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I do not know MattyB so I have no idea if he would get up to anything that is described in my story. I have made all this up, but I guess I can dream, like the rest of you.

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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter One


Well they do say that sometimes, meeting someone you have fantasised about is the worst thing that can happen. I never bought into that and so, as a secret boylover, when I was offered a four week position as a tutor and mentor to Matthew Morris, better known as MattyB, I jumped at the chance. I had been a teacher for around five years, but after getting frustrated with the bureaucracy of the school system, I quit my job and took up private tutoring. As much as I thought that this might allow me closer access to boys, I found that my professional instincts always got in the way of my sexual desires.


It's sad, I suppose, that at the age of twenty seven, I'm still fixated on the boys of the age when I lost my own virginity, that being eleven years old. I remember fondly, the hushed whispers as my best friend Harry and I stripped naked in his bedroom while his parents were at work, jerking each other off, exploring our pre-teen bodies with shaking hands and mouths before probing each other's bumholes with fingers and then our small dicks. He quickly grew out of the prepubescent fondling, moving on to girls while I remained attracted to boys. I tried, oh did I try to get him to continue, but after he told me harshly that if I didn't leave him alone, he would tell all of our schoolmates that I was queer, I left him alone and began my fantasy world.


As I grew, my classmates no longer held the appeal that they once had and I started watching the younger boys at my school. The cuteness of them was like honey to me, and my first spunk was over a faked picture of Zac Hanson sucking off his brother Taylor. Oh how I wished that I was Taylor, with Zac's perfect lips wrapped around my cock. Of course, they got older so they lost their appeal and I moved on to one celebrity after another.


Finishing High School, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher so I took the relevant courses at University and graduated top of my class. Schools fell over themselves to offer me a position and I jumped at the chance to teach at an all boys junior high school in Atlanta. It took boys in from fourth grade through to the ninth, and the hassle of teaching fourteen and fifteen years olds was more than outweighed by the cute ten and eleven year olds in my classes. However, my hands on approach to the boys was frowned upon and after I received one carpeting too many for hugging little Nicolas Greenings while he was crying because his pet dog had died, I walked away and set up my own private tuition. I had several boys that I gave extra lessons to, earning me more money that my paltry teaching salary had ever given me and I was earning a reputation amongst the rich families of Atlanta as being a positive influence on their sons.


Now before you jump to any conclusions, I never touched a single child sexually during this time. For a start off, all the families that I was working for had enough money and influence to bury me if I was ever caught, and secondly, I am a firm believer that a boy should want to be touched, not have it forced upon him. So as much as I would love to rip off Jordan Barrie's clothes and suck on his little boy cock, the blonde haired angel is safe from any advances as he seems to be firmly into big tittied girls if the posters in his bedroom have anything to go by. I will admit that I have stolen a pair of his white cotton briefs, you know the one with the little yellow stain on the front where he didn't shake properly after going for a piss. The aroma of his crotch is heavenly and I regularly wank myself silly, holding it against my nose, breathing in Jordan scent.


So my big break came a couple of weeks ago, so I thought. I was sat at home, planning out the following week's lessons for my students when my phone rang.


"Gregg Breclav speaking," I answered.

"Ah, Mr Breclav, my name is Jack Naysmith. Your name has been recommended to me by a family friend, Nigel Hughes." The voice was one full of confidence and strength. I didn't have to rack my brains to remember the Hughes family, especially little Harry. He had been an absolute terror to begin with, a real troublemaker but I worked through it, was given permission by his parents to spank him if necessary which I only had to do so on a couple of occasions, and while he was still a cause of worry for his parents with his behaviour, I had managed to get him to improve his grades from a poor D average up to a passable B.

"How can I help you, Mr Naysmith?"

"I am an agent in the entertainment industry and while my main clients are adults, I have recently signed a promising young rapper. He is about to go on his first tour but his parents can't take the time from their own jobs, so we are looking for someone to tutor him while he is away, as well as act like a mentor for him."

"How old is he? I asked, not particularly relishing working with a teenage rapper who would be full of himself I'm sure. Also, although I am in no way racist, black boys just don't do anything for me. I would have made an exception for Jaden Smith while he was in the Karate Kid, but now he's older, no thanks.

"The young man is ten years old, actually he will have his eleventh birthday while he's on tour," the agent told me. Interesting I thought, at least it hits my ideal age range. I could score lucky and get a Jaden lookalike.

"How long is the tour? I do have other students to think of."

"It is a four week tour of Georgia and Florida. Matty has got fifteen shows during the time and while his parents will fly or drive out to where you are for the weekends, he will need adult supervision during the majority of the time. I have been advised that I can offer you three thousand dollars a week for the four weeks you will be employed."


Matty? That doesn't sound very ethnic, I mused. Three thousand dollars a week certainly caught my attention. Twelve thousand dollars to babysit and tutor a kid for four weeks. It certainly appealed to me.


"Okay, you certainly have my interest. Let me make some calls to fix up my other students for the time while I'll be away. I will need your client's current school grades and details from the school as to where he is in terms of curriculum and also how much control I will have over him."


