The Ox
Chapter 3

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Barely ten minutes had passed since Alex got in the cab and he'd text me.
''He's as bad as you are!" Sarah exclaimed. I just grinned stupidly at her. Sunday finished, Monday disappeared under an avalanche of work! Alex called me Tuesday from Germany, I made a mental note to make sure I watched. I was becoming a football fan! I'll have to get a shirt and scarf and maybe a tattoo? All football fans have tattoos right? Actually, that would be hot! Now I need to go and get a tattoo.

I checked the student bar; sure enough the game was on the big screen in there. Wednesday came around and we were sat in the bar awaiting the game, I had no Idea who Bayern Munich were, or what an aggregate score was. All I know was that Arsenal won, but they had lost. How did that work? I heard from Alex again on Thursday and he asked me over for dinner on the Friday. Of course I accepted. I'd kinda worked out Alex's schedule now, he'd train Monday-Friday, maybe play on a Wednesday, Friday would be a quiet evening, Saturday would be a game, then Saturday night and Sunday would be his to do as he pleased. Well, that was until he explained that sometimes they play on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday as well. Well now I was confused! "But we are playing tomorrow," Alex said while eating.
"Oh, ok, "l said. "Sounds way to complicated!" Alex just laughed.
"I meant to ask you! One of the other players, Kieran."
I looked blankly at him; I think I was supposed to know who he was.
"He plays left-back."
I put my head in my hands with fake exasperation. Alex giggled and carried on, "never mind who, he asked if we'd like to go out with him and his girlfriend after the game, tomorrow for something to eat, see a film and have a few drinks.
My ears perked up, "Sure that sounds fun."
"Cool, Kieran is a good guy, sexy too." Alex grinned at me and I glared back playfully. Alex ate sparingly, explaining the diet he had to stick too and the exercise he did every day. I never realised what a commitment playing sport professionally was! We ate up and headed to bed early, now, this was a picture. Alex had warned me that there would be no hanky-panky and he would be asleep early as the game was against Manchester United, they were top of the league and he'd need all his energy. So he was snuggled up to me asleep and I was reading a book on my kindle. So we looked the quintessential married couple! Alex was snoring lightly against my naked chest, this whole situation made me smile. I was reading my book happily as Alex slept, but eventually my eyes started getting heavy so I put my kindle on the bed side table and laid down next to Alex, he instinctively wrapped his arms around me, I sighed and settled into the embrace.

A soft alarm went off at 9am. He had some fancy alarm that woke him up gradually, with the sound of rain. I thought it was just bad weather beating against his window! Alex was spooned up behind me, his arms wrapped around me tightly, holding our bodies close together. He was so warm like having my own person sized hot water bottle! He stirred behind me, grinding his morning wood into me. I was naked and the feeling of his cock grinding into me made at me wide awake as well as my own morning wood start to drip pre cum. I moaned and pushed back. Alex kissed me on the neck and then jumped out of bed.
"Hey!" I said as I watched his naked ass wiggle as he walked to the bathroom. He looked over his shoulder and smiled as he saw my achingly hard dick. He went in the bathroom and shut the door. Bastard, I thought. But then remembered that he was playing today. I fell back on the bed and sighed. I grabbed my phone, there was a message from Sarah asking me to wish Alex good luck for the game. I text her back saying I would. A few minutes later Alex appeared out of the bathroom, wet, hot, with only a towel wrapped around his waist.
"Mmmm," I licked my lips seductively.
Alex grinned, "like what you see?"
I just nodded. "Prefer it unwrapped though!" Alex whipped the towel away and threw it at me and just stood there. I took in the view; the heat of the shower had loosened everything up! His balls hung extra low and his cock was plumped up a little.
"Surprised you didn't join me in the shower."
"I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands to myself," I said, "and if you don't cover yourself soon then I'm going to have my way with you, to hell with your game!'
Alex came over, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Just hold on until tonight!"
I cupped his cock and balls and squeezed lightly. "I can't wait!"
Alex smiled and then got changed. I got up and showered, Alex was dressed and ready when I was drying off.
"Are you coming to the game?" He asked.
''Am I invited?"
"Of course, I got you a ticket, but um," he trailed off.
''Um, what?"
"Well, er, the only ticket I could get is with, um, the other wives and girlfriends." I stood silent as he looked at me, but I couldn't do it, I burst out laughing. "What?" Alex looked very confused. I was struggling to breathe.
"Why would I have a problem?" I was still giggling.
"You'll be the only guy there!"
"Oh, really? Yeah I guess I would be wouldn’t I," I sniggered a little.
"You're impossible," Alex laughed.
"I know, it'll be fine, I'll get to know Kieran's girlfriend before dinner."
"Yeah, I'll make sure he introduces you two." I'd managed to get my laughter under control. "Come on hurry up."
''Hurry up?"
"Yeah, breakfast at the Emirates!"
"Oh," I got my clothes sorted and Alex drove us to north London and in through the players entrance garage.

