The New He-Man chapter 8

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The New He-Man 8

The Concert

     The screams of the girls were worst then the shrieks of the Tomcat as it came to life. In fact I rather have that then these girls, Next to me was James Deltaze a girl from my class when she found out that I had tickets she pleaded to come with me. I couldn't deny her the chance to see these wonderful gentlemen; some people look at them and see poster boys swinging their hips I looked at them and saw normal people doing what the Father want them to do. When the guys finally showed themselves the screaming intensified to that of a Tomcat going to afterburners and I wished I had brought earplugs the decibel just reached deafening. We were let in and I made sure we had good seats not that we'd be sitting not if we didn't want to see that is. The Area was huge it even had balconies and they too were packed, "My God these girls were out of their minds," I whispered

"I heard that and you are right," James replied

We laughed then the room was silent for at least 2.9 seconds then it went back up again as soon as Nick Lachey came on stage singing, "It's all, it's all, it's all,"

"You're my sunshine after the rain,

You're the cure against my fear and my pain,

`Cause I' m losing my mind when you're not around,

It's all, its all, its all because of you."

He sang then soon the rest of them joined.

It was a great song I got so into it I had just looked behind me when I saw several beings next to each person on the balcony behind me. Normally I wouldn't have seen these people but before coming to the concert I did a meditation and it left me sensitive I quickly mentally call my Spirit Guide asking, "What in the world am I seeing?"

"Those are Angels of Death that balcony can't support that many people and is buckling," He told me

With all of the screaming it not hard miss the sounds of destruction in the making.

I turned to James and said, "I need to use the restroom I will be back save my seat,"

She said sure but I knew she was too wrapped up in the seen before her. I ran out of there looking for a place deprived of life after finding it I held up my sword shouting "By the Power of Grayskull!" The sounds of thunder fill the space as the sword's magic energy erected a field encased both the sword and me changing me to He-man. "I have the Power!" I said

     Back in the concert hall the drowned out cracking finally hit its breaking point and the whole balcony came crashing down and the screams changed from joy to terror as people in the balcony feared falling and the people below feared being crushed I got there just in time to catch it "Argh," I groaned as I took the whole weight upon myself.

"This is not smashing finish I had planned to see here," I said people cleared the section that was going to be crushed and when they did I slowly lowered balcony to the ground.

"Ha, This is one way to bring down the house," I laughed as I departed the scene this is 98 Degrees night not mine.

After changing back the whole Arena was cleared out I went in search of James when I found her she was both shocked and awe at the same time. "Did you see it?" She asked

"No I told you I had to go," I told her

"And with all of the noise those girls were putting out I would be able to hear a jet crashing into the place," I smirked

"Well first a section of the gallery came crashing down and that strange guy came in just in time to catch it," She said

"Well I am sure it was a smashing success," I chuckled

"Very funny," She replied trying not to laugh

We were getting ready to go went I saw that the guys of 98 degrees were surround by a bunch of girls blocking the way to their bus, "Holy crap how crazed can you get," I swore

James looked at the crowd and swore herself; "If I act like that people smack me in the back of the head,"

"We need to do something," I told her

"What can we do their own security can't do?" James asked

I thought about it there was no way a marine squad could get through that mess. It came down to military training. I ran to 98 Degrees' pack up crew and asked, "Please tell me you have some sort of rope in there?"

A guy answered, "Yes we do,"

"Can I barrow some?" I asked

He got it for me I looked around for something to act as a grappling hook when I was able to make a line I ran back into the Arena I found a place to throw and I got it in one shot, "Mother, Father help me," I prayed then I swung from the rope scooping up the first one dropping him as close to their bus as possible using the momentum I went back and grabbed the next one I felt him grabbed on to me I then let him off at their bus, "Two down, Two to go," I said swing back for another round. Scooping up another I was able to get him to his friends, "Last one," I said I went back for the last one as I went for this one I was able to get a hold but the girls didn't want to let go easily and we left his pants behind. I dropped us both off I was able get him to ground with out trouble but I landed pretty badly. "Oof," I grunted as I hit the ground and in a flash back I felt the waters of the Pacific Ocean and saw the sinking of my ship.

Shaking my head as a hand stretched out for me to grab I took it, my mind eye got a image of the person it was Jeff Timmons and he was a white entity with a pure soul. "Thanks," I said

"It is we who should be thanking you," I heard Nick Lachey

"It pays to have military training," I smiled.

The girls all turned in our direction I could see the look of `We are going to get you this time,' look in their eyes

I pushed the guys into their bus and it drove off I then ran to James as the girls came after me for letting the heartthrobs get away. We ran to James' car ands sped off.

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