***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter involving NBA stars LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Zach LaVine (Minnesota Timberwolves). This story in no way attempts to question either of their sexualities or preferences.  Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***


The Toilet Brush



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"Hurry up, I can't hold it much longer."

"Hold on for a sec. Okay, it's recording. Go."


Zach retracted his foreskin and started pissing in the sink. A powerful jet of clear urine forcefully burst past the large slit in his bright pink glans and splashed all over the sink. With his left hand holding his cock in place, he put his right hand on his hip, closed his eyes, and tilted his head back, letting out a soft sigh of relief. He had first felt the urge to pee over an hour earlier, but had resisted because his buddy, mentor, and sexual "sponsor," LeBron James asked him to hold it so he could record it for his ever-growing library of their perverted exploits together.


Their relationship was an interesting one. LeBron was ten years Zach's senior and had twelve years' worth of NBA experience under his belt. He had immediately taken a liking to Zach, a handsome baby-faced biracial "kid" when he first saw him on Draft Night in 2014. It had become an unwritten common practice for an All-Star to "adopt" a rookie who wasn't on his team to mentor in the hopes that a greater NBA brotherhood would take place league-wide and hopefully reduce on-court fights and disputes come game night. As arguably the greatest player of his generation's, LeBron wasted no time demanding his agent reach out to Zach so he could take the rookie under his wing.


Zach had been somewhat arrogant in college. His good looks and athleticism had been a godsend, and in his mind, he could do no wrong. But suddenly, upon his being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves, despite the multimillion dollar contract and fame he was bound to receive, he had humbled himself, knowing that the NBA was a different stage altogether, and whatever skills he had acquired to-date wouldn't be enough for him to validate his arrogant behavior.


Things between him and LeBron had moved slowly at first. It wasn't until their twelfth meeting, just two days after Christmas 2014 and three days before LeBron's 30th birthday that the older NBA All-Star and MVP made it clear that he wanted more from Zach. The rookie was nervous and his cheeks had blushed a heavy red. LeBron didn't say just exactly what he wanted from him, but he knew that it wasn't something that he wanted to do. But how could he reject LeBron? LEBRON JAMES! If he did and it somehow got out to the public, his career would be over faster than it took to sign his name on his contract. But on the flipside, if he did comply, his career would know no bounds. He would have access to things even his own money and fame wouldn't be able to grant him on his own.


So here he was, for what seemed like and probably was the hundredth time, standing shirtless and pissing into LeBron's sink as the older star watched and recorded on his iPhone. He was genuinely shocked when "Bron," as he affectionately called him, had told him of his "toilet fetish." In truth, he had never become used to it, but hey, when a four-time NBA MVP asks you for something, you shouldn't deny it. Especially if you're a young rookie hoping to have a long, and successful career in this industry.


His piss stream slowed to a trickle. He opened his eyes and looked down and gently shook his young cock before going into his normal routine of pulling his foreskin over his glans and then immediately retracting it, trying to "milk" out whatever urine was still trapped in his urethra. Bron loved Zach's foreskin play, particularly because he himself was circumcised and had always been fascinated by that little extra skin that he had grown up without.


Zach looked into the camera and innocently licked his lips.


"You ready for the main event, playboy," LeBron asked. The rookie nodded his head and moved to pick up a plastic Tupperware-like container off the toilet and placed it on the floor next to LeBron's bathtub. He took off his black sweatpants, and the cool air caused his pinkish-brown, hairless scrotum to draw near to his body. He went to lie down on the floor, but his sponsor stopped him.


"Hold up, not too fast, not too fast. Show me your body."


Zach rolled his eyes and smiled his typical naughty-boy smile before flexing a few times for the camera.


"Quit playing. Stand still," the MVP commanded. Zach huffed.


LeBron panned the camera from Zach's beautiful green eyes down to his full pink lips, before tracing the length of the youngster's body. He zoomed in on his small pink nipples which contrasted brightly against his white skin.


"Where ya chest hair at, boy," LeBron taunted.

"STOOOOPPPPP," Zach whined. "I'm a man."


LeBron laughed as he continued down Zach's slender, toned, but otherwise unimpressive torso. His abs weren't well-defined, but he was in good shape nevertheless. His sparse, fine black strands of pubic hair, well-trimmed into an upside-down triangle came into view, and LeBron zoomed out slightly to get Zach's whole package in view. Zach's uncut cock dangled freely and protruded 5-inches from his body. His foreskin completely covered his glans.


"Pull that foreskin back, boy," LeBron commanded.


Zach did as he was instructed, revealing his shiny bright pink glans to the cool air. It was sensitive, and every time his foreskin glided over his glans created a tingling sensation.


"Tell Bron Bron how you like being uncut."

