The New He-Man 25

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The New He-Man 25

Field Trip

     The drive back to the hotel was mostly uneventful; we were talking amongst each other Nick, and Drew wanted to know more on spotting phoney Psychics while Jeff and Justin were talking about the latest Basketball game. Turning to me Drew asked, "Hey Dave?"

"Yes?" I responded

"I was wondering what are you going to do about Delcan?" Drew asked

"Jeff asked the same thing, and honestly I don't know," I replied

"Damn!" Nick cursed

"What wrong?" Jeff asked

"It is going to rain Friday," Nick complained

"Really?" Drew asked

"Rain?" I queried

"That is what I said," Nick chuckled

"Sorry I was just thinking," I reassured him


I could feel Jeff tense up as he squeezed my hand. I squeezed back letting him know that I was ok. Changing the subject Drew stated "Guys I know we wanted to go back to the hotel but I want to see other things while we are here,"

"Well what else can check out?" Justin said

"Well why not ask out resident tour guide?" Nick responded

"We saw the Franklin Institute, and I would like to see other such places," Drew suggested

"Let see," I started sounding like a tour guide

"Now see what you have gone and done," Jeff snickered

"what?" Nick asked

"You got him in smart ass mode," Jeff laughed

"Smart ass mode?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Can you give us an idea before you two go into catty mode," Drew pleaded

"Ok," I conceded

Getting back on track I stated, "There is the Academy of Natural Science," I told them

"Well then that is where we are going," Nick, said without any other input

He told the driver where he wanted to go and the driver changed his direction.

I spent the ride trying to piece together a new nudge that Justin had dropped into my mind


     When we got to the museum the first thing that caught your attention was a 40-foot skeleton of a Plesiosaurus hanging from the ceiling "Wow!" I heard the guys awe at the various displays Justin and Drew

"I take it you like what you see?" I smirked

Followed by a sharp pain to the back of my head from being smacked by Nick "Hey!" I laughed

"You deserve it," Drew smirked

I went to the desk and showed them my student ID, and paid for a five passes. Our first stop was Dino Hall where large collections of dinosaur fossils both complete skeletons, to remains and fragments were displayed

     "Wow a T-Rex!" Drew awed as he spotted the 30-foot skeleton of the ancient reptile "I really hate to come cross something that big," Justin commented

"You lived with Nick how long?" I smirked

"Did he just called me fat?" Nick asked

"I think he did?" Drew spoke

"While I am sure you would pound me to a pulp Nick I rather not do it in public," I spoke with a straight face.

He just stood there with a perplex look on his face the rest of the guys just laughed

"Have you seen the Giganotosaurus?" I asked changing the subject

They all turned to see the 42-foot skeleton of another giant lizard "Wow!" they all replied with surprise

"So Dave what killed the dinosaurs?" Justin asked

"How the hell should I know?" I asked

"Well you are a psychic?" Justin pointed out

"Lets go and see the butterflies," I redirected

Taking them to the through the North American Hall were we saw several Dioramas of animals both past and present. We were making our way through various displays from all over the planet the guys were like kids again pointing at the various stuffed animals picking out the ones that signs would ask you to find. As we were entering the butterfly exhibit I was hit with a premonition I saw Nick pinned under bones, Justin in a chasm, Drew with a look of sheer terror on his face, and Jeff trying to rescue a child I was brought out of the trance when Jeff touched my shoulder "You ok?"

"Yes," I replied

"What did you see?" Jeff asked

"What make you think I saw something?" I responded

"Well you either had a vision or you passed gas," Jeff replied

I blushed heavily "But I am willing to believe that you had a vision,"

"I did, and I think we need to speed up our visit," I told him

"Why?" Jeff asked

"Let just say something is going to bring the house down," I told him

"Ok," Jeff said

We had just entered the exhibit when I was hit by something.

"Holy Shit!" Nick swore I looked at what hit me it was a butterfly but really drew my attention was the way thousands of butterflies were swarming they were frantic about something. 

