Author's Note: This is a fictional story; even though this has a celebrity in the story it still is fictional and has nothing to do with the celebrity’s sexuality at all. I am not sure if the person is actually gay this is just a story. If the names resemble anyone please remember that. Also please know that this story does contain sex between minors and that this is a story I created and it is not permitted

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The Prince Changed My Life Chapter 1

Being gay is hard when you live in a small town because everyone knows each other’s business. My name is Shawn Atkinson and I live on a farm with my parents and two younger brothers. I am 6ft 4 and 175lbs and had brown hair and emerald green color eyes. I am well built for my age do to working on a farm. My cock is 10inches when it’s hard and 7 1/2inches soft. I keep my hairs trimmed. I just turned twenty one and I couldn’t help but want to live my life. I dated a few girls just to keep people from knowing I was gay. I never did more than two dates with each girl. But I couldn’t take this small mid-west town of Fordland, MO. So I packed up my Ford Bronco and told my parents good bye and left not wanting to ever look back. The first place I came to was Las Vegas the place was amazing I stayed in the Luxor. One night I went to go watch a magic show in MGM hotel and I bumped into a guy I was about to cuss him out and tell him maybe he should watch where he was going. I looked up to see who knocked me over and there I saw the guy I always would masturbate to Prince Harry. I was dumbfounded because he was standing right there and he was just as hot as he is in all his photos. He stretched out his hand and helped me up. He then asked if I was okay and I just stood there like a deer in the headlights. He looked around and then told me why don’t I come with him and we could hang out for the night. I couldn’t believe it Harry wanted me to hang out with him for the night, I had to try and think of something else to keep my hard on from wanting to rip out of my pants. We went to the magic show and had a private table then we went to watch the show.

Since it was so late when we were done I told him I was going to head back to my hotel room. He took my hand and held it “You know you really do not have to go back to your room. I really like spending this evening with you and I would like to continue spending it with you. Why don’t you come back to my room?” he said with his sparkling blue eyes looking at me. I couldn’t say no I mean come on this was my fantasy coming true. I told him I would be honored; he then took out his cell phone and called for a ride. We were taken to the Paris Hotel. His bodyguards were waiting there for us and we were taken to the Presidential Suite. We walked into the bedroom and Prince Harry looked at me “I actually saw you earlier as you were leaving the Luxor and there is something about you that makes me feel so hot. I haven’t ever really been attracted to guys before, yea I have jerked off with some mates but you I want to be with forever” he then placed his lips against mine and we kissed.

As I felt his tongue wrestle against mine and I swore time had stood still. We began rubbing each other’s hard on through our pants. We broke from our kiss and began stripping his body was covered with freckles and red hair. He was chiseled to what looked like a Greek God, his body was perfect. His dick was uncut and his rock hard dick was 9 and half inches long. We locked our lips back together and we made our way to the bed. Harry then stopped kissing my lips and slowly began kissing my body. His kisses were bringing Goosebumps to my body and it made my dick fill like it was going to explode from being so hard. He reached my dick and began sucking on my balls. He looked up to me and winked at me, it was so amazing I have never imagined that someone sucking on my balls would turn me on so much. He then began licking my shaft up and down and then he had it all completely in his mouth. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and looked at me “I must say your dick has the sweetest taste of Precum leaking from it. I want to have your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me” he said to me almost pleading. I had to pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I then grabbed a condom I kept in my wallet just in case I ever did have sex out of my wallet and slid it on my dick. Harry grabbed some lube he had in a drawer and rubbed it all on my dick and then he began to lube his ass. He then straddled over my dick and then sat on my dick. I thought I was going to end up shooting my load right then he was so tight. He began riding my cock as we kept up our pace I felt like my body was on fire from how much he turned me on. Finally after a half hour I told him I couldn’t take it anymore I was going to cum. He quickly removed my cock from his ass and tore of the condom and began sucking my dick again which caused me to shoot several loads in his mouth. Cum was seeping from his mouth and then I felt the hot warmth and stickiness of his dick shooting his load all over my body. He fell on me and we kissed some more sharing my cum that he kept in his mouth. We got up and showered, and then he told me he wanted me to stay the night.

