The Ox
Chapter 3

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I was sat with Sarah and friends at the student bar, "the old fire station" in South London. We were having a laugh, Sarah was teasing me about Alex. "Shawn has a new boyfriend," she announced. I glared at her.
"Ooooh, Shawny, a new guy! What's he like?" Matt, one of our friends asked.
"I hate you," I directed at Sarah, she poked her tongue out at me, I replied the same. "He's amazing."
"When did you meet? Do I know him?" Matt asked while drinking his beer.
"We met yesterday, no you don't know him."
"What does he look like?"
Sarah showed him a picture of Alex in his Arsenal kit.
"Oh, nice, he looks like him?" Matt asked. I just nodded, grinning. Matt was sweet, straight, a little geeky, hot in his own way, we'd got on since I moved here for university. He was funny too, I liked his company.

My phone beeped at about 11:30pm.

- Hey, how's your evening?
- Hi Alex, I'm enjoying myself. Did you win any money?
- No, but I haven't lost any either!
-That's good!
- I'm done here, did you want to meet up?
- Sure, come by the bar: p
- No probs, where are you?
- Seriously? You'd be in public with me?
- What a ridiculous question! Of course I will!
- I I'm at the old fire station, neat Richmond.
- Cool, I'll Google it and let you know when I'm there.
- Why not grab a cab;)
- OK brains :p l' Il be with you shortly.
- I look forward to it!:) xx

"Stop texting your lover, and talk to us!" Matt pouted.
"Ok, I have! Alex is on his way here anyway." Sarah smiled. Matt rolled his eyes.
"Great, so I have to watch you two tongue wrestle all night then!"
''That would be hot!" Sarah exclaimed. I glared at her open mouthed. "Not like that, ew, Shawn I don't want to watch you have sex."
Matt and I burst out laughing.
"Although," she said. "I'd seriously give Alex some loving!"
"Sarah, Alex doesn't bat for your team!" Matt giggled.
"I know," she sulked. I just grinned, my heart rate had picked up since I knew Alex was coming over.
"You're glowing," Matt said to me. "I approve of this guy already, now you just need to find me a girl that does the same to me!"
"Awww, Matt, you'll find a girl!" I said, he looked glum. "Matt do you like football?"
"Yes, of course, why?"
"What team do you support?"
"Huh? Arsenal. Why?"
I smiled, Sarah smiled, "you're about to get a surprise!" I said.
Matt was bemused. He sat back and sighed heavily, "You two are such hard work to understand sometimes!"

About 20 minutes later. My eyes were pulled towards the doors as Alex walked in, he looked around until our eyes met, he smiled and made his way over. I looked at Matt whose eyes were about to pop out of his head!
''Hey," Alex said as he sat down next to me.
"Hey Alex," Sarah said, she looked at Matt and shoved him.
"Ow! I mean hi!" Matt stuttered out.
"This is Matt," I introduced him.
"Hi Matt, I'm Alex."
"I, I know." Alex smiled. I'd noticed a few whispers and finger pointing at us. We sat there chatting. Matt calmed down enough to hold a conversation that consisted of more than single syllable words. A few people came over and spoke to Alex, congratulating him on his goal today. It was fairly surreal watching it happen. I did get asked at the bar how I knew him etc, obviously I didn't tell them the whole truth! We had a laugh and joke with a few drinks, the bar closed at 1am so then we were outside.
"So where next?" I asked.
"I've always wanted to see what a university dorm room looks like." Alex said with a grin. I smiled back.
"Well don't get too excited," l said. "It's nothing to write home about!"
"Well, I'd like to see it anyway.”

We set of the short walk to my room, it was on the third floor, Alex chased me up the stairs, which wasn't fair, he is much fitter than me! By the time I was outside my room I was breathing heavily and sweating! Alex wasn't even out of breath! Not fair! I was trying to unlock the door, might sound easy, but when you are slightly tipsy and you have a hunky footballer's hands on your hips touching the bare skin above your boxers. It's very distracting! Alex reached forward and took the key, he leaned over my shoulder and pulled me in tight to his body. I gasped a little at his strength as he held me with one arm. I could feel his hard cock trying to break out of his jeans. He unlocked the door and we made our way in, without him letting go of me. He closed the door behind him. He turned around, threw the keys on the top of my drawers and looked around my small room which consisted of a double bed, a desk with my laptop on and a wardrobe / chest of drawers. Not much, oh did I mention the floor covered in clothes. The only thing I loved was the walls were covered in drawings.
"Wow, "Alex said as he looked at the walls. "Who drew these?"
"I did."
"They are stunning," Alex turned to face me. "Just like you."