This was totally new, I'm not sure that I am going to put this into words properly, but this is how I'd imagined stars were treated. Alex was a star, but this was happening to me too! I was given a menu for breakfast as we walked into a plush area of the stadium. Now I got completely overwhelmed! I was meeting the other players Alex played with, and their girlfriends. These people were mega-famous, mega-rich and I was, well, just me! Some of their girlfriends were hilarious; some really had nothing going on upstairs if you know what I mean. We finally got to Kieran and his girlfriend. She was stunning, and he was, well completely gorgeous up close. Kieran was 6ft of lithe hunkiness, his skin colour was beautiful, like Alex's, but even more flawless. I am starting to think that I have a real thing for mixed race skin colour!
"Hi, Shawn isn't it?" Kieran said.
''Hi, erm, yes, hi." Great, nice sentence construction. Kieran just smiled and shook my hand.
''This is Amie, my girlfriend."
We chatted for a while, Amie took me to the rest of the girls, I looked back at Alex, he seemed to be apologising to me with his eyes. I give him a smile and a wave before being dragged through a door with all the girls.

I didn't see anything more of Alex until the game started. Amie was cool, very intelligent, not like some of the others. I found her very easy to talk too, we got on very well. We spoke about art and design, as she had a passion for it as well, I told her of my artistic skills, she offered to be a model if I wanted one. I had to explain that I sucked at life portraits! I preferred the abstract art. There was an early lunch, with champagne, I don’t know if this was normal but it was funny watching the girls get tipsy at 1pm. But I had to join in, I’m such a lush! I didn’t drink much and spaced it out with orange juice.

As we took our seats for the game she said, "Oh, we've sorted out where to go tonight for food, you have any preference on where to go after?"
"We're going out after dinner?"
''Yeah, few drinks, bit of dancing."
"Alex and Kieran dance?"
Amie gave out a loud laugh, "god, I wouldn't have thought so, although after a few drinks who knows what the four of us will get up too!" She winked at me.
I think my eye's widened at what she was insinuating! My mind reeled as 1 thought about the four of us in bed! Gutter mind, I thought, she doesn’t mean that, does she? We watched the game, it ended a draw, soon Alex and Kieran were back, giving us each a kiss from our respective boyfriends. Alex smelt amazing; his scent made me heady, Kieran smelled the same. I think my eyes glazed over with horniness! Alex looked at me funny.
"Are you ok?"
I leaned in a whispered to him, "you smell amazing! I need you, to, oh, you know!"
Alex smiled, "later."
"I think Amie and Kieran want to have sex with us." I said matter-of-factly, I think the champagne throughout the game had gone to my head, to add credence to this I suddenly hiccupped! Alex laughed at me but looked shocked.
"Just a feeling, something Amie said to me."
"I'll explain later," I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Alex still looked a little off put by what I'd said, you could see his mind working overtime. We left the ground, going for dinner at the most expensive restaurant I have ever seen. I think my meal cost over 60, I tried to speak to Alex but he just let me know it wasn't a problem as Kieran and Aime were paying, which made me feel a little better, but not much, I didn't want to be a hanger on, not paying my way, but there was no way I could even come close to doing anything like this, and I was older than Alex! Ok, only by a month, but still!