"Certainly, in terms of medical emergencies, curfews and the like."

"You will have full temporary guardianship over Matty, except when either his parents or myself are in attendance. However, I am only going to be around for a few of the shows and I am only planning on being able to stay a couple of the evenings. I'll have his school files sent over, along with a contract and the guardianship papers."



So here I was a couple of days later, watching youtube video after youtube video, cock in hand, jerking furiously as I gazed into the deep blue eyes of MattyB, wondering how I had gotten so lucky that I was going to have him in my life for four whole weeks. His enthusiasm was effervescent and the few videos that he has posted on his website where he is shirtless showed that his dance routines certainly mean that he has no puppy fat. I had received a brief phone call from his mother, and would meet her along with Mr Naysmith when we signed the contract to make it official, as witnesses were needed for the guardianship papers. It would certainly be a test of my self-control but I did pride myself on my professionalism while working with the gorgeous young boys that I have tutored.


The meeting went well, as I charmed both of Matty's parents although I was disappointed not to see the young lad in person. Everything was signed to satisfaction and I had a week to organise cover for my existing students while I was away. It was an easy thing to do as there are several private tutors who keep in touch with each other, recommending each other if things do not work out with a particular student, or warning each other off of taking on the more problematic families.


Finally, with a couple of suitcases packed with enough essentials and clothes to last me, I caught a taxi to take me to the Hyatt Hotel where we would spend the day getting to know each other before leaving for Columbus the following morning. Checking in, I found Mr Naysmith waiting for me in reception.


"I hope that it's okay but at each hotel, we have booked adjoining rooms with a shared bathroom. That way, you each have your privacy but it also allows movement between the two rooms in case of any emergency."

"That's fine. I was wondering how we were going to accommodate young Matthew. He is still a little too young to be in a hotel room on his own."

"A word of advice, don't call him Matthew. He will only answer to Matty. It's something that his older brothers tease him about and he can be very stubborn about what people call him."

"Okay, I'll try to remember that."


We caught the elevator to the fourth floor and after giving the bellhop a ten dollar tip, I placed my suitcases on the large queen sized bed while Mr Naysmith went through the bathroom to fetch my newest student. I had to keep my eyes from popping out of my head as the brown haired beauty who followed the tall man back into my room was wearing just a pair of skimpy Speedos. Speedos that really didn't leave much to the imagination. He was even more beautiful in person than on the videos. He looked to be around four and a half feet tall and had a slim chest, little brown nubs of nipples the only discolouring of his tanned skin. My eyes of course travelled downwards as I couldn't help but check out his package. While there wasn't a lot to look at, obviously being just ten years old he wasn't likely to have a six inch cock now was he, but I could see the outline of his flesh, tempting my desires to suck on boy cock. I figured that he was probably around the one and a half inch mark while he was flaccid. How much he would grow when erect, I guess I won't know, but I can dream. His ballsack also was very small, again due to the obvious lack of any hint of puberty, which showed as he stretched his arms upwards in a bored looking yawn, allowing me to see his hairless pits.


"Matty, this is Mr Breclav, your tutor and guardian while you're on tour," Mr Naysmith introduced me.

"Gregg, please, I corrected. I knew that some of the kids I taught stumbled over my surname and I was never one for too much formality. "Nice to meet you Matty."


I held out my hand, rolled into a fist to allow a fist bump that seemed to be the popular greeting amongst kids these days but was disappointed when the cutie just sniffed in my direction.


"Whatever. Look, I wanna go swimming now." The Georgian drawl in his accent made him sound a little less intelligent than I knew he was from his school grades and as I lowered my hand in disappointment, Mr Naysmith jumped in.

"That's very rude Matty."

"Whatever!" was the simply reply and the young rapper turned around and walked back into his room, leaving Mr Naysmith open mouthed.

"I'm not sure what's wrong with him, Gregg. He's normally a polite young man."

"I'm sure it's just nerves and excitement of being on his first proper tour, and without his parents as well. He's going to try to test what boundaries he is going to be allowed to cross." I hoped that was the case anyway.

"Well, I know you've only just got here, but it looks like a swim is the first thing on your agenda so I'll leave you to it. I'll see you tomorrow morning in reception before you board the bus for Columbus."


I was partway through changing when I heard the door to the bathroom open. I had literally just stepped out of my briefs, holding my swim shorts when Matty pushed back into my room.


"Come on, aren't you ready?" he whined before his eyes widened at the state of my undress. I smiled to myself as they locked onto my groin. I think I must have surprised him as I shave my pubes, preferring to feel the smoothness of skin while I jerk, fantasising about the smoothness of the preteens in my head. I am also a shower not a grower so while I am only average at around six and a half inches erect, I am also a nice plump five inches flaccid.

"I'll be ready in just a minute Matt," I told him, giving him a few more seconds of voyeurism before slipping on my shorts. I noticed that he had formed a little tent in his Speedos which he quickly covered up with his towel.