I fell asleep with Harry holding me and I couldn’t help but fill like I was dreaming. I woke up the next morning and the thought of last night crept into my mind and I thought that was the best dream ever. But I realized it was not a dream I was in bed with Prince Harry in his room. I turned my head and as I did I felt Prince Harry’s morning hard on pushing up into my ass crack. I quietly turned and then slid down and began to kiss his cock. I had never sucked dick before but I knew I could do this, I wanted to do this. I heard Harry moan and I looked up and saw he was still asleep so I decided to slip his dick into my mouth. It took me a few times to get pass the gag reflex and soon ended up having his full cock in my mouth. His moaning began to get louder and I looked up and saw he was awake and watching me. I kept sucking on his dick and I felt his dick begin to shake and throb in my mouth. Then I felt his cock shoot his cum into my mouth I ended up swallowing it all down it tasted just like a salty creamy delight. I slipped his dick out of my mouth and slid up to meet his lips and kissed. He smiled at me “I love the way you woke me up, I know we just met mate but I want you to be with me forever” he said between kisses. I looked into his eyes and I told him I felt the same way he did.

Finally after an hour of kissing we got up and he called in for room service so we could eat breakfast. He then led me to the bathroom where we enjoyed the jet pool tub. We sat in the tub and kissed some more then Harry said he wanted to know all about me. I told him I was from a small mid-western town in Missouri and I just turned twenty-one. I happen to graduate high school at 16 and I had a degree in economics and ethnic studies. I then told him how life was growing up in my town and he told me he could somewhat relate to me because since he was of royal blood he always was being watched. We talked some more and got to know one another. He told me he has always known he liked guys but also girls, but since his Grandmother the Queen would completely shun him if he did go with a guy things would be bad. I asked him what happens if he was found out with me and then he said “You know what I do not really cares what they say. I love you Shawn I want to be with you forever in my life. I have never ever felt like this before. I do not want this to ever end” he said planting a long passionate kiss on my lips. We got out of the tub and grabbed some robes and had our breakfast that room service delivered while we were in the bathroom.

We lied down on the couch with Harry in my arms with his ass nestled softly against my dick. We fed one another grapes and strawberries. I told him I still couldn’t believe I was with him, I then told him about how I use to look at some pictures of him that magazines had taken of him and beat off to him. He turned bright red and then asked me if I always had a crush on him. I told him I did and I use to dream about being with him. We talked for another hour and then his phone rang, it was security telling him that he really need to get ready because his flight back to England was in four hours. I pretended not to hear and I began to cry because I really thought we would have more time. I wiped the tears from my eyes and Harry look up at me and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I wish we had more time and he asked me what the bloody hell I was talking about “Shawn I want to know if you will come back to England with me. I could say I am hiring you to be my personal assistant that way we can always be together” he said turning around kissing me once again while undoing my robe. I asked him what he was doing we needed to get ready to leave and he smiled at me and said my plane leaves when I say so, perks to being royalty. He slipped my semi-hard dick into his mouth began sucking on it making it grow to its full length. I grasped the side of the couch and tilted my head back and began to moan. I held on to not shooting my load for at least fifteen minutes but I could fill my cock aching to want to erupt. My toes began to curl and my body began to shake and I then shot my load inside Harry’s mouth. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and said now we can get ready to go. He asked me what my room number was in the Luxor and I told him he then picked up his cell phone and called the Luxor and told them to have my things be ready for someone to pick them up in an hour. I told him what about my car and he just smiled and said he will have it ship to England. I kissed him and we got dressed and headed downstairs to his car. Security greeted us and we got into the car and headed to the airport.

