Author's Note: This is a fictional story; even though this has a celebrity in the story it still is fictional and has nothing to do with the celebrity’s sexuality at all. I am not sure if the person is actually gay this is just a story. If the names resemble anyone please remember that. Also please know that this story does contain sex between minors and that this is a story I created and it is not permitted

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The Prince Changed My Life

Previously…He kissed my lips and he began to fuck my tender ass with his cock. We lasted for 20 minutes until I blew the biggest load of cum all over both of us and the bed. We passed out and didn’t wake up until 5am the next morning.

The Prince Changed My Life 3

Things for Harry and I are going great and our love is blossoming at its fullest, Harry came out to his Grandmother the Queen and she was furious. For a Queen she said some very vulgar, nasty and ruthless things to Harry. She had her guards escort us both out and she let me and Harry both that she will not give us her blessing. As Harry and I sat in his car tears were beginning to flow from his eyes. I took him and held him to comfort him. My cell phone began to ring and I looked at it and saw it was Harry’s father Prince Charles. I picked it up and answered it professionally, he asked if I was with Harry and I told him yes I was. Prince Charles asked if I could put him on speaker so I did. He began to apologize for what the Queen said and he told us that he still had his blessing. If we need anything to just ask. He told Harry that he loves him no matter who he chooses to love. He then told us that if his mom was still alive he knows she would be happy for both Harry and I. We told him thank you so much and he then told us we should have lunch sometime. We agreed and said thank you then we hung up and told the driver to take us home.

Once we arrived home Harry went to the couch and just lay down and stared at the ceiling. I know the words his grandmother said to him were eating at his heart. I went to the bathroom and turned on the jetted tub’s water. I added some bubble bath solution then walked over to Harry and kissed his lips. He looked at me with such sad eyes I almost wanted to cry myself. I began to undress him and he asked me what am I doing and I told him we are going to take a bath. He helped me finish undressing him and I kissed his lips softly. I then quickly undressed myself and led Harry to the tub. We got in and he smiled softly and he then apologized for what his grandmother said. I wrapped my arms around his waist and told him I am not worried about it. I told him that there will always be someone who will hate something about you. He smiled and kissed me with pure Passion in his heart. I noticed his eyes no longer had that sadness look on them.

We sat in the tub for almost forty-five minutes until we finally got out. Harry looked exhausted, we dried off and went to bed as we climbed in Harry looked me with such cute puppy dog eyes and asked me to hold him tonight. I smiled and kissed him and wrapped my arms around him and snuggled into him. We fell asleep and slept a long time. When I woke Harry was still asleep, I grabbed my cell phone on the nightstand and text message Ralph to bring in something to eat for us but to be quiet because Harry was still sleeping. I carefully slid out of our bed and as I did I kissed Harry’s neck. I put on my bathrobe and went to the bathroom to pee. I checked Harry’s schedule and noticed he had one meeting today with one of the charities his mom started. I called them up and they actually said they are glad that I called because the person who Harry is supposed to meet with is at the hospital in labor with her first child. I laughed a little and told them to just call or email me when we can meet with either her or the person who will be filling in for the lady. The man kindly thanked me for understanding and I hung up just as Ralph was bringing in a tray full of fruits and two bowls for cereal and some milk. He told me that he will have some tea in a minute and also some coffee for me. I thanked him and he looked over to Harry sleeping and then asked if he is okay. I told him he will be he just got hurt by his Grandmother who made it clear she doesn’t accept us being together. He looked at me and told me that since he has known Harry he has never seen him happier than he is when I am around. I thanked him and he turned and left the room.

