The Padawan


Chapter 3


Now that the ship was traveling rapidly through hyperspace, Jacen, Han and Ben had retired to the lounge area. Jacen had decided to start some exercises with Ben, to see what the boy could do. Unfortunately, Ben liked to cheat and use his eyesight a lot. So Jacen looked around for something to prevent that. He finally settled on the blast helmet, which he placed over the boy's head to shield his eyes.

"Hey," Ben exclaimed. "What'd you do that for?"

"Your eyesight can be deceiving, so you can't trust it. You'll have to rely on the Force to boost your other senses to make up for it's lack."

Han tried to keep from laughing, and failed, so he snickered. Jacen turned around and said, "Finding something funny, dad?"

Han nodded. "What you just said sounded very familiar and reminded me of the last time, I sat here watching a Skywalker receive Jedi training."

As soon as he heard the words, Jacen knew that he would get no more accomplished with Ben today, training wise. The boy was just too excited. He watched as Ben threw off the helmet and ran over to sit by Han.

"Will you tell me the story, Uncle Han?" Ben chirped.

At that moment, Jacen remembered that although he had heard the story many times from his uncle, he had never heard it from his father, so, in spite of himself, he wanted to hear the story as well.

Han smiled at the boy and began. "It was many years ago now. I had been hired to charter an old man, a young man, and two droids to Alderaan. The young man was Luke Skywalker, the two droids were Artoo and Threepio. The old man was the legendary Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi, the Jedi you're named for." he said as he looked at the boy. "Anyway I had just brought the ship into hyperspace and was satisfied that it was going to be an uneventful jump....


Han Solo left the cockpit and moved to the lounge. He noticed that the old man had his younger companion engaged in something. The boy was standing there with what seemed to be a lightsaber. Han thought that you could only see those in museums. The old man had the boy trying to deflect stun bolts with the weapon. The boy wasn't doing very well. In fact, he got one stun bolt in the butt. Han laughed and said, "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."

Luke looked at him. "You don't believe in the Force, do you?"

"Kid, I've flown from one end of the galaxy to the other and I've seen lots of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything to make me believe that there's one all powerful 'Force' controlling everything. No mystical energy field controls my destiny." He paused, then added, "It's all a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense."

Ben Kenobi went and got the blast helmet and carried on as if he hadn't heard the conversation at all. "I suggest you try it again, Luke. And this time, let go your conscious self and act on instinct." he said as he lowered the blast helmet to cover Luke's eyes.

"With the blast shield down, I can't even see. How am I supposed to fight?" Luke protested.

"Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them." Kenobi chided gently.

Luke suddenly became very still but had visibly relaxed. After a couple of seconds, the remote fired three bolts at him. This time, however, Luke effortlessly deflected them all.

Kenobi was ecstatic. "You see, you can do it."

Han snickered derisively. "I'd call it luck."

"In my experience, there's no such thing as luck." Kenobi shot back.

"Look," Han continued. "Good against remotes is one thing but good against the living, that's something else." At that moment, a beeper went off. Han checked a few gauges and said, "Looks like we're coming up on Alderaan." He left for the cockpit.


"So, what was funny was that your dad's hokey religion got us out of many scrapes, many more than my blaster ever did. And little did I know that I would end up the lone non-Jedi in a family full of them. My wife, my kids, my brother-in-law, his wife and, of course, my favorite nephew." Han said the latter as he mussed Ben's hair.

"Yeah, right." Ben said with a snort. "I'm your only nephew."

Before anything more could be said, Jacen spoke. "Well, my young Padawan, you've had a busy day. It's time you went to bed. And I'd like some private time with my dad."

"Yes, Master." Ben said as he bowed. "Good night, Uncle Han."

"Night, Ben. Sleep tight."

Both Jacen and Han watched as Ben walked over to the door to the bunk rooms. He entered the one that had been Chewbacca's. When the boy was inside and the door closed, Han turned to his son. "Boy, you seem to have him trained well so far, I expected more fuss. How'd you do it?"

Jacen smiled. "I bluffed him."

