The New He-Man chapter 22

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The New He-Man 22

Lose Lips Sink Ships



     "Master I have something you should know," A male vampire said coming up him

"Yes Mekal?" Declan asked

"One of my informants has told me that Dave Shavel is He-Man," Mekal replied

Stunned Declan asked, "How did your informant find that out?"

"You know the Singer Ryan Cabrera?" Mekal asked

"He one of those new singer right?" Declan asked

"Yes but what is important is his family owe it fortune to my clan so he is in debited to us so when he has information about some one of interest he tells me," Mekal spoke

"So how has this singer to this information?" Declan asked

"Yesterday at a celebrity restaurant a diesel truck had crashed into it covering both Dave Shavel and his lover Jeff Timmons a ton of debris," Mekal reported

"Where Dave Shavel turned into He-Man to save them both and group in the restaurant," Declan said putting two and two together.

"Yes," Mekal replied

"Such a noble person that Shavel risking all, and in order to save people it has been 700 years since I have seen such nobility," Declan admired

"Sire now that we know this what should we do?" Mekal asked

"Well he is a threat to my plans but at the same time I have come admire him, I don't Mekal," Declan replied.


     While they were thinking of what to do I was waking up to a the sound of rain hitting my windows I got up and went to take a shower got dress then left for school.

     Walking up to the University's steps I met some of my friends Amy, Jason, James, and Dillon "Hey guys how is it going?" I asked

"Hey Dave how is it going?" Jamie asked

"As good as it is going to get," I replied

"So any idea what we are going to be talking about?" Dillon asked

"No," James replied

"What do you think Dave you're the Psychic?" Jason asked

I thought about it "The same thing as the other day," I spoke

"What was that?" Dillon asked

"I don't remember," I laughed

This got the group laughing "Some psychic," Jason laughed

I turned serious and said, "No psychic is 100% accurate and anyone saying they are is a phoney,"

"Really?" James asked

"Yes a real psychic is at best 60% accurate," I told her

We entered class "Good Morning class," Professor Dallus announced

"Today we are going to discuss disasters, and how they affect our lives,"

"Can anyone think of a way a disaster affect some one?" Dallus asked

James responded, "They remind us the at we are mortals,"

"Excellent," Dallus cheered

Everyone gave a response, and all I could do is think back to the Nimitz a disaster that changed me forever.

"Well we have heard from everyone except our resident Psychic," Dallus said

I looked at him some what dumbfounded "So tell us Dave how can a disaster change us?" he asked

"It can leave someone with survivor's guilt," I said

"That is good do you have an example of this?" Dallus asked

"No I don't," I lied

He went on I hated lying like that but I haven't gotten over the fact that I survived the sinking of the Nimitz. I was sitting there listening to the lecture when the class was over the Professor called me over.

"Dave I know many things and when some one lies is one of them," Dallus said

"I don't know what you are talking about," I told him

"Dave you are suffering from survivor's guilt I saw it when you spoke it. I know the signs," Dallus told me

I looked at him then something inside me snapped, "Yes Professor I watched my world literally explode on me when my ship struck a mine!"

Dallus shocked look told me that he wasn't expecting that "Dave?" before he could continue I did an about-face and left before I could say any more.


     With school done for the day I went home went to one of my closets, and went through the hidden pictures finding the one with Jake and I. Seeing his smiling face the pure joy in his face as we wrestled around, I forgot who had taken the pictures but that didn't matter to me. I looked at us and how happy we were "Oh Jake my love I should have gone back for you," I sobbed


     I closed my eyes and I could see the fiery corridors with huge pit in the deck, I saw Jake reaching out his hand begging me to save him. As I got closer the bigger the hole in the deck got.


"Jake I am coming!" I heard myself scream

"Dave why couldn't you save me?" I heard him ask

The image changed this time it was from the lifeboat I was watching the mighty ship slowly sink out of sight I could see Jake trying to swim towards my boat he was trying to get away from the powerful suction beginning created by the Nimitz. Jake hand was out stretched trying to grab for mine I would reach out trying to grab for him but I am pushed out by the shockwave and Jake goes down with the Aircraft Carrier.

"You know that now happened," I came out of my trans to see Jake standing there.

At that moment my phone rang I picked up, "Dave are you ok?" I heard Jeff ask

"Jeff?" I asked

"Are you ok?" Jeff asked again

"I am fine Jeff," I reassured

"Why don't I believe you?" Jeff inquired

"I don't know?" I laughed

"So what are you doing?" Jeff asked

"I just got back from school, and just sitting around," I told him

"Would you like to come up and visit?" Jeff asked

"I think I can," I laughed

"Well then come on up big guy," Jeff said

"I am on my way," I told him

We hung up, and I got a quick shower then headed out.

I got in my truck, and drove off.

Coming up to hotel I pulled into the parking and was met by Justin

"Hey man nice truck," Justin smiled

"Thanks," I replied

"That is a Ram isn't?" Justin asked

"Yeap a Dodge Ram 2500 quad cab diesel," I confirmed

"Cool," Justin drooled

"Let go up before I have to put bucket under you," I laughed

"Shut up asshole," Justin laughed

We made our way to 98 Degree's floor then to their rooms it was then I decided to tell Jeff my other secret.

We went into the common room and sat down waiting for the guys to finish whatever it was they were doing.

"You ok Dave?" Justin asked

"Yes why do you ask?" I told him

"Well you look distracted," Justin told me

"I am fine," I told him

When Jeff came out I was hit with two things my love for him and the feeling of betrayal. `This is stupid' I thought to myself

It was then I noticed that Jeff had his hands behind his back he was smiling feeling very proud of himself for doing something.

"Hey babe, guess what I got?" Jeff smiled

"A 10 inch dick that is as thick as a soda can," I deadpanned

He turned a deep shade of red and Justin chocked up his soda he was drinking

"You will find that out later," Jeff spoke

"What?" I asked

"I have a contact who was able to find something," Jeff smiled

He pulled out a rectangular box and handed to me.

"That is so sweet Jeff I wish I had something to give you?" I said

"You have given more then you know," Jeff stated

I opened the box it was picture of a carrier and not just any carrier but the Nimitz I would know her anywhere tears started flowing out of me. Jeff smile fell from his face and he looked worried coming over to me "Dave what is it?" He softly asked

I couldn't form the words I just stared at the picture of my ship and all I saw was her going under taking Jake with her.

"I. I. I'm sorry Jeff it not you this the sweetest thing anyone did for me," I cried

"Then what is it?" Justin asked he to was worried

"How, how much do you know of this ship Jeff?" I spoke with a crackly voice

"I know you were stationed on her, and she went down a several months ago," Jeff replied

"I wasn't sure I wanted to tell you," I told him

Dave you told you are He-Man you can tell me anything," Jeff said

"This is different because I must tell you that you are not my first love," I told him

"What?" Jeff asked in confusion

"Jeff I was on the Nimitz when she sank I was one of six hundred who survived," I told him

"Oh my God I am so sorry Dave I didn't know," Jeff said pulling me in a hug.

"That not the worst of it I also had my baby Jake Sacton," I told him

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