I sat down on the couch and opened my laptop to check my emails. There was a few from a couple friends on Facebook asking where I have gone and if I am okay. I noticed one from my mom that said “Son Please Respond As Soon As You Read This”. I thought it was a bit odd for my mom to send me an email so I opened the letter and it said “Shawn I have tried calling your cell phone a couple of times and keeping getting your voicemail. I need you to call me as soon as possible it’s about one of your brothers there has been an accident. Love Mom” I quickly grabbed my cell phone and dialed the house number when no one answered I looked through my contacts and found my dad’s cell phone number. I pushed the button and the phone rang twice when my dad answered it. Just by the sound of his voice I knew he had been crying. I asked him what happen and my dad told me that my brother Mitch was coming home from a church dance when a drunk driver hit the car he was in. I asked my dad if Mitch was okay and he told me that he has cracked skull, broken ribs and both legs are broken so the doctor has him in a drug induced coma for now. I asked him if he needed me to come back to the states and my dad told me no to stay where I am. He then told me something my dad has never said to me before. He told me how much he loves me and no matter whom I am or where I am I will always be his son and he loves me so much. I told him to keep me updated and gave him the number to the Harry’s house and he told me he will do that. I hung up and wiped tears from my eyes and prayed and asked God to watch over my little brother.

Ralph came in with the tea and coffee and saw me sitting there on the couch crying. He asked me if I was okay and I told him what happen. He asked permission to sit down and I told him he never has to ask permission to sit down in front of me. He smiled and we talked about what happened. He tried to comfort me the best he could and told me he is here if I ever need a friend to talk to. Around noon Harry woke up and I looked to him and smiled “Well Good Afternoon my Prince, may I say you look extremely hot”. He smiled then threw a pillow at me. I got up and kissed him and joked about his dragon breath. He went to the bathroom and rinsed his mouth with some mouth wash and came back. We ate our brunch and then I told him all that I have been up to. When I told him about my brother he quickly grabbed my cell phone before I could say anything and called George and told him to make sure his plane is ready in two hours that he and I are going to need it to get to Springfield, Missouri. When he hung up I tried to tell him no it’s not necessary and he put his hand up and said my family is his family. I kissed him and told him thank you so much he smiled and told me that I can thank him in the plane later. We showered and packed some clothes for our trip. I told Harry we better call his father and see if we can reschedule our lunch appointment tomorrow with him. Harry ran to the couch grabbed my cell phone and called his Father. He told him what happened and how I didn’t want to go but that he feels I should go. His father kindly told me that he agrees and to let him know how my brother is doing when we get there. I came in and Harry smirked at me then smacked my naked ass with his towel. I laughed and told him that’s not fair that he plays naughty and I can’t do anything since we need to get ready. I quickly called my dad’s cell and my mom answered I told her I am coming back to the U.S to make sure Mitch is doing okay. I also told her that Prince Harry is coming with me and she assured me she will make sure things are kept quiet about him coming. I told Harry he is going to have to dress differently to blend in and he asked me how so. I went to my clothes in the closet and grabbed two flannel shirts and handed Harry a green one. I told him to put this on with some blue jeans and once we were dressed I told him with some sunglasses and a cowboy hat he will be unnoticeable. He smirked and told me that he loves when I look all country like.

We got to the airport where Harry’s plane was waiting for us. We got into the plane and sat down, George came in and told me he has thoroughly checked everything and the plane is ready for takeoff. As soon as the plane reached the right altitude Harry and I undid our seatbelts and began to undress one another. We lay down on the floor of the plane and began to indulge in a hot sixty-nine session. We shot our loads in one another’s mouths. Once we were done milking every last bit of drop of cum from one another’s nut sacks we slid out of one another’s mouths and we then locked our lips together in a passionate kiss. When we broke from our kiss I smirked and began to jerk on Harry’s dick and got him hard again. Once he was hard I planted his cock up inside my ass. He began pounding my ass doggy style and Oh My God did he hit the right spot. When he shot his a load in my ass my body felt complete and whole. Harry slid out of my ass and we collapsed in our chairs. We got dressed and fell asleep holding hands. When the plane finally made it into United States Airspace, Harry woke up and went and called George to come to the back. When George arrived Harry asked George if we could get a small privately own airplane to fly into Springfield in this way not much attention is brought to him. George got on a phone and said a plane can be ready in JFK airport by 3:30pm. Harry told him to make it happen and to also look up a restaurant so we can eat. We arrived to the airport and we got out of Harry’s plane and got into a car that was waiting for us. We went to a really nice Greek Restaurant. When we got back at JFK airport Harry put on some sunglasses and a New York Yankee hat. I laughed because he so looked out of place. As we walked by a store in the airport I saw a cowboy hat and bought it for Harry. He looked so hot in a flannel shirt, blue jeans, and his new black Stetson cowboy hat.