When we arrived at the airport security was busy using dogs and mirrors to check over the plane. We were asked to wait in the car tell the search was done and finally after fifteen minutes we were told we could enter the plane. George who was the head of Harry’s security informed me that my belongings were already loaded in the plane. He then told us that my Ford Bronco is already on its way to England. I was dumbfounded that how efficient Harry’s security was. Harry grabbed my hand and we walked into the plane. I was a little worried that someone might see us but Harry told me that he didn’t care if anyone saw us now. We entered the plane and sat down; a lady came to us asking if we wanted a drink while we wait. Harry told her that he wanted a bottle of Champaign brought to us. She left and ten minutes later came back with two Champaign glasses and a bucket of ice with a Champaign bottle in it. She popped the cork and then poured us our glasses. I took a sip and let out a small laugh at the tickle of the bubbles hitting my nose. The Champaign was delicious and Harry told me he always got his from Tuscany. I had three glasses and I was feeling it, I ended up feeling very horny as well. Harry looked at me and smiled because he could see my cock hardening up inside my pants. The captain came over the speaker and said we are about to leave so please stay seated.

Once we were in the air Harry looked at me and then stood up and grasped my hand. “How about you and make our deposit to the Mile High Club” he said to me. I looked at him oddly because I never really understood what that meant. He led me to the back of the plane that had a small bed in it. He then began to take his clothes off and then he helped me take mine off. He got me undressed quickly and soon we were on the bed in a sixty-nine session. Sweat was pouring from my body and then Harry stopped and looked at me and grabbed a condom from under the mattress and asked me if I wanted to fuck him. I told him I sure did and he then opened up the condom package and slid the condom onto my cock and he asked me to fuck him missionary style. I knew that style from watching porn movies, I slid my dick into his ass and I felt him ass and his body tighten up. I asked him if he was okay and he begged me to not stop. We spent an hour of love making until I pulled out of him and shot my load all over his stomach and then he shot his load all over himself as well. I began licking up our cum mixture and then I shared my cum filled mouth with Harry. We just lied down there in one another’s arms. I was so happy that I finally found someone to be with. Harry combed through my hair “When we get back to England we will get you a suit to wear so you can meet my father and brother. In a couple days I will introduce you to Grandmother as well but do not worry. No one will take me away from you Shawn” he said kissing my neck.

We grabbed our clothes and began to get dress; I felt a bit undress but Harry informed me that I looked extremely hot. I kissed him and told him he was the hot one. After ten hours of flying we were told that we needed to sit down because the plane was about to descend. We sat down and soon we were on the ground. Harry and I both were feeling the drain from the time differences and we had major jet lag. A Royals Royce pulled up to the plane and we got in. Harry told the driver to head to his place but to avoid the main streets. We headed to his place and when we got there I was amazed his place was a mansion. I asked him who all lived here and he smiled “My brother and I lived here on our own for a while but when he got married him and Kate moved, now I am the only one that lives here. This means that we have the whole place to ourselves” he said kissing my lips. We stopped and got out at the backdoor to avoid the paparazzi. Harry told me he hated them because of what happen to his mom. We walked in and George came to us letting us know the home was paparazzi free. Harry thanked him and then George told us he informed the staff I was going to be here as well.

Harry took my hand and told me he wanted to give me the Grand Tour. The place was beautiful it was filled with suits of armor and tapestries. He led me to the private garden where he told me he use to play hide and seek with his brother and mom in. He finally led me to his bedroom and it was huge. He had a four poster king size bed in one corner and a 72 inch big screen television mounted to the wall on the other end of the room. He had all the game systems you could think of and tons of games and movies. He then led me to the bathroom and there was a huge shower that could fit four people easily. It had shower heads on every side and a rain style shower head directly above in the middle. He stripped in front of me and told me that I can roam around the whole house naked if I desired none of the staff minded. I eagerly took my clothes off and got done on my knees and began sucking on Harry’s dick. I sucked and sucked until Harry’s knees almost buckled and he grasped my shoulders to stand and then he shot his load into my mouth. I got up and he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed. Harry picked me up and carried me like I was his bride to the bed where we fell asleep wrapped into one another’s arms.

