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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter Eleven


"I'm sleeping over?" I asked, staring into the baby blue eyes of my cherub.

"Duh& course you are," Matty giggled. "You have no idea how many times I've been thinking about me and you in my bed." I let his grammatical error slip.

"Well, tonight's still some time away and you've still got people to say thank you to," I told him. I had a sudden moment of inspiration. As we left Josh and Christian kissing, I bent down to whisper into Matty's ear. "Look, you don't have to do this, and I'm still trying to think of a perfect way to set it up, but two of the stage hands are into looking at boys. They've worked really hard during the tour and have kept themselves to themselves but& "

"But they've been perving on me?" the eleven year old smirked. "You want me to meet them and thank them personally?" I could hear the catch in his voice and the slight frown on his face.

"Now hold on, I'm not suggesting you jump in bed with them, or even to let them touch you like that," I cut him off before he got any wrong ideas. "I just thought that it would make their year if you could personally say thank you, and maybe shake their hands. They're likely to cream themselves just by holding your hand," I chuckled.

"Okay, I get it," Matty smiled. "Let's go and say thanks to the hard working pervs!"


He took my hand and dragged me downstairs, via the kitchen where he refilled a plate of food and proceeded to eat, walk, talk and greet people all at the same time. I saw Tawny's raised eyebrows but I shook my head, smiling, to let her know that Matty's virtue was still intact, at least for now. I spotted Zack and Harry sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling their feet in the water. They had shed their shirts to catch some of the late Atlanta sun and I was surprised that their bodies were actually quite toned. Instead of the old, podgy bodies that I associated with old guys, I guess that lugging the large speakers and equipment around kept them in shape. I nodded in their direction to Matty, who gave me a questioning look. I mouthed their names to him and he took a running jump into the far end of the pool, much to Blake Senior's annoyance. I watched as his lithe body cut through the water, surfacing just a few feet away from the legs of the two roadies. I hadn't been the only one watching as neither of the two guys jumped when Matty's blonde head surface.


"HI GUYS!" Matty piped.

"Ah, Matty& hi, Zack stumbled over a greeting, suddenly being forced to talk to the boy he had been jerking over for the last five weeks.

"Come on in, the water's great," my cherub instructed. He proceeded to splash both of the laps on the men and I chuckled to myself as both looked down and I could see noticeable tents. I guess Zack and Harry saw their growing problems as well as both slid off the side of the pool into the water. They were at the deeper end, an end which I knew that Matty couldn't touch the bottom and keep his head above water. I walked quietly over so that I was within jumping distance if he got into trouble, not that he should as he was a strong swimmer, but it also had the advantage of letting me eavesdrop into the conversation that my boy was about to have with the two men.

"That's actually quite nice," Harry smiled, gaining a little confidence as he realised that Matty wasn't about to swim off.

"So guys, I wanted to come over and say thanks for everything you've done the last few weeks," Matty smiled broadly at them. I saw him swim a little closer to Harry and he started to make tired arm motions. "Jeez, this treading water is tiring," he complained and swam until he was practically in the same space as the older roadie. He reached out and latched an arm around the tall man. I could see under the water that he wrapped a leg around Harry's waist and Harry automatically dropped an arm into the water to support the boy's weight in the only possible manner, by placing his hand underneath the yellow speedo clad ass cheeks.

"It's been a pleasure, Matty," Zack replied, finding his voice. I could imagine his face turning green with envy as he watched his friend get his hands on the near naked pop star, and I had to marvel at how manipulative Matty was becoming, something that I would do well to take notes.

"So did you like the shows?" my boy asked. "I couldn't believe how hot it was in some of the halls and I just HAD to take my shirt off." I saw him wiggling slightly and, through the distortion of the water, I watched as he slightly humped himself into Harry's side.

"Yeah& some of the shows were hot& ah& I mean the venues," Harry stuttered as he obviously felt the boner that I was sure Matty would have.

"I don't want you to get tired, so maybe Zack should hold me for a minute," Matty suggested as he disengaged from the older roadie. I saw Zack's eyes light up as he realised that he would get his own opportunity to touch the boy that had filled his jerking fantasies. I smiled to myself as I watched my boy wrap himself around the roadie. Pleased that nothing untoward would happen, I eased myself away from the area without anyone noticing.


I noticed Lenny, the young eleven year old blonde talking quietly with Butch, the fourteen year old son of the woman that Lenny had been having an illicit affair with. I smiled to myself, thinking about the fact that there seemed to be a lot more adults who liked underage boys than I had previously thought. I felt a hand touch my arm and I turned to see Victoria Mahon. She had a nervous smile on her face and I guessed that she was still nervous about my discovery of her sexual activity in the bathroom with the boy.


"You don't need to worry," I interrupted her as she struggled to start up the conversation. "I can see that Lenny is enjoying it and from what you both said earlier, it seems that he sought out the first experience rather than you grooming him."

"But isn't it part of your job to report things like this?" she stammered.

"Probably, but I am knowledgeable enough to know that kids are sexually aware well before the legal age of consent. All I ask is that you don't do anything to hurt him, or push him beyond his comfort zone," I told her. "If Lenny does become one of my students, then I will be looking out for his welfare and if he ever tells me that he has been forced to do something, then I will put a stop to it."

"I understand totally Gregg, but trust me, I will never hurt my little sweetheart," she smiled as the boy in question giggled loudly at whatever joke Butch had just told him. She walked away, a little more confidence in her step than when she approached me.