When we arrived into Springfield, Missouri Harry told George to find a vehicle for us. I told him to make sure it’s not going to stick out and I told him to find a truck if possible. George came back in a half hour and handed us the keys to a Ford F-350 extended cab. The three of us got into the truck and I drove to the hospital my brother was in. When we arrive I went to the front desk and checked in and just put plus two instead of writing Harry’s name down. We headed down to the ICU unit and I found my mom sitting in a chair holding my brother’s hand as he slept. I quietly knocked on the door and my mom smiled when she saw us. She got up and gave me a great big hug; she then looked at Harry and gave him a hug. We introduced George and my mom hugged him as well. We stepped outside Mitch’s room and talked for a few minutes about what happen exactly. George was nice enough to go find the cafeteria and bring us back some tea and coffee. Harry and I talked on the plane about coming clean about us to my parents. When we told my mom she smiled and gave us both a kiss and a hug then said “Shawn I have known you were gay before you even reached puberty. I use to see how you would make glances at boys who walked by you and not really pay attention to the hot young ladies. I’ve mentioned it to your dad about a year ago and he told me so what if Shawn is he is our son and he will always be my son. So don’t you ever worry about us not loving you”. This is why I loved my mom she always had a big heart. I was a little shocked that my dad was so open to me being gay though. I asked her where dad was and she said he was at home working on the farm and watching Raymond my littlest brother. I told her we will go visit him and I will see if he needs a hand with anything.

We arrived at our farm and Harry was completely dumb struck when he saw our house. I told him it has been in our family a long time and has been remodeled and extended at least twice since the 1800s when it was built. He smirked and kissed me saying that he didn’t know I had my own little palace. We laughed then got out of the car. Raymond saw me and came running to me and I scooped him up and hugged him. Raymond is eleven and has tons of energy and like me he is very smart for his age. He looked at Harry and asked who he was. I introduced Harry and George and Raymond shook both their hands. I asked him where dad was and he told me in the barn trying to get the tractor working. He led us to the barn and I could hear my dad cussing out the tractor. I laughed and said loud enough for him to hear me “You know cussing at that tractor has never worked before dad. You need to talk to her soft and sweet’’. He quickly turned around and saw me and got up and hugged me. I laughed and said to him thanks for the greasy hug dad. I introduced Harry to my father, and my dad quickly pulled out a handkerchief and cleaned his hand and shook Harry and George’s hands. He apologized for the language and Harry laughed and told him it’s okay. Raymond grabbed Harry’s hand and asked if he wanted to see the new piglets and Harry told him yes and I watched Raymond drag Harry away with George right behind them.