I blushed and looked at my feet. I still didn't like compliments! I felt Alex's finger under my chin lifting my face up and then kissing me. I sighed a little as our lips met, then our tongues met. The shyness went away as we kissed. My hands roamed his body, feeling through his t-shirt his muscles, I slowly lifted his top and threw it on the floor with all my clothes. He sighed. "I'm never going to find that with all your clothes there am I?"
I smiled and slapped his ass playfully, he responded by pushing me onto the bed, I landed, giggled slightly and looked up at him. Although it was dark, there was still a little light from outside, I could see his outline. a very hot outline. I stripped my top off as he climbed on top of me. Our skin touched and we both groaned as the electricity shot between us as our lips met. We became more heated and passionate, the rest of our clothes disappeared swiftly and we were naked, grinding against each other. Alex's cock found its way in between my ass cheeks. We continued to grind together, the head of his cock was rubbing against my hole, I groaned as the wet tip probed and rubbed my hole, at our hands were all over each other, I slid my hands over his strong muscled body as he ravaged my neck and nipples with his lips and tongue. My head was thrown back in pleasure and l moaned loudly. I grabbed Alex's head and pulled his face to mine and kissed him hard.
''Alex," I begged. "Get the fuck inside me."
Alex grinned, "My aren't we a demanding bottom tonight!"
"Now!" I lifted my legs slightly to line up with him better. Alex took aim and pushed all the way inside me in one hit. I screamed/moaned as he ripped through me until I felt his balls resting against my ass.
"Like that baby?" Alex taunted.
"Fuck that hurt!' I said between kisses. Alex started moving in and out of me. I groaned and started moving with him as we started fucking. "Oh, Alex, fuck, yes, harder." I panted as he pleasured me, our lips never really left some part of each other’s body, whatever piece of skin was available to me!
"Do you like this baby?" Alex asked as he slammed in to me particularly hard.
"Oh yeah, like that, you're hitting exactly the right spot!" I groaned as Alex's cock constantly grazed my prostate. After 5 minutes of this I was ready to explode! Alex pulled out and rolled me onto my front, laid his larger body over mine and re-entered me slowly and softly. My rock hard cock was trapped between my body and the mattress, which, while stimulating was a little uncomfortable. Alex was whispering sweet nothings into my ear, well l say sweet nothings, he was moaning in my ear, calling me a slut for his big cock, that I loved feeling him deep inside me, which I did. He was biting and sucking my ear, driving me crazy! He was getting close. He rose up, started pushing down on the side of my face, putting his whole weight on it, holding me in place as he rammed inside me over and over. Our skin slapped together until he pushed deep and held in me. I felt him expand and unload in me. The roughness at the end left me feeling a little used, but it was so hot!

Alex came down from his high and turned me on my back again, legs in the air he reentered me, slowly poking my prostate. He wrapped his fingers around my cock and leaned in so we could kiss. He wanked me slowly, poked my prostate and sucked on my tongue as he brought me to an earth shattering orgasm! I moaned into his mouth, squeezed his head with my hands as I sprayed what felt was litre’s of com between us, I gasped for breath, my head was spinning and I saw stars in front of my eyes.
"Fuck, Fuck," I gasped.
"Good?" Alex questioned.
"Amazing!" I was still so sexually charged. "Again!"
Alex smiled, his hips had been rocking all the time I had cum, he was still hard. He pushed in and held it there, I felt so full, and I rocked my hips to get us moving again. Over the next hour we came three more times, all of Alex's inside me, all of mine between us, soaking our skin. About 3am we drifted off to sleep. Me embraced in Alex's arms, both of us completely content and with smiles on our faces.

