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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter Ten


Matty crashed off of the stage and into my waiting arms as he finished the third encore of his final concert in Atlanta. It had been a gruelling five weeks, the tour having been extended by a week to fit in four extra concerts along the way due to the massive demand for tickets that the little prince of pop had created. He looked exhausted as he sat on my lap, panting in heavy breaths as he fought to regain his composure. I stroked his side, my hand hidden from observers as we were still on the side of the stage and not yet back in the safety and privacy of Matty's changing room.


"That was awesome, Matty!" Josh bubbled as he bounced over to his younger brother from the area reserved for VIPs and family friends. "They loved you out there."

"You were brilliant," a blonde haired lad nodded his head up and down repeatedly. I looked at him as I didn't recognise him and was about to motion to security, thinking that a stray fan had worked his way past them when Josh grinned at him.

"He was, wasn't he Christian," the twelve year old Morris sibling bounced again.

"Do you need the loo?" Matty giggled at his brother.


"Well, you keep bouncing a lot so I thought you might need to piss."

"MATTHEW!" Tawny Morris called out from behind us, making me jump slightly. She had a habit of sneaking up unannounced on the pair of us. "Watch your language young man or I'll wash it out with soap!"

"Sorry Mom," Matty grumbled, flashing me a grin that showed just how sincere his apology actually was.

"So who's this?" I asked, pointing at the blonde. He looked to be older than the two boys, but still, he ticked a few boxes. He was slim, had sort of a Justin Beiber-ish hairstyle and he certainly scored close to a ten on the looks chart.

"This is Christian, he's a friend of John's," Josh replied. "He's really cool."

"Nah I'm not," the lad flushed. "I just like, you know, hanging out with John and his bros. They're the cool ones."


I watched him flash a look at Matty, discretely, several times and I had a nagging thought that John's friend had wandered backstage with Josh so that he could be close to my boy. My green eyed monster started to grow and when Matty got up from my lap and stretched out his aching muscles, I saw Christian's eyes latch onto the bare flesh of my boy's stomach as the tight t-shirt that Matty was wearing rode up on his chest. My gaze flicked to the sixteen year old's groin and sure enough, I could see that there was movement so I stood up and placed a hand on Matty's shoulder.


"Well, it's been nice to meet you Christian," I said, holding out my right hand in a fist. "But this one needs to get showered and changed before his clothes form a permanent bond to his skin because of all of the sweat on him."

"Urgh! Yeah, I stink!" Matty giggled. "Later bro, I need to get showered."


Josh and Christian fist bumped both myself and Matty, Christian blushing when the eleven year old's hand touched his and I could have sworn that I heard the lad whisper under his breath that he would love to shower with my boy but I put it out of my mind as we opened the door to the changing room that Matty had. He walked over and grabbed a bottle of water, taking long gulps to rehydrate himself before starting to take off his t-shirt. I stepped over to him and took hold of the bottom of the shirt.


"Let me, baby," I told him and he flashed me a smile. I knew that I was the only one who could call him that, and also that I was the only person whom he would allow to baby him. I had found that he loved been petted, those gentle, non-sexual strokes of his naked flesh, as we spooned together at night. I pulled his t-shirt from his body and gazed down at his naked upper torso. He was beginning to get muscle definition from all of the work outs that he did so that he could keep up with the professional dancers that were hired for the shows and as much as I wanted to suck his nipple straight into my mouth, I could smell the boy sweat on the damp cotton t-shirt that I held in my hand. Bringing it up to my nose, I took a long sniff, causing my boy to giggle.

"What?" I asked. "I can't help it if I love the smell of you."

"You're a perv!" he laughed before he reached forwards and placed his hand on my already erect crotch. He squeezed my cock through my jeans and I groaned as I took another couple of deep breaths. I think that I could live on essence of MattyB forever.

"That might be so," I dropped the t-shirt and swept him up into my arms. "But I'm your perv." He smiled at me and I leaned in. Our lips locked as he slipped his arms over my shoulders to encircle my neck. I slid one hand down his body, until it cupped his buttocks and he wrapped his legs around my chest so that he was in no danger of sliding off me. My other hand stroked his smooth, damp back as our tongues licked against each other.