My dad looked at me and smiled then came right out and said “I like Harry son, he is very kind I feel bad that the media has picked on his family so much”. I told him I agree with him on that. I told my dad about Harry and me and my dad hugged me and asked if I was happy with Harry and I told him more than I have ever been. My dad hugged me and told me that’s what matters most and he told me again how much he likes Harry. I asked if he wanted me to look at the tractor and he smiled and said please. I went over to the tractor and started it and when I heard it try to turn on but it didn’t I checked the spark plugs and asked my dad if he had any extra ones. He handed me some and told me he checked them but I put the lubricant on them and put the new ones in the engine and told my dad to try it now. He turned the key and it started right up. My dad looked at the tractor “Oh I see you don’t like me touching me but you always want to be nice and work for Shawn when he starts to work on you. After all we have been through you just don’t love me” he said to it laughing. Raymond, Harry, and George came back and I noticed Harry was covered in mud I asked him what happened and he laughed and said he went to go reach and try and pet one of the piglets and fell into the sty. I burst out laughing and he looked at me and then laughed himself. My dad told looked at Harry and laughed as well then told him lets go get you clean up. We went to the house and Harry went and showered while I went through some clothes my parents still had for me and found some clothes that would fit Harry. I knocked on the bathroom door and walked in and handed him the clothes. He thanked me and he got dressed.

When we walked downstairs together Raymond saw Harry for the first time without his sunglasses on and he jumped up and down saying “Look Daddy Shawn’s friend Harry is Prince Harry”. I picked him up and told him yes he is right but we need to keep this quiet and Raymond smiled big and said okay but only if Harry plays a game of Mario Cart on the Wii with him. Harry laughed and said he has a deal. My dad, George and I sat at the dining room table and watched Harry get his butt kick by my brother. After losing three races in a row Harry and Raymond stop playing and came over to the table. I asked dad what he had planned for dinner and he said not sure he is due to take over for my mom in an hour at the hospital. Harry spoke up and suggested that he and I go sit at the hospital for the night that way my dad and mom can come home and they can both get some sleep. My dad thanked Harry and me and told us that would be wonderful. We all headed to the hospital and stopped and got some pizza on the way to take. I introduced Harry to Canadian bacon and Pineapple and he told me that he has a new favorite pizza. We took over for my mom and her and my dad and Raymond left and told us that they will see us in the morning.

George asked if we would be okay by ourselves or if we wanted him to stay I assured him that we will be fine and to go get some sleep. He smiled and said he will be in the motel across the street in case we ever need anything. Harry told him to go and sleep and quit complaining. George left us alone in the room with Mitch, Harry and I sat next to the bed and I took my brother’s hand and told him I was here. Even though I knew my brother wasn’t awake I tr wasnt ww alked to him like he was. Mitch and I were always open to each other. He was the only one I officially came out of the closet to. I told him about Harry and me and when I did Harry grabbed his hand other hand and told him hello. We fell asleep in the chairs and around 5am we were woken up by the nurse coming in Harry put on a baseball cap and pulled it down so he couldn’t be recognize. The nurse didn’t pay any attention to us I watched her take my brother’s temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. When she gave him medicine in the IV I asked her what it was and she smiled and told me that is to help prevent blood clots. When she left Harry looked at me and smiled saying “I must say seeing you sleeping there in the chair sure is making me horny”. I laughed and told him I am horny for him as well, but we have to control ourselves until one of my parents come and take over. Around 7am George came in with some donuts and coffee. I asked him where the Tea was and he laughed saying that the donut lady said that tea and donuts do not go together all that well. We had our breakfast and when mom and dad arrived around 9:30 we offered them some donuts. I knew Raymond must be at school right now because they don’t like leaving us home alone until we are at least fourteen. We talked for a little while and I told them that Harry and I were going to go back to our motel room we had and get some sleep. Mom told us that we could go back to the house to stay but Harry quickly said to her “Mrs. Atkinson that is most grateful of you, but this still gives you and your husband time to be alone plus if something ever does come up and you guys need to stay closer our motel room has two sets of beds and we can always get a roll-away bed as well”. My mom got up and told him thank you so much for taking that in consideration.

