The New He-Man chapter 26

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The New He-Man 26

Time in the ER


     The hospital was a buzz of people as the medics moved to and fro as they checked on various patients it took me a few moments to navigate mazes of people and corridors. I had to tell the front nurse that I was looking for some friends but she wouldn't budge when I told her their names. She told me that fans have been disrupting her station with their desires to see them. It took a call to Drew to get the Nurse to get in the right direction while she wouldn't give Nick's number I found Jeff, Justin, and Drew waiting outside a room. Drew was pacing back and forth he the look of worry written on his face and tears running down his face. Neither Jeff nor Justin looked any better Jeff's face lit up when he saw me.

"How is Nick?" I asked when I was close enough to hear just them.

"The Doctors are looking him over now," Jeff replied

I wanted to hold him but we were in public, and I didn't want to draw a crowd. Instead I closed my eyes seeking out my Spirit Guide "Dave what are you doing?" Justin asked

"Nick will be fine," I replied

"Are you sure?" Drew asked

I turned to him, and just stared at him "I am sorry Dave but after what we been through I had to ask," Drew spoke in a soft voice this time I didn't hesitate I pulled Drew into a hug, and said, "I am the one who should apologize,"

"So is Nick going to ok?" Jeff asked

"Yes," I replied

At the moment the Doctor came out Drew turned to him and asked, "How is my brother?"

"Well aside from a few bumps, and bruises he will be just fine," The Doctor smiled

With a sigh of relief Drew gave me another hug and softly spoke, "Jeff is really lucky to find you Dave thank you for being here,"

"Thank you for being my friends," I told him back. I let go of him and made my way to a very pretty woman sitting in the waiting room long brown hair was disarray, and she had tears streaming down her face. I could see the hopelessness in her posture slowly kneeling down "Janny?" I asked. Her head shot up "How did you know my name?"

"I know," I smiled

"She gone home," I told her

"Nooo!" Janny cried clinging to me

"She told me to tell you that she forgives you," I told her

"But what I did was unforgivable," Janny cried

I pulled her into a hug and said softly, "Nancy forgives you, and will be waiting for you," I told her.

"But I cheated on her I broke her heart I am the reason she is here in the first place," She cried

At that moment the door opened up another doctor came out "Ms Lake I am sorry but the damage was too extensive we tried everything we could but..." He spoke to Janny

"Is there a chaplain on duty?" I asked

"Yes are you a relative?" He asked

"No I saw her in pain a came to help her," I told him

"Are you a doctor?" He asked

"Actually I am working on my degree in Psychology," I told him

This put him at ease a little he called a nurse over and had Janny shown to the chapel. The doctor then turned to me and said, "Next time let a trained personnel attend the patient,"

I looked at him and smirked, "You got it Dukie,"

As I moved off he turned to me and asked, "How did you know that?"

"I'd tell you but I am not a train personnel," I replied


I made my way back to the guys they were in Nick's room knocking on the door "Come," I heard opening the door I saw them hovering around Nick he had bandages around his head and left arm his nicely defined body made more defined by the wrappings. If it weren't for me seeing Jeff I would have jumped him here and now.


"Hey big man how are you feeling?" I asked

"Like I had a whole lot of shit dropped on me," He replied

Not one to let such comments to pass I turned to him,

"Well that a disgusting feeling," I said with a straight face after it registered Nick laughed, "That not what I meant,"

"I would hope not because I'd hate to think you have been shitted on," I laughed

"Your such an asshole has anyone told you?" Nick laughed


"On couple of occasions," I told him

We all talked back, and forth until we were told to leave by the Doctor. As we were going we ran into Janny she looked at my then threw her arms around me and said, "Thank you,"

"For what?" I asked

"Just being there, and letting me cry," She replied

"You are welcome," I told her

"How did you know about Nancy?" She asked

"She told me," I told her

"So you can see her?" She asked

"I can," I told her

"How is she? Is she in any pain?" Janny asked

"She is fine there is no such thing as pain on the Other Side she with another woman with green eyes and lovely complexion," I told her

"That has to be her mother," Janny spoke

"She is waiting for you," I told her

"Thank you?" Janny told me we hugged then said goodbye.

The guys look at me with questionable look and said, "Don't ask I am keeping this one confidently," they let it go and we made our way home. While the Limo was taking us back to the guy's hotel Jeff was next to me holding my hand turning to him looking at his face from the side.

"Jeff the next time I tell you to go please do it?" I asked

He turned to me slightly ruining his profile but his eyes and gorgeous smile made up for the change. At least normally right now that face had determination painted on it when spoke, "I wasn't going to leave you,"

"Jeff I can't fight and worry about your safety at the same time," I told him

"Ok Dave but any other time I am staying by your side," Jeff told me

"That is fine," I told him as I brought him closer to me. "So Dave as He-Man how strong are you?" Justin asked changing the subject.

"I am not sure really but it is safe to say I pretty sure I could lift an aircraft carrier with out straining," I told him

"Wow," Justin awed

"Which brings us to Declan how do plan on stopping him?" Drew asked

"Once again I am not sure," I confessed

Suddenly Jeff started laughing we all turned and looked at him "Sorry I was just thinking about Delcan and I was just remembering the 6th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer," He finally said

"That one in which the God chick Glory wanted to return to her home dimension right?" Drew queried

"Yeah and she needed Dawn's blood in order to get there," Justin picked up

"I wonder if that is the same with Declan he needs the blood of a psychic in order to cross over?" Jeff questioned

I thought about what he suggesting and he might be correct and wondering why I never though about it before.