"I love you, Gregg," Matty sighed as we broke the kiss. He rested his soft brown hair on my shoulder as I carried him towards the small shower cubicle. Unfortunately it was too small to fit both of us in, something that we had learned the evening before when we tried to get in together so I set him down on the floor.

"I love you more," I replied, kissing his chest as I undid the buttons to his shorts. I cupped his groin, feeling the erect three inches of his cock straining in his briefs before I pulled them down, taking the briefs with them. He stepped out of them and held his feet up to me in turn so that I could remove his trainers and socks. This had become a routine for us, the undressing of him that is. No-one was allowed in his changing room until either me or his parents gave the all clear, and of course, Tawny and Blake allowed us all the time that we needed for Matty to get the adrenaline rush of performing from his body. I undid the laces on his left trainer and pulled it off, leaving the white trainer sock covering his foot. I placed it back down before repeating the process, removing his right trainer. However, this time, I held his foot up and slid off the sock as well.

I gazed at his small toes. His second smallest was stuck to the middle toe as the sweat on his feet filtered up to my nose, a nose that was edging closer to his foot. I paused, just centimetres away, taking in another deep breath. His smell drove me crazy and he knew it so no longer was he giggling like before as the sexual tension in the room was beginning to increase. I opened my mouth and took in his big toe, sucking it into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it and into the space between it and the next toe down. I licked and sucked all five of his toes, splitting apart the two that had been stuck together before kissing the top of his foot and placing it back onto the floor.

He knew what was next and picked up his left foot, ready for me to repeat my tongue bathing. I happily complied before placing that one back down and rocked back onto my haunches to look at my wonderful boy. He was fully naked, fully hard and fully ready. I pulled him towards me, kissing his quickly on the lips before turning his around. He bent over, leaning on the back of a chair and I kissed each of his firm, slightly tanned buttocks. Taking each of them in my hands, I pulled them apart and had to shift my kneeling position as my cock strained uncomfortably in my jeans. I pressed my nose into the valley of his cheeks and felt my cock quiver as the muskiness of the boy's anal sweat assailed my nose. I breathed in deeply, loving the smell of my boy before running my tongue along his crack and over the pucker that I had penetrated on a handful of occasions already.

Matty was moaning as I prodded my tongue against his rear opening, which I stretched slightly to allow me to press my tongue inside the tight pucker. I felt Matty shift his position slightly and knew that within seconds, he would be jerking his cock in tandem to my ministrations to his hole, bringing the pre-teen idol to a grunted climax within minutes. I sat back on my heels and watched the slim frame of my little lover shiver as he came down from his orgasm before he stood and turned towards me. The smile on his face made my lifetime.


"That's fucking awesome when you do that, Gregg," he gushed, his cock still sticking upright.

"I love doing it to you, so we both get enjoyment," I grabbed him and kissed him deeply, pushing my tongue inside his mouth. When I first did this, he had pulled away, not wanting part of my body that had been inside him in his mouth. However, he revelled in the pervertedness of it now so he sucked my tongue willingly.

"Let me suck you."

"We haven't got time," I told him, with no small amount of regret. "There's the closing tour party back at your house, remember."

"Oh shit," he huffed. "I wanna get all naked and sexy with you."

"Me too sweetie," I pecked his nose. "But you need to say thank you to all of the crew who have helped on tour."


I turned him and pointed him in the direction of the shower and gave him a hard slap on his butt cheeks, which got the appropriate yelp from him. He turned to me, his nose screwed up and he rubbed his left buttock. "I'll get you for that," he grinned. He would as well, and I looked forward to it!


I sat down on the small sofa while he was in the shower and thought about how much my life had changed over these last five weeks. As a boylover, my job was ideal at times. Being a private tutor gave me a lot of one on one time with boys of all ages but while I had fallen in lust with many, I had never so much as hugged any of my young charges in a way that could be construed as beyond the norm. Ever since Matty had bounced into my life, I was now head over in heels in love, and the best of it was that it was with his parents' acceptance and encouragement. All that I needed to do now was figure out a way of remaining in his life for as long as possible. Would his own love for me die out as he starts to play around with his brothers? Would he grow out of love for me as he grows up? Would I ever start to fall out of love for him as he grows up?


