The New He-Man chapter 3

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The New He-Man 3

New Hero in Town

     Entering the mysterious castle I felt oddly at home here. I came up to a set of stairs, which had a chair upon it. And sitting in that chair was the Sorceress.

"Greetings" She smiled

Holding up the sword I said, "Let the Power return," the magical energy left me, and I was me again.

I looked upon her and said "Hi,"

"My thanks for free me from the Sword of Power," The Sorceress said

"How did you get in there the first place?" I asked

"I put myself in there," She replied

"Why?" I asked

"My world was destroyed by an evil sorcerer named Skeletor he sent a comet crashing into my world of Eternia." She explained

"All attempts to alter its course failed and our last hope He-Man." She sighed

I just stood there listening to her tales.

"He fell into the bottomless pit that surrounded Castle Grayskull his sword lodged itself into the rock side and when the comet fell it destroyed everything. With what powers I had left cast myself into the Sword of Power and sent us into the void in hopes that we would find a world to help," The Sorceress said

"Wow you took quite a risk," I was shocked by her tales

"Yes but I didn't have much of a choice," She replied

"Wow I only heard of a few soldiers ever brave enough to take that kind of risk," I said in amazement

"And you are one of them Dave Shavel," She smiled

"How do you know that?" I asked

"I can sense it from you," She smiled

"That is very disturbing," I smiled

"Well if you must know we seem have a good bond going one that is not easily made," The Sorceress told me.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means that you are a force for good and we can do a lot to help this world of yours," She replied.

"I hope so because I feel like I was given a new purpose," I said

"You do," She said

"So what shall I call my alter identity?" I asked

"Well that is up to you," The Sorceress replied

"Well I am a firm believer in honoring the falling heroes and I can't think of a better way to honor He-Man then to assume his name," I told her

She just smiled and then we went on just getting to know each other and I filled her in on what Earth was like.

     I had just gotten home after talking to the Sorceress for a good hour or so. I picked up the newspaper where the main headline it showed a person with their neck ripped off it looked like some vicious animal had gotten lose and mauled them. I put the paper down I went into the kitchen to make a quick dinner. Then I sat in front of my G5 Macintosh desktop, and began looking up my favorite bands and luckily 98 degrees was coming to town.

I quickly paid for tickets to see them.

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