The Ox
Chapter  2

This story is a work of fiction and although may be based on real characters I have no idea whether they are gay or not. This story is meant for adults above the age of consent in your area, so if you are  not then please do not read on. This story depicts sex with
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We walked into his bedroom hand in hand, his room was beautiful, the walls were purple, the king sized bed had white bedding on it. There were vases with those decorative long thin pieces of wood that had lights attached, very pretty.
"Make yourself at home." Alex said
I smiled and began to remove my top, as seductively as I could, Alex just smiled at my antics, and there was a noticeable lump in his jeans. I threw my top on the floor. Alex did the same. I'd so wanted to see his body, and I was in no way disappointed. His body was a stunning caramel colour, completely smooth with dark 10p sized nipples. He had amazingly defined pec's and a completely flat stomach. I just stood there staring at him; he looked at me with a lopsided grin. He then turned the light off and we were plunged into darkness. I think I whimpered a little, as I couldn't see his body anymore.

I then felt some hands around my waist, turning me around. My back then felt his skin against mine. I sighed as I felt our bodies touch and his hands rest on my stomach, just above my belt buckle. Alex then kissed and licked my neck, I pulled a sharp intake of breath as the warm, wet muscle lapped my sensitive skin. Alex's fingers grazed my stomach; the remaining clothes I was wearing were becoming unbearably uncomfortable. I turned around sharply, grabbed the sides of Alex's face and brought our lips together violently. I reached down and undid my belt, and removed my jeans. Then I did the same to Alex. We were now stood there in just our boxers; I put my hand to the front of his and felt what was below. The hardness behind the boxers jumped as I touched it.
"Shawn, please, I shouldn't," Alex said.
"I know, I know, but what would be worse? Being tired from having sex or being sexually frustrated for tomorrow's game?"

Alex didn't reply. I took this as permission to carry on. I leaned over and started kissing down his beautiful body. He groaned as I licked over his nipples. He tasted so good! His skin was so soft and smooth; I'd never tasted anyone like it. I was now on my knees, kissing across his belt area and resting my hands on his massive thighs. My fingers were playing with the leg holes of his boxers. I could feel his cock trying to break free of his boxers. So I pulled the waistband down, his cock flicked out, although I couldn't see it very well, I could feel it wagging up and down in front of my face. I grabbed the base and ran my fingers up the shaft this caused a moan from Alex. I was trying to judge how big he was, I could only draw the conclusion that he was BIG. I just wrapped my lips around the head, Alex moaned and put his hands on my head, running his fingers through my hair as I licked around the head of his cock, sliding my tongue over the sensitive glands and into his piss-slit.
"God Shawn, that feels amazing." Alex panted.
Feeling encouraged, I slid my lips down his shaft. As I went past the glands, his cock thinned a little behind the head. But quickly thickened back to the same width as the head. Now through previous experience I knew I could take 6" reasonably easy, 7" at a push! But my nose wasn't even touching his pubes before the gag reflex kicked in! I ran my hands up and down his torso, enjoying the softness and smoothness. I ran my fingers over his ass, which was so amazingly hard! He had an arse of steel!
I had removed my boxers by now and had wrapped a hand around my cock, sliding the foreskin up and down. I licked all around Alex's balls, tasting the unique muskiness. It was intoxicating! I finally stood back up and kissed Alex. Quickly he pushed me down on the bed. I bounced slightly and let out a real girly giggle!

Very embarrassing!