"The name's Matty okay!" he frowned at me.

"Sorry, Matty it is then," I smiled at him, clapping my hand on his shoulder. I had to get my hands on his naked flesh, just to touch him, not sexually but just to see how smooth his skin was so that I could add it to my jerk fantasy later. He pulled away from me, the frown still on his face. I resisted the urge to tickle him to make him smile, that would have to wait until he got used to me being around him I guess.


We headed to the pool deck, fortunately on the same floor as our rooms, with me trying to engage him in small talk but just getting one word answers, well, grunts would be closer I suppose. I suppose talking about his studies wasn't the best way to try to start off conversation and in the end, I gave up. I had tutored some moody arsed teenagers in the past and I knew when I was fighting a losing battle. We got the pool deck and I saw his shoulders slump a little when he saw that there were a couple of older men in the pool but no-one else. My heart softened a little for him and I made a mental note to send out for some pool toys for the next hotel. I did have a small football in my case so after telling him to wait on one of the sun loungers, I quickly returned to my room, rushing back down to the pool so that my little charge wasn't on his own for more than a couple of minutes. I ground my teeth in frustration as I saw the lithe preteen body already in the water, swimming laps.


"Matty, come here please," I said, keeping my voice controlled.

"No, I'm doing laps."

"Matty, stop swimming and come here, please," I repeated, allowing a small amount of my anger into my voice. I saw the two men nudge each other as if they knew that I was on the verge of giving the boy a good telling off. Matty swam up to the edge of the pool at the end where I was standing.

"No," he repeated, turned and pushed off to swim away from me. I couldn't have this level of disobedience on the first day so I dived in and quickly caught him in the pool. Swimming was a strong point of mine, having been county captain and represented the state while I was in high school. "OW! Lemme go!"

"Matty, I asked you to wait for me to return as if anything happens to you while you are in my care, I am responsible for you. I asked you to wait as I was not sure how good a swimmer you were."

"I can swim good!" he pouted back at me, making me cringe at his poor grammer.

"I can see that now, and maybe I should have asked you first, but when you started without me, that's disobedient. Follow that with your refusal to get out when I asked you too shows disrespect to me and I won't have it." Maybe I was laying it on a little harsh, but a line needed drawing otherwise he would get worse, I was sure.

"You're not my Dad or nothing, so why should I?"

"You will because your Dad has given me guardianship over you. Do you know what that means?" He shook his head, a little fear now showing in his beautiful eyes. I just wanted to hug him and kiss him and tell him that he's in safe hands, but was he really? "What it means is that until your parents join us, I have the same responsibilities as your parents, which means if I ask you to do something, you do it. You will treat me the same as your parents and if you do, I will make sure that you enjoy yourself while you're not performing or practising. Is that a deal?"

He scrunched up his little nose in concentration. "So does that mean that you won't make me study all the time?"

I chuckled, possibly seeing the root cause of his dislike of me. "You will have to do some studying as you need to keep up your grades, but I promise that we will have time for some fun as well."

"Cool. I thought that you were gonna like make me study all the time," I saw the wonderful set of bright white teeth smile through as relief spread through his body.

"Heck no, how boring would that be, eh?" Seeing his coldness to me warm up a little, I took a gamble and grabbed him to tickle his ribs. He squirmed slightly before grinning up at me.

"I'm not ticklish on my ribs."

"Oh is that right? So where are you ticklish?" I let my hands rub over his chest, tickling slightly but mainly just allowing me to feel his smoothness.

"Not telling! he giggled and twisted out of my grasp. "Race ya!"


We spent the next hour swimming laps, with me letting him win but only just, before getting the small football and throwing it to each other, with Matty diving around in the water to make catches. One of the two men asked to join us, and I found out he used to be a quarterback of his school team so he gave Matty some throwing tips which the boy appreciated. However, I soon heard a crash of thunder and looked up to see clear blue skies. I glanced back over to Matty to see him holding his stomach, giggling.


"Ah, I see. The hunger monster awakes!" I grabbed him, tickling his stomach once again. "Come on, let's go and eat." I tousled his hair before we said our goodbyes to the old guy. I let Matty climb out of the pool first, my gaze stuck on his cute backside as the skimpy Speedos stuck to his round globes. I had to stop looking as I felt myself getting hard and I knew that certainly wouldn't look good, walking through the hotel with a hardon and a cute boy by my side! I gingerly climbed out, pleased that I wasn't tenting and quickly dried off. I saw Matty making a complete hash of drying himself so I called him over to me. Unlike before when he had petulantly ignored me, he scampered over and stood still while I dried his body. He was sporting a huge smile as I dried his hair and was getting the feeling that although his parents obviously loved and cared about him, having another four siblings must cut into the time that they can spend with each child and something as simple as having someone dry him seemed to mean a great deal to him. We walked back to the rooms, needing to shower the chlorine from the pool from us and as we arrived, I gave Matty the choice of going to the restaurant or ordering room service.

"If we have room service, we could watch a movie while we eat," he advised me.

