The New He-Man 21

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     This my second attempt to right so please tell me what you think. This is a fictional story it is not intended to imply that any of the celebrates are homosexuals. If you are not old enough to read these stories do yourself a favor don't get caught LOL. The same goes for those people whose countries have these sites made illegal. And for everyone else enjoy

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 The New He-Man 21

Truth Reveal

     Getting out of the shower I felt somewhat human again the first thing I did was get dress, and head out for the Guy's hotel. When I got there I asked the clerk if they were still at this here and she said yes. I then asked her what room they were in she was kind of enough to tell me. I made my way to their room; knocking on what should be Nick's room it opened and Nick came out. Then he nearly knocked me over when he pulled me into a bear hug "Dave are you ok we were so afraid," I could hear his tears. I couldn't believe it I haven't really thought I would become such a huge part of their lives.

"Where is Jeff?" I asked as tears fell from my eyes thinking how lucky I was to have such wonderful friends "Drew and Justin took him out to get his mind off of you," Nick replied

"I am so sorry for worrying to all like this," I cried

"You have nothing to be sorry about you are our friend," Nick told me

I pulled away only to be brought back into his hold I felt for the first time since I left Jake behind. It was then I realized that Nick had a bandage wrap around his arm; then remembered that Declan told me that one of the guys got a cut are the arm and another had a broken one thinking about it, "Nick how is Jeff?" I asked

"He is doing ok his arm is in a cast but he should be fine," He told me

I had figured as much "I am sorry Nick," I apologized

"For what?" He asked

"I didn't mean for any of you to get hurt," I told him

"You had nothing to do with us getting hurt those Kailiff demons were trying to take you from us, and we weren't going to lose you with out of fight," Nick replied

"But you all took an unnecessary you have millions of people who depend on you to be there for them when the world turns on them." I told him

"But we could have lost a very good friend," Nick countered

I took what he said to heart and smiled. There was a brief silence between the two of us.

"Dave?" Nick spoke with uncertainty

"Yes?" I asked

"I know you saw Lauren I must know is she ok? Is she in any pain?" Nick spoke.

"Nick everyone asks Psychics that same question everytime; when their loved ones pass over to the Otherside," I chuckled a little "I've even asked it myself," I told him

He just sat there listening, "Nick every religion speaks of Heaven and how it is a wonderful place where all wounds are healed, where there is no pain or sorrow," I told him.

"Nick what every religion say is true Heaven is a beautiful place where people are reliving the lives they left behind when they came down here to learn for God," I spoke

I could see Nick picturing Heaven "Nick; Lauren is happy she saw the tunnel, and went home. Her family was waiting for her on the Otherside, and she is waiting for you. Just as all of your loved one are past, present, and future," I finished up

"Thanks Dave," Nick sighed I could see the closure come to him.

I got up and gave him a hug "Aww this is such a Kodak moment," we turned to see Drew with a mock sigh on his face

"Shut up asshole," Nick smirked

"Sorry for the lecture Nick," I apologized

"I needed to hear that Dave," He reassured me.

The world seemed to fade away till I saw Mike my Spirit Guide standing in front of me.

"Mike?" I asked

"Dave I come with a message," He told me

"What is the message?" I asked

"You are going to reveal your alter-ego soon to a room of people," Mike told me

"Really do you know why?" I asked

"Yes but I can not tell you how," He told me

     In another part of the City Delcan was sitting in his overstuffed chair dreaming about life on the Otherside. "Sire we brought you another Psychic," One of his minions told him they held a pretty young woman. "She will do I was hoping for that Dave Shavel but I can't wait any longer I want to go home," Declan sighed

"Do you know the next time it will rain or be fog?" Declan asked

"They are calling for tonight then next week," The vampire replied

"Well it is too late for the ritual tonight so we will have to next week," Declan sighed

     "Dave?" I was shaken out of my trans when Nick shook me out of it

"Sorry I my mind wondered," I apologized

"I will say it did I was trying to get your attention for the last five minutes," Nick replied

"I am sorry my guide was talking to me," I told him

Nick was about to ask something when we heard the electronic lock unlock.

Turning to see my new friends coming in Jeff had a sling around his arm. The first thing Jeff did was give me a huge bear hug. "Dave my God I can't believe it," He sobbed

"Hey babe," I soothed

Justin gave me a strange look I could see the questioning look in his eyes.

