The Ox.
Chapter 1

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I'm sat in my university halls room thinking about how I am going to spend my day.
Shopping? I don't have any money but I guess I could go see what I can't afford. So I dragged myself away from my laptop and went and got ready. I pulled On a tight t-shirt and faded jeans. I checked myself out in the mirror, I didn't look bad. At 18 1 war probably too skinny, I couldn't count my ribs, but I had a flat stomach, with a few hairs on my treasure trail, but otherwise I was smooth on the old upper body. I tried to fix my hair, we had been a war with each other, my hair and I, for a number of years now, Sometimes I won, more often though I gave up and left it as it was! Today however, I was going to win! So I got hold of my lengthy blonde hair and started straightening my fringe then pushing it across my forehead. I looked presentable, at least the things I could change! I slipped my shoes on and left my messy room behind me, making sure I locked up.

I strolled down to the tube station, swiped my Oyster Card and got on board what must have been the oldest underground train ever made. It creaked, groaned and shook the whole way to the West End. I got off at Leicester Square and started walking up Charing Cross Road. I plugged my head phones into my Blackberry and put some music on. I got to the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, after negotiating the building and road works I was walking past the Oxford Street Shops.
What was I doing? I thought to myself as I walked through the crowds, eying up the odd hotties that passed me. Yum I thought to myself as some of the sexy guys made eye contact. I made my way towards the John Lewis store.I got to the corner at Oxford Circus, outside the Nike store. My phone beeped and buzzed at me, I stopped, unplugged my headphones and read the text message.
"Sorry babe, I can't make tonight, having problems." The message said. It was from Sarah, my best friend; she'd been having issues with her supposed boyfriend. He was an arse, I secretly hoped that they would split up but would never say that to her.
I stared at my phone, and started to type my reply. "Ok babe, you know where I am." Send. Crash! I suddenly went flying, like I'd been hit by a train, I lost grip of my phone and it sailed over my head. I yelped, maybe screamed a little as my ass hit the pavement and my phone slammed into the ground and the battery came and battery spilled out. Then the worst happened. A bus ran my phone over. It now had to be dead! I nearly cried! My phone was almost my life!"Shit!" I heard from behind me. "I'm so sorry." I picked up the remnants of my phone in the palm of my hand and looked at the person who had caused it. I was so angry; I think he could see it in my eyes! But as I laid my eyes on him and I nearly forgot about the phone!
He was stunning, he had this latte coloured skin, cropped hair, brown eyes. He was a little shorter than me; I guess 5ft 11 ins. But his body, my god! He was wearing this tight white Nike t-shirt, which showed his muscular chest and arms. He had the body of a man, but his face was still really boyish. It didn't look like he had to shave.
"I'm so, sorry." He said again. "Are you ok?"
l finally managed to speak.
"I.... um... yeah I'm fine, though I think you killed my phone." I looked at him again and got lost in those eyes.
"I'm really sorry about that.” He put down the 3 Nike bags he was holding and approached me as I was cradling my ex-phone. He put his hands under mine, the touch was electrifying, and I sucked in a breath as he touched me. He just smiled. "Come with me, I'll buy you a new phone." He said.
''Huh?" I replied.
"You heard, just let me get rid of these bags."'
The guy, whose name I still did not know, walked back into the Nike shop and gave his bags to the Security guard and clapped him on the back as he walked off. I have to say that I did stare at his ass as he walked in; I very much liked what I saw. It was tight and muscular with nice legs too!
He walked back over to me; I was still stood there cupping my ex-Blackberry in my hands.
"Let’s get you a new phone then." He said "I'm Alex by the way."
"Erm, hi, I'm Shawn." I replied.
''Hi Shawn." Alex wrapped an arm around my shoulder. He felt so nice; he was lovely and warm and smelled amazing. "What phone would you like?"
"Um, I don't know." I was such an idiot! Couldn't string a whole sentence together!
"Come on, if you could have any phone what would it be?” Alex asked
"Um, I guess the lpho......" I tripped over the pavement and yet again went tumbling. One of my less endearing qualities is that I am completely clumsy! I sailed towards the ground, knowing it was going to hurt! Suddenly I stopped, I opened my eyes and I had these muscly arms wrapped around me, saving me from a collision with the hard pavement! "Whoa, there, you ok?” Alex said as I was in his arms.
