The New He-Man chapter 4

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The New He-Man 4

Trouble on the Rails

      It seems such a long time ago when I woke the next morning. Thinking about the last months or so first the sinking of the Nimitz to becoming He-Man to being here in the shower thinking about it. I wasn't sure where I was going to go with being He-Man I knew I could use his strength change the world. But I didn't know how I could use it from what the Sorceress told me He-Man he could break out of them practically anything. I wasn't sure that even titanium could hold him. But I knew that compare the Mother he was still quite small.

     As I continued to lather the soap on my body I thought back to the Nimitz she was a wonderful ship. She was now with the Mother the Earth that is what I call her. While I know there is a Mother and Father God I pray to them often I also sent prayers to the wonderful world around us she is as much part of us as the to celestial parent are, and they all care for us deeply.

Thinking back to the Nimitz she was where I first had my experience with both the Father God and Mother Earth it was through them that I found the strength to come to terms who I was. I am a child of God like every person in the universe is and his plan for us is written in his breath. So I guess this was his call after all.

     Getting out of the shower I went to bedroom to get into some clothes. Putting on a pair of blue mesh pants, and a black t-shirt I went back to thinking about the Nimitz and how she was struck by that mine it seem to me that all of the ship's radar, sonar, helicopters and all of the other ships should have picked it up. I know something like that was like look for a needle in a haystack but someone should have spotted it. I couldn't help but remember how it mortally struck her seeing her list killing so many of my shipmates then seeing her be claimed by the ocean as she sank out of sight. I couldn't help but think about all those who were still trapped in side of her when she went under. How many I could have helped before I was yank out on to the flight deck. I knew worrying about the past was futile but I used it to prevent me from making the same mistakes in the future. I grabbed a quick breakfast then headed out the door.  Walking towards the trolley station I decided to head to the mall then head for downtown Philly after that. While waiting for the trolley I looked to the sky above to judge the weather. It looked like it was going to be a nice day until the unmistakable ozone smell filled the air it was then I knew it was going to rain. The trolley came a few minutes later once I boarded it took off I smiled inside just because a few minutes later the clouds rolled in and it began raining. The ride was quite nice with the pitter-patter of rain against the window we were pulling up to the station, which belonged to the mall. I departed the trolley it felt good to feel the rain on my face. My mind was brought back to reality when I heard screaming I turned to see a section of the hill had given away and it was heading right for the trolley making like was running out of the way of the landslide I ran into the woods. When I was sure no one was in sight I pulled out my sword holding it up and said, "By the Power of Grayskull!"

The magical lightening shot out of the sword then encased me its power turning me from Dave Shavel to He-Man "I have the Power!" I cried

     "Well its this is quite slide show!" I said I returned to the trolley, which hadn't moved I looked up to see that some of the rock broke loss and snapped the wires that power the trolley line. I ran over to the trolley where I grabbed on to the trolley's grappling hook with a mighty pulled the trolley out of the rockslide. Once I pulled it to a safe distances I ran back into the forest changing back to my normal self.

     I got back to the station I could hear them, "Did you see him?" One person asked

"Damn those muscles," A girl swooned

"Yeah he was very strong he pulled the trolley with his own two hands!" One guy awed

I just smiled knowingly I looked at the trolley itself seeing still on the rails with a big pile of mud on the track.

I walked up to the mall leaving the people to continue to talk about my alter ego. I grabbed a few things from the mall then board a bus since the trolley was still stuck with out power.

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