"You look sad, Gregg. What's wrong?" Matty's voice interrupted my musing and I looked up to see him dripping water all over the carpet.

"You're getting the floor wet, sweetie," I told him, trying to change his conversation. It wasn't one that I wanted to have with him just yet.

"Well, I thought that you might want to make sure that I'm dried properly," he grinned at me, removing the white, fluffy towel from around his waist. His little cock was at full mast, of course. I motioned him over and took my time, patting his down softly, spending more time than strictly necessary to ensure that his privates were dry. After all, I didn't want him to get crotch rot! With a quick kiss, I watched him get dressed in a pale yellow t-shirt and black cargo shorts before we headed back out into the world, and the waiting throng of hanger ons.

Jumping into the waiting car, we headed away from the theatre where Matty had been performing and I realised that I was going to see his home for the first time. I took hold of his hand as he looked at me, his eyes burrowing into me.

"So what was bothering you in the changing rooms?" he asked again.

"Nothing for you to worry about," I smiled at him. "I was just wondering to myself what my next job would be, now that your tour is finished."

"Oh. I hadn't thought about that," the smile disappeared from his face. "Dad said something about me being home schooled, so I guess that he'd hire you, wouldn't he?"

"I guess, but I would need to get my other students up and running again," I replied. "After all, I might have to feed another mouth and on my income, I'll need all the extra money I can get. I've seen how much you eat!"


I tickled his side, causing him to break into a fit of giggles, before he pleaded with me to stop before he had an accident. Well, `before he pissed himself' was how he put it. I kept casting glances at the driver but he seemed to be taking no notice of us so when Matty had regained his breathing, we sat in a comfortable silence, his hand in mine. Not long after, the car turned into a quiet road that was tree lined and full of very large houses. My eyes boggled at them, they must have been worth easily over five hundred thousand, if not getting on towards a million. It certainly put mt apartment to shame. The dreams and aspirations of having Matty sleeping in my own bedroom disappeared very quickly as the car pulled into a long driveway. There was no way that he would ever consider leaving his home to come and live with me.


"You're looking sad again," Matty prodded me. "Tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing is wrong," I lied. "I was just thinking about what's going to happen next."

"What do you mean?" he frowned. "We're going to party!" he giggled, bringing my smile back to my face. I can never remain sad for too long when the cutie is smiling.

"That's right, we are!" Well, there was no sense in burdening Matty down with my own fears and worries. He didn't deserve that after such a magnificent tour.


We got out of the car, thanking the driver and Matty was immediately swamped by a group of girls who looked to range from eight up to eighteen. I recognised a couple of them from the video of Call Me that he did. That had looked a very uncomfortable video, with girls who were four or five years older than the then ten year old, basically wanting to drag him off, strip him and have sex with him. Then again, I'm sure that virtually everybody of every sex and age were also wishing that they could drag him off, strip him and have sex with him. He flashed me a look of apology and I nodded at him to let himself be led off by them. After all, he had a teeny bopper image to project and being seen with the girls would do him no harm. I heard a chuckle from behind me and I turned to see Blake Junior watching me.


"I always thought that he would end up losing his virginity to one of those girls, you know," he said quietly as he handed me a beer.

"You never thought that he would be gay?" I asked, a little confusion on my face knowing the history of the family.

"Oh, I thought that he'd be at least bi, well, I was hoping he was anyway," Junior confessed. "But I thought that he would try it with girls first but I'm pleased that you were his first in the end."

"You are?" I replied, a little surprised. "I thought that you'd all of preferred him to be with either Blake Senior, or you or John."

"That's bad English there, teach," Junior chuckled. "All I want is the best for my brothers and little sister. You make Matty deliriously happy, that's obvious to us. It's why my folks have no problem letting you into our inner circle."

"That makes it sound like a cult," I laughed.