"Completely embarrassed!" I said." Sorry I am clumsy"
"That’s Ok, don't be embarrassed, although the blushing makes you cuter!" Alex replied.
I must have gone a deep red as he said that! Wait he thought I was cute?
"Cuter?" I asked. It was his turn to blush!
"Come on stand up!” He started to lift me up.
"I think I like it right here!" I clapped my hand over my mouth as I realised I'd said it not just thought it! "Sorry." I said, standing upright. Alex looked flustered, why did I have to do that? I mean here is a stunning guy and I have made a complete cock of myself! "Don't be sorry.” Alex said. "Let’s get you an iPhone then." "You don't have to spend all that money, they are expensive!"
"I broke your phone, least I can do is replace it for something equal." Alex started walking. I chased after him across the road. We were opposite the Apple store on Regents Street, I put the bits of my phone in my pockets, not realising Alex had stopped to cross the road, and I walked straight into him. Luckily I wasn't walking that fast and I just stumbled back a little.
Alex looked at me and smiled, I just looked at my feet to avoid the embarrassment, and staring at his gorgeous smile and white teeth!
He grabbed my arm, which sent an electronic shock through my body, and we crossed Regent Street. We made it safely and stood outside the Apple Store, we walked in and up to the closest free Assistant.
"Hi," Alex said. "I'd like the IPhone 4S please."
"Certainly Sir, would you like us to set it up for you?"
"Yes Please."
I stood silent as Alex went and got me a new phone, we walked up the stairs and we started setting it up.
"Do you have a Sim card for it?” The assistant asked me.
"I might." I fished out all the broken bits of my old phone. The assistant laughed.
“Have an accident did we?"
I nodded, "he did." I pointed to Alex. Who wasn't paying attention.
''Huh?" He said. I smiled and chuckled a bit. "What I miss?"
"I was telling Stuart here about you destroying my phone.”
“Yes, erm, well that was an accident!" Alex said. Stuart, the Apple guy, fished out my sim card and started my new IPhone up. We spent about 30 minutes with him showing me how it worked. By the end I had an apple account, apps, music, and a case so l didn’t break it as easily. We went to leave, "Goodbye Mr Oxlade-Chamberlain," Stuart said.
We walked out the store, my phone having received a few messages now. Alex Smiled at me.
"Now, how about as an apology you let me buy you lunch."
"'No, you have already bought me a phone!"
"Yes but that because I broke your last one!" Alex said. "This is the apology for knocking you on your ass”
"You don't have to, you know." I protested.
"I know, but I want to."
"Ok then."We wandered the streets a little until we found somewhere quiet to eat. We were sat down, ordered some drinks; he just had water, so I did the same.
"So what do you do?" Alex asked.
"I'm a student."
"Cool, what you studying?"
"Graphic Design."
The conversation went on, where I was from, my friends etc. He asked if I had a girlfriend. By now I had relaxed and was chatting and laughing along With Alex.
''How come the store assistant knew your name?" I Asked.
"He must have read it off my card." Alex responded a little too quickly. He was hiding something.
"You haven't answered the question about a girlfriend."
"I don't have a girlfriend."
"Not in a while." I responded. "You?"
"No girlfriend."
Alex just smiled. "That’s complicated."
"Isn't it always?
"I guess." He was playing with his glass and we fell into an uncomfortable silence.
"Can I see your phone?" Alex asked.
I handed it over, he tapped away and then a phone rang in his pocket. He'd put his number into my phone. "What aren't you telling me?" I asked.
Alex looked a little guilty. "Nothing major."
"I don't believe you." I said.
"Ok I understand why you don’t believe me, but it’s just nice, this."
"What do you mean?"
"You don't recognise me, means that you talk to me rather than Say what I want to hear."
I grabbed my new phone.
"What are you doing?" Alex asked.
"Googling your name."
Alex reached across, put his hands over mine and whispered, "Please, don't, just for lunch."
I put my phone down.
"Thank you."
"You know this only makes me worse. Now I know you are someone famous and it’s annoying that I don't know you."
"I'm in sports."
l grimaced. "That’s why I don't know you."
"You don't like sports?"
"I swim that’s it."
"That makes sense."