"Or we could make a start on your math?" I said it with such a straight face that he stopped dead in his tracks.

"You're kidding right? It's like a Saturday. No-one does school on a Saturday," he pouted, looking so adorable, one hand on his slim waist.

"Well that's not true. Some of my students have lessons from me at the weekends in addition to their normal school week."

"Ah man, this sucks!"

"But I guess, I can go easy on you for the first day. Go grab the menu and we'll order in and while we wait for the food, we can get showered and you can pick the movie."

"You're the best!" he gushed and pulled me into a hug. I was in heaven as the near naked boy wrapped his arms around my waist, his cheek pressing against my stomach. I held him against me for a few moments before I felt myself stirring down below. Not wanting him to feel my growing problem, I broke the hug, handed him the menu and walked into the bathroom to make sure that there was enough body wash and shampoo. There was and as I walked back into my room, Matty bounced over to me, pointing at the double cheeseburger, fries, onion rings and soft drink as his choice. I knew that I would need to make sure that he ate properly so that he could maintain his energy levels for his performances but as it was our first night, I let him have what he wanted with a warning that we would eat properly at least two days out of three. He scrunched his nose up at me before I shooed him off to take his shower. A small part of me had hoped that he would strip in front of me, but he scampered into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I heard the shower start up and as I rung through our order, having decided to join my little charge in the junk food option, I heard his voice start to rap away in the bathroom.


I laid down on my bed, pulling my shorts off and pictured him naked in the shower, soap suds running over his body as he gyrated to the song that he was singing. I wrapped my hand around my cock, now painfully hard and started to pump away, thinking about the pink lips of Matty, imagining them sliding up and down on my stiff member. In my head, I moved his body around so that he was facing away from me, his buttocks now present in my view. I would kiss each of them, parting them to lick and kiss at his virgin pucker. I was so ingrained in my fantasy that I failed to hear the water stop in the bathroom and before I knew what was occurring, Matty's head had poked its way through the previously closed door.


"Gregg, would you dry my hair, holy shite!" he gasped, catching me just as I came, my spunk spurting up over my chest.

"Ah shit!" I grabbed my towel from the pool and quickly covered up. "I'm sorry Matty, you weren't supposed to see me doing that."

"You were jerking off, weren't you?" he giggled, his preteen voice cracking slightly as he did. He was stood wide eyed, a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Um, we shouldn't really talk about that," I blushed, knowing I'd been caught red handed. I just prayed to myself that he wouldn't tell anyone what he had seen.

"Okay, at least until we do biology," he giggled again, shocking me slightly. I thought that the sight of an older man relieving his stress would be a turn off to the young boy but he simply stood there, his blue eyes still fixed on my body. "You're kinda big as well."

"That again is something that we shouldn't discuss," I said again, knowing how much trouble I could be in. "Give me a couple of minutes and I'll come to your room and dry your hair, then I'll take my shower."

"Okay," he agreed, letting me off the hook for now. He turned a little too quickly causing the towel to catch on the door and as he started to walk through the bathroom, it fell away leaving him naked in front of me. "Oh sheez! he gasped, turning back to face me in surprise. I had to hold in a groan of pleasure as the full naked beauty of the boy was presented to me in full glory. His cock, surprisingly, was fully erect. It looked to be around three inches at a guess and he had a little wrinkled sack underneath. I had been blessed with an almost perfect memory, which was one reason why I scored so highly at school, and my mind's eye took less than a second to record Matty in all of his nakedness. He grabbed his towel and covered up, flushing bright red as he glanced up at me.

"Well, I guess we're even now!" I laughed, trying to ease his embarrassment.

"Not quite," he shot back. "You haven't seen me jerking!" He stuck his tongue out at me, and giggling, he turned and shut his bedroom door, leaving me open mouthed at his forwardness. Was that an invitation? No, of course it wasn't. It was simply the cheekiness of a ten year old making up for the embarrassment of being seen naked.


I gave him a couple of minutes to get his  slobs' on as he had called them, taking the time to put my shorts back on. I knocked on his door and hearing a muffled  come in', I walked in to see him sat on the edge of his bed. He had changed into an Atlanta Falcons football jersey and a baggy pair of black shorts. His feet were uncovered and I couldn't help but think about sucking on his toes. I had bought in my hairdryer so I quickly plugged it in and blasted Matty in the face with a shot of cold air.


"Gotcha!" I chuckled, blowing the hairdryer as if it was a smoking gun.

"You're silly! he giggled. I saw him glance around for a weapon of his own, but before things started getting silly, I calmed him down so that I could dry his hair. Again, there was a blissful smile on his face as I groomed him, but not in the evil sense of the word. With him all sorted, I stepped into the bathroom to take my own shower. I could still smell the aroma of chlorine, which isn't attractive and I wasted no time at all in washing it from me. I resisted the urge to have another wank, having already cum earlier and dried myself off before slipping my own slobs on. This was just a pair of grey sweat pants and a blue t-shirt. I sat down at the desk that was in the room and pulled out the school file that I had received on Matty. I had read and reread it several times but wanted to take one final look to make sure that I had the right idea on where I wanted to concentrate our studies. He seemed to be doing well in English, history and geography, average grades in the sciences except for physics but his math and physics grades were abysmal. While I was passable in physics, I was somewhat of a math freak so I had no fears that by the end of the month, I would have him at an acceptable level.

