The New He-Man 20

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The New He-Man 20


     "Wow!" I finally said when my breath finally came back to me.

"I will take that as a complement," Jeff smiled he was about to give me another when the world exploded in a mass of pain in my head.

     Jeff was thrown from Dave, and into Drew they in turn were thrown into the hotel.

"Dave!" He yelled as he got to his feet but Dave was gone. He saw the slayer fighting off a handful of demons, and so were the X-Men.

"Not again I will not lose another friend!" Jeff said getting up from Drew he went charged a Demon he swung his fist meaning to hit the nearest demon but it had grabbed his fist then threw Jeff hard enough that when he landed his left arm snapped he cursed in pain. As he got up he cradled his arm as Nightstalker pulled him out of the way he continued to call Dave's name.

     The world was all white, and I felt the presence of someone. "Dave," I heard

I turned to see a man he stood 6'9 he had grey hair, and silver eyes. He wore Roman style armor I knew him as soon as I saw him "Mike?" I asked

"Hey Dave just came to say don't lose your faith," He said as the world faded and became a bit blurry as it came back to me "Good you`re awake I'm afraid the Kailiff aren't very kind to their targets," I heard

I felt the knot on my head, and my face tingled from what felt like burns.

"I am sorry for your rough treatment," I heard

My vision was still blurry so I couldn't see anything just hear.

"Who are you?" I asked

"You have forgotten me already I am hurt," I heard him chuckled

"Its not that I can't see," I told him

"Well yes I can see your eyes took damage well we can't have you walking into walls," I heard Delcan I felt a tingly sensation I felt my skin feeling better and my vision refocus. "Better?" He asked

"Yes thank you,"

I then asked, "What happened to my friends?"

"They are fine the Slayer, and her band of mutants naturalized them very efficiently. Your music friends are fine one of them has broken arm, and another has a cut on his arm other then they are fine," He replied

"I'd like to see that myself," I told him

"You will because I am having special arrangements to have him here I mean if you are going to die you should be at least with his love," Declan said

"You are going to kill us all," I told him

"What?" Delcan asked

"I had a talk with my spirit guide and he told me that you will destroy everything," I told him

"I see," Delcan said putting his hand to his chin and rubbing it.

"Your spell will work, and it destroy everything," I told him

"You would say this to stop me," Delcan said

"God would say this just to stop me coming home," Declan sneered

"Well guess what I am going home!" Delcan exclaimed

"Why would I lie to you Delcan?" I asked

"So I would stop my attempt from completing my spell," Delcan sneered

"Yes I did it because I don't want to go home just yet," I told him

"Well you will get there one way or another," Delcan growled

"I have no plans to died," I told him

"You don't have a say in it puny mortal your death will pave the way for me to finally end this puny existence," Delcan ramped

"Nobody is puny in the Father's eyes nor the Mother's," I told him

He turned to me and slapped me in across the face, "You are still a small man to me," He snarled

He called a henchman and has me hauled off and into a cell.

"I've increased security not even your friend He-Man could break into this place," Delcan told me

That what he thinks but I wasn't going to tell him that.

I was shoved in the room and the door slammed behind me I looked around and saw that the had installed cameras into this cell this time which meant I couldn't pull out my sword, Thinking about my sword I felt for it and was relief that it was still there. "No security system is perfect," I said to myself looking around they had everything here I spotted three infrared cameras at least 5 digital security cameras, there were laser detectors along the floor they really went all out on this I would have to think of a plan on how to get out.

     "What will Delcan do to Dave?" Jeff asked as he paced around the room.

"Calm down Jeff," Nick told him

"What can we do to help him? I can't stand that he is with that creeps and we are sitting here having tea," Jeff as nearly hysterical with fear

"You really like Dave don't you Jeff?" Drew asked

"Like no I love him," He complied

"Jeff you need to calm down that slayer will find Dave and even if she doesn't Dave can take care of himself," Justin told him

"But what if Dave is already a vampire?" Jeff asked he was going insane.

The guys all sat there trying to figure a way to calm their brother but they were all at a lost.

     "We still don't know when this ceremony will take, and where Delcan is hiding," Laura stated

The Blaylock has been talking to the Council all morning and they have been sending everything they had on Declan.

     I looked around my new cell thinking of away to get out of here the cell opened up and a couple guards came in one of them had some sort of gun in his hand he fired it at me and the world went dark.

 An hour later I came to looking around I noticed a pool of blood, and one vampire on the floor drinking it.

It was then I felt pain in my lower body and aches everywhere these vampires raped me looking around I also saw one of the vamps was holding my sword.

`Crap!' I thought I could deal with the rape at least for now I had more important things to deal with trying to move I felt stiff but these assholes didn't bother to tie me up. Getting on creaky legs I was in more pain then I thought but I was in full soldier mode now "Give me that sword!" I demanded

"Oh look out toy is up, and wants to go another round," One of them snickered

"You want this?" The one holding my sword sneered

"You bet, and I will get it," I told them

"Oh you will, and yet you allowed us to rape you. The poof is going to get all tuffy on the big bad vampires," One of them mocked

Another pulled the sleep gun on me again, and was going to fire. I ran at him so fast he didn't react I karate chopped him in the neck he dropped the gun then I swung my foot around catching another vampire in the gut then went after the one with my sword he made a swing at me trying to kill me with my own sword I ducked then came around relieving him of my sword. Grabbing it by its hilt I brought it around, and chopped off his head then swung it around beheading the vampire behind me as he got up standing around me I saw the last one and he was shaking like a leaf. "Now as for raping me," I said as I flung me sword across the cell catching the vampire in the heart it, and then a second later it burst into dust.