"I can't believe it you are here," He cried just hold on to me.

"I am fine Jeff but I do have a lot of work ahead of me," I told him

"I don't care I am just as glad you are here," Jeff sighed

"I am hungry," Drew said out loud

"You are always hungry," Nick countered

"Yeah but I think we should go out to celebrate this moment," Drew stated

"I have to agree," Jeff replied

We all agree however before we left I pulled Justin into an adjacent room "Ok Justin what did you see the other night?" I asked

"I saw you pull out a sword," He confessed

I pulled out the very sword he was talking about, and asked," This sword?"

His eyes bulged out and said, "Holy Shit!"

"Then you held it up, and then changed into that muscle man," Justin told me

"Justin I need you keep this a secret for the time being," I told him

"You can't expect me to not tell the guys we never keep secrets from each others," Justin replied

"Justin my guide told me that I will soon reveal myself," I told him

"Ok Dave I will hold out for now," Justin responded

I smiled, and thanked him.

We all head out to a local all celebrity restaurant entering the place my first reaction was, "Wow!"

The guys just chuckled the hostess lead us to our table she asked us what we wanted to drink.

Jeff, Drew and I ordered Coke

Nick asked for a Long Island ice tea;

Justin ordered a beer.

After the drinks came we all placed our orders

"I will have the seafood basket," Justin ordered

"I will have the baked chicken with mash potatoes," Drew ordered

"I would like the prim rib medium-well, with baked potatoes," Nick ordered

"I'd liked the BBQ ribs with the mashies," I ordered getting around of chuckled

"I will take the ribs as well but with baked potatoes," Jeff ordered

"Ok thanks and I hope you all enjoy yourself," the waiter said then left

"Mashies?" Drew chuckled

"What?" I shrugged

     While we were waiting for our meal the street was a buzz of activity with endless rows of cars, buses, trucks, trolleys, and pedestrians. Traveling on this street was a freight truck carrying diesel fuel.


     Our food had arrived and it was to die for the ribs here were awesome. We were talking amongst each other when I saw someone sitting next Nick I recognized her the instant I saw her she was an Angel of Death. `I don't like this was Nick going to die here?' I thought. She looked to her left towards Drew I saw another Angel with him. Not liking the looks of things I turned to Justin and saw he had an Angel too. There was one next to Jeff and I had one how could we all die tonight when the waiter walked by she had an Angel next to her too. Looking around the place everyone had Angels.

"What is going on?" I asked Angel next to me it didn't answer which was enough to give me cold sweats.

"This isn't good," I whisper turning to Jeff

"Can everyone in here keep secrets?" I asked

"Of course Dave half the people here are gay or Lesbian or BI and nobody will tell on each other," Jeff replied

I just nodded he looked at me and asked," Why do you ask?"

"Just curious," I lied

     Outside the truck carrying the diesel fuel was coming towards our restaurant. Several blocks ahead a trolley was coming down the hill it stopped to let passengers off and on. The driver of the diesel freighter was watching the road like a hawk because he knew he was a moving bomb, and if he lost control a lot of people could die. His attention was turned to small car pulling up beside him; something caught his eyes he looked up just in time to see the Semi in front of him have a tread blowout. The tread just missed the little car the driver took evasive action trying to avoid the lose tread at the same time the trolley was coming at him. He went to swerve out of the way but he was in the hands of Physics and he nicked the trolley this sent him spinning losing control of his truck it jackknifed and tipped over sliding into a restaurant.

     I felt the table shake looking down at it the soda in my glass began to ripple "Guys do feel that?" I asked

"Its probably Drew," Jeff teased

Suddenly a thunderous sound filled the restaurant, and the place shook like it was in an earthquake. Debris fell from the ceiling not even thinking I dove for Jeff pushing him out of the way. As the ceiling came crashing down on top of us I blacked out for a moment.

The whole restaurant was filling with diesel fumes but that didn't matter to Nick he just looked at the pile of rubble that covered his two friends "Nick where's Jeff and Dave I can't find them?" Drew asked

He just pointed at the mound of debris "Fuck," was all Drew could say. 

     When I woke up it was pitch black I couldn't see two millimeters in front of my face but I knew I was on top of Jeff but was all I knew.

"Jeff are you ok?" I asked as I felt him up checking for any cuts or bruises.