"What are you doing?" the angelic voice asked from the doorway.

"Just reviewing your school grades while I was waiting for room service," I told him. I saw him scrunch his nose again, that must be a regular expression of his, before he padded over and sat on the edge of my bed.

"So, you're really like gonna make me do school work then?" he whined.

"I'm afraid so, kiddo," I chuckled. "I've worked over your schedule of performances and practices and there will be some days where you will only have a couple of hours of studying, but then there are other days where we will do ten hours to catch up."

"TEN HOURS! LIKE NO WAY!" he yelled at me. "I ain't gonna do that!"

"If you want to at least keep your grades where they are, you will," I told him. "But I am not going to accept that you only maintain your grades. I want to see an improvement, especially in math, and I will work with you to make sure we see that."

"Uh uh. I ain't doing that," he shook his head. Gone was the adorable little cutey from half an hour ago. In his place, I could see the makings of a stubborn little brat.

"Matty, look I know that no kid likes school work, but you have to keep your studies up while you're on tour otherwise when you go back to school, you will be behind everyone else," I tried to console him. "You wouldn't want the other kids thinking you weren't as smart as them, would you?" Sometimes, the threat of their peers making fun of them is enough to buck up the ideas of said problematic child, but Matty was having none of it.

"My mates know I'm not thick. They know I'm gonna be rich and famous so that don't matter."

"Well, it doesn't matter either way Matty, because your parents and manager have hired me to tutor you, and tutor you I will." I thought that I had said it with enough confidence and strength to put an end to the argument but the look on Matty's face left me with some doubt, even if he didn't answer.


A knock at the door ended any further discussion and when I opened it, the waiter wheeled in a trolley with our food on it. I handed him a tip, thanking him for the service and switched the television on. I had promised Matty that he could choose a film, and while I wanted to punish him for his little outburst, I wasn't one to back out of my promises. He picked one of the new Disney animations and we sat in silence, eating and watching the movie. It wasn't how I had thought the evening would pan out, but I needed to set boundaries for the youngster otherwise he could and would run all over me. While I had tutored the children of the rich and powerful before, this was the first time where I was going to be working with a child who was going to be the one who was rich and potentially powerful. During my research into Matty, my eyes had boggled not only at his stunning beauty but also the fact that he had over half a billion views on youtube already. For a nearly eleven year old who's act was g-rated, that was very impressive and if he kept his feet on the ground, he could become one of the biggest stars on the planet. I just hoped that he wouldn't become a self-obsessed idiot like some music and movie stars. The movie finished and Matty got up from my bed where he had been lying on his stomach while he watched the film. I had chosen to remain in the armchair, giving him room.


"Don't forget to brush your teeth, Matty," I told him as he headed into the bathroom.

"God! You sound just like my Mom!"

"Well, I'm sorry kiddo, but while she's not here, I've got to act like both her and your Dad," I advised him. I saw him frown at me before he shrugged and turned towards the sink. I heard water running and while I wanted to go in and check he was actually brushing, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was sure that it must have been drilled into him to keep his teeth as healthy as possible. After all, no-one would buy a record from a rapper with bad teeth, would they? I heard him turn the tap off and started to walk in to clean my own teeth and wish him a good night's sleep. What I hadn't counted on was his need to relieve himself before bed.

"Man! Can't you see I'm pissing here?" he snapped, turning slightly causing him to splatter on the seat and floor.

"I'm sorry, Matty, I thought you'd finished," I apologised. I tried to keep my eyes on his face, I really did, but the fact that he had his cock out was too much of a draw for me. This really was one of the first times that I had seen one of my students cock so many times in one day.

"Well, you've made me piss on the floor now!" he whined. "And I've got it on my feet!"

"Come here," I asked, running a cloth underneath the hot tap. "I'll clean you up."


Taking my offer as the apology that it was meant, he shook himself off, flushed and walked over to me. I kneeled down and picked one of his feet up, wiping it with the cloth. My cock strained against my sweats as I took his delicate foot in my hand and I was on the verge of ditching the cloth to suck and lick his foot clean before a giggle stopped me. Looking up at him, the frown had been replaced by the impish smile that I thought suited his face.


"What's wrong? I asked, hoping he hadn't seen my state of arousal.

"Tickles!" he giggled.

"Ah ha!" I crowed in triumph. "I've discovered your tickle spot have I?" I traced my fingernail along the sole of his foot, causing him to squirm and giggle even louder.

"Argh! Stop!" he moaned and started to pull away. As he did, his foot slipped on a towel. I don't know if it was instinct or some type of physic power, but I quickly reached forwards and wrapped my arms around him to stop him from falling over. That wouldn't be a good start, letting him injure himself the night before his first show!