"Makes sense?"
"Yeah," Alex blushed. "Your slim body."
''Oh, right, yeah." I smiled and looked into his eyes. We held the gaze, I broke it eventually and looked down at my plate and smiled.
''What are you smiling at? "Alex asked.
"You, really."
"I just have a funny feeling about you." I said.
"What that?"
"I think your teammates, whoever they are, don't know that you like guys."
"All true." Alex admitted.
I did a little dance in my head as I smiled at him."Would you like to spend the afternoon with me?" I ask hesitantly.
"l'd love too." Alex smiled and then called for the cheque.
We left the little Italian restaurant and walked back onto Regents Street, We walked and talked, we were interrupted a number of times for Alex to sign an autograph. It was very weird for me. We took a right at Piccadilly Circus and walked up to St James Park. We sat under a tree next to each other.
We carried on talking. I learned a little more about him. But he let me talk more. Alex was very interested in my University degree."So you are an artist?" Alex asked
"Something like that, it’s mainly done on computers."
"But you can still draw?"
"Well I was always better at painting."
"Painting?" Alex rained an eyebrow. "You could paint me?" Only in the nude I thought to myself. Except Alex's face was shocked. I clasped my hands over my mouth. I'd done it again! I pretty much died of embarrassment!
Alex however was in hysterics! "I can't believe you actually said that!"I brought my knees up to my chest and buried my head into them, mentally scolding myself for not being able to work out what I was thinking and saying! Alex closed in and put an arm around my shoulder. My mind went blank as I felt his body touching mine. "Mmmm." I think escaped me as he held me.
Alex reached into the little cocoon I had made myself into and put his finger under my chin, raising my head up, I looked into his eyes and he looked back. Slowly he moved his head towards mine and slowly our lips met.
Sparks went off in my head as our lips caressed each other’s. I opened my mouth slightly and he did the same. Our tongues met and again there were fireworks. Ok, I was totally into this now I moved and let my hands caress his smooth face, I was getting uncomfortable in my current position for a number of reasons! I pulled away from his lips for a second and straddled his waist. I rested my am on his meaty thighs and went back to kissing him and caressing his face.
I was so hard. My cook was straining against my boxers and jeans. I could also feel Alex's hardness in his jeans.
We finally came up for air, I was sat on his lap with my hands touching his face lightly and looking into his eyes.
"Wow." I said.
Alex just grinned. He leaned back a little, leaning on his arms, which were bulging nicely as they supported both of us.
We just looked into each other’s eyes and kissed lightly I was gently rocking my hips against Alex's.
"Stop," Alex whispered.
"What?" I asked.
"Stop grinding yourself into me." He said with a smile.
"Why?" I said with a sly smile.
"You know why!"
I just kissed him again. We were both getting much too excited for being out in the open. So I leaned over and just lay next to him on the grass.
We didn't say much for the next 30 minutes, Alex appeared to be in a little world of his own, and I think he was pondering what seemed to be happening between the two of us. It was kind of amazing to be honest. I had met this stunning guy by him smashing my phone into 1000 pieces, ending up having lunch and now kissing in a deserted part of a park! I can't blame him for needing a bit of time!
"Let’s getting a bit late, shall we head back," Alex suggested.
''Sure," I was a little disappointed. "Don't forget your stuff from Nike."
"Oh yeah," he grinned. He held out a hand and pulled me up. "Let’s go."I smiled and chatted about nothing as we walked back up to the Nike store.
We walked in, Alex asked me to wait for him while he found someone to get his stuff. I sauntered around the store, noticing nothing had prices on it! Probably meant that I couldn't afford it! I walked around a corner, and stood still, shocked. I was looking at A Cardboard Stand, life size of Alex. I read what it said at the bottom "Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arsenal and England." Holy shit! This guy I had spent the afternoon with wasn't just famous; he was uber-famous and represented his country at sport (I still hadn't worked out what one!) Damn he was hot. I wondered if I could take one of these home!
Alex reappeared with his bags as I was staring at him, cardboard him that was.''Hey." I jumped as he spoke to me. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you! Like what you see?"