I didn't hear anything at first so I called out again, "Jeff?"

"Yes," I finally "Are you ok?" I asked again "I am fine," I heard him say

"Ok I guess we need to get out of here," I said as I felt above us

"How are we going to do that?" Jeff asked

Seeing that I could stand up which was good I said, "By doing this," pulling out my sword and saying, "By The Power of Grayskull!" the darkness turned to light as the magic of Grayskull engulfed me. Outside the debris Nick, Drew, and Justin moved toward it planning to free their friends when they saw them glowing Justin after seeing it before said "Guys get back,"

They moved away from the rubble, and they exploded going in all direction. In the middle stood Dave holding up his sword surrounded by a magical energy field before everyone eyes Dave changed. His skin had tanned, his muscles grew in size, he had a breastplate which was strapped to his shoulders, on the breastplate there was a red iron cross and on his back attached to the straps was a sword sheath. Looking at his nicely toned body he now wore a pare of spandex pants, and a pare of military issue combat boots

Bringing his sword to chest level Dave shouted, "I have the Power!"

Re-sheathing my sword I ran over to the overturned truck I got to the cab, and ripped open the top then pulled the driver out. Then pushed the truck out of the restaurant picked it up, and threw it into the Delaware where it exploded.

Back at the table Justin smiled, "Well I guess he figured out,"

The guys turned to him "You knew?" Nick asked

"Yes," Justin replied

"Why didn't you tell us?" Drew asked

"Because he had asked not to," Justin told them

With the truck now gone I moved to the overturned trolley I could hear people screaming all wanting to get out. I bent down got a good grip on the trolley and in a mighty thrust I hefted it right side up placing it back on the track then going to one of the doors I pushed them opened "Ok last stop everyone out," I said then went back to the restaurant where I was surrounded by a bunch of people all cheering all thanking me for saving their lives before I could get overwhelmed I said "Well I need to go,"

"But He-Man?" One Celebrity called

Jeff intercepted "Let him go,"

I ran into an alley where I changed back to Dave, and headed back to 98 Degree's hotel

Putting my head back "Mike I take it that was what you meant?" I asked

"Yes," I heard

"How does this change things?" I asked

"I don't know Dave," He told

I heard the door open but I didn't get up "Ok Mike what do I do about Delcan I need help?" I asked

"All thing fall into place Dave," Mike told me

Jeff stood off to the side watching my somewhat one way conversation.
"Just tell this what is it the needs a psychic for?" I asked

"Psychic are the link between Heaven, and the land of Mortals. Delcan needs a Psychic to help bridge that gap, and bring everything into focus," Mike informed

"What wrong Jeff?" Nick asked

"I am not sure things are happening so fast I haven't been able to put it all together," Jeff confessed

"Dave love you and you love him," Nick pointed out

"Its not that first Dave is a psychic and now he is that muscle-bound He-Man," Jeff told him

"So what," Nick shrugged

"I just wish he had told me before he had gone and done it in public," Jeff huffed

"If he hadn't we would all be dead now," Nick pointed out

"I know, I know," Jeff sighed

"So what is the problem?" Nick asked

"I am just afraid of losing him Nick," Jeff told him

"That is understandable," Nick said

While Nick and Jeff were talking I was still talking to Mike, "Ok now that Declan is out of the way what do I do with Jeff I just literally outed myself to the public," I asked

"That is up to the two of you just know this the two of you are meant to be," Mike stated

"That doesn't make things any easier," I complained

"Life isn't easy you of all people know this," Mike stated

"Destiny is such a bitch," I complained

"So I have heard," Mike laughed breaking the connection I found myself doing was being hugged by Drew "Whatever you may think you are our friend and I am glad you are here with us," Drew stated

"Thanks Drew that helps a lot," I responded

"I think we have to leave Jeff, and Dave a lone," Nick suggested

Before either one of us could say anything everyone dispersed leaving us alone

"Jeff I can only imagine the things you are thinking right now," I spoke first

"Dave why did you tell me?" Jeff asked

"I was afraid that you would think of me as a freak or something," I told him

"You a freak? You are amazing," Jeff told me

"I had hoped to tell you at my own time and place but destiny has a way of enforcing itself upon everyone," I told him

