Fic: The Prize I

The Prize

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: No truth to it and hence it's fiction.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Michael and David engage in a competition to win the ultimate prize.

Author's Notes: Shortly after "Introducing Jason Castro"and before Underneath a Blanket Full of Daisies", this was my feeble attempt at American Idolslash. Certainly not my proudest moment (I reckon it's pretty darn bad actually), but I have so much fun writing this fic. Sometimes, you need to give yourself a break and just let loose. This is that story for me. This fic and my other fics can be found at Castrofics along with many great fics by some amazingly talented writers.Otherwise, enjoy the story here and for visual aid, please check out Jason Castro Beautiful Slideshow.


The Prize I

"One. Two. Three."

David and Michael chanted out loud. David drew out scissors while Michael revealed his paper.

"I won!" David announced.

"Again." Michael countered. "Four out of seven."

"This is ridiculous. We'll never get a winner at this rate." David said.

"Well, the NBA Finals is the best of seven as is the World Series." Michael reasoned.

David threw his hands up in the air. "Fine!"

"One. Two.Three."

David and Michael chanted out loud, again. David drew out rock this time while Michael opened his palm for paper.

"I won this time." Michael beamed.

"One. Two-"

"What are you guys doing? Can I join?"

Both David and Michael froze, shoving their fists in their pockets and turned around to greet the world's prettiest boy. Jason fuckin' Castro with his pretty braided brown dreadlocks entwined with honey golden locks, with eyes so intensely blue they rivaled the Pacific Ocean, with lips so silky and full that both David and Michael daydreamed about sinking their teeth into those pouty lips.

"Um...nothing, Jason," David stuttered, running his hands through his hair.

Jason pouted. Clearly his so-called friends were doing something and apparently they didn't want him to participate in their games. This wasn't the first time they had excluded him, ostracized him from their close relationship.

The other day, he discovered them in the balcony playing tic-tac-toe. Again, he was denied entrance in their game. Michael reasoned that the game was before his time.

"'M not that young." Jason argued.

Michael just chuckled, shoving the boy back into the apartment.

"Yes, you are, Jason. How old are you?"


"And I'm 29 going on 30," Michael responded.

"So, he is too young for you to play with," David chimed in.

Michael shot him a dirty look and Jason looked more confused than ever.

"Jason, you should go hang out with the youngins'." Michael told him.

"But I don't want to hang out with them. I want to hang out with you and David." Jason pouted, jutting out his lower lips that Michael and David ever so wanted to sink their teeth in.

"Baby, you can't even go to the places David and I go to."

Jason looked defeated, sliding onto the couch, his arms crossed over his chest.

"And stop calling me, baby." Jason glared his piercing blue eyes at Michael. "Archie is even younger than I am."

"And that's why we call him fetus." Michael and David sang in synchrony as they laughed their way back into the balcony, leaving Jason alone in the apartment.

Looking back to that day in the balcony made Jason upset all over, again. They were roommates. They were friends, but it was obvious Jason was the third wheel in the relationship. They never asked him to join them on their escapades, citing that he was too young, he couldn't go the bar, he couldn't go the strip clubs, or any other excuse they had in the book to exclude him from their tight relationship. He wanted to be mad at them, but at the end, he wasn't. He couldn't blame them if he couldn't fit in.

Sighing deeply, he shoved his hands in his pockets. Lowering his head, he started to kick around the gravel on the ground. Suddenly, the ground was the most interesting thing ever.

"Why don't you guys want me around anymore?" The boy mumbled.

David's heart was breaking when he heard the pain in the boy's voice. He wanted to just wrap his arms around the boy and kiss him. He was leaning forward when Michael stepped in front of him.

"Don't be foolish," Michael whispered to David as he pushed him aside.

"We like you, baby, but sometimes David and I just want to hang out with each other, just the big boys." Michael explained.

Jason pouted some more. He lifted his head and David swore he saw a glint in the boy's eyes. The boy's eyes were welling up with tears and suddenly David felt guilty about excluding the boy, but how in the world could they include the boy when the object of their games was to see who would get the right to fuck the boy? Nevermind the fact that the boy never came out and declared himself gay, however, Michael reasoned that the boy decorated his hair with daisies and if that wasn't gay enough, then he doesn't know what is, or the probability that the boy won't like having a cock shoved up his pretty ass. Oh, those little details would have to be ironed out later even if it means the boy would have to be drugged, gagged, and bound to the bedpost. The imminent concern right now was to decide who would get the privilege of deflowering the daisy in the hair Jason Castro.

"It's okay," Jason mumbled, turning on his heels to walk away when David Archuleta sprang out of nowhere.

"I'll hang out with you, Jason!" The fetus shrieked.

Jason smiled at the young boy. "Thanks."

Jason looked over his shoulder one last time, hoping against odds that David or Michael would stop him and rescue him from the torture that he would have to endure in the company of the fetus. It didn't happen. Sighing in defeat, Jason joined David Archuleta and disappeared around the corner.

"That was close," Michael wiped the sweat off his forehead when he knew Jason was out of sight and earshot.

"Indeed, it was." David agreed.

"Now, where were we? Oh, yes, one, two, three..."