I woke up first, Alex was sleeping on his back, and my head was in the crook of his neck, his arm draped around me, protectively. I smiled at his peaceful face as he slept quietly. I had a little buzz in my head from the previous evenings alcohol, but nothing too bad. I slid my hand over his smooth upper body, feeling the powerful muscles under his skin. My hand moved lower and bumped, unexpectedly, into his morning glory! I smiled to myself as l slid my fingers around it, feeling it throb in my hand. Naughty thoughts entered in my head, I opened my bedside drawer at grabbed my lube. I slid some up inside me, groaning as my fingers slipped inside, still being a little sore from last nights sex marathon. I then lightly coated his cock, Alex stirred slightly, but didn't wake up. I smiled to myself as I straddled his waist. I held his cock up, and sank down on it slowly, but my ass swallowed the full 8-5" in one go. I groaned, happily! I sat there, moving my ass in circles around his cock, feeling the pressure in me building. I started moving up and down Alex's cock, I closed my eyes, concentrating on the pleasure as it rubbed against my prostate. I then felt hands massaging my thighs as I bounced. I opened my eyes slowly, with a grin, looking down to Alex's face.
"Morning," he said grinning.
''Hi." I leaned in a kissed him.
“I've never woken up like this before!"
“Mmpf," was all I responded with. We both started getting more heated and our passions increased in speed and intensity. It was obvious that neither of us was going to last a massively long time!
Alex thrust up deep inside me, it felt so good!
"Are you going to cum in me baby?" I asked. Alex just grunted and kept thrusting into me. I closed my eyes and just basked in the feelings animating from my midriff.
"I'm gonna cum," Alex announced. I watched his body convulse as he coated my insides with his juices. I sighed as I saw all his muscles contract and strain until his orgasm passed. He grinned stupidly at me as I was still sat on him; he reached out and wrapped his fingers around my painfully hard cock. I bounced, he wanked me. My balls were boiling, my cock so very very hard. I arched my back, falling back onto my arms. I heard a click, but I didn't care as my load shot up my cock, out and over Alex.
"Shit," I heard him say and I heard a gasp, but my orgasm was in full flow, cum firing at the end of my cock, After 7 or 8 shots I finished and just collapsed on top of Alex, squashing my cum between us. I was breathing heavily, my head resting on Alex's chest. I opened my eyes to see the door open and Sarah stood there.

"Shit!" I shouted, rolling off of Alex and covering us up quickly with the duvet! "What are you doing in here!"
"I, um, lunch? Never mind!" She turned around and walked out, closing the door behind her! We both burst out laughing, before kissing and having a nice post-sex cuddle.
About thirty minutes later we were in the shower, making out. Hands were everywhere, Alex had me pinned against the wall, my front to the wall, needless to say he took full advantage and entered me again. This time was less rushed, and more passionate, and a bit rougher as well, which I was being enjoying being controlled like that! We both came again and exited the shower as the water started running cold!

Once changed I knocked on Sarah's door, she opened and went bright red? Funny though I wasn't a bit embarrassed about her seeing me riding Alex and cumming all over him!
"Sorry," She said. I burst out laughing. Sarah punched me in the arm.
"Ow!" I complained
''Aren't you the littlest bit embarrassed?"
''Apparently not."
"I can't believe I saw what I saw!"
I shrugged, "Come on lets go to lunch."
"How am I supposed to face Alex?" She nearly screamed at me.
"What about me? "Alex poked his head around the door.
"Oh my god both of you.”

Eventually we coaxed her out to lunch, we grabbed a few things from the local supermarket and had a picnic in the local park. It was a nice afternoon once Sarah got over her embarrassment of us having sex. Unfortunately, Sunday had to come to an end. I had Uni the next day, Alex started training before flying out to Germany to play on Wednesday. I teased him about how hard his job was! He got his own back by pinning me to the grass and kissing my neck and grinding against me, and then stopping, leaving me hot, flustered and obviously very turned on! Sarah couldn't stop laughing. We shared a tender goodbye kiss before Alex left to go back to his.
"You two are so sweet together." Sarah said.
''Huh?" I replied as I watched Alex leave the park and grab a cab.
"You got it bad for him haven't you?"
"Can you blame me? Have you seen him? "Sarah smiled.
"Seen too much some would say!"
I sighed, we cleaned up, dumped our rubbish in the bin and headed back to home.