We woke up and Harry checked the clock beside the bed and it read 2:30pm he smiled and kissed my forehead where we wished each other good afternoon. There was a knock on the door and Harry said to come in. I was scared because here I was naked in bed with Prince Harry. A butler came in and smiled and wished us good afternoon and then he said that Prince Charles wanted to see him at 5pm sharp. Harry got out of bed not really wanting to and I couldn’t help but admire his hot sexy ass and hard cock. I notice the Butler was also checking him out and he smiled at me then winked. The butler I found out was twenty nine years old and a veteran. His name was Ralph and he was cute. He then asked Harry what he wanted to wear and Harry said a suit would work so Ralph went to get him some clothes. I sat at the edge of the bed and smiled at Harry. “What are you smiling at stud, you are going with me” he said softly giving me a shove. I told him I really didn’t have anything appropriate to wear to meet his father Prince Charles. He told me to put on any clothes for now, and when Ralph walked back in with a charcoal gray suit with a deep blue tie, white shirt and gold cufflinks. Harry got dressed and I noticed Ralph’s eyes kept eyeing my hard on I kept trying to hide under the sheets but was having difficulty doing so. Harry then told him to call the Royal tailor and have him come immediately to have me suited. Ralph left and Harry then looked at me and my hard on poking through the sheet. He sat next to me and began jerking my dick and soon I shot my load all over my stomach and chest. Harry looked at me and said mmm breakfast and licked me clean. He just finished licking me clean when Ralph returned and told us the tailor is on our way. He had a smile from ear to ear, and I knew I would need to ask Harry about Ralph.

I put on some boxers, gym shorts, and a tank top and just as I was slipping my shirt on Ralph came back and told us the tailor was here. Harry told him he wanted me fitted for 3 suits but he wanted one ready by 4pm today. The man said okay in a very strong French accent. He whipped out his measuring tape and began measuring me. I managed to control my hormones because as he was doing so Harry came in sucking on a Popsicle and mimicking it like it was a dick. I laughed a few times and the guy told me no laughing I have to work here. When he finished he asked Harry what color did he want done today and he said the Charcoal gray suit and he wants me to have the same color tie as him, shirt and gold cufflinks as well. The guy wrote it down and left the room. I sat on the couch he had in his room and he came and pushed my legs down and sat next to me resting his head on my shoulder. I asked him about Ralph and he laughed and asked if I am jealous. I asked him should I be jealous and he kissed my lips. He told me I shouldn’t worry at all because I am the only person he will ever want to spend his life with. He then began to tell me about Ralph “I met Ralph when I was in the Royal Army. We were stationed together but on a tour in Afghanistan Ralph was hurt and put on the unfit to continue military services. I came and visited him every day in the hospital because we became good friends. One day in the hospital I met a guy about my brother’s age sitting next to him and was jerking him off. I knocked and the quickly put their dicks away and looked around scared. I smiled and came in and shut the door behind me. Ralph introduced me to his partner Leonardo. He said that they met in High School and has been together since. He begged me not to tell anyone and I told him that his secret is safe with me. I then told them about my fantasies with being with a guy they are the only one that knows beside my private staff and you” he said yawning.

