The New He-Man 24

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     "Sire what are we going to do about He-Man?" Mekal asked

"I don't know he is all but invincible," Declan said

"What about Dave Shavel he the vulnerable one?" Mekal asked

"Yes he is, and I have come to admire him its not hard to kill a man but it is torture to an honorable one," Declan responded

"We could attack the poof's boyfriend," Mekal recommended

"No then He-Man will definitely attack, and he even if I kill him it would interfere with my plans to go home," Declan replied

"What if we let him know you have the psychic bitch?" Mekal asked

That got Declan attention, "Then Dave Shavel will come to me, and rescue her or he will offer himself to save her,"

"That way he comes to us," Mekal smiled

"Yes that is what we will do," Declan replied

     While that was going on we were all sitting around I was mentally exhausted. "How are you feeling Dave?" Jeff asked

"Pooped," I replied

"That is understandable do you want to lie down?" Jeff asked

"No but I do need to mediate," I told him

"Do you want us to leave you alone?" Justin asked

"No this your place I will not kick you out I will mediate when I get home," I told them

"Are you sure?" Jeff asked

"Yes I will be fine for right know," I responded

"Well I feel like shopping," Nick said

"Yeah lets drown our sorrows in a big shopping spree," Drew cheered

"Why not," Jeff commented

That said it all we all got ready to go out I asked Jeff, "Do you think I could use your head?"

"Sure you can use and anything you want," Jeff complied

"I need a shower after today," I told him

"Yeah you stink," Drew smirked

I just grabbed a pillow, and chucked it at him before he could run. This sent us into a ball of laughter Jeff lead me to his room, and showed me where the bathroom was. Closing the door behind me moved towards the tub and turned on the shower I set it to the temperature and got in.

     Once in the shower I closed my eye letting the water rinse away the tensions, and negativity.

"You haven't betrayed me," I heard Jake say

"In my heart I have felt like I had," I told him

"Dave it is as I said before. You were meant to live on it is part of your destiny Jeff and you are meant to be," Jake spoke to me

"I know I know it's just I wish I had the chance to save you," I told him

"You are such a softie it was one of the reason I fell for you, and it is the same reason Jeff has too. You make an awesome couple I couldn't be happier for you," Jake spoke

     Outside of the bathroom Jeff could here me talking to Jake his heart went to Dave given that he too has lost a good friend, and his first love.

Thinking about the fact that Dave didn't bring a change of clothes so going over what he had realized that he was still to big Dave so he went to Drew they were about the same size "Hey Drew can Dave borrow some clothes?" Jeff asked

"Yeah why?" Drew asked

"Well Dave is in the shower but he doesn't have a change of clothes," Jeff responded

"Yeah he can borrow something to wear," Drew said as he and Jeff went through and picked out something for Dave to wear. They ended up picking a black and grey button down shirt with a tan kakis and blue silk boxers.

"So Jeff how are you holding up?" Drew asked

"What do you mean?" Jeff asked back

"Well given what you have been through," Drew pointed out

"I am good, and I know what Dave is going through we lost Mike what a year ago?" Jeff replied

"A year ago it seem like yesterday Mike chased that bastard Clark to that tanker," Drew sighed

"Yeah but I still don't believe he is dead," Jeff said

"Kevin of the Backstreet Boys thinks the same way, and it is driving the rest crazy," Drew said softly

"Yeah but like Kevin I know that Mike was important to the Earth and it wouldn't have let him go with out a fight," Jeff pointed out

"I see Mike has gotten you to believe that this world is a live," Drew laughed

"All things are alive in one form or another," Jeff said

"Your right, you better get these back to Dave before he wonders where you had gone," Drew said handing the clothes to Jeff.

Jeff thanked him again and left for his room Dave had just opened the door to the bathroom in nothing but a towel "Wow!" was all Jeff could say

"What?" I asked

"You are hot," Jeff replied

This made me blush I then asked, "Why do you have clothes in you hands?"

"You didn't bring anything to change into so I asked Drew if you could borrow some," Jeff replied

"That sweet," I said expecting them I put them on Jeff of course was a gentleman and left so I could change he is so sweet I thought to myself.

Outside the room Jeff then spoke, "Thanks Jake for loving Dave,"

When he re-entered his room Dave was fully dressed

And did he look hot in Drew's clothes.

I went up to Jeff and gave him a kiss that felt like it could go forever.

It was broken when someone pounded on the door, "Come on guys you can get freaky when we get back," Justin laughed

Jeff opened the door, and said, "We'll be out in a second,"

"Or he can come in and join us we'll get done twice as fast with him in here," I said from behind the door.

"No thanks I am quite alright being on this side of the fence," Justin laughed

"We'll be right out Justin," Jeff laughed

Once we were ready we made our way back to the common room and Nick called for a limo.

Once at the mall we split up Justin, and Nick one-way Drew, Jeff and I went another. We stopped at an old navy outlet and picked up some things out. I picked out a pair of jeans with navy blue long sleeve shirt. Jeff picked out a the same thing except he got a burgundy shirt

Drew picked out a tan kaki and grey tank top.


     We went into another store and at the end of the store was a table, which had a sign on the bottom, which said 20 buck for an authentic psychic reading. There were people lined up to see a woman and a man sitting at the table one was give a palm reading the other was talking to the woman across from her.

"What wrong Dave?" Drew asked

"I want to see something," I said making my way behind the man and woman psychics "I see you getting a good job at a car dealer ship," The woman told her customer "And you have a great man waiting for you," She spoke to her

I watched them and was almost convinced until I saw something on the woman's lap it looked like index cards, and she was reading off of them

The man then said to the man in front of him, "I am sorry sir but your car is curse but if you give to us we will cleanse for you,"

That was the straw that broke the camel back.

Jeff came up to me and asked, "What wrong?"

"Jeff go find security they have a couple of con artist here," I told him

Jeff just looked at me then went to look for security, I walked up to the line and asked, "And how do plan on removing this curse?"

The man, and woman spun around looking at me.

The woman then stated, "We will put candles around it and us them to draw the darkness away from the car,"

"Oh really, and what if I said all you had to do is say abracadabra?" I asked

"Well that sounds like a skeptic, who doesn't believe in the other-side," The woman said

I just laughed and asked," Is that what you think?"

"Yes," The man said

"So how many lotto numbers have you given out?" I asked

"We are not doing lotto today," The woman replied

"Why not that is what psychic do?" asked

"That is the words of a skeptic who doesn't believe in psychic," The man replied

"What if I told you was I was psychic?" I asked

"Then I would ask you to prove it," The woman replied

"Fine I see you both in prison your friend Nickky here will be Dan Heckers bitch, and you Susan will be saying hi to Lady Ditstra," I told her

Jeff came back with the Mall security and they walked over the couple.

"How did you know my name?" Susan asked

"Easy I am a psychic, and you will be doing you index card trick in prison," I said reaching down for her index cards with reading on them.

They were read their Miranda, and lead out of the mall.

"How did you know Dave?" Drew asked

"I wasn't until the man said he would remove the curse on the guy's car which happen to be a blue porches," I told him

"Wow," Drew said we left the store, and watched the cops take the phonies away.

Nick and Justin came up beside us Justin asked, "What have you guys been up to?"

"Oh nothing much expect Dave getting a couple of cons off the street," Jeff said proudly

"Really?" Nick inquired

"Any Psychic that says they can remove a curse is a phony right off the bat, and so are the lotto givers," I said

We left the Mall, and went back to the Hotel.

Well that is it for this chapter stay tuned for the next it will be up as soon as possible.

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