The New He-Man chapter 9

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The New He-Man 9

The Day after

     We drove out of there as fast as we could "Man I am glad you are not that fan crazed as those lunatic are," I sighed

James looked at me then smiled, "I love those guys but I am not going to rip their pants off," She laughed remembering that Drew lost his pants.

I laughed then said, "He does have great legs,"

We laughed all the way back to the city.

James dropped me off at 30th and I took a train back home.

     I woke up the next morning with such joy in my heart I quickly got up and went into the shower. Running down the stairs I nearly tripped. "Me, and my klutzy ass," I laughed

I ran to the train and which dropped me off at 30th and I went to class.

"You should have seen him he was swinging from that rope like Tarzan," James crowed

"Why was he swinging from a rope to save a bunch of pansies," One of the guys name Jonah sneered

"Because only a fool will leave other behind," I said from behind

"But you weren't leaving them behind you would have let those lovesick girls have their way with them," He pointed out

"I don't leave anyone behind," I told him

"By sides I thought it was them most amazing thing I have ever seen," James told every one

Professor Dallus came in and we all got to work, "So class what should we talk about to day?" He asked

We began to discuss about tact, and the way to talk to patients that won't seem too intrusive.

We broke for launch I was looking forward to my life as mental doctor I just didn't know where He-Man was going to fit in all of this.

I went with Dillon, who had asked me to go to the cafe with him he wanted to get to know me more.

We grabbed our launch and sat down at a table were we began talking

"I think the professor like you Shavel?" Dillon observed

"I hope you don't think I am trying to curry favor with him," I replied with some concerns I don't like people giving me a free ride.

"No I don't but there some who might," He told me

I didn't like the sound of that but then there are those who would be jealous of my intelligence.

We talked while we ate then headed back to class. I got home and decided to go on another walk. Some very strong arms grabbed me from behind, I tried to break free but it was like trying to break a beam of steel. "Drop him!" I heard "Oh it's the Slayer coming to save this worthless human," The Vampire sneered.

I snapped my head back smacking him the face he let go of me as he roared in pain. The slayer didn't waste time she charged the vampire and went to stake him. But he kicked the stake out of her hand.

I ran out of there finding a dark alley "By the Power of Grayskull!" I said pulling out my sword magic energy erected a field around me transforming into He-Man.

     Nightstalker had just staked the vampire when two more came at her "Is this a private party or can anyone play?" She turned to see the muscle man standing there with his sword out.

I grabbed a vampire by his shoulder and sent him flying. "Ohh now we have a very masculine dinner," The female vampire laughed

Nightstalker punched her and I took on her partner. "Who are you?" the Male vamp asked

"I am He-Man," I replied as I punched him sending him into a tree.

He got back up and charged me I swung my fist again smacking him right in the chest sending him flying again this time he hit a boulder so hard his neck snapped and he dusted. I turned to see Nightstalker stake her vampire dusting her.

"Thanks again for your timely arrival," She said

"You are welcome," I said

"You know we could use someone like you on our side," Nightstalker said

"Our side?" I asked

"Yes you see I, and others like me fight a nightly battle against demons and other threats to this world," She told me.

"Let me think about it I haven't given much thought as to fighting demons," I told her

"Take all the time you want," Stalker told me

"Well I better get going now I will find you tomorrow and give you my decision," I told her

"Ok," Stalker said and we parted ways

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