George gave us our room key and said he wanted to go explore town a little if Harry didn’t mind. Harry told him to just make sure he has his phone with him. I gave George the keys to the truck and Harry and I left to the motel. We got into our room and Harry took me by my collar and pulled me onto the bed with him where we began making out. We spent the next two hours making love to one another where we both ended up shooting both our loads inside each other’s asses. When we got into the shower Harry kissed me and told me thank you. I asked him for what and he said for being his. He told me how much he loves me and my family. I told him that like he said it is now our family. He smiled even bigger which made his eyes light up and sparkle even more. We went back to the bed after we showered and slept for another couple hours. We woke up by my phone ringing I answered it without checking out the caller id. I heard William on the other end saying if I knew where Harry was. I handed Harry the phone and he and William talked for almost a half hour. When he hung up he smiled and told me that William was just worried about us since he heard about what the Queen said.

I checked my phone and saw it was nearing 4pm I called my bank that I still had hear in the states and checked my checking account. I text message my dad to see if my they could meet us all at Lone Star Steakhouse. He texted me back and told us they can do that then I texted George telling him I wanted him to come to dinner with us. He came to the Motel with our truck and we headed to the restaurant for dinner with the family. I called ahead of time and reserved a table for all of us and when we got there we were shown to our table. Harry seemed to enjoy the place everyone but my little brother had prime rib. Raymond ordered off the kid’s menu and got a burger. I watched Raymond and Harry joking with each other and that brought warmth to my heart. Harry looked at my dad “Mr. Atkinson I know I already asked Shawn this but I would just like to make sure that I had yours and your wife’s blessing on marrying your son”. My dad smiled and said that not only does he give us his blessing he told Harry we are welcomed to visit anytime.

We finished dinner and we all headed back to the hospital. Since Raymond was too young to come into the ICU Ward George kept him entertained in the waiting room. The doctor came into the room and told us that everything seems to be healing on Mitch but due to all his injuries he wants to keep him in a drug induced coma for a couple more days. He then told us that he is worried about some swelling that was on one of my brother’s lungs. My mom began to cry and my dad asked why they didn’t catch it sooner and the doctor simply said that they couldn’t tell from the bruising. My dad told the doctor he wants a second opinion and the doctor huffed that is coming from one of the best doctor’s in the area. Harry nudged me and asked me for my phone. I gave it to him and I told my mom we will be outside. Harry dialed a number and I tried not to listen but I did hear that him say something about wanting a Dr. Riley to come to Springfield, MO to look over a patient that is a friend of the royal family. He hung up and winked at me and we went back in to Mitch’s room. My mom were talking to one another trying to figure out what to do Harry put his hands on both their shoulders and told him he is having the very best Doctor from England coming tomorrow to look over Mitch’s condition. My mom told him that is okay he doesn’t need to come but Harry knelt down in front of her and took both her hands “This is the least I can do for your family Mrs. Atkinson and it is something I want to do plus I will make sure that everything is paid for while he is here in the hospital. My mom wrapped her arms around him and hugged him and he jokingly told her no more he can’t breathe.

My mom told us that she wanted to stay the night with Mitch so Harry and I should go get some sleep. We waited for my dad and then we all walked to the waiting room. Raymond was asleep with his head on George’s lap and George was reading a magazine. When we walked in he smiled and put his finger to his lips to tell us to be quiet. He carefully slid out from underneath my brother and then he picked him up and we walked to the cars. George sat Raymond who just started to wake up in the back seat. My dad gave us all hugs and told us to come to breakfast at the farm tomorrow around 9am. We told him we will and we went our different ways. Even though Harry and I wanted to have a night time love making session we decided to wait on it because we didn’t want to put George out of the room. But George had a different plan he went and told Harry and I that he has a room that he got next to ours so we can have some peace and quiet. Harry thanked him for everything and then Harry led me to the room where he began to quickly strip off his clothes and I followed suit.