I looked him up and down and licked my lips seductively. Alex just laughed and pulled me out the store
"Come on, I'll drive you home.” Alex said. I pouted a little that the day would be over. Alex just teased me. Which was mean, well I thought it was mean any way. We got to the car park and jumped into his mini-cooper and we went off into the streets of London. It occurred to me that he hadn't asked me where I lived. We whipped around in his little car. I finally had to ask.
"Where are we going?"
"Back to my place.'
"Oh," I replied. "I thought you were taking me home?"
"l am, but my home, not yours!” He smiled at me. "Look, I'd quite like to just spend the evening on the sofa; I need to relax for tomorrow's game."
"Ah, save your energy?"
"So no sex then?" I clasped my hand over my mouth for about the tenth time today!
Alex just smiled. "No, no sex today."
I just melted in my seat and hoped to disappear!
"Sorry." I said.
''Don't be. I find it funny."
"It’s Embarrassing! I can't seem to stop myself saying things."
"It’s funny! And you are cute when you blush." Alex Said. "Can I ask you something?”
"Of course."
"Can what happens between us, stay between us?"
"You're not out?"
"No, I need to think about that."
"I'm going to need someone to take to, or l’ll explode keeping this secret!"
"Ok, Who?"
"Sarah, my best friend."
"Ok, you trust her?"
"With everything."

I wasn't paying attention to where we were gang but we pulled up into a private parking area. We exiled the car and walked into the lobby.
"Good evening Mr Chamberlain," the guy behind the Security desk said. Alex said his hellos to him, his name was Oliver. We went up the stars to the first floor and Alex punched a code in to open the front door.
I walked in and closed the large wooden White door behind me. Alex was ahead of me but I reached for his hand and spun him around to face me. I moved in to taste his lips again. They were as amazing as I remembered for a couple of hours ago. I slipped a tongue in and we made out for a bit. I don't know what it is but kissing just makes me hard! So I stood there pushing my now hard cock against any part of Alex I could reach. I know I wasn't going to get it, but I just wanted him to strip me, throw me on his bed and fuck me until I begged him to stop. Which I wouldn't do of course! Are there images in my head just made me moan!

I withdrew from Alex. "If we carry on like this, your no sex policy will seriously be put to the test."
"Let’s go in the lounge then," he grabbed my hand and led me in to a beautiful lounge.
I was stunned. The floor was white tiled with dark brown rugs. He had a dark brown sofa with one end that allowed you to lie down on. The coffee table was thin beautiful dark brown wood that had curved legs. The units were the same wood. There was a cupboard with family photos on, a cabinet that was full of DVD's, a bookcase with loads of books on it. He had a 52" TV mounted on the wall in front of the sofa. It was spacious, clean, stunning.
"You like?" He asked.
"I love!"
"What you got?"
"Tea, coffee, juice?"
"Juice please"
"Take a seat while I get them."
I almost didn't want to touch anything! It looked like everything had a home. I tentatively sat down on the edge of the sofa. Alex returned, put the drinks on the coffee table and collapsed next to me on the sofa; he won nearer the side with the lay down part.
"What would you like to watch?"
''Erm, not sure. What’s on?"
We flicked through the movie channels; I jumped up and went to look through his DVD. I decided I'd want to watch a horror. That gave me an excuse to cuddle Alex! Looking through his impressive collection l pulled out the original Halloween film. Perfect I thought.
So I gave it to Alex and he eyed me suspiciously, like he knew why I chose it. He got up and loaded the DVD.
"Before we start, do you want anything for dinner?" "Pizza!" I shouted, maybe a bit loud! Alex looked at me deadpan. "Oh right, sportsman, healthy eating only"
"Afraid so!"
"You'll have to decide then. I have no idea what is healthy!"
Alex grabbed his phone and started ordering. I grabbed my phone and phoned Sarah.
- Hey Shawn.
- Hey Sarah, how you doing?
- Its Ok, we seem to have patched things up, but for the last time.
- Oh, Ok.
- I know you don't like him.
- No I don't. He is horrible to you. You deserve someone better.
- So you say.
- Yup. Look, are you free tomorrow. I need to tell you something. Very exciting for me.
- Really? Sure, how about lunch, say 1 at the corner?
- See you then.

We said our good byes and then hung up. Alex walked back in just after.
"And ordered."
"Thought you said that was unhealthy?"
"Not if you know where to order it from." Alex sat back down. "Do you want to wait for food to arrive before the film starts?"