"Are you okay, Matty?" I asked. I looked into his eyes, seeing a hint of shock and fear in them.

"Um, yeah," he gulped out. "You stopped me from getting hurt."

"Well, that's why I'm here for you Matty," I told him. I stood up, still with him in my arms. I decided to carry him to his room and stood him up by the side of his bed. I pulled the cover back and motioned for him to get in.

"Um, I need to get my pjs on, Gregg," he said, rolling his eyes at me.

"Oh, right, of course you do, silly me!" I chuckled. "Well, I'll leave you to get undressed and into bed. Have a good sleep Matty and don't forget we're up at eight for breakfast before we have to catch the tour bus."

"Night night Gregg," he gave me a brief hug before taking his jersey off. I stared at his smooth chest for a moment, before ruffling his hair and returning to the bathroom. I closed the door to Matty's room, giving him his privacy while he changed into his pjs and my foot trod in the mess by the side of the toilet. Groaning that I'd just stood in Matty's piss, the thought ran through my head that I'd just stood in Matty's piss! I grabbed one of the dirty towels and mopped up the mess on the floor before turning my attention to the seat. There was a sizeable amount of liquid splattered on it. I knew that no-one had used the toilet before Matty and my perversions got the better of me. I knew that I would dream of drinking it from the source, a dream that wouldn't happen but there was no way I was going to pass up the chance of tasting an offering from the cutey. I dipped a finger into the pee and licked it, tasting the salty liquid. It tasted wonderful, so I put aside the towel and with a flush of excitement running through my body, I licked the toilet seat clean. My cock could stand no more and without even touching myself, I groaned loudly as spunk erupted from my slit, coating the sweat pants. I panted heavily, wondering what the hell I was doing. If Matty had seen me, I would be off the job and probably arrested or something. Shaking myself mentally, I walked back into my room, stripped out of my clothes and climbed into bed, dreaming naughty dreams of what I would love to do to the young boy sleeping not twenty metres away from me.




The crowd was going absolutely mental. That was the only way that I could describe it. As Matty finished the last song of his second encore, he ran off the stage after thanking the sell out audience at The Plughouse. He looked to be drenched in sweat, not surprising after the energy that he had shown during his performance. His face was a picture of delight and I knew instantly that he was born to perform. This is what he needed to do. It was almost as though he was high on drugs, such was the ecstasy on his face. I handed him a bottle of Rockstar, which he gulped down in three or four long gulps before letting out a loud belch.


"Charming!" I chided, poking him in the ribs.

"Scuse me," he giggled before letting a further two burps escape his mouth. "Man that was buzzing!"

"You were awesome out there, Matty," I admitted. Although I had watched his videos, several times over, my main focus previously had been jerking my cock while watching his face and body. I hadn't really paid attention to his actual singing performance. Tonight was different. I wasn't really a fan of his brand of music, but the enthusiasm that he showed, playing to the crowd, giving his everything to please his fans had certainly won me over.

"Thanks Gregg, he beamed, giving me a hug. I was right in my earlier observation. He was soaked, but I wrapped an arm around him and hugged him right back. A cough from behind me ended my enjoyment of holding his small frame next to mine and we broke apart, turning to see who had interrupted us. It was the manager of the venue.

"Well done, Matty, that was great," he told my little charge. "If you're ready though, we have the meet and greet winner in the back room."

"What's this?" I asked. I could see that now the adrenaline was leaving his body, Matty was beginning to tire.

"We held a competition and one lucky fan gets to meet Matty and spend some time with him, the manager told me.

"Well, I'm not sure Matty's quite up to it," I told him, looking down at Matty. He answered me with a stifled yawn.

"To be honest, it doesn't really matter if he is or not," came the snotty reply. "It's in the contract so I'll give you five minutes to freshen him up and then he will spend twenty minutes with our winner or I'll hold back the ticket sales and you can see me in court."

"It's okay Gregg, I want to do this," Matty interrupted me as I was about to tell the big head to do one. "Jack and me discussed doing it as a way of connecting with my fans, or something."

"Jack and I," I corrected.

"Huh? You and Jack what?"

"You said  Jack and me' but the correct term is  Jack and I'."

"Ah man. It's not study time!"

"Come on, let's get you a little less ripe if you're meeting a fan," I chuckled.


"Matty, no offence but you stink," I made a show of sniffing the air around him, waving my hand in front of my nose. I got the required frown and giggle all in one before I led him off to his changing room. He pulled off his shirt, seemingly not having any problem showing me flesh. Then again, why would he? After all, there was nothing sexual about him taking off his sweaty shirt, exposing his tanned, hairless chest to me was there? I ran the hot tap in the basin until it warmed up and soaped up a cloth. I'm sure that Matty was more than capable of taking a quick wipedown wash, but if I'm being given the opportunity to touch him, I was going to take it. I ran the cloth over his face, rinsing it to wash the soap off before any got into his baby blues, before soaping up his chest and back. Telling him to lift his arms, I wiped down his hairless armpits, causing a fit of giggles once again.