"Well, it is, isn't it?" He said it with such a straight face that I was taken aback, until I saw the smile break his stoic demeanour. "We all worship cock. It's our fallen idol."


I grabbed him and gave him a nuggie, proving that he wasn't too old to mess around like a kid before we headed through the house and into the back garden. Of course, there was a swimming pool, one that was already full of kids. I noticed that there were quite a few adults around, many of them from the crew who had been part of the tour team. Blake and Tawny had gone all out in thanking them for their work on the tour, with a massive buffet of hot and cold food and more drink than you could fit in a couple of liquor stores.

I grabbed a plateful of food and worked my way around the adults, spending time talking with them. They all knew me from the time that I had spent at the concerts and most of them were easy to get on with. I did notice that a couple of the older stage hands kept casting glances in Matty's direction. My boy was now clad in just a small pair of bright yellow speedos and was dive bombing into the pool with another group of boys, much to the annoyance of Tawny. I found myself watching the two guys for a few moments. They were both in their fifties and were heavy set guys who had been part of the stage set up crew. As I watched, both of them were trying their best not to be seen watching Matty and the other young boys, but as an experienced boy watcher myself, I could easily tell the tell-tale signs. Both of them kept adjusting their shorts as if they needed to hide what I was sure were growing erections. I made my way over to them slowly.


"Harry and Zack isn't it?" I asked as way of introduction.

"Ah, yeah," the taller Harry replied, forcing his gaze from the pool.

"Gregg, right?" Zack asked. "You're the tutor, aren't you?"

"That's me," I smiled. "I'm the one who made our Matty's life hell with algebra and history while he would have preferred to be playing on the X-Box. So what's your plans now?"

"Um, well I guess it's all on who the agency hook us up with next," Harry sighed. "I just wish that this tour had gone on a bit longer."

"Yeah. Matty's a cool kid," Zack smiled, his eyes locking onto the slim, near naked figure of my boy. "Last time out, we were with that Britney bitch."

"Oh shit, can you remember all of the times that she complained about any little thing?"

"At least the view was better this time," Zack chuckled before clamping a hand over his mouth. Both men blushed bright red, flashing me concerned looks.

"Hey guys, there isn't a problem looking, is there?" I said quietly. "As long as you don't actually go and hurt one of them, there's no foul is there?"

"So are you, um, did you?" Harry stammered. "Shit, you know what I'm saying?"

"Not entirely," I teased. "What are you saying?"

"He's saying did you ever get to see him, like, naked?" Zack asked quietly. "I mean, you were also his baby sitter type of person, weren't you. You must have got to see him naked at some point."


I couldn't lie, could I? My initial thoughts that they were the wrong types of perv had been laid to rest as I'd been talking to them. My gut told me that they were like me, just not as lucky.


"Yeah I did, a few times," I whispered to them. "He's absolutely beautiful isn't he?"

"Ah man, I'd have paid anything to have seen him naked," Harry sighed. "But, it's back to just the hand and the fantasy. At least I've got to see him in just a swim suit. That's enough to fuel my fantasies for a while."

"I need another beer," Zack announced. "And a wank in the toilet. Back in a bit."


We watched him wander off, taking into view a near naked Jeebs as he came running out of the house, bombing into the pool, closely followed by the older boy, Christian. I nodded a brief farewell to Harry and walked over to where Blake Senior was talking with Jack Naysmith. I could see from Blake's face that he was beginning to get upset, something that I'd prefer to head off so that it didn't spoil Matty's day. Once again, the topic of conversation seemed to be centering on me.


"I still think that there is something not quite right about Gregg," I heard Jack insist. "During the last five weeks, I went into Matty's room several times at night to check up on him and he wasn't in his bed. In fact, his bed hadn't been slept in at all."

"I think the real question should be why were you going into Matty's room without his permission?" I asked, a frown on my face. Okay, there was the defensive side of me that was trying to keep the real relationship between Matty and myself a secret from him, but this annoyed me.

"That's not the point," Jack insisted, a little too quickly. "I was just making sure he was safe and okay, but he wasn't even in his room."

