes then unsheathed my sword bring it around it began to glow again. "Now how can I help you?" I asked

"First I need a place of great beauty," She said.

"Why so you can destroy it?" I asked

"No not destroy to do that would make me what I am not and that is evil," The woman in the sword said.

"Who are you?" I asked

"I am the Sorceress," She announced

"Hello there," I smiled

I took the sword to the Virgin Forest near the Pocano Mountains one the only forest never touched by man it was a sacred and its beauty can't be matched by anything made by man.

     I somehow knew what to do I placed the magical sword into the dirt and then in an instant a castle appeared it had a skull shape front wall with the eyes between the to towers and the mouth as the opening with a drawbridge covering it. Surrounding the castle was deep fissure that lead to the planet's mantle I could feel the planet's energy as it help create the power that gave the castle but power worked both was the Virgin Forest began to radiate with vibrate green leaves you could feel the energy that coming from this place.

The drawbridge opened and the Sorceress said, "Enter my friend,"

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