Alex got between my legs, I quickly wrapped them around his torso. I felt his cock, now wet and slippery, grinding into my very hard and dripping 6" cock. Alex brought his face up to mine and we kissed passionately. Alex pulled away slightly, "I don't know if I'm ready to suck cock yet." He said almost embarrassed.
"That’s ok," I said. "Just fuck me and we'll call it even!"
"I think I can do that."
My whole body tingled with anticipation. Alex reached over to his bedside drawer. I heard rummaging, then the pop of a lid. I then felt cool liquid being spread over my hole and a thick digit being inserted into me.
I quickly got used to the single finger-and a second was added. He fingered me for a bit.
"Alex, please, I'm ready," I begged.
Alex removed his fingers; I put my legs up onto his shoulders and drew him in towards me. I felt the thick slippery head at my hole. I held my breath and push back towards him. Eventually he popped in. I yelped slightly as two inches invaded my ass.
"Are you ok?" Alex asked.
"Yeah, just, you're huge, so big, take it easy to begin with!"
Alex groaned as he slowly pushed himself completely into me. I finally felt his hot body press against my ass. I reached around and grabbed his cheeks, firmly planting him inside me. I moaned as I was stretched open and his thick cock stimulated the walls of my ass
"Alex, you feel so good. So fucking big!" I moaned. Alex drew back, the head scraping my insides and pushed back in.
''Oh god Alex, fuck me hard!"
"Shawn, so tight, oh, I never felt anything like it."
We mashed our lips together; I ran my hands over his strong muscled back. I was thinking that he was a sportsman, so very, very fit. There was no way that I was going to be able to sit down tomorrow! And how much it would be worth it! Our fucking became more and more passionate. My ass was burning with pleasure, my cock throbbing with passion. I was moaning at every movement Alex made.
"I'm close," Alex said.
"Wank me," I demanded.
He grabbed my cock and wanked me in time with his thrusts. 30 seconds later I cried out as my balls unloaded all over my chest and stomach. I breathed heavily as I was sent into orbit from the orgasm. Seconds later Alex thrust hard into me and with a guttural cry l felt his cock expand in me as he dumped his beautiful juices into my ass. He collapsed on top of me.

We both breathed heavily for a minute before he rolled off me. I suddenly felt cold and empty ass as he removed his cock from me. I rolled on top on him and straddled his waist. I looked down at him, able to make out only the blurriest of details in the dark. I leaned over and switched oh a light. Luckily it was a soft glow, but I could finally make out the stunning man under me. I leaned down and rested my naked body against his. Slowly grinding into him, we just lay there, him with his arms wrapped around me. Me loving the feel of his skin against mine. His breaking slowed, and I felt his body relax, Alex had drifted off to sleep. I slowly stretched out next to him, so not to wake him; I cuddled up to him, my head on his shoulder and my arm across his chest. Very quickly I joined him in dreamland!

I felt my body start to wake up. I was in a strange bed, it was very soft and comfy! I reached over, but I was alone. I opened my eyes slowly. Where the hell was I? I looked around at the stunning room I was in. My memory returned, I smiled at where I was now. But there was no Alex. I turned over; there was a note on the pillow next to me. I picked it up and opened it up and read it:

I was going to wake you, but you looked so beautiful and comfy that I didn't have the heart! I had to leave to go to the game. Give me a call when you wake up.
A x

I smiled at the note; a little embarrassed he called me beautiful, my phone then rang. I scrambled out of bed to find my jeans. I found them and grabbed my phone out the pocket. It was Sarah.
- Hey hunny-I answered.
- Hi Shawn, are you free for lunch?'
- Of course, where shall u meet you?
- Cafe Verde?
- Su........
There was a scream behind me. I was so shocked I dropped my phone, spun around, nearly fell over and saw a woman standing there in white cleaners clothes. I realised I was naked, so I covered my bits!
She burst out laughing. In a thick Spanish accent she said.
"Hi, l'm Rosita." She was still giggling. "Mr Alex said you were here. I thought I'd play joke"
"You scared the crap out of me!"
"Mr Alex said it would be funny!"
"Mr Alex is in so much trouble!"
She laughed as she closed the door behind her.
- Shawn?
- Shawn are you ok?
Was coming from my phone.
- Ow my ear!
- What happened?
- Cleaner walked in and scared the crap out of me!
- Cleaner? Where are you?
- I'll tell you at lunch ok?
- Ok I'll see you in an hour.

We clicked off, I sighed. Shower time! I walked into the en-suite which was beautifully clean. I must compliment Rosita, I thought. There was a massive shower with a rainfall head. I got the hot water flowing and gave myself a good scrubbing! After the amazing shower I got dressed and headed out the bedroom. Rosita was sat having a coffee.
''Hello again Mr Alex's friend." She giggled.
I couldn't help myself but burst out laughing.
''You like coffee?"
"Yes please." Rosita got up and made me a coffee.
"You have nice smile I see my why Mr Alex like you."
I blushed and looked into my coffee.
"Bedroom free now?" I nodded." Good good, I go change crunchy sheets now.”
I nearly spat out my coffee! She howled with laughter.
"You're bad!" I said to her. She just blew me a kiss and disappeared into the bedroom. I finished my coffee, checked the time, 20 minutes until I meet Sarah.
"Bye Rosita. "I shouted as I left.
She shook her head out the bedroom and said, ''Bye Mr Alex's friend."
I smiled and shot the door behind me.