"Yeah, no point in stopping it." I said. "Alex, you are gay aren't you?"
"Alex Sat back on the sofa, I kicked my shoes off and knelt up on the sofa facing Alex. He took a deep breath.'
"I am, I know I am attracted to guys, and I was just drawn to you today."
"I am glad you were." I smiled.
"I don't really know what to do."
He came across so cute! "Well it’s not like there is an instruction manual!"
"Can you teach me?" Alex said with a sly grin.
"I can show you what I know!" I said with a grin. He just giggled. "How long for pizza?"
"About 20 minutes."
"Oh goody," I said. "So, Alex. What have you done with a guy?"
"All the way." He said.
"Enjoy it?"
"No." He shook out his tongue in disgust. "What about you?"
"Which part?"
"Opposite to you, all the way with a guy, nothing with a girl."
"Do you enjoy it?"
''Damn right!"
Alex laughed at my enthusiasm. "Were you top or, you know?"
"I'm a bottom." I said frankly.
"Oh," He poured. "Does it hurt?"
"No." I was grinning and as hard as a rock again. There was a silence for a bit.
"I think I'd be a top." Alex said finally.
“I burst out laughing. Alex just poked me with his finger, I'm really ticklish, and so I curled up in a ball trying to defend myself. Of course, it never works and Alex launched into a free tickling attack. I was screaming and howling at his attack.
"Please!" I was begging him to stop as we rolled off the sofa and onto the floor.
I decided my only way to survive war to cling on to him as tight as I could. So I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arm under his, my head I tucked into his chest. I was out of breath, panting and tears streaming from my eyes!
"What are you doing?" Alex said as I held on tight!
"Protecting myself!"
He grabbed hold of my arms and moved them, he pinned them to the floor, either side of my head. He overpowered me easily; he was so strong, so manly.
"Oh hello!" I said with a grin as my legs wrapped around him and he pinned my arms to the floor. He leaned over me and kissed me. Rock hard again! I just moaned into his mouth as he licked my lips, held me down and grinded his hips into me. He moved around to my left ear and whispered "When war the last time you got fucked?"
I panted a response, "about a month ago."
"You know it’s going to happen between us don't you?" He kissed my neck lightly, and licked it too. That was it."Right Mr, get your clothes off, you need to fuck me right now, I mean it!" Alex just smiled.


''Dinners here." He grinned and got off me.
"NOOOO, no, no, no, I want you for dinner!" I protested. I lay on the floor, panting, hands over my eyes, as turned on as I remember being ever.
Alex returned to the room carrying 2 pizza boxes and what looked like wine in a carrier bag.
I was still on the floor when he brought in 2 plates of pizza and 2 glasses of Red wine.
"Come on, foods here!" He was teasing me, and he enjoyed it!
I sat up, realising my t shirt had ridden up to my ribs, exposing my tummy. I sat back down next to Alex who was tucking into his pizza. I looked at mine, it looked normal! Cheese, tomatoes, onion, peppers, chicken. It was a very thin base which was crispy and it tasted really nice!
"It’s all natural and organic, no salt, just flavoured with herbs." Alex said as he reached for the DVD control. Halloween started.
I don't know if other people feel it, but when certain music starts it makes your spine tingle! Halloween does this to me. I immediately cuddled up to Alex, he just laughed at me. The scary parts I hid my head into Alex's chest, he just caressed the back of my head as I hid. Though hiding meant I could touch his muscles and smell him. He smelled lovely.
I carried on hiding and snuggling into Alex for the pest of the evening. He made fun of me being scared of such an old film which I thought was mean!
The film finally finished, it war nearly 10pm. I rubbed my eyes and yawned loudly.
"I was about to say I needed an early night." Alex said as he poked my bare tummy as I stretched. I involuntarily spasmed as he poked me and fell off the sofa, I let out a much undignified yelp on I landed. Alex stood up.
"I guess I should be going then?" I said as I picked myself off the floor.
"Hmmm, I been thinking, "Alex said. ”Maybe you could spend the night?"
l grinned and walked up to him.
"No funny business though!" Alex said.
"Perfect end to a perfect day." I said as I kissed him. Alex kissed back; he took my hand, and led me towards his bedroom.

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