The New He-Man chapter 6

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The New He-Man 6

More Losses

     On the screen before him Skeletor watched as five comets were hurled at the planet Etheria he awaited this moment to get rid of both She-Ra and Hordak proving to Horde Prime that he was indeed evil.

     "For the Honor of Grayskull!" Adora cried as she held up her sword the same energy that made Adam into He-Man now encased her turning her to She-Ra. Bringing the sword down to be held in both her hands then saying, "I am She-Ra,"

     Back in space came Skeletor watched as two of three comets were destroyed "Blast that muscle-bound female send more comets not even She-Ra can stop them all!" He growled.

     There were too many of them they struck at least three different places the whole trembles as the dust, and debris shot into the air soon lava began to shoot into the sky from the crustal matter was sent into space. The whole planet was being destroyed from the inside out. She-Ra did her best to stop the disasters but no sooner did she stop one that another was occurring there were just too many of them to fight. She was had just caught a falling tree when a chasm opened up underneath her swallowing her into it. In a gargantuan eruption lava shot out of the chasm it took several miles of crust with it. Sections of planetary crust shot into space. The world died in that moment as it bled into space. What went unseen in all of the destruction was that She-Ra sword was flung into space as well. The blast sent it millions of miles into the great unknown.

     "Ha, ha, ha, ha," Skeletor evilly laughed as he watched the death of yet another world.

     In castle Grayskull the Sorceress felt the death of Etheria and the lost of She-Ra now she was all that was left. She alone survived the murder of her world and the lost of her friends and family. She cried as all of her feeling came crashing down.

     I was heading home from school getting ready to board the train when a flash of lightning streaked across the sky.

"Great," I sighed "Why now of all time?" I asked the world another bolt brighten the already darkening skies. More streaks of lightning seared the sky my train had already left 30th street when a bolt struck a skyscraper. I watched from the train as parts building went up in flames I knew I could have saved them but I could reveal that I was He-Man. There was no way I could get off the train to save them. I just prayed that the Good Lord came to there aid.

"He has," I heard next to me.

I turn to see a woman next to me she was absolutely beautiful not a hair out of place, her eyes were the color of sapphire   and her hair was the color of gold she was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I asked, "What?"

"You prayed that God those people while ok and I am telling you they will be," She said

"What are you psychic?" I asked

"No I am a wee bit closer to God then a psychic," She smiled

It then dawned on me "Your and Angel aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes I am," She smiled

I couldn't believe it this had to be a trick.

"No this isn't," She smiled

"Prove it," I told her

"Well aside from being able to read your mind," She said

"There are mutants who can read minds too," I told her

"Mutants just another form of the Fathers children," She sighed

I just looked at her I tried; I wanted to believe that this was angel but it was so hard after seeing the things I've seen and the things I've been through.

She looked at me see the look of both self-doubt and disbelief.

It was then that I noticed that the train went silent she looked me "I know you are He-Man who not to long ago stopped a train from ramming another, I know that you still feel guilt for leaving friends behind when your ship sank beneath you," She stated

Ok if that didn't convince me then I need to be smacked in the back of the head.

She smiled, "I know how hard this must be for you but don't lose hope you are where are suppose to be,"

"I know I just can't stand people suffering," I said

"We know that," She replied

"And you have a rough road in front of you with both physical and mental enemies trust the Father and he will help you in your battles," She said and with that she vanished and I sitting in the train hearing everyone around me.

I just sat there thinking nothing but good thoughts and a renewed strength.

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