"It's cool, I guess. I couldn't imagine it any other way."

"Hairless balls," LeBron said to himself as he continued his exploration down Zach's body before quickly ending up at the boy's feet.

"You have some pretty feet."

"Stop Bron," Zach pleaded. He was slightly annoyed that the MVP had always taunted and joked around with him, but he was equally flattered that LeBron worshipped him so much.

"Turn around and show me that ass." Zach did as he was told.

"Make it clap."


Zach bounced slightly and made his ass cheeks "clap" like so many strippers and black girls were known for having perfected. It was interesting that he could do it because his ass was on the flatter side, one of the features that he picked up from his white mother.


"You got a white boy booty," LeBron taunted.

"But you like it," Zach quickly retorted.

"Hell yeah I do. Bend over and show me that hole."


Zach bent his lanky body over and touched his toes before cupping an ass cheek in each hand spreading them as far apart as they would go, revealing the most private part of his body. A long, airy gas escaped as he did so, quickly filling the upscale bathroom with his most pungent, personal scent.


"Funky...just how I like it," LeBron said, inhaling deeply as much as he could.

"Clench that hole closed. Tighter. Look at that pink pussy! Whose pussy is that? Am I talking to myself?"

"Ugghhh, yours," Zach confusingly hissed back.

LeBron zoomed in and studied Zach's young hole. Indeed, it was a beautiful pink hue and completely hairless. It actually resembled more of a slit than a hole, which is why LeBron called it a pussy. Although he had fucked Zach several times, the rookie seemed to be tighter and tighter each time he pushed his large bulbous head past the boy's sphincter.


"Are you done? I gotta shit," Zach said as he passed gas again which awakened LeBron from his daydream.

"Assume the position," LeBron joked.


Zach crouched down and laid on his back. With LeBron's help, he positioned the Tupperware container just under his anus, and pulled his legs back into his chest. He passed gas again and reflexively clenched his anus shut. LeBron put the camera down and leaned in to take in Zach's scent, before sticking his big nose up to the boy's hole and inhaling deeply. "You're disgusting," Zach thought to himself. LeBron gently licked the pink opening a couple times before leaving Zach to pass his stool, causing the young rookie to clench his toes at the wet sensation.

No sooner than he had picked his camera back up and focused it on Zach's manstink did he notice the pink slit flare up and a long, somewhat skinny, yellowish-brown turd slowly push its way out of the warmth of Zach's bowels. It was a Type 4 turd, smooth and soft, and despite a few small cracks here and there, it remained intact. It gave off a foul smell, somewhat hard to describe, but most closely resembled sour fish, sweaty socks, and brie cheese. After he had expelled what appeared to be a good 8-inches of unbroken turd, Zach clenched his sphincter, tearing the turd and staining his beautiful hairless pink slit brown with his smelly product. LeBron's heavy dick twitched in his pants as Zach clenched his hole shut, because he knew just how amazing it felt when the rookie's hole clenched around his hard dick and milked him down to the last drop of baby-making fluid he had stored in his testicles.

Zach pinched his nose as his own personal scent began to overwhelm him, but LeBron was unphased and kept his phone steady as he recorded.


"I know you got some more in there. Push that shit out," LeBron commanded.


The rookie grabbed his dick and pointed it down, retracting his foreskin in the process. His slit flared again as he pushed, and another small stream of clear urine raced from his piss slit into the container. Another smaller clump of yellowish-brown poop about the size of a golf ball, this one with two visible peanuts, dropped from his anus into the waste-filled container. LeBron noticed his young mentee straining his hardest to push again, but nothing came out.


"Grab that toilet brush," he instructed the rookie.


Zach picked it up out of its holder and passed it to LeBron, but not before tapping it a few times against its rim so that the water that cleaned it wouldn't drip all over the floor and his own body. LeBron flipped the stainless steel toilet brush upside down and dabbled the handle in Zach's shit that was in the container, coating it brown. Zach looked on curiously. "What's he doing," he thought to himself. But he wouldn't have to wait long to find out, for LeBron lined the poop-covered toilet brush handle up with Zach's slit and gently pushed it in.


"OH MY G...FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK," Zach screamed. He had to put his hands over his mouth to hush himself.


LeBron wasted no time and gently fucked Zach with his expensive toilet brush. The feeling was a confusing intense mix of pleasure and pain, for the only lubrication on the toilet brush was Zach's own poop. The brush handle made him feel full inside, and every time LeBron went to pull it out before sliding it back in, it felt as though he were passing yet another turd.


"Stop, Bron, stop," Zach begged.


The MVP began pulled the toilet brush from Zach's opening, and just as the tip was pulled out, Zach grunted and another brown turd escaped, this one about 4-inches long but just as soft as the other pieces before it. Zach bore down on his hole, and his sphincter quickly pushed out two smaller pieces.