"No, on those nights he was in my room because he got scared being on his own, away from his parent," I explained. "You have to remember that he's still a young boy who is scared of thunder and the dark."

"I think we can end this conversation here, jack," Blake interrupted. "If anything had happened to Matty that was inappropriate, do you really think that firstly he wouldn't tell us, secondly Tawny and I wouldn't guess and thirdly that we would allow Gregg to have continued access to our youngest son?"

"Well& "

"Well nothing. You did that background checks on Gregg yourself and didn't find anything out of order," Mr Morris pressed home. "If you continue to question Tawny and my decisions about our son, then we will find another agency to represent him. Do you understand me?"


I saw Jack flush red and cast a glance around. Loud, childish laughter erupted from the pool and as one, the three of us turned to see Matty, Josh, Christian and a few others having a loud game of swim tag.


"That behaviour doesn't strike me as a boy who has been abused in any way does it?" Blake insisted.

"No, and I'm sorry Gregg," Jack offered me his hand. "I'm just trying my best to look out for my client. He's more than a client to me. You understand?"

"Sure," I replied, taking his hand and shaking it. "Matty is a great little guy and he draws everyone to him and makes them want to look after him. I've had a similar conversation with a couple of the crew earlier."

"Well, I'm gonna shoot before my mouth gets me into any more trouble," the agent sighed. "I'll see you on Tuesday at eleven to go through the finances of the tour."

"Will do," Blake nodded at him and watched silently as he walked off. He turned to me. "I can't make my mind up about that man."

"What do you mean?"

"One moment, I think he's ready to rip off his clothes and join in with the fun that we have, and then other moments he's the exact opposite and ready to murder anyone who looks at a child the wrong way."

"So you're thinking about bringing him in?" I asked, surprise must have been evident on my face.

"Well, I know that Junior has taken a fancy to him so we can always try that route out first. That way it would protect the rest of the boys if he does reject it."

"I guess," I nodded.

"So, are you up for becoming Matty's full time tutor? I was also thinking about Josh being schooled at home as well."

"As much as it would be nice to spend all day with Matty, and Josh, they wouldn't need me full time," I replied, mentally berating myself. "Plus, I would need more students to make my wage."

"That won't be a problem," Tawny announced, as she approached us with four ladies in tow. All of them were of a similar age. "This is Gregg. Gregg, these are our friends who have sons of the same age as Matty and Josh. They are interested in a home school as well and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to begin to start talking about getting our boys out of that horrible school that they go to."

"Ah, I'm not sure that I can set up a full time schedule," I started to sweat. However, as the four ladies turned to me, each of them was approached by what I assumed was their sons. The four lads were certainly lookers, although not on a par with my Matty.

"Of course, we have already looked into it and have a lot of information for you to look through, Gregg," Tawny patted my arm.

"If you can do for my Lenny what you've done for Matty, I'll enrol the kid in an instant," a buxom blonde told me. I looked at her son, a platinum blonde haired cutey who had the decency to blush.

"Blake has been telling us all about how much Matty has improved, and the way that you are around his other sons as well," another of the mothers added. "My Jack is a marine so doesn't have a lot of time at home so I'd love to have another male influence in this one's life." She took hold of the shoulders of a brown haired lad who looked to be around fourteen. He frowned at her before flashing me a look.

"John says that you're helping him with his mechanical shi& I mean stuff," the lad asked me, a look of hope on his face.

"That's right," I replied, smiling at him. "I've got a friend over in Georgia Tech who's agreed to spend a weekend with him so that he can assess what John wants to do."

"That's really cool," the lad gushed. "Mom, please. You've gotta ask Mr Breclav."

"Whoa there tiger," I laughed. "My name's Gregg. Mr Breclav is my father. What's yours?"

"Oh, sorry Gregg," the boy flashed me a set of perfect white teeth. "I'm Butch Mahon and I really like cars."

"He sure does," his mother agreed. "I'm Victoria, by the way," she said, holding out her hand, which I took. I always feel awkward shaking a woman's hand. As she returned it to the shoulder of her son, I saw her look around, nodding at the other boys and mothers.