We finished the meal, which was delicious by the way. "So back to yours, or ours for a couple of drinks?" Kieran asked.
"Either man, up to you, "Alex replied.
"Yours then," Kieran smiled. You have no idea how good-looking Kieran Gibbs is when he smiles at you like that! He paid, and we all bundled into Alex's car. Once back at his, I relaxed a little more, grabbing drinks, and playing more of a host role, made me feel better. I think I was starting to feel that Alex’s place was a second home, a very up market second home! Kieran was interested in my degree and what University was like, he even seemed jealous at points! He sat there with his tight white t-shirt bulging at the arms and chest where his pecs looked very hot.
"I have a question for you two, "Amie started, uh oh I thought." Kieran and I were wondering, well, it's kinda personal."
"We were wondering if we could watch you two having sex," Kieran blurted out. Watch, ok, that isn't so bad, not that I'd had an audience before! However I must have liked the idea, as I was rock hard!
"What will you two be doing? Making notes?" Alex said with a smile, I giggled, alcohol having gone straight to my head again!
"Maybe," Kieran grinned. "We'd be having sex too, we're just kinda curious how it is between two guys, and we trust you Alex, and therefore trust Shawn too."

I kinda made up my mind that I was ok with this. I was sat next to Alex, I swung my self around and straddled my man, facing him and kissed him deeply. I felt his hands move to my ass and squeeze, I guess he was ok with this as well! I pulled off my t-shirt and threw it on the floor, winning the first piece of clothing off competition. Alex leaned in and started sucking my nipples, I moaned loudly. I looked over at Kieran, who was sucking face with Amie, I realised I was going to see a naked girl, in the same room as me!
"Lets go to the bedroom," I said and wrapped my legs around Alex and he carried me into the bedroom and unceremoniously threw me on the bed. I bounced and scooted up the bed, I removed my trousers, socks and shoes leaving me in my boxers. Alex stripped to his boxers and got on top of me. Kieran came into the room, my eye's were transfixed on him, Alex was licking up my body as I watched Kieran undress, he looked me in the eye's as he undressed. I gasped as he removed his shirt, Alex's body is gorgeous, he is nicknamed 'the ox' because he is so strong and built like a brick wall. Kieran, on the other hand was lithe, tight and oh so beautiful. I just looked at his and licked my lips as he stood there, now removing his jeans, his pecs were pronounced with small nipples, with abs you could just spend hours licking! He was smooth, oh so smooth, his legs were smooth, everything was smooth, Naturally smooth too, not shaved or waxed, not a hair in sight. Alex was sucking me through my boxers as I stared at Kieran, and his bulging boxers. Alex removed mine and threw them on the floor, Kieran helped Alex out of his and then removed his own, the got up on the bed and sat next to me. Amie then got between Kieran legs, she was naked too.