"I know that feels good, don't it? You didn't think it would that feel good, did you," LeBron asked his mentee. Zach didn't respond, his eyes firmly shut and his hands resting on the soft, hairless skin of his naked torso; he had become indifferent to the smell by now. Without opening his eyes, he pushed again, and as his hole sat flared open, Lebron stuck the toilet brush handle back inside and fucked him again, this time faster. Zach panted and moaned loudly. After about seven or eight thrusts, Zach whimpered.




LeBron did as Zach begged, and yet another turd fell from the boy's opening, this one quite slimy and creating a smear down his crack as it made its way into the container. Zach clenched down, pushed again, and yet another clump of poop fell out into the rancid container. LeBron studied the brown-coated toilet brush handle. Zach's poop was smeared a good six inches up from the tip of the handle, meaning that he had just gotten fucked by the equivalent of what would be the average American's dick.

"I'm done," Zach panted in bated breath. He opened his eyes and noticed LeBron jerking his big, hard, black dick with his free hand as he kept recording with the other. "Perv," he said to himself. As he went to stand up, the MVP stopped him.


"Hold up."


LeBron picked up the toilet brush again and dabbled it once more in the steamy waste Zach's young body had just produced. "Please don't fuck me again," he thought to himself. But he had no need to worry.


"Hold your leg," the MVP instructed his mentee.


Using the toilet brush like a paintbrush, LeBron "painted" Zach's hairless scrotum with his own poop! He dabbled the tip once again in the brown "paint" that was in the container, and likewise painted Zach's boy pussy and entire crack until they too were covered in the rookie's shit. And once that project was finished, he took the liberty of signing his own name in Zach's poop on the underside of the boy's left thigh. The large, brown capital letters of "BRON" contrasted sharply with the rookie's white skin.

"Alright, I'm done," LeBron said with a big toothy smile as he hit the "Stop" button on his phone and ceased his recording. As he set his phone down on the sink counter, Zach maneuvered his body onto its right side, careful not to smear the waste LeBron had painted on him onto his sponsor's black-tiled floor. He stood up and went to go wash his hands next to LeBron at the sink, presumably unaware that they were going to get dirty again as he still needed to clean himself and rid his body of the foul odor he himself had produced.


"My dick's still hard," LeBron said, turning to his young companion. "Look at it."


Zach reluctantly looked as LeBron used his perineal muscles to make his hard dick jump. Standing at an impressive 130-degree angle, it was exactly 10-inches long. Numerous veins were engorged with blood and burst through the black skin of his shaft. Precum oozed its way from the slit at the top of his dry purplish-black circumcised glans, down to the underside of his dick. A few small raised bumps dotted the skin of his completely shaved pubic area.


"Let me fuck you," LeBron said.

"Ugh, Bron, I don't want to. Not in the mood."


LeBron moved closer and used his body strength to pin the younger boy up against the sink. His hard dick was poking Zach's shit-covered ass crack, and he mesmerized himself as he ran his black hands across and down Zach's white chest, noting the beauty of the contrast of their skin tones.


"Let me fuck you. Please," he whispered softly into the rookie's ear. Zach really didn't want to.

"I'll buy you a Porsche," the MVP continued. That wasn't convincing at all. A Porsche? Zach could easily buy that himself! One hundred of them, if he wanted!

"Okay, fine," Zach finally relented.


He had decided the he would give it to his parents for their upcoming wedding anniversary. It was sleazy, him giving the loves of his life a gift he himself had received as a gift for getting fucked by LeBron James. But hey, a Porsche is a Porsche. He wouldn't have to spend any of his money, and his parents didn't need to know the backstory of how he had acquired it.


"Let me clean up," Zach said.

"NOPE!" LeBron quickly interjected. "I wanna fuck you just like how you are now. Your shit is gonna be my lube."


Zach was thoroughly disgusted. But what could he do? LeBron instructed him to sit on the sink counter. The "BRON" signature that the MVP had painted on the underside of the rookie's thigh had smeared itself against the tile of the counter, but neither man seemed to be phased in the slightest. LeBron walked back over to the container holding the piss and turds Zach had just birthed, took a small clump in his left hand, and rubbed it up and down his rock hard shaft. He walked back over to Zach and told him to spit on his shit-covered dick.


"You better get it nice and wet, cuz this is the only lube I got," LeBron warned.


Zach blushed and hawked out a decent glob of bubbly clear spit. LeBron followed suit and spat on his dick as well, before rubbing it all in. He instructed Zack to scoot his hips forward so that his ass was hanging partially off the counter. He had to use the index and middle fingers on his left hand to clear some of the poop away from Zach's crack and slit, which he had a hard time finding. He smeared his nasty fingers across Zach's left nipple, turning them brown. The rookie made a grossed-out face.