Han's face registered mock surprise. "You didn't?"

Jacen laughed this time. "Yep. I started listing the things I expected from him and he started complaining about it, so I reminded him that there was a process for dissolving the Master/Padawan relationship if it wasn't working out. I asked him if that was what he wanted. He said no and I haven't had to reprimand him yet."

"You never intended to do that, huh?"

"Nope." Jacen said. "But he doesn't know that."

"Where'd you learn how to bluff like that?" HAn asked.

Jacen fixed him with a glare of mock exasperation and said, "Dad, I'm the eldest son of Han Solo and Leia Organa-Solo, one a gambler, one a diplomat, both occupations require the ability to bluff occasionally. If I hadn't learned how, shame on you to for not teaching me properly and shame on me for not learning."

There was silence in the room. Then Han spoke. "Jacen, Your mom, sister and I know about why you stayed away so long. We know what happened when you visited Coruscant for your mother's inauguration."

Jacen got angry. "Who told you?"

"No one. It wasn't hard to guess because you ignored Ben the most of everyone and Jaina enlightened us to some of the night-time activities you partook of at the Academy. We put two and two and came up with the fact that you have feelings for Ben."

"So what if I do?" Jacen demanded.

"Easy, easy." Han said. "It's okay. We also figured out that Ben had feelings for you. We're okay with it. All I'm saying and all your mom will say is that we want you to be careful, both for your sake and Ben's."

"Dad," Jacen said. "I would never deliberately hurt Ben. Rest assured that no matter what happens between us, it will be what the two of us decide is right for us. I love Ben."

Han yawned and soon Jacen did as well. "Well," Han said. I guess we should get to bed too. Night Jacen."

"Night, dad." After his dad left and entered his room, Jacen finally had time to himself in which to think. His thoughts were of Ben and how much he loved him. His thoughts turned to what he wanted, what Ben wanted, expressing their love for each other physically. "What am I afraid of?" Jacen thought. It wasn't like he'd never had sex before. He'd been having sex with other boys and men since he was fourteen. And it wasn't even like he had never had sex with younger boys before. He'd had sex with Valin Horn and others. But he had to admit that he never felt for anyone what he felt for Ben. It was sexual, yes, but it was more than that. He loved everything about the boy, the way he looked, the way he smelled, the way he smiled. And his intelligence and the way his mind never stopped working.

Jacen finally came to a decision. He was going to go into the room. He would wake the boy and they would talk and, hopefully they would do other things. Jacen walked quickly to the door of the room he was sharing with his Padawan and the door slid open at his approach.

To Jacen's surprise, Ben was still awake when he entered. That was good, Jacen thought, it would save him the aggravation of trying to wake the boy up. "Have trouble getting to sleep, Ben?"

"Yeah, cause I wanted to wait for you." With that he lowered the covers. Jacen was not surprised to see that the boy was naked as that was the way that Jedi usually slept. He looked at the boy appreciatively. His chest was fairly developed for such a young boy, but then his father had always had a thick chest. His chest and the rest of his body was covered with such fine hair as to appear completely hairless. And his tiny genitals were very enticing. Jacen finally, came back to his senses and he started undressing.

Ben watched with rapt attention while his Master's body was slowly revealed. What he saw took his breath away. His Master wasn't muscle bound but his years of Jedi training had made him hard and lithe. His body was covered with some dark hair, not a lot but enough to make Ben wonder what it would be like to run his fingers through it. But it was Jacen's manhood that drew most of the boy's attention. Ben longed to touch it and to hold his Master's scrotum in his hand. But he knew that he must wait. Jacen had insisted on that, that they must talk about many things before anything like that would happen.

Jacen approached the bed and Ben slid over to let him in. Jacen climbed up on the bed, leaned against the headboard. Ben immediately moved beside him and snuggled up to Jacen, who wrapped his arm around the boy. "Ben, what do you hope will happen between us?"

"Master, I hope that eventually we will express our love for each other totally. I especially hope that you and I will make love at some point."

Jacen smiled. "Ben, that is what I want too. Do you understand what that means?"