"So how about we all meet up here tomorrow afternoon and we can sit down and talk?" Tawny asked everyone. "That way Gregg can look through the information we've found out and he can have a think about things."

"That sounds great," was the general consensus and with a promise to meet them all, I started to turn away, wondering what I was getting myself into. As I turned, I saw Matty disappearing inside the house, followed by his brother Josh and the older boy Christian. I was about to follow when Tawny took hold of my elbow, leading me to a quiet spot away from the crowds.

"I hope that you do agree Gregg for a number of reasons," she told me.

"I'll admit it's very tempting but I'd need to know about the financial side of things," I admitted. "I do rely on my other students to pay my bills. To begin with, the only reason I agreed to take this job was that it paid more than what I was earning."

"I hope that your outlook on that has now changed?" she smiled at me.

"Of course. I would never have fallen in love if I hadn't taken the job so I consider myself the luckiest tutor in existence."

"I'm going to lay things out for you here, Gregg," Tawny said seriously, her smile vanishing from her face. "Matty has fallen for you hard. I always suspected he was gay, and more than likely to end up in the arms of an older man. It's what happens in the industry. However, I'm very happy that he's fallen for you and Blake and I will do everything possible to ensure that you pair are given every chance to remain together."

"So the schooling thing?"

"To be honest, even if you weren't tutoring Matty, we would still be looking at taking him out of state schooling due to the explosion of his status, but the way that you have tutored him just reinforces the decision. The next question that would need answering would be if you went full time tutoring Matty, would you be able to keep the personal side out of the schooling? That's where Josh came up with the idea of taking on more students than just Matty."

"This is all Josh's idea?" I gaped at her.

"Josh is a very intelligent young man, and someone that both his father and I are very proud of," she replied. "Of course, if you do accept, then we will make sure that the money side of things is no issue, even without the contributions from the other families."

"Huh?" Okay, sounding like an idiot here.

"Even without Matty's success, we are wealthy in our own right so do not be concerned about money," Tawny patted my arm. "Even if things eventually do not work out between Matty and you, we will make sure that you will are taken care of."


I didn't really know what to say, so I chose to say nothing. John caught her eye and with a nod to me, she walked over to her second eldest son who was talking animatedly with Butch. I grabbed a bottle of beer and took a long slurp. It sounded too good to be true. Not only would I have a higher paying job than before, but I would be tutoring some really good looking lads and also spending more time with Matty. Talking of my little cherub, I realised that he hadn't come back out of the house yet. I took a wander through the kitchen and into the lounge but he was nowhere to be seen. I passed a closed door that had a sign indicating that it was the downstairs toilet and heard the unmistakable sound of a young boy reaching a climax. My cock grew hard immediately as my mind played out the various scenarios that could be happening but as I stood there, the door opened quietly and I saw the platinum blonde hair of young Lenny peek out, the flushed smile on his face dropping when he saw me. He went to close the door again but I motioned for him to come out.


"It's okay, Lenny," I reassured him. "I won't tell anyone what happened in there."

"Are you sure, Gregg?" his voice was like melting butter and honey. I nodded as I was interested in seeing which cutie he had snagged to give him some pleasure.

"I promise that I won't say a thing to anyone." I even went as far as crossing my heart.

"It's okay, Mrs H. It's only Gregg," he breathed out, opening the door wider and my mouth dropped open as I saw Butch's mother quickly exit the toilet, readjusting her skirt.

"I trust that we will all keep this quiet?" she asked. I raised an eyebrow at the attractive wife of a marine. "He's just such a cutie that I can't help myself."

"You've done this before?" I asked. My cock had wilted when I had realised that young Lenny hadn't been getting his arse buggered but it began it re-stiffen at Lenny's reply.

"Yeah. Mrs H gave me a super present on my birthday last year. A blowjob," he giggled, hiding his mouth behind his hand. "We've been having fun ever since."

"So when did you go all the way?" I asked. While I wasn't into straight sex, the thought of the young twelve year old fucking a grown woman, a mother no less, was enough to start getting me horny.