I love the way Harry and I switch roles at times, sometimes I am the top and he is the bottom or vice versa. We ended up making love like this for most of the night. By the time we fell asleep we were completely covered in sweat and so much cum leaking from our asses that I knew when we woke up we would smell. The room already smelled of sex and male body odor. I know what you were thinking why didn’t we shower afterwards the truth is we were just too worn out. When we woke up the next morning we were so stiff and sore but we showered anyways and it felt really good to have the water hitting our bodies. I think the funniest thing about our all night love making was we both were walking funny because both of our asses were sore. We got dressed and just as I tied my right shoe there was a knock on the door and George said he was coming in. He came in and smelled the air and laughed. We headed to my family’s farm and I saw my mom was there she said she needed to come home to get a clean pair of clothes and shower then she will be heading back afterwards.

We all sat at the table and enjoyed a nice farm style breakfast there was Biscuits and Gravy, sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon, and country potatoes. Harry was shocked at all the food and how good it was. I told him everything except the potatoes comes from the farm here. We all had nice big helpings and enjoyed it. Afterwards I washed the dishes and Harry asked if he can help and I told him to grab a towel and dry. He began to dry the dishes and we enjoyed doing it. My mom came in and smiled “Well who would ever think I would have the privilege of having Prince Harry drying my dishes”. I looked at my mom and went Mom come on and then Harry and I both laughed. She gave us both a kiss on the forehead and left to the hospital. Harry looked at me “So what kind of stuff did you do for fun around here”? He asked me. I told him about there is a place called Branson who has some family style entertainment and a couple other places. I then told him I know of another way we can have some fun and he smirked and asked me how. I told him lets finish the last two dishes and I will show him.

We finished the dishes and I asked my dad if there is anything else he needs our help with. He looked around and told me not really that he was going to be heading to the hospital soon. Just then my cell phone began to ring I checked the caller id and didn’t recognize the number but I knew it was a number from England. When I answered it the person introduced himself as Dr. Riley and I quickly remembered Harry telling us about him. I told him one minute and then handed the phone to Harry. Harry talked to him for a while then hung up. He smiled and turned to my dad and me “Dr. Riley was able to catch an earlier flight so he will be here by 4:30 today and he wants to meet with both you and Mrs. Atkinson if that’s okay Mr. Atkinson. Also he said he will need to get you to sign a paper to allow him to take over Mitch’s case”. My dad began to cry and he told Harry thank you so much for all this and Harry smiled and told him don’t even mention it. I told my dad I was going to take Harry out to Branson for a bit and probably to Table Rock Lake as well. My dad had no problem with that and we headed out.

When we arrived at Branson, George was in complete heaven with the place. He told us to go ahead and go to the lake and he will just see us when we got back. We drove to Table Rock Lake and I drove to a spot that was very secluded from everyone. I grabbed a blanket I put in the back of the seat and took Harry’s hand and we walked along a path. When I found the place I was looking for that over looked the lake but was completely hidden by trees and bushes. I went and spread out the blanket and told Harry to come lay with me. We began kissing and making out. Soon we both had our clothes off and we began to feast on one another’s dicks. I kept teasing Harry by sucking on one of his balls ever so often and then I would tease his ass hole with my tongue. He finally got to the point he couldn’t take it anymore and he was begging me to fuck him. I began rimming his ass with my tongue and once he was nice and lubed with my spit I pushed my rock hard dick up into his ass. I pounded and made love to him for another half hour tell I shot my load inside of him. Harry gasped and shot his load as well all over me and his stomach. We laid there on the blanket afterwards and cuddled into one another. After an hour of cuddling we got our clothes on and picked up the blanket and headed back to Springfield. We picked George on the way back who told us of his adventure in Branson, he said he really liked it all.

We arrived at the hospital at 4pm and when we got to Mitch’s room we saw my mom and dad talking to the doctor from the previous day. By the look on my dad’s face I could tell he wasn’t happy at all. George insisted that Harry stay back behind him and he went up to my dad asked if everything was okay and I heard my dad “Dr. Lyons’ wants to keep our son on a drug induced coma for another week. I told him no because I do not want to risk the chance of brain damage. We just told him that he is fired from being Mitch’s doctor and we have one coming from England to take over the case. He is trying to tell us that this doctor has any right to come” my dad told George. George turned to Dr. Lyons and you can hear the authority in his voice “Now you listen hear Mister. This Doctor who is coming is the top of Doctor in England. He also has jurisdiction in this country and unless you want this family to sue you I suggest you obey”. Dr. Lyons’ took a deep breath in and just said fine and turned around and left. George smiled and motioned for us to come join him and my parents.