"Well, I know that there's a difference between making love and just having sex. When you make love, it's with someone you have a special relationship with. Having sex can be done by two people who just happen to be horny. I know that I love you and I know that I want to share myself with you in this way. Anything else I need to know about it, I figure you can teach me as we go along."

Jacen turned sideways and Ben did as well. Jacen leaned down and kissed Ben gently on his lips. He felt Ben's small tongue run across his lips, requesting entrance which Jacen granted. The boy's tongue probed into his Master's mouth. Jacen's tongue went to meet it and they wrestled as they explored each other's mouth. Jacen moved over so that Ben's back was now against the headboard. Jacen broke the kiss and started his way lower. He nuzzled Ben's smooth neck, then kissed his way towards the boy's tiny nipples. He licked and sucked first the right one and then the left one. The little nubs stiffened under the ministrations of Jacen's mouth. Ben started making noises, halfway between a moan and a whimper, it was a noise that Jacen knew meant that Ben was thoroughly enjoying these new sensations.

Jacen stopped long enough to have Ben lay out flat. But as soon as he had done so. Jacen's mouth and tongue went back to work again. He worked his way down to Ben's navel, which was an innie. Jacen stuck his tongue into it and laved his tongue around. The volume of Ben's boymoans increased at this. But Jacen continued downward, even tracing the outline of Ben's hipbones with his tongue. Jacen deliberately avoided Ben's genitals working his way down the boy's smooth right leg all the way to the tips of his toes. He even took each one of Ben's toes into his mouth and sucked on them. He traced his way upwards again. Then he repeated the process on his left leg.

Ben was going crazy with his pent up lust. He had never imagined that it could be like this. Every inch of the front of his body was tingling from the work of Jacen's tongue. Jacen's tongue was making every nerve in his body feel like it was on fire. He wanted nothing more than for Jacen to finally begin to work on his penis, which was so hard that he thought it would burst. But Jacen didn't, he teased Ben by licking up and down both legs. It took every ounce of patience he possessed to keep from begging Jacen, "FOR GOD'S SAKE, WILL YOU SUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM!"

Jacen knew that Ben was finally ready. He had once again reached the boy's crotch. This time he started to lick Ben's smooth scrotum feeling the outline of each tiny testicle. He then sucked the whole scrotum into his mouth, rolling each of Ben's balls around with his tongue. Ben's boymoans were so loud now that Jacen was surprised that his dad wasn't banging on the door demanding to know what was going on. Jacen could tell that Ben was on the very edge, with every nerve tingling and alive. He finally swept down and engulfed the boy's tiny erection in his mouth and started a light suction.

Ben's response was instantaneous. He grabbed two handfuls of Jacen's hair and began to buck his hips upward, thrusting his cock into the warm, wet mouth of his Master. It took only about a minute for Ben to stiffen and Jacen could feel Ben's cock start to twitch with his boyish, dry orgasm. But Jacen didn't stop. He sucked through the boy's first orgasm and after about ten minutes, brought him to another. At that point, Ben forced Jacen to stop by telling him that he was too sensitive and his head was starting to hurt.

Jacen moved to lay beside Ben and they kissed. Ben smiled and said, "Jacen, that was even more amazing than I imagined. Thank you." He paused. "Master, I know that I should probably do something for you but I am very tired. Can it wait for another time?"

Jacen smiled and said, "Of course, it's been a long day. We'll get settled in and then you go to sleep, young Skywalker." They moved so that they were lying on their sides, Ben's back to Jacen's front. Jacen draped his arm over Ben's chest. Ben snuggled into Jacen's embrace. It almost seemed like he was trying to become part of Jacen's body. Ben sighed. It was a sound that Jacen remembered Anakin making. He knew it meant that Ben was completely happy and content with everything in his life.

Then Jacen heard Ben's soft, regular breathing and knew that as soon as he had sighed, he had fallen instantly asleep. It had never ceased to amaze Jacen how quickly little boys could fall asleep sometimes. Jacen laid there, enjoying the feel of Ben's naked skin against his own. Finally, he drifted off to sleep as well.