The New He-Man chapter 23

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The New He-Man 23

Its all coming back

     "Jake Sacton who is he?" Jeff asked

The door opened Nick and Drew emerged they were trying to figure out what was going on.

     "Jake was my first love," I started

Jeff looked a little hurt from this information.

"He, and I were together for over a year," I told them

Seeing how hard I was trying to keep from breaking down Drew said, "Dave if this is to hard for you it can wait,"

"No I must or I am no good as a psychologist," I told him shaking

Seeing the pain I was in Jeff came over to me and held me.

"Everyone in the command knew Jake, and I were together," I said

"But they didn't care all they knew was they had a hell of a team with the two of us, and that is all they care for," I stated

Jeff just held me as I told them, "That night before the sinking Jake was working up the nerve to ask me to marry him," I told him

Jeff smiled seeing the light in my eye when I said that.

"I knew of this because he was asking a friend of mine the best way to go about it," I smiled through my now streaming tears.

"He had gotten me alone by my favorite jet and then asked me," I said

"And I said yes I was the happiest I had ever been," I cried

I could see the tears started to well up in each of their eyes.

"The next morning at 0700 exactly an old world war 2 mine drifting in the ocean struck the Nimitz port side mortally wounding the ship," I told them

"I was a sleep at the time, and was thrown from my rack. We fought to keep the ship afloat but in the end the Captain ordered to abandon ship Jake and I were in the p-way the ship was dying all around us bulkheads were collapsing and fire had spread to every area of the ship," I told them

Jeff just squeezed me tighter as I went on, "Jake and I ran into the berthing making sure everyone of our squadron mates were out of their rack after we were sure we ran down the p-way. The ship shook violently, and a large section of the upper deck came crashing down putting a huge hole in the deck separating Jake and I," I cried

"I ran to a nearby damage control panel grabbed the fire hose, and threw to the other side of the hole. Someone had grabbed it, and tied it people started to cross over." I began shaking violently now Jeff just held me like a life vest


"The ship shook again and more of the upper deck came crashing down making the hole bigger making it so that no one could make it over. I was about to do something else when I was pulled to the flight deck," I cried

"On the flight deck I frantically looked around the deck seeing if Jake had made out of the other hatches," I told them

"But it was utter chaos on the ship as she continued her roll to port, Jet were breaking lose from their chains, and people charging for the life boats," I told them

I could see them all crying, "Suddenly there was a huge explosion filled the air the Nimitz trembled out of control anyone still on the flight deck were brought to their knees, and anyone on the catwalk were all tossed over side myself included," I said

"Oh my God," I heard Drew whisper

"At the angle the ship was at the Island had broken lose, and went over the side. It then sank out of sight I was pulled into a nearby life boat and we all watched the Nimitz sink out of sight," I finished

"Dave I am so sorry," Jeff cried pulling me into a huge hug

"I have been in shock for months, and I am now starting to feel survivors guilt," I told them

"But I think what I keep cling on to is I could have saved Jake," I told him

"Dave there was no way you could have from sounds like you are lucky even to be here yourself," Justin spoke for the first time

"My brain knows that but my heart on the other hand doesn't," I spoke

"So that is who you were talking to," Nick said

Jeff and everyone turned to Nick even I looked at him wondering what he was getting to.

"The other day I came into the room and you were talking to someone I had thought it was another guy and I was going to kill the both of you," Nick said

I turned to him I had no idea that Nick had heard my conversation with Jake.

"I saw you talking to I guess Jake it was one way, and you looked like you were going to breakdown. When you saw me all you said was you were thinking about something or other," Nick stated

"He had come to me after I had taken you to the Franklin Institute when I felt as though I was betraying him," I spoke

"Do you still feel like that?" Drew asked

"Some time I do but he is always with me waiting for me to come home," I replied

"Dave thanks for telling us I know this was hard for you," Nick said coming over to me giving me a hug everyone got up and pulled me into a group hug.

This just sent me over and I broke down they all held me giving me all of the love and support they could muster.

I hugged them back "Thank you for being here," I cried

"You deserve it big guy," Justin spoke into my ear

"That is from all of us," Drew said

When we all broke up Jeff still held me and I knew Jeff was here for me.

I turned to him and we kissed "Ugh!" I heard someone joke

Which sent us all into a fit of laughter the ultimate cure for depression.

"Thanks guys I needed that," I sighed

"You are welcome Dave," Drew said

I looked down at the picture of my ship, and I could see Jake smiling at me.

He was of course happy for me I knew he was.

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