Once out in the street I picked up my phone and dialed Alex's number.
- Hey Shawn
- Hi Alex - I met Rosita this morning.
- Hahaha,
- I'm not sure I like you any more.
- Oh please, it was funny.
- Hmm, if you say so.
- Rosita is lovely; I don't know what I would do without her!
- Be a total mess I expect!
- I'm not going to disagree! Anyway what I wanted to ask if I could see you again?
- Of course, I want to see you too.
- Cool, how about you come to the game this afternoon?"
- Erm, I'm meeting Sarah for lunch."
- Bring her with, I'll get you hospitality included, you can have lunch here.
- Where is here.
- Emirates Stadium, get off at the Arsenal tube station.
- I'll have a quick chat with Sarah; I'll text you in 5 minutes.
- Ok, I look forward to it.
- Bye.

We hung up, I redialed Sarah.

- Hi hum, where are you?
- Just about to get on tube, why?
- Can we change lunch venue?
- Meet me outside the Arsenal tube station.
- Arsenal? Why there?
- Surprise.
- Hmmmm Ok. See you in 10.

I got on the tube and made my way to the Arsenal tube station, not forgetting to text Alex before I lost signal. I got out of the tube, Sarah was waiting for me. I checked my phone, the text from Alex read:
"Go to the Hospitality Entrance, Give them your name, they'll have tickets for you. See you there. xx"
I hugged Sarah.
"Ok, What's going on?" She asked
"Nice to see you too! Come on."
We walked the short distance, following the others that were heading to the Emirates Stadium. We walked up to the hospitality area.
"Hi, l 'm Shawn Breslin, you should have tickets for me?"
"Yes sir, here you go, enjoy the game."
We walked in. Sarah stopped me as we entered.
"Ok, now, what the fuck is going on Shawn?"
I just smiled, "lets get a drink." We sat down and we were approached by a waiter.
"Complementary wine or beer sir? Madam?"
"White wine," I asked.
"Same please." Sarah added.
"Very good," the waiter walked off.
"Ok," I said. "Ready for this?"
"Can't wait!"
"Ok, so I met a really hot guy yesterday. Well we ran into each other and my phone got destroyed," I started. "Well, after he bought me new phone we spent the rest of the day and night together."
''Cool, I still don't understand why we are here though! You don't even like football!"
"I'm getting to that," Shawn continued. "Well I knew the guys name, but found out later who he was."
"What are you talking about Shawn?'
"His name is Alex," I paused. "Oxlade-Chamberlain."
Sarah clasped her hand over her mouth, her eyes were wide open. "You're not serious!"
"How do you think I got here?"
“Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is g..... " I quickly put my hand over her mouth.
Sarah realised what she was about to do and sat back in her chair, and breathed deeply. Our wine arrived, Sarah downed hers in one go.
"Another?" The waiter asked.
Sarah nodded, "please." The waiter smiled and went off.
"I don't believe you! How could you keep this from me?"
"It only happened yesterday!"
"I don't care! "Sarah started laughing.
We sat there smiling at yours each other. The waiter returned with Sarah's drink.
"Would you like to order some food?" He asked.
I picked up the menu and looked at it, noticing there were no prices on anything.
So I asked the waiter, "there are no prices on anything?"
"The price for food and drink are included in the price of your ticket," He replied.
"Oh yeah, I forget, cool," I looked down the menu. "Can I have the chicken breast please."
"Certainly sir."
"Can I have the Caesar Salad, with prawns, "Sarah ordered.
"Excellent." The waiter disappeared to get our food.
"Do you have any idea how famous he is?" Sarah asked.
"I'm starting to realise this, but do you realise how sexy he is!"
"I know!" Sarah said. "I can't believe it."

I just sat there smiling, Sarah joining was too. A few minutes later, our food arrived and we tucked in. The food was great and we were supplied with more wine. It was now 2:30pm and we were shown to our premium seat. I have to admit, when I walked out into the ground stadium I gasped at the sheer size of the Emirates Stadium. We took our seats and watched the players warming up. Alex was there, in a red t-shirt and white shorts - I must remember to ask him to wear that stuff one evening! We both chatted and the players left the field, only to come back on 10 minutes later. Alex wasn't there; I felt a pang of disappointment, but then thought that maybe the ban on sex before a game was real! And that Alex was being punished because of me! I felt another pang, this time of jealousy that Alex wasn't being punished by me! That made me giggle a little. The game started, I knew Alex played for the red team, Arsenal, so I guess I cheered for them.