Getting a funny feeling "Guys we are leaving now," I told them

"Why?" Nick asked

I looked back at the butterflies as they flew franticly

 "We have to," I said as the whole museum began shaking


"Bek, telek, freenek," Declan chanted

"Delk, freenek, breenek, delk," Declan continued to chant.

He could feel the power coming forth he was just a short time away before he returned home.


     We ran through the museum making our way back towards the main entrance. The whole building was shaking violently ceiling tiles, and loose item came crashing down people were frantic as they ran for their lives.


The closer we got to the exit the harder the place shook. People were sent to the ground dj vu but this time I could do something about it coming to a halt I saw the skeleton of the plesiosaurus swinging back and forth. Running into a now empty exhibit pulling out my sword, and calling out, "By the Power of Grayskull!"

My sword erupted into a light and magic show as the magic of Grayskull engulfed me filling me with its strength, and wisdom. It changed me into the newest hero "I have the Power!" I said bringing my sword to chest level.


     While I was changing forms Jeff, and the guys were running for their lives. The plesiosaurs hanging overhead came crashing down burying Nick. A rift opened up in the floor sending Justin over the side another chasm opened up separating Drew and Jeff. Drew looked up to see a large section of the ceiling was shaking over him he looked to see that he was trapped by the fissure. Jeff was bent over with his hand in the gorge with a child at the other end she was hanging on for dear life as the rumbling lessened.


     The ceiling piece came crashing down Drew shut his eyes expecting to be crashed a second passed Drew opened his eyes to see He-Man standing over him with the payload in his hands he threw them into the gap then he grabbed Drew, and they both leapt to safety.

"Drew go help Jeff! I'll save Justin!" He-Man ordered

Doing as he was told Drew ran to Jeff, and helped him by grabbing the kid and the both of them moved away from the pit.


Reaching into my belt I pulled out a grappling line getting a good throw it landed on one of the good beams. Jumping into the pit where Justin was clinging to the side like a suckerfish putting my arm around his waist softly I spoke, "Justin you can let go,"

When he didn't move I spoke again, "I've got you," he reluctantly let go of the rock face I pulled him in tightly making sure I wouldn't drop him. I swung us back out of the pit. Once out of the pit I put him down next to Jeff, and Drew.


I then made my way toward the fallen skeleton of the Plesiosaurus, and began to clear the debris getting Nick out from underneath. Once the bones were cleared I bent down, and checked his pulse while I did that I did a quick check over his body seeing that he had no external injury but that doesn't mean that he didn't have internal so I didn't move him. The good news was that he had a pulse I was snapped back to reality when I heard large explosion jumping up just in time to catch the upper levels as they came crashing down. Grunting, "Jeff, Justin get Nick out of here!" "We are not leaving you here!" Jeff announced


"I don't know how long I can hold this you must go now!" I told him as I fought gravity. Drew, and Justin both knelt down picking Nick up then made their way out the door.

"Jeff you must go now!" I told him

"I am not leaving you!" Jeff reiterated. Letting the museum fall I quickly covered Jeff protecting him from falling debris.


     Outside the ruins of what was once the pride of Philadelphia Justin and Drew set Nick down an emergency response team came over them and checked Nick out. "Where is Jeff?" Drew asked,
"He stayed with He-Man," Justin replied

"How long do you think he can hold museum up?" Drew asked

"I don't know?" Justin replied

"What was Jeff thinking?" Drew cried

"He thinking of Dave," Justin whispered

Drew nodded a sound made them both turn back towards the Academy of Natural Science came crashing down "Oh God!" Drew cried as he ran at the museum with Justin on his tail.


     Just as they got closer to the rubble it began moving. The mound began shaking, and groaning Justin had just pulled Drew back when the mound of rock, and debris suddenly exploded. Covering Drew Justin closed his eyes as the dust began settling. When he opened them there was still a haze but a breeze took care of it, and he could make out a figure with his arms stretched out. He smiled when he saw He-Man standing over Jeff who was getting himself up. The medic rushed in making sure they were both ok. "I am find but you need to have mister Timmons' head examined," He-Man joked he then made his exit.



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