It funny how things work out like that "I will have to look into it Jeff," I told him then just sat there while we held each other


We came to a stoplight while we waited for the light to change I turned to see what was going outside the car. It was a good thing I did because I could see a very large object flying our way. Hitting the button to open the sunroof I got up and quickly pulled out my sword "By the Power Grayskull!" I called a moment later my sword erupts in a shower of light, and sound encasing me in the magic of Grayskull once again I was He-Man. Bringing my fist around I hit the incoming missile shattering it into dust looking around anything else I saw mutants fighting a single Sentinel "I see you guys back at the hotel," I told them making for the battle.

A mutant had tripped while trying to get away the Sentinel brought its arm up and fired a steel cable at the fallen mutant.

"Spaz!" one of the mutant yelled as she ran after her friend. She let lose a barrage of light probably hoping to confuse the metal giant. It fired a laser beam at the female mutant she dodged it only to get caught in a net.

"Hey big guy this isn't fishing season," I said running up it grabbing the cable snapping it.

"Back away human," The robot demanded

"I think not," I said unsheathing my sword it shot another cable this time at me it wrapped around my legs. "Hey aren't you getting a bit touchy," I said as I easily broke free of the bounds before it could reel the cable in I grabbed hold of it with my free hand "Let go!" the machine demanded

The Sentinel fired a laser beam at me letting the cable line go I dodged it. I brought my sword slicing through its leg. "Timber!" I yelled as the Sentinel came crashing down I ran to it grabbed hold of it then lifted over my head in a mighty trust I threw it into orbit. "Thank you He-Man," The Female Mutant said getting the net off of her


"All in a days work," I told her

We said our goodbyes and I made my way to an ally where I changed back to Dave. I was heading back to the guys when something grabbed me from behind the next thing I knew was on the ground my hand automatically went for my sword. Someone grabbed my hand stopping me  "I don't think so He-Man," I turned to see a vampire `Shit!' I thought `how did they find out about me'


"It hard to believe a pathetic being like you, and He-Man are one in the same," The Vampire snorted

"Although I must admit that you are quite delectable," It said as it moved in, and licked me; making me shutter at the thought of this demon touching me. "What do you want?" I asked

"Well what I want is to turn you into a vampire, and make you mine," It sneered

"Or I could let my men here just have their way with you," It sneered


"I haven't seen a good gangbang in over two hundred years," The creature laughed evilly

"But sadly if I did any of that my master Delcan would have my head," He told me

"He asked me to deliver a message to you," The Demon told me


"And what is that he has assholes for servants?" I asked

The Vampire turned the wound his fist up, and punched me in the stomach knocking the air out of me. While I was coughing heavily the vampire sneered, "He said nothing about punching you just no killing,"


"Anyway the message I was ordered to give you; Delcan has a female psychic, and is willing to let her go if you will take her place," the vampire told me

Thinking it over I then said "I will let Delcan know if you deliver a message to him for me?"

"Of course," The creature told me


In one swift move I kicked the vampire back then brought my legs around. Then kicked the vampire on my right forcing him to let go of me. The spin broke me free of the vampire preventing me from getting to my sword. Pulling it out I commanded, "By the Power of Grayskull!" a second later Dave was gone and He-Man was here.


The two vampires that held me down charged me bring my foot around I connected with closest sending him flying into a garbage dumpster I finished the kick by sending the other into a stack of crates shattering them several shards of wood were sticking out of the vampire he dusted a second later. The vampire in front of me was now just getting he shook his head I ran up to him grabbing his arm and breaking it


"I want you to deliver a message to Declan, Tell him next time he himself come to me," I said then I wound my fist up, and hit him in the face sending flying down the street then turned towards the vampire that I threw into at the dumpster picked it up and said, "Leave now, and never return and I won't kill you,"

"Why should I believe you?" The vampire asked

"Because out despite everything else I still can't bring myself to kill outright even an evil creature like vampires," I told him

It just looked at me, and turned away walking down the street not sure what to think he made his way back to Declan's hideout


He saw Mekal still holding his broken hand "And that is what he told me,"

"Well then I will have to do," Declan responded

"Trax?" Mekal startled we saw his friend enter the resident.

"Yes Mekal it me," Trax said

"I would have thought you were dead," a surprised Mekal spoke


"No he told me to leave, and to never return or he would kill me," Trax responded

"The fool," Mekal snorted

Declan shot him a nasty look "No Mekal he an honorable foe and he will treated as such,"


"He's a mere human a nice midnight snack at most," Mekal snickered

Declan grabbed Mekal's broken wrist making Mekal scream in pain and Declan snapped, "I made need him to open the portal to send me home, but I will not disrespect a man who has shown us nothing but honor,"

"Yeah he shown great honor towards us how many vampires has he killed?" Mekal sneered


"He was doing what any warrior would do I can not fault him on that," Declan snarled

"I am afraid I am with Declan on this Mekal," Trax spoke

"He killed Mexel!" Mekal pointed out

"No the wooden box he got thrown into killed him He-Man just threw him there," Trax said

"He still killed him," Mekal spouted

"It doesn't matter he will be given the respect his is due am I clear!" Declan commanded

"Yes for now," Mekal replied defiantly


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