The New He-Man chapter 5

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The New He-Man

First Day

      I woke up the next day I walked down to the train station to take me back to 30th street, which would then get me to the University. I entered the medical building, which held both their physical and mental classes. Entering the class I was assigned there were already students there.

"Hi My name is Amy," One girl came up to me. She was pretty blond hair shoulder length somewhat petite but still quite lovely.

"Hi my name is Dave," I answered back.

"So do you live on campus?" She asked

"No I have a place in the suburbs," I told her

"Cool," She smiled

We were going to talk some more when the teacher came in.

"Good morning class please seated," He announced.

"My name is professor Dallus," He introduced

"And this is psychology 101 any questions?" He asked

I raised my hand he pointed at me "Yes sir?"

"I was wondering is it true that psychology classes like this like to depict religion?" I asked

"Well some psychologist do but I have found that you need a little faith in order to be a psychologist," Dallus answered

I smiled I was going to like this guy already.

With the questions done he went into his let's get to know each other and why we are taking this class. When he got to me I stood up and answered, "Hi my name is Dave Shavel I just recently left the Navy after 7 years of service," most of the class were in awe and some looked at me with some disgust. "I came here because I've seen to many people fall apart because they felt like they had nowhere else to go," I said then sat down.

"So Mr. Shavel why did you leave the Service?" Dallus asked

"I'd endured a life altering experience that left me unable to continue my career in the navy," I answered my mind went back to the Nimitz seeing her Island separating from the hull then sliding into the ocean.

He looked at me for a moment and went to another person to continued with the exercise. I was personally relieved that he did that.

The rest of the class was just a get to know thing and then the usual paperwork. Once it was done we all left for lunch I went to 30th street to get me some ribs.

I sat at one of the tables with my thing of ribs and fries. I was soon joined by one of the guys from the psych class. "Hey Shavel what going on?" He was stood at 5'9 he had black hair and had black eyes and a nice tan going.

"Hi McCall," I smiled

"So Shavel a sailor boy huh?" He chuckled

"Yes," I said back

"What was it like?" He asked

"It was the most strenuous and most rewarding career I have ever done it not many who can say they worked on a multimillion dollar aircraft and to serve our nations defense," I said with reverence.

"That true but the question I have to ask is why you left?" He asked

"Like I said I had a life altering event that I couldn't deal with," I replied.

"That really doesn't answer my question," He said

"Ok I felt that the Father had other plans for me," I said

"That could work but still not good enough," He smiled

"Look I am grateful you wanted to find out but I am not going to spill my guts to someone I just met," I told him I gathered my food put it in a bag and left.

I headed back to the school thinking about my lost shipmates. I know I was feeling survivor's guilt and I know it was stupid to feel that way but it is just the way I am.

I was brought out of my stupor when I heard people screaming. I turned to see people pointing to the track that lead to 30th Street I could see a train coming in way too fast and sparks coming from the wheels.

Not wasting time I found an empty alleyway turning around to see if I could be seen. I pulled out my Sword thankfully it was made of a metal not detectable by metal detectors. "By the Power of Grayskull!" I called from my sword magic energy erected a field around me bring my sword to waist level and held in both hand. "I have the Power!" I announced

Running out to the train as it came my way I held up my hand. We met with such an impact thought my arms were going to snap and I was going to run over by the train. It pushed me back several yards and I put my strength into stopping it I could feel it slowing down "Huh," I groaned as the laws of physics were played out the train was trying to go and I was trying to stop it. "Argh!" I groaned again as I added more weight to the problem.

The train continued to slow do until it stopped a few feet from a train still berthed at the station. I was literally an inch from the train behind me. "Woo now that is a tight squeeze," I sighed as I pushed both trains so I could get out and before anyone to talk to me I ran into the dark and changed back.

I got back into my seat when one of the students cries, "Did you see it?"

"See what?' I asked

"Some uber-guy just stopped a train from smashing into another," The Student gabbed

"No I was at the conveniences store getting a cup of coffee," I lied

"Man it was awesome I thought the guy was going to be track-pizza," The Guy exclaimed as he told me the tale of how I saved the runaway train. I just sat there enjoying the anonymity hearing more and more people as they came back to class all say something about me. Not knowing I was the guy who did it.

As the class ended I was pulled aside by Professor Dallus "Mr. Shavel I have a question what are your plans?" he asked

"Professor?" I asked back

"You seem to have a good grasp at the class even more then most," He commented

"Well Professor I plan to become a parapsychologist actually," I told him

"A parapsychologist that is an interesting choice why that?" He asked

"Well what better way to help then to become both a psychic and a psychologist?" I responded

"But if I remember psychics real psychics anyway are born not taught," He said

"I am surprise I would have thought you would have said that is a bunch of hooey," I smiled

"Its like I said in class when you asked if I was going to take religion and pick it apart," He started

"You can't be ignorant if you are going to be a psychologist with that kind of understanding your just someone putting out the same nonsense that those so-called preacher who tell you that the bible is the only way to go," The Professor told me

I was right I was going to like this guy I can feel the aura coming off of him

"Well to answer your question I am just trying to get in touch with my latent psychic capabilities it I want to use it to help those who feel lost and scared," I told him

"Well I am not sure on the psychic part but I can see you could be a big help in our community," He said

"Thanks," I smiled

"Well I am now going to ask what are you doing tonight?" He asked

"I don't know," I confessed

"Well I hope it is not too eventful," He smiled

We parted ways and I headed back home where I put the news on. "Eyewitness say that the strange man jump into the path of train 198 out of New York and stopped it just in time." the reported announced.

I smiled again thinking how quickly the word was spreading about He-Man.

I got up to see how long until 98 Degrees get here in town.

I looked and saw a few more days.

I went out for a walk it was a nice night my walk continued until I saw a girl in a black cape that ran down to her hips she had on black tunic with black skirt with boots that ran up to just below her kneecaps.

She fighting off a bunch of other people I couldn't tell who was winning but I knew the girl was out numbered. Once again I looked around to see no one I pulled out my sword and said, "By the Power of Grayskull!" and second later as the magic encased me "I have the Power!" I said

I ran to the girl's help the closer I could see the people she was fight had strange features like yellow eyes and they had bumpy forehead.

     I got up to her and asked, "Do you need any help?"

"You could say that," She replied

I wound up my fist and punched one sending it flying across the sky. I socked another and sent her into her friend sending them into a tree. "Where did you get such strength?" the girl asked

"I will tell you later," I said hitting another so hard that he hit a stone and the stone cracked I managed to break his jaw.

Come to think about it that should have killed him `why didn't?' I thought

"What are these creatures?" I asked

"Vampires," The girl replied

Going over my fable tales I pulled out my sword and chopped the head off of one and it dusted.

After figuring that out I knew I didn't waste time I hacked the heads off a couple and they dusted in seconds.

Moments later the dust settled all of the vampires were done for I turned to the girl whom was just getting off the ground after getting pinned by a vampire. I helped her up to her feet "Greeting the name is He-Man who are you?" I greeted

"The name Nightstalker," She introduced.

     "So Nightstalker what are you doing out at night fighting vampires?" I asked

"I am a Vampire Slayer," She said

"A Vampire Slayer is that something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" I asked

"Yes they were close but not close enough." Nightstalker replied

Now I was able to piece it all together.

"So what is a really buff and strong man like you doing out here?" She asked.

"Well I just happened to be passing by and notice you were outnumbered and came to help," I told her

"Well I am thankful you showed up," Stalker smiled

"Well I better get going," I said heading off into the dark.

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