About twenty minutes into the game, a player in red got hurt (sensing my lack of knowledge of football here!?) and he was stretchered off. The was an announcement that "Theo Walcott was being replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain"
There was a massive cheer as Alex's name was announced, a chill was sent down my spine as so many people cheered for my Alex! My Alex? Where did that come from? Sarah punched me in excitement of Alex appearing!
"I know!" I shoved her back.

I swear I saw Alex look up to me, and we locked eyes. I was so far away, but I swear he did! I have to say that I didn't see much of the whole game as my eyes just followed Alex about! But it was much more enjoyable watch, just seeing him running about, kicking the ball, pushing the players of the opposing team, and scoring a goal. Where the ground absolutely exploded in cheers! It was the loudest thing I had ever heard! Even I jumped up and cheered as he was hugged by his teammates. Ok, yes I was jealous! Actually I loved the game, I didn't realise the atmosphere was so infectious! Although I didn't join in the singing, as I had no Idea what they were singing! I was left at the end of the game feeling that I had missed out on this before, even though this was an insanely straight environment, though I didn’t feel threatened. It was ever present in my mind. I started to appreciate Alex's position as a gay footballer. It played on my mind quite severely for the next few minutes. If anything was to develop between Alex and me then I realised what an opposition we might face. I sighed. Knowing how difficult this maybe. Sarah noticed my sudden change in mood.
"What's up?" She asked.
"Just thinking." I replied.
"How hard this could be."
We sat in the hospitality area, more wine obviously! We just sat there in silence for a bit.
"Well it could be worse!" Sarah said.
"He could be horribly ugly!"
"Lucky me he is stunning and has a massive cock!"
"Lucky you indeed!"
We sat there, continuing to drink, the waiter reappeared.
"Would you like some dinner?" He asked.
"Dinner?" I asked.
"Yes sir, Mr Oxlade-Chamberlain asked for you to order in dinner and that he would be joining you as soon as possible. Obviously we would serve all dishes at Mr Oxlade-Chamberlains arrival."
"Oh excellent," I said. "Can you give us 5 minutes?"
"Of course sir, Mr Oxlade-Chamberlain will be approximately 45 minutes."
"Thanks," I replied.
We had a look through the menu and ordered our dinner. Exactly on time Alex joined us. Sarah was immediately star struck, surprisingly he kissed me. I drew in my breath as our lips met. I could hear Sarah's Surprise at the actions in front of her.
"Hi," l said after we broke our kiss, smiling of course.
"Hi," Alex said." You must be Sarah?"
Sarah just nodded as he sat down with us.
"Alex," I said. "What is going on?"
"I told the team I am gay, and that I have an amazingly gorgeous guy with me!"
"Alex, is that a good idea? We’ve only known each other for 24 hours."
"I don't care, and anyway it’s too late."
"I have to admire your courage," Sarah said.
"Courage?" Alex turned to Sarah.
"I don't think there has been an openly gay footballer. Ever."
Alex smiled," I think you are right, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be."
"It has to start somewhere,” Alex said. "Everyone in the team couldn't care less, so might as well start with me."
"You are very brave," Sarah said.
"I don't get how it's brave. To be yourself!" Alex said.
"I agree, but there are a lot of people that do not agree."
"I know, but I don't care."
"Fair enough," Sarah finished.
We all sat and chatted over our dinner. It really was a nice affair. All three of us enjoying each other’s company. Eventually the food was finished, but we carried on chatting for another hour or so, really getting to know each other. A few other players milled around the dining area, some were so hot!
"What are you doing tonight?" Alex asked me.
''Em, nothing, I hadn't made any plans for tonight, probably go to the student bar."
"What about you?"
"Well, normally a few of us go to the casino and loose some money!"
"Wish I had money to loose like that!" Sarah said.
"Yeah I guess," Alex said sheepishly. "I'd invite you along, but its members only."
"Thats ok," l said.
"We won't be out to late though, l 'Il text you when l 'm done loosing to much." Alex stood up ready to go.
"Ok, cool," I looked up at him. He bent over and kissed me. I think my heart stopped again and cheeks flushed.
"Maybe I can pick you up later?" He whispered in my ear. I looked him in the eyes, nodded and smiled. Alex said goodbye to Sarah and then left us. Both of us watched his hot ass wiggle as he walked away from us. We looked at each other and giggled.

We left the Emirates and headed back to the Halls. I lay on my bed, slightly woozy because of all the wine, smiling at what had happened over the last 24 hours!

At about 9pm I headed down to the student bar and started my Saturday evening.