"It was on Butch's birthday six months ago," Victoria replied. "Jack was away in Washington and Butch had a few lads stopping over for a sleepover. Lenny had a nightmare and I took him into my room to calm down. Little did I know that he hadn't actually and it was just an excuse."

"Yeah," the cheeky blonde giggled. "I wanted to try having sex and that was my chance. It was ace."

"Well, you two better get back outside before anyone notices that you've been gone," I advised them. I adjusted my crotch, my dick stretching my jeans. "I don't suppose you know which room Matty's is?"

"Up the stairs and it's second on the left," Lenny replied. He stood for a second before stepping into me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Thanks for not telling anyone about me and Mrs H."


I ruffled his hair. The thought flashed through my mind that I would love to see him naked, fucking the milf, maybe with my cock up his arse as he did it but the look he gave me wasn't one of sexual desire, just grateful thanks. I guess that he was one of those weird boys who didn't think about having a cock in their mouth or butt! I gave my cock a quick squeeze, thinking that I needed to find Matty and get a little bit of my own relief. I turned and walked up the stairs, leaving behind the party goers and into private Morris territory. I knew that there wouldn't be a problem as I had been told now on numerous occasions that I was to consider myself part of the family.

I found myself outside a bright yellow door that had a ceramic name plate attached indicated that `MattyBRaps in da House!' was indeed true. I raised my hand to knock on the door but heard voices from inside. While I always considered eavesdropping wrong, I paused to listen.


"You kiss real nice Matty," I heard the older voice of Christian.

"That looked hot," Josh's voice added.

"Just think what it will be like when we make love," Christian's voice commented, making my heart drop a little. Matty and I had agreed that while it was okay to mess around with his brothers and father, when we did it was just sex. When it was Matty and me, then it was love and to hear the older teenage boy use the L word, caused me to wonder if Matty had finally wondered if he would be better off with a boy closer to his own age.

"Here's the lube," Matty's sweet voice echoed through the door. "Make sure that you put enough on other it could hurt if it goes in dry."

"Are you sure about this?" the older teen asked.

"Don't you want to?" Josh's voice questioned.

"Hell yeah," Christian giggled. "Let me line it up and then I can push in."

"Okay, but go gentle at first," Matty's voice said softly, almost so quiet that all I could hear was the breaking of my heart.

"Oh my Christ, I'm in," Christian almost crowed. "It feels awesome."

"Start thrusting in slowly now," my former cherub instructed. "Once you feel it, start going harder and harder."

"Okay Matty, I will. Thanks for this," Christian's voice came through the door.


I almost walked away. I almost turned and ran but I had to see. I had to witness it with my own eyes. My mind shrieked at me that Matty wouldn't betray me like this but my heart ached as my shaking hand reached to the door handle. I pushed it down quietly, opening the door, it's silent journey across blue carpet giving me access to what I had been thinking previously as a theatre of dreams. Was it now a place of nightmares?


"That's it, Christian," Matty's voice dripped sexy horniness. "Pick up the pace and start to get all of your dick inside."

"Shit man, I ain't gonna last long like this," the older teen huffed.

"Keep going," I heard Josh puffing as well.


I walked fully into the room, my eyes being drawn to the scene on the bed, the scene that was going to end my future life with Matty. I could see the back of the older blonde teen, Christian. He was lying on top of the body underneath him, his buttocks clenching as he was fighting off a climax as he thrust himself in and out of the bum below him. His left arm was wrapped around the sweating chest of the younger boy whilst his right hand was above the soft brown haired head, holding his partner's hand in his.

Panting breaths got heavier as both boys reached their climaxes, Christian cumming first as his cock fired spunk inside the deeply tanned buttocks of his partner. The young boy cried out in his own pleasure and I watched as the slim frame shook through the emotions of his orgasm.


My eyes shot to the third body on the bed, that of my cherub. Matty had looked up from the coupling of his brother and friend to catch my gaze with a broad smile on his face.


"GREGG!" he yelled, jumping up from the bed. While he was shirtless, he still had his speedos on, albeit barely as his boner looked as though it was going to poke a hole in them.