Alex engulfed my cock, I moaned as the feelings swept through my body. I looked at the beautiful Kieran, who was even smooth around his cock and balls. His cock was hard and being licked by Amie, it was about 7" long and thick, he was circumcised with a large mushroom head which was purple and angry looking! I sat back, enjoying Alex on my cock, but intrigued by watching someone else getting a blowjob! Especially the hunk that was currently getting one. Kieran looked at me watching him, he smiled and leaned towards me, we were already touching, but he leaned over and kissed me. Shock went through me, so much so that and I nearly came on the spot! It wasn't a long kiss, but it was passionate, I kinda just didn't move! He pulled back, then leaned in again and we both kissed with passion! His tongue was warm and wet and slid over mine. Alex's fingers had slipped in my hole, I moaned into Kieran's mouth. Alex lifted my legs and started licking my hole, I moaned more. I was being rimmed by my gorgeous professional footballer boyfriend and sucking face with his stunning 'straight' teammate'. Could my life get better? Alas, it could!
I was intrigued as I watched someone else getting a blow job, Amie was sucking Kieran's balls, holding his cock straight up by the base, slid my hand over Kieran’s smooth, sexy muscled body. I watched as pre cum pumped out of his piss slit and rolled over his large purple head. I got more bold and ran my fingers over his abs, and then lower, wrapping my fingers around his cock. Kieran moaned as I gripped his shaft. Amie looked up as he moaned and saw my hand around his cock. Amie moved up,
"You three play, I want to watch." Amie moved to the chair in the corner, spread her legs and started fingering herself. But I was more concerned with the two boys, more than her, for obvious reasons! Alex was still rimming me, I flipped over so I was now on top of Kieran, his cock was under me, being squashed by my balls and ass. Alex moved and stood up on his knees, his huge dick sticking out from him.
"Fuck, Alex," Kieran said as I was licking his nipples. "Your dick is huge!" Alex didn't say anything, he just went behind me. I felt him pull at Kieran s cock so it stuck vertically up my ass crack. He then started rimming me and sucking Kieran.

"Fuck yeah,” Kieran moaned. "I can fell your little hole on my cock head Shawn." Alex moved, now I was bent over kissing Kieran, I felt him position Kieran cock at my hole, I raised myself up and felt Kieran breach my wet hole, I gasped and slid his all the way inside. I groaned as I felt his graze my prostate.
"Oh, fuck, Alex your boyfriend is so hot!" I glowed with the praise and started riding the stud inside me.
“Alex, go make Kieran suck you,” Amie's voice said.
Alex moved to the head of the bed and aimed his cock at Kieran's virgin mouth. He opened wide and the head popped in, he sucked and licked it tentatively at first, but then with more vigor as he started to get used to the taste! It was hot watching my boyfriend getting a blow job, but I was very much concentrating on the cock in my ass! Slightly less thick than Alex, but a good size. Kieran deftly wrapped his fingers around my cock and started wanking me off. Kieran was humping my ass harder now which felt fantastic, his wanking was also bringing me closer and closer, a hard prod of my prostate sent me over the edge, I came, all over Kieran. Thick white streaks of spunk decorated his chest and stomach. I collapsed on top of him, squashing the cum between us but also taking advantage to touch his body more, I felt him leave my ass.

He quickly had me on my back, legs in the air and he buried himself balls deep back inside me, I grunted at as he bottomed out, he moaned as I squeezed inside me against his cock. Now, being fucked by someone with a nice cock is great. When it's by someone with a nice cock and is a professional athlete is mind-blowing, their ability to not get tired just adds to the pleasure! I watched Kieran as he fucked me, he was grunting, moaning and groaning as he gave my ass a good seeing too. I watched his body, now shining with sweat, as he fucked. Watching his abs clench and release as he moved, his chest and biceps stretching as he strained his body. Eventually, well a couple more minutes, and the sensations got too much for him.
"Oh fuck, I'm cumming, fuck, oh, fuck." Kieran shouted as he loaded my ass with his cum. I almost felt sad that I wasn't getting to taste his essence, but guessed I might later. I watched his sexy body heave as he shot load after load into me. He finally finished and his semi hard cock was pulled out, leaving me feeling empty. He collapsed on the bed, breathing hard, laying next to me.
"Sorry Amie, that's it I'm going gay. Alex, I'm going to steal your boyfriend I think!" He was half joking with a cheeky grin on his face.
"Well, if you're going gay," Amie said. "Then I think these guys should fuck your brains out. I'd love to see Alex's monster ripping your ass apart." Kieran went quiet then!
"No way I could take that," Kieran replied.
"Shawn then," she countered. "I think you owe Shawn for what you just did to him!"
"I don't think so," he said.
"I want to watch you get fucked," she said. "I know you enjoy the dildo up there!"
Kieran went quiet, I took the advantage again. I had no idea where this boldness came from tonight! I eased him onto his front and his ass in the air. Kieran is just a perfect male specimen, his ass no exception. It has smooth, pert, amazing, I buried my face in it! Lapping at his hole, he squirmed and moaned like a bitch as 1 tongue raped him. Alex did his best to distract me, by pushing the head of his cock in me. This just made me moan into Kieran’s ass. Amie came over with the tube of lube as I came up for air.