"Ah ha! Bingo! Tickle spot number two discovered and noted, I grinned.

"Not fair! I don't know any of yours!" he pouted.

"Well, you'll have to try to find them then, won't you?" I sniggered, before realising that I had just offered him my body to tickle. He hadn't scrunched his nose, his usual sign of unhappiness, so maybe sometime I could engage him in a tickle fight. I dried him off and gave him a quick spray of deodorant before handing him a fresh shirt to put on. I ran my fingers through his soft brown hair, pushing it into the usual messy style that he liked. I could see that I was going to have a serious problem before the four weeks were over as here I was, only twenty four hours in and I had fallen head over heels in lust for him.


We left the changing room just as the grumpy arsed manager came knocking and Matty then had to spend the next twenty minutes being tortured by the high pitched squeal of a fifteen year old girl, who's parents thought that there was nothing wrong at all with their teenage daughter flirting and making suggestive comments to a ten year old boy. My boy came through it with flying colours though, avoiding the questions he didn't want to answer, but gave her enough information about his eating habits, the size of his feet (like, why?) and the fact he prefers briefs to boxers. I was sure that she must have wet herself at one point, and when Matty reluctantly allowed her to kiss his cheek, despite her best efforts to land her lips on his, I was positive that she would be fingering her snatch imagining that it was Matty sliding his cock in and out of her pussy lips.


As we got on the bus, I almost chuckled as he gave a huge sigh of relief, flopping down onto one of the bunks in the back of the bus. I got a couple of bottles of orange from the fridge and walked over to his bed, sitting down next to his feet, handing him one of the bottles.


"Thanks," he gulped it down in what I was now thinking was his usual fashion. I'm guessing that no bottle or can of drink lasts more than ten seconds with him.

"So, how are you feeling?"

"Tired, but happy. I love performing in front of people," he smiled.

"I could tell. How about the girl? She was pretty wasn't she?"

"Urgh! She was horrible. She was asking some really weird questions."

"Ha ha, I know. But I guess this is something that you are going to have to learn to deal with. You're going to become more and more popular, and fans will want to know all about you."

"Yeah but, but why did she want to know my sneaker size?"


I had to chuckle and ruffled his hair.


"That's a conversation for a different day," I told him.

"Why? Is it something to do with, you know," he paused, looking around. Satisfied that we were the only two on the back of the bus, which was correct, he continued in a whispered voice. "Is it a sex thing? But I can't see how."

Knowing that he would probably bug the heck out of me until I told him, I leaned in. "There is a rumour that the size of your feet is an indication to the size of your, you know." I didn't know what word he used to describe his cock, so I didn't want to make him think I thought of him a younger than he was by calling it a wiener, but I also didn't want him to start using the words cock or dick if he didn't already.

"WHAT? You mean. . . she was trying to find out how big my dick is?" Bingo! I guess having three older brothers and an older male cousin in the family home had taught him some words.

"Either that, or maybe she is going to send you a pair of slippers for your birthday," I laughed.

"EEWW! She's like ancient, that's wrong!" he scrunched his nose up. Damn! If he thought a fifteen year old girl was ancient!

"Hey, if she's ancient, what does that make me?" I put my hands on my hips in a mock frown.

"Ha ha, you're like prehisteric!" he giggled.

"Prehistoric, you mean?" Okay, the tutor in me couldn't help but correct him. It was something that I always did with my students. If they got a word or phrase wrong, I'd gently point it out and explain the difference.

"Yeah..that! You were alive when the dinosaurs were around weren't you?" he shot back, showing that he did possess a good level of intelligence and wit.

"Right, that's it!"


He had given me the perfect opportunity to instigate it after all. My hands went straight to his armpits and within seconds, I had an armful of giggling boy. It was such a delight to see him being the kid that all sexual thoughts vanished from my mind. I was just simply being the big kid, making the little fella laugh uncontrollably. I quickly managed to get his loose shirt over his head, leaving me with plenty of access to his armpits. He tried to fight back, his own hands trying to get under my shirt to tickle me, but every time he came close to one of my own tickle spots, I managed to squirm away before finding one of his. Eventually he pleaded with me to stop or he'd mess the bed so after a final tickle, I let him lie there, panting in exhaustion. That's when those naughty thoughts returned, the image of him, shirtless, panting on his bed, his hair stuck to his forehead after I had fucked his young arse sprung into my fantasy world and for a moment, I thought seriously about taking him and violating the building trust by sexually exploiting his young body.


I reached forwards, my hand shaking as it brushed the hair off his forehead. I wanted to lean further in, to kiss that sweaty forehead, to peck his nose, to kiss his lips, lips that he was licking. My cock throbbed in my jeans, uncomfortably hard as it hoped that those very same lips would soon be wrapped around its red head, sucking it into the mouth of the boy performer.


"Thanks, Gregg. That was fun," Matty interrupted my shameful desires. I looked down at him smiling at me, before letting out a big yawn.