Dr. Riley arrived at the hospital around 5pm and even though he looked exhausted he had a kind soft look on his face. He came up to Harry and shook his hand and Harry introduced him to my mom and dad. Dr. Riley and they talked and then we saw Dr. Lyons coming down the hall with a couple security guards with him. Dr. Lyons looked at Dr. Riley and then he told security to escort the doctor out of the hospital. But before they could we saw several doctors coming down the hall. The one in front of the group spoke she was about my mom’s age “Dr. Riley it is an honor to have you here at COX hospital. I am so sorry about all this mix up and I assure you that Dr. Lyons will be more than happy to share all that he has on Mitchell Atkinson. If he doesn’t you have full support and authorization from the head of this hospital to get that information. Also if you do not have a place to stay the hospital will be honored to put you in a hotel on our expense” she said softly to him. She then looked at Dr. Lyons and told him that he will come to her office in ten minutes.

Dr. Riley excused himself for a few minutes and then returned with Mitch’s file. He began to read through the file asking my parents questions ever so often. He then sat the file down and told my parents that there is a procedure that can be done and once they relieve some of the fluid in the lungs Mitch will begin to wake up on his own at a small rate as they lower the medicine. My parents told him to do it, so Dr. Riley began to make the preparations for the procedure. While my parents were talking to the nurse Harry and I discussed that even though we both wanted to stay as long as it takes for Mitch to wake up we knew in the next few days we will need to head back to England. My mom came over and hugged Harry thanking him for bringing Dr. Riley to take care of my brother. She then asked us when we are due back to go to England. Harry and I both looked down at the ground and told her we should be heading back in the next few days. My mom kissed both our foreheads and told us that is fine because Harry has done so much already. The nurse came about two hours later and took my brother down for his surgery. We all waited patiently in the Surgery Waiting Room.

We sat in the waiting room for at least three hours until Dr. Riley came in smiling. “Well we have some very good news the fluid that was in Mitchell’s lungs was minimal. The other part that was thought to be fluid was just bruising and we removed the fluid from his lungs. We also managed to help ease some of the bruising. Now with that all said the next twenty four hours are crucial and we will need to keep a close eye on him” he said to us all. That night when Harry and I arrived back at our motel room we made loves to one another all the way tell 7am the next morning. We were so sore and tired from our love making session that we were almost crawling into the shower. We both laughed at one another as we both kept rubbing our asses because they were sore. We made our way to a little restaurant where we met up with George. We had a nice breakfast, I had to laugh at Harry he has been drinking more coffee then tea these days. After breakfast we got some fresh cinnamon rolls to go for my mom and dad. We arrived at the hospital and went to Mitch’s room. To our surprise Mitch was awake, and sitting slightly up in his bed and talking to my parents and Dr. Riley.

When Mitch saw me I began to cry a little bit because I felt this huge relief rise off my body. We walked over to the bed and I looked at him “You know if this is your way of just getting me home to see you than we are so going to have to work on a better arrangement bro” I said smiling at him. Mitch smiled and told me hello and then he saw Harry and his jaw dropped. My mom put her hand under Mitch’s jaw and pushed it shut and jokingly said that if he keeps that up he is going to catch flies. I told him about me and Harry and my brother looked at Harry and told him “Welcome to the family Harry, sorry we met like this but don’t worry I won’t be stuck here for long and when I do get out. Maybe I, you and my brother can get together then”. Harry told him he has a deal and he would like to fly the whole family to England once Mitch gets better.

To Be Continued…