"Treat him rough, like a bitch, he likes that." She put some lube on his hole and then shoved two fingers deep inside him. "He says he's going gay, but I know he like being treated roughly by a woman too much." Three fingers now stretched Kieran’s virgin ass. She coated my cock with some lube and I lined myself up. Alex was watching over my shoulder, I could feel his cock resting against my ass. I put the head of my cock against Kieran s here, he gasped.
"It's not even fucking in yet, you girl!" Amie shouted at him. Alex giggled into my shoulder.
"Watch it big boy," I whispered. "You're next!" Alex was quiet then!
I pushed in, Kieran made a loud gasp / moan / scream as I just pushed right inside him in one go!
"Jesus, fucking hell!" He shouted. Amie smiled at me and went back to the chair. I held myself deep in him while he adjusted to being penetrated by a cock rather than fingers. I rotated my hips, opening him up. I was a bottom I knew the tricks to get me going, I just used them on Kieran. After a minute or so he was back to moaning and pushing back against me. I pulled back and pushed back into him, I was greeted with an, "oooh god." As I pumped in and out of him, the grunts moved from pain to pleasure very quickly. Kieran really got into being fucked. I pulled all the way out, and spun him onto his back and re-entered him with his smooth calves on my shoulder. I got to view his beautiful body as I pumped my cock in and out of his tight ass. Alex was close behind me again, I felt his cock at my hole, it then breached my ass using Kieran cum as lube. So I was fucking Kieran Gibbs and being fucked by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. I was the meat in a footballer sandwich! A very sexy footballer sandwich! It didn't take long for the stimulation that I was being exposed too got the better of me and I dumped my load inside Kieran. Alex had finally cum inside me as well, mixing the two loads now up there. I continued to touch Kieran’s beautiful body as much as I could. Alex withdrew from me, giving me room to remove myself from inside Kieran, he groaned as I popped out of him. Alex quickly moved in between Kieran's legs.

"Alex, no, waaaaait!" He screamed as Alex entered him and started pushing his thick 8-5" inside. Kieran tried to fight Alex off, but Alex was far too strong for him. Within thirty seconds Alex was balls deep inside Kieran’s ass.
"You fucker, fuck that's big." Kieran complained.
"Feels good though huh?" Kieran didn't reply, Alex took this as Kieran’s submission.
Over the next twenty minutes I witnessed the hottest sex I have ever seen. I can only describe it as consensual rape! Alex hammed Kieran's boy pussy for all it was worth, Kieran screamed, grunted, swore, moaned before dumping two loads over his abs and chest. Which I duly licked up and shared with him in a cum-kiss. Alex dumped two loads inside him too, I watched Amie bring herself too multiple crashing orgasms. I fucked Kieran s mouth for a bit, fucking his face as I licked the cum off his body. The beauty of Kieran’s body obsessed me, I had to be touching, licking or fucking some part of it. As Alex came for the last time inside Kieran, I straddled Kieran’s waist, facing Alex and kissed him.
"You don't fuck me like that," I said.
"Because I love you, and would never want to hurt you like that." Alex pulled out of Kieran and pulled me down into a hug, I now straddled Alex's waist. I rocked slowly, my hands on his chest massaging the muscles there.

Amie piped up then, "that was so fucking hot." She poked Kieran, "I think you broke' him!"
I looked at her, "did you know he wanted all that?"
"I don't think he did until you gave him no choice!"
We all smiled, Amie grabbed the duvet and covered us, I lay down on Alex's chest, I was going to sleep here tonight. Amie got in next to Kieran, the lights went out. I closed my eyes and fell into a very sticky, very contented sleep.