LeBron lined his dick up with Zach's slit and pushed himself in. The youngster winced in pain as his sponsor's large bulbous head pushed past his sphincter and soon after tapped his prostate. This was the very first time they had shit-fucked, but even during their more "vanilla" trysts, Zach had never gotten used to LeBron's manhood which stretched his young hole as far as he could imagine. That's why he frequently clenched his hole and tightened his grip on LeBron's dick, because he knew that sent the MVP over the edge quickly and he'd have to endure the pain for a shorter period of time.

When it came to sex, LeBron James was the antithesis of his fellow peers. His thrusts were slow, sensual, and passionate; never rough or aggressive like a bunny rabbit or pornstar. He wanted Zach...indeed, anyone he fucked...to literally feel every single inch of his dick, which he was so proud of. He would pull himself out to the very tip of his dick, before slowly easing it back in the warmth of his receiver's opening, inch by inch, until the skin of his pubic area rubbed against that of the receiver. LeBron would, on occasion, speed up his thrusts, and in this particular case, when he did so, Zach asked him to stop and pull out. As his pooped covered glans popped out of Zach's slit, yet another small brown glob of shit fell from the boy's hole and landed in between the MVP's feet. Zach pushed again, and another piece, about the size of a grape, fell out and landed on top of the piece that proceeded it. LeBron went in to kiss Zach's full pink lips, but the rookie rejected his advances, turning his head and putting his hand up on LeBron's face to push him back.


"Oh so you gon' do me like that," LeBron said, playfully slapping the boy's cheek. "I see how it is."


In some strange, convoluted logic, Zach found kissing to be even more intimate than sex, and he didn't like doing it at all. At least, not with LeBron. They had kissed before, of course, but Zach found it too weird and vowed he would never do it again.

LeBron grabbed his dick and pushed it back into the warm, smelly opening. After about five minutes of gentle, but long-stroked thrusts, Zach felt LeBron's dick become even harder, as if that were possible. LeBron's breaths became shorter, and the rookie knew his sponsor was close to the point of no return. He furiously clenched his slit around the hard black dick inside him, and within seconds, LeBron was moaning loudly as he emptied his testicles deep within Zach's bowels. The rookie could feel spurt after spurt of hot, milky cum coat the pink walls of his insides. As the last drops of baby-making fluid released from his dick, LeBron collapsed and rested his head on Zack's shoulder. He sucked on the white skin of the boy's neck, sending a shiver down the rookie's spine.

Zack hated this level of intimacy. Sex was fine, but anything past simply getting fucked made him uncomfortable. He hated when LeBron came inside him, something he had down thrice before, and asked him not to do it again. But, as respectful as he was and tried to be, LeBron James did what LeBron James wanted.

A minute or so passed before LeBron's dick went limp and fell out of Zach's abused hole. The rookie clenched his hole shut to get adjusted to the empty feeling, but felt the urge to push again. As he did so, a sputtery, gassy sound escaped, and LeBron watched as his cum, mixed with pieces of Zach's scat, fell freely from the boy's hole onto his black floor. A small brownish-white puddle quickly formed between his big feet.


"Whew, that was good," LeBron teased. "Now we gotta get all this shit cleaned up!"

"When is your wife coming home," Zach inquired as he climbed off the sink counter.


"Oh okay."

"You gonna come through one last time before she does," LeBron said, winking at his mentee.

"Uh, NO," Zach said curtly. "I'll see you in a month."

"A MONTH?! You gon' do me like that, really, Zach?"

"I am. And have my Porsche ready. White Panamera 4S. Red interior."

Zach arrogantly walked past his sponsor, who stood staring after him inquisitively, to the toilet. He took the toilet paper roll, tore off a sizeable amount, and began wiping the cum and poop from his young, pink hole, front to back. He repeated this over and over, noticing how less and less brown streaks appeared on the white cotton paper with each wipe. Once he had cleaned himself sufficiently, he walked past LeBron again, who playfully smacked the ass he had just fucked, and climbed in the shower. As the glass doors quickly steamed up from the heat of the water, the MVP stepped in and likewise washed Zach from his body. As he went to soap his privates down, he watched his young companion out of the corner of his eye, and smirked, knowing he could do any and everything he wanted to the boy. He had just fulfilled a fantasy and had the filthiest sex he could have imagined yet. But little did Zach know, as he washed his hair with shampoo, eyes firmly shut, that the next time they would meet and after LeBron handed him the keys to the Panamera, that the MVP would demand that they take it to an even filthier level.



-The End-


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