     While I was fighting off my attackers Nightstalker, and her Watcher were on with the Council "Has the council come up with anything?" She asked

"No we are still going through our records on Delcan this was one elusive but deadly vampire, and now he wants it to all come to an end," Blaylock replied

"And we haven't been able to find He-Man he is being equally elusive," The Nightstalker growled.

     "I can't stand this waiting," Jeff cried as he paced back and forth.

"Jeff you need to calm down," Nick said

"Calm down I just found him and now he is gone why has God done this to me?" Jeff responded

"Jeff you are driving yourself into hysteria," Drew told him

"But I can't stand it we have no idea what Dave is going through and we can't do a thing to help him!" Jeff replied

"Jeff trust me when I say this Dave can take care of himself and he will be fine," Justin said for the first time.

     Sitting in my cell I tried to think of away to fool the security system. When the door opened up, and in came Delcan he actually looked grim "I am sorry Mr. Shavel I had know idea what my had minions had done to you,"

"Why you are going to kill me and everyone else why should you care?" I asked

"Because I like to treat all of my guest with dignity," He told me

"I see," I replied

He walked up to me and formed a sphere of light, and it hit me I felt my internal wounds heal.

"Thank you," I told him as he used his magic to heal me.

"It is the least I can do," He replied

"You are not such a bad guy Delcan why won't you listen to me when I say you will kill all if you succeed in your spell?" I asked

"Because I want it to all end for me I have live for centuries and no one has been able to kill me I just want to die," Declan said

I shook my head I can understand the need to want to go home we all want to do that. Delcan turned, and left me in my dungeon I knew I had to escape but how. When the door opened again it was another vampire this time I rushed the on coming demon I snapped his neck, and ran out of the cell when I got to a dark room I pulled my sword out and cried, "By the Power of Grayskull!"

The power of Grayskull encased me filling me with its strength and wisdom changing me into He-Man "I have the Power!" running out of the dungeon I ran to what looked like a large study I went in, and found a piece of paper with ancient writing how do I get a copy of this I had no camera or anything that could take the image "Use your sword He-Man," I heard the sorceress said.

"How do I do that?" I asked

"Place the sword over the parchment then call on the Power of Grayskull," She told me

"How will I get the information out of the sword?" I asked

"It will come here to Grayskull where you can retrieve once you are safe," She told me

Pulling out my sword I placed it over the paper and said "By the Power of Grayskull!" a light filled the room when it dimmed I asked "Did you get it Sorceress?"

"Yes He-Man," She answered

"Good then I am out of here," I said making my way out

"Amazing," I turned to see Declan standing there

"I am truly astound I don't know how you found my hide out and break in this far but I can assure you will not get out of here alive," He told me.

"Well if I can't go out that way I will have to make my own path," I said then stomped on the floor putting a hole big enough for me to leave.

"Oh I saved Dave Shavel," I said as I leapt into the hole. "Sorceress I need to get out of here!" I called as I heard the vampires coming my way. A portal opened up in front of me, and I ran through it closed behind me. The Vamps charged in looking around trying to pick up my sent.


Reappearing in Grayskull "Thanks Sorceress," I said

"You are quite welcome," She smiled

"Where is that information?" I finally asked

"Follow me," The Sorceress told me

We walked to laboratory going to one of her monitors, and she pulled up the scroll with the ancient text on it "I have never see anything in this language," The Sorceress confessed

"You shouldn't its Ancient Earth I just don't remember which one," I told her

I thought about it "Can you tap into other source of information?" I asked

"I believe so," She replied

"I think we should try Library of Congress in Washington D.C.," I suggested

"Ok," She made some adjustments, and an online version of the Library of Congress came up. "Ok let see?" I queried I had the Sorceress input the information into the database, and it came back.

 "Ok it is in the ancient dialect of Canaanite," She told me

"Now that we know that is there away to…" I started to say when the text magically changed to English "I don't get how it changed like that?" I questioned

"I am not sure of that either?" The Sorceress confessed

Not caring at this point I read it "oh my God!" I exclaimed after reading the ritual.

"What is it?" The Sorceress asked

"I know how this works!" I told her

"Sorceress here on Earth thanks to modern technology we have forgotten much," I told her

"Sorceress as magician you know the balance of magic and nature," I said

"Yes," She replied

"Well just as there are balances there, there are balances that make up the universe and life everything is a balances with in a balance, like Hot and Cold, Life and Death anything you can think of has some sort of equal to it," I said

"Yes I understand that," The Sorceress responded

"Yes and within those balances there a thin barrier that keeps things separate like with the Earth there is a very thin barrier that protects the life down here from very deadly radiation it is amazing what such thin barrier holds back," I said

"This is all interesting but how does it apply here?" The Sorceress asked

"There is a thin barrier between here and the other side," I told her

"I see," She concurred

I turned to her and said; "Declan spell removes that barrier and brings the other side and ours into contact."

Then she in turn said "And once that happens,"

"It will be like what happens when matter, and antimatter, they would annihilate each other destroying both the land of living and the other side," I finished

"So how are planning to stop him?" The Sorceress asked

"I don't know," I confessed

"Well I would suggest you talk to this Slayer it is her job to take care of vampires," The Sorceress advised

"I was thinking it but I still haven't pieced together why he needs a psychic for this spell to work," I confessed

I left Grayskull making my way home.

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