"What's going on?" I asked, although truth be told I could see what was happening.

"Gregg?" Josh groaned as Christian pulled his softening cock out of the twelve year old's hole.

"Oh shit!" Christian gasped. "Please, sir, don't tell anyone. I'm sorry. I won't ever do it again."

"You better do!" Josh giggled as he rolled over, showing his own cock in a semi limp state. He sat up on the bed and pulled the shaking older teenager to him. "I love you, Christian." He kissed the blonde full on the lips and snaked his arms around the naked lad, pulling him back down on top of him as he fell back onto the bed.


Matty held his arms out to me indicating that he wanted me to pick him up, which I duly obliged. He gave me a quick peck on my cheek before turning back to look at his brother and the older lad.


"I thought that Christian was in to you?" I whispered into his ear.

"I think he was and when he asked if he could kiss me, I hope you don't mind, but I did. He's like, totally cool and a really nice lad."

"I don't mind you kissing him," I told a little white lie. "I'll admit that I thought that it was you that he was having sex with."

"WHAT?" Matty squirmed in my arms. "I wouldn't do that unless you were around and agreed."

"I know that in my head but my heart was fibbing to me," I admitted. "I figured out that he fancied you at the concert, and I jumped to a conclusion that I shouldn't have. I'm sorry."

"You're forgiven silly," he kissed me.

"Oh wow!" Christian's voice interrupted us. "You guys were like, kissing and stuff."

"Um Christian, there's something you need to know," Josh said quietly. "I hope that we can trust you."

"Course you can trust me," the blonde frowned. "But why is Matty kissing Gregg?"

"This is what we need to trust you with," the twelve year old replied, sounding more mature than his young years. He looked at me, and I nodded to him. "Matty and Gregg love each other, like you know, proper love."

"Really?" I saw something change in the eyes of the attractive lad. "So we could never like, mess around more than kissing or anything?" I could hear the crack in his voice, something that I hoped Josh couldn't as I could see the look in Matty's brother's eyes that told me he had figured out what his younger brother had already discovered.

"Well, I'm not saying that," Matty replied. "But me and Gregg are an item."

"Gregg and I," I corrected.

"That's what I said," my cherub pouted.

"No you didn't, you said Gregg and me," Josh giggled.

"Gregg's mine. You can't have him," Matty stuck his tongue out at his brother.

"I don't want him. I want Christian," Josh said seriously.

"You do?" the blonde squeaked, his eyes switching away from Matty to Josh. "Why?"

"Cos you're really nice and I really like you loads," Josh replied. "I know that you like Matty, but I'm hoping that you might like me as well."

"Josh, I never even knew that you were into guys before today so I never even thought about being able to get with you," Christian started. "Every time I watch one of your vlogs, you look so straight that I just figured you were into girls so I kinda switched to watching Matty."

"Why? I have never said I'm gay," Matty pouted.

"Gaydar sweetie," I kissed his nose. "That video Call Me was the nail in the coffin, surely. If you were straight, you'd have been all over those girls."

"Slags you mean," Matty stuck his tongue out. "Two of them groped me massively during the shoot. Then they laughed about how big, or rather how small I was compared to boys they'd been with before."

"Matty, you were ten when you made that vid. You weren't gonna have a ten inch cock!" Josh giggled.

"Whatever. Back to you and Christian," he tried to change to subject.

"Christian and you," I corrected, getting a scrunched up nose in reply.

"I think you two would be good together."

"You think?" Christian smiled. "I'd love to be your boyfriend if you want me, Josh."


The only reply was the sound of Josh's lips connecting with Christian's once again and as this seemed like the perfect moment to leave them, I turned and carried my little cherub out of the room. I put him down on to the carpet as we left the room and a sudden smile crossed my lips


"What?" he asked.

"I've just been in your bedroom where sex happened and it wasn't us," I poked him in the side.

"Well, that won't do, will it?" he sniggered back. "Just wait until tonight."


"Oh, didn't my Dad say?" Matty smiled. "You're sleeping over tonight and I won't let you sleep in the guest room. You'll be in with me."




End of chapter.

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