At 3:59pm we were told that the tailor was back so Harry had him brought in. He came in carrying a Charcoal gray suit wrapped in plastic. It looked like it had been ironed and pressed. He handed me the suit and told me to try it on. I stripped down to my boxers and put on the trousers and the shirt then the jacket. The tailor looked me over and smiled and nodded to Harry and left. Harry handed me a pair of socks and some shoes that the tailor brought over to go with the suit. I tied my tie and Harry helped me with my cufflinks and he took a step back and made a wolf whistle. I smiled and walked over to him and put my arms over his shoulders and kissed his lips. We broke from our kiss when George knocked on the door and informed us that the car was here. Harry took my hand and led me to the car, we got in and we were on our way to see Prince Charles. We got there in no time thanks to the police escort, and we walked into the home of Prince Charles and I it was so beautiful. Harry whispered into my ear to just stay by him so I won’t get lost. We were escorted into the sitting room where we waited for his dad. When Prince Charles arrived Harry and I got up, Harry gave his father a respectful bow and so did I. I saw Prince Charles looking at me and I smiled and tried not to make eye contact.

Prince Charles asked Harry who I was because he was expecting him to come alone. Harry introduced me as his personal assistant; he told him that he met me in Las Vegas. I am extremely intelligent and already have been in college for economics and ethnic studies. Prince Charles looked at me with a raised eyebrow “Tell me young man what makes you so special that my son takes you an American as a personal assistant” he asked me sternly. I sat up straight, and told him about my life and school he then asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told him that I did date a few girls but just never found that special someone. He smiled at me then looked at Harry “I like him he will be a great assistant to you Harry and maybe he will help you settle your wild life down a bit. He then talked about Harry’s trip to Vegas and how it was. A woman came in dressed in a maid outfit notifying us that dinner was ready. Charles stood up then we did and he had us follow him to the dining room. The place had a huge table that could easily sit three dozen people but instead it had three plates set at one of the ends.

After dinner with Prince Charles Harry and I left back to his home and we made out in the car. Our hands were rubbing each other’s dicks through our pants causing them to get rock hard. We made it home and as soon as we were safely behind clothes doors of Harry’s house we continued on with our making out. By the time we were in the bedroom Harry had me walking with my pants dropped to my ankles. He told me to undress and I did, he then pushed me over onto the bed and began indulging on my cock. He was becoming a pro at sucking dick. He played with my balls and my shaft making my dick ache. I told him I was going to cum and he smiled and told me that he wants me to cum inside his ass. I asked him if he is sure and he said that he has to have it. I told him to lie down on his back and put his legs over my shoulders; once he was ready I began to push my dick slowly inside of him. He whimpered and I could see a tear forming in his eyes. I asked him if he wanted me to stop and he told me to keep going. Finally when I had my whole entire cock emerged inside his ass I waited for him to tell me it was okay to go at it again. When he was use to my cock I began moving in and out of him slowly, which each thrust inside of him his ass tighten and he would moan out in pleasure. I began to quicken my pace and soon we were shooting our loads at the same time. Harry gasped as he felt my cock shoot its several loads of cum into his ass. I pulled out and licked his cum covered belly clean, I then began to kiss him. Harry looked into my eyes “Shawn Atkinson I do not care if we just barely met a few days ago but I Love You So Much” I smiled at him and kissed him again and told him I love him.

We held one another tightly in each other’s arms and finally Harry said he had to go pee. We got up and peed together and I couldn’t help but notice Harry was walking a little funny, which made me laugh. He looked at me and then said “let’s got to the kitchen and see if there is any ice cream”. I went to grab a robe and he took it and threw it back towards the bed and smiled then told me he doesn’t want me to cover my beautiful body. I nervously said okay and we headed to the kitchen, we passed a few house staff and they just ignored us or bowed to Harry. We entered the kitchen and found some butter pecan ice cream, Harry grabbed two spoons and we sat at the bar and ate out of the carton. Ralph came in and saw us sitting naked eating ice cream. He smiled at us then said “If I knew this was a birthday suit party I would have come dressed for the occasion”. We all laughed and Harry told him to grab a spoon he generously declined and said he just came for some chocolate syrup so he and his partner James could have some fun. Harry winked at me and I could see that he was thinking to try it on me.

To Be Continued…