"So how did you become He-Man anyway?" Jeff asked

"I tripped," I laughed

"You tripped?" Jeff astounded

I pulled out my sword placing it on the table "The Sorceress of Grayskull had placed herself in the sword, and it landed on Earth. And while running from bandits I tripped over the sword the rest is history," I told him

Jeff just looked dumbfounded for a moment then he busted out laughing

"Well I have heard of many things but that got to take the cake," Jeff laughed

"I know," I laughed with him

"Well that make more sense then," Jeff said

"What is that?" I asked

"When Justin said you could handle yourself against Declan," Jeff told me

I looked at him "When you were captured I was going nuts not knowing, Justin told me that you could take of yourself," He explained

Jeff then turned to me and asked, "How come you could tell Justin first and not me?"

"Justin was unintentional remember when we were it the limo and it was blasted to pieces?" I asked

"Yes," Jeff replied

"Well I recovered first and in the middle of rescuing you guy I had to change into He-Man or I wouldn't have been able to save you all," I told him

Jeff just sat there waiting for me to continue, "I had thought you were all out cold so I changed not knowing that Justin had come to and watched me become He-Man,"

"So it was just out of luck that Justin found you out?" Jeff inquired

"There is no such thing as luck we pick these things I might have picked in my chart that Justin be the first to find out," I told him

"And before you ask I don't know why that is just how things go," I said quickly seeing him about ask the question

Jeff sat there pondering, "So what are you going to do about Declan?"

"I don't know really," I told him

"Can't you just take him on?" Jeff asked

"I don't know what he is planning but there still some many factors," I told him

We sat there when I heard the door open and Drew came out to the common area then Justin and Nick followed,

"Everything cool?" Nick asked

"Everything is fine," Jeff said

I sighed to myself thinking how lucky I am to have found these wonderful guys.

"Dave what made you do what you did?" Drew asked

"What do you mean?" I asked back

"You know revealing yourself like that?" Drew asked

"Angels," I responded

"Angels made you do that?" Nick asked

"Well I can't say they made me no spirit or angel can control you, but seeing these Angels gave me a chill that I can't describe," I told them

"What kind of Angels?" Drew asked

"What with the questions?" I chuckled

"I am curious," Drew asked

"Ok but I am warning you that you are not going to like what I say," I told him

"Why?" Drew asked

"Because in the restaurant I saw Angels of Death next each and everyone of you," I told them

I looked at them, "I saw an Angel next to each and everyone including myself had I not acted we would all be talking to each other on the other side,"

"Do you see an Angel next to me now?" Drew asked

I looked at him and saw and Angel just sitting there smiling, "You knew this was coming," it told me

"Yes," I told Drew

He instantly got worried, "You mean I am going to die?"

I sighed, "No Drew you are not going to die,"

"But you see and Angel next to me," Drew responded

I sighed again Nick looked at me "What wrong Dave?" he asked

"This is why I didn't want to tell you now if I see an Angel that is the first thing that runs threw your thoughts," I replied

Looking at Drew I was thrown back by what kind of Angel that was next to him was a Seraphim next to him "No you are not going to die but you have a pretty big Angel next to you," I told him

Drew looked at me  "Drew you have a Seraphim next to you," I told him

     "A what?" Drew asked in astonishment

"You my friend have a Seraphim next to you," I told him

"Oh thank God I thought you were going to tell me that I was going to die," Drew said then he smiled

"What?" I asked

"You gave me a psychic reading in away," Drew beamed

He's been bugging me for his reading for days and now I was able to give him one. I got up and gave him a hug "You are quite welcome my friends," I told him

When we pulled "Just because I see an Angel my friend don't assume it is something terrible 9 out of 10 times it is something good," I told him

"Sorry I'd jumped to conclusion," Drew replied

"You are not the first and not the last," I spoke

"So do see angel around the rest of us?" Nick asked

I just shook me head "Why me?" I sighed

This got a laugh out of everyone in the room "Well Just like I said before I do one free reading the rest are charged," I snickered

This got more laughs "Well I am afraid I must get going I have classes in the morning," I told them

"Can't you stay the night?" Jeff asked

"No I can't big guy," I told him

"Ok Dave," Jeff said as he pulled me into a hug

"I love you," He told me

"I love you too big guy," I replied pulling him in deeper

When we let go the guys all had a smile on their faces we finally said good bye and I left for home.

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