"Time for you to go to bed, Matty," I said huskily, trying to keep the lust out of my voice. "We're sleeping on the bus tonight as it's a long drive to Rome."

"Okay," came the simple reply. I opened the closet and pulled out a pair of his pyjamas. I smiled as I saw that they were spiderman pjs, reminding me that no matter how grown up he could appear while in MattyB mode, when he returned to being simply Matthew Morris, he was just a ten year old boy. I scolded myself mentally for having so very nearly taken a step that would ruin the boy. I went to hand him his pjs but he didn't take them. I turned to see what was wrong, only to find him fast asleep already. This wasn't good. I knew that he couldn't sleep in his jeans and sneakers but it meant that I would have to undress him. I tried to wake him up, but he was out.


Sighing in a lustful regret, I undid the laces in his sneakers, pulling them off gently. I couldn't resist and held each of them up to my nose, taking in a deep sniff, savouring the aroma of boy feet. Now knowing that he preferred to sleep barefooted, I pulled off his black cotton socks. Again, the smell was intoxicating and I wondered if I could get away with accidently misplacing them into my bag to use as a cum sock later. The fact that they had been next to the skin of my boy, and were coated with his boy sweat would be enough to make me ejaculate within moments I was sure. Having stashed them in my bag, I returned to the job at hand. As cute as his face was, even more so relaxed and asleep, I had a huge thing for boys feet and I picked his right foot up. Leaning in, I gave it a quick sniff and sure enough, the same boyish sweaty aroma assailed my nose. Could I get away with this? How could I explain to him if he awoke? As I was trying to answer them in my head, my mouth was already open and I was sucking Matty's big toe into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around his toe, I quickly lapped his remaining toes while I unfastened the zip of my jeans, sliding my spare hand inside to massage my already straining cock. My briefs were soaked with precum.


Matty moved in his sleep, pulling his foot out of my mouth and for a horrible moment, I thought that he had awoken, but a little snore gave me relief. Chiding myself, I promised that I would finish getting him ready for bed with no further feeling up from me. I reached up to his jeans, my hands ignoring my brain for a moment to gently rest on the small bulge at the crotch. Disappointingly all that they could feel was the buttons of the fly. Damn! Button flies! I gently undid the top button before working through the remaining four buttons. Even though I had seen him naked already, there was something altogether different about undressing him like this. This was me exploring hidden and forbidden fruit. I folded the front of his jeans apart, exposing the top of a pair of red Tommy Hilfiger briefs. I snaked an arm underneath the sleeping boy's waist, lifting his hips off the bed so that I could pull his jeans down and past his waist. I heard a slight groan and my eyes flashed up to Matty's face but he was still sound asleep. I pulled his jeans past his buttocks before lowering his body back to the bed. As much as I wanted to feast my eyes on his now exposed briefs, I eased the jeans off of his legs. I folded them up, briefly raising the crotch to my face to breath in any boy smell that I could find, but alas, I could only smell the remnants of the dry ice used on his set.


Turning back, my breath caught in my throat. Lying in front of me was a picture of near perfection. Still devoid of hair as he approached his eleventh birthday, Matty lay sound asleep, clad only in his red briefs. My eyes travelled down his body, starting at his brown, messed up hair, his smooth face, an even smoother chest with the two nubs of brown around his nipples before seeing the most beautiful innie belly button that I had ever seen. Then came the prize. The small mound at the front of his red briefs was showing a definite tent. Was my little boy erect? I suppose with the attention that I had been paying to his body, even asleep a body reacts. I slipped my hand back into my jeans and gave my own cock a squeeze, causing me to let out a loud groan. I shakily reached forwards with my other hand, moving it to hover a few centimetres above Matty's own hard on. This was it. This would be the first time I had ever touched one of my student's sexually.


My whole body quivered and spasmed as I came hard inside my briefs, soaking the front of them. I glanced down and saw a huge wet patch forming on the front of my jeans. My eyes shot back to the face of Matty, but he was still sleeping on, blissfully unaware about how close he had come to being molested while he slept. I cursed at my lack of willpower and pulled my hand away from the boy. I hadn't even touched him, just the thought of it had been enough to send me over the edge. I wiped my hand on the leg of my jeans and decided that I needed to leave the boy's briefs on. I worked the pyjama bottoms onto the boy, covering up the forbidden fruit before pulling the top on and over his head. Laying him gently back down on his bed, I pulled the blanket over his body. Leaning in, I gave the boy a kiss on the forehead.


"Goodnight my sweet child, sleep tight," I whispered.

"Urgh& ummm& .night," a murmured response escaped from the sleeping lips.


I stripped, placing my soiled jeans and underwear in my laundry bag, and wiped myself down with a cloth. Deciding that as I was sleeping in the same space as Matty, I slipped on a pair of shorts so that I wouldn't accidently expose myself to the boy during the night. I got into my bunk and with regret and recrimination running through my mind, I fell into a troubled sleep.




End of chapter.

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