"That was an interesting conversation to overhear," Tawny chuckled as she handed me a bottle of beer. "I never had her pegged as a boylover because Jack Mahon is a beast of a man& six foot six and built like the proverbial outhouse. Blake said that he caught a sight of him getting changed at the gym and he's got a tree trunk of a dick."

"I guess that she enjoys the attention that she is receiving from a cute boy while her husband is overseas," I shrugged.

"Talking of the attention of cute boys, I think that you have got two more fans in your club after what happened in Matty's room," she smiled.

"You know about that?" I queried, wondering how she had found out. Surely they didn't have hidden cameras to spy of their children's activities.

"Christian can't keep the goofy grin from his face and he's never been able to lie to John. Jeebs admitted that they were now boyfriends and that you had helped them get together."

"Well, it was more Matty but I'm happy to take credit," I grinned.

"So you have decided to take the job," Tawny said, changing the subject.

"If you are going to be paying anything in the region of what I've received over the last five weeks, then yes. The opportunity is too good to miss, and the addition of these families onto my resume will stand me in good order for the future."

"Plus you get to spend all day looking at cute young boys," she chuckled.

"It's a hard life but someone's got to suffer for the benefit of mankind," I replied, taking a slurp from my beer. My eyes sought out Matty, having not seen or heard him since I'd left him with the two roadies but I was pleased to see that he was now out of the pool and talking with Junior. "How many will there be in total?"

"Well, there's Matty and Josh, Lenny, Butch Mahon, and three other boys, all of them Josh's age."

"Seven in total then," I said. Already my head was whirring, thinking about curriculums and the like.

"Five boys that I am sure Matty will want you to keep your hands off," she chuckled.

"Five? Not six?"

"I think he's already accepted that you and Josh will get together again at some point. He told me how hot he thought it was when he walked in on you two fucking in the hotel room."

"That was an accident," I professed. "I shouldn't have given in& "

"But you did, Josh loved it and it opened up Matty to the idea of having fun with the others. I know that John is looking forward to getting inside Matty."

"I still can't believe that you are so okay with your boys all having sex with each other, and with Blake and now myself," I said quietly.

"I do get to join in, don't forget," she smiled. "There is something about the taboo of having your own son fucking the very hole that he was born from& as well as the fact that my boys are very good looking."

"I know that John and you get together. Have you had any of the others?"

"Blake and I took Junior's virginity when he was thirteen," she sighed in memory. "The others were all tucked up in their beds but we let Junior stay up late. Blake mentioned about finding his cum socks when he was in his room and Junior blushed so prettily. We had the talk, put on some porn and before we knew it, all three of us were naked and kissing. Junior had sex with me before he admitted that he wanted to try it with Blake as well. Blake's never one to turn down a tight hole and he took him bent over the couch. The three of us ended up in our bed and we exhausted ourselves into slumber."

"That sounds like it was a lot of fun," I shifted slightly on the spot, hiding my now erect dick. I felt a small hand creep into mine and looked down to see my little angel. "Hi."

"Hey& how long do I have to be on show?" he asked. "While it's been fun, I'm getting tired and want to go to my room."

"I think that's understandable," Tawny said. "Why don't we get everyone's attention and you can say one last thank you."

"Cool!" he smiled. "Then you can carry me to my room," he told me.

"Carry you? What's wrong with your legs?"

"They're tired& and I want you to hold me." My heart fluttered a little and he knew that I would do anything for him anyway.


After Tawny had quietened everyone down and Matty had said a few words, I let him disappear inside before making my own way to the kitchen. With no-one else around, I stooped forwards and let him place his arms around my neck before wrapping my own arms around his waist. Picking him up, he wove his legs around my waist and my hands settled underneath his speedo clad bottom. He leaned in and kissed me, which for once, I pulled away from. Seeing a frown, I pecked him quickly.


"Wait until we are out of view of anyone who doesn't know," I explained. "There are still people out there who would cause trouble."

"Oh& I forgot about that," he sighed. "Well, take me upstairs then," he commanded.


I easily carried his small frame up the stairs and into his room. Looking around, I saw a few posters of the Falcons as well as a couple of Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler. Butler was dressed just in a loin cloth from the movie "300". I raised an eyebrow and he giggled.


"You don't want to know how many jerks I've had looking at that picture," he chuckled.

"I'm surprised you've never had the chance to meet someone famous like him," I said, a wave of jealousy washing over me. How could I compete with Hollywood superstars?

"Well, I met Hugh Jackman once but he was a right dick," Matty frowned. "Really stuck up his own arse. Besides, can you imagine the damage that Wolverine would do if he fingered you?"


I laughed as I threw him onto his bed, watching it bounce slightly. The thought ran through my mind that only an hour or so ago, Christian and Josh were having sex on this very bed. Matty stretched out, spreading his legs and arms into a star shape and his small package was bulging as he thrust his hips upwards. I peeled off my shirt and unbuttoned my trousers, letting them drop to the floor. Clad in only my briefs and socks, I climbed onto the bed by the side of him and took his left foot in my hands. I felt him tremble, not a surprise knowing how ticklish he was, but instead of attacking the sole of his foot with my fingers, I raised it to my mouth and sucked in his big toe. I could taste the chlorine from the pool, which disappointed me as I wanted to taste just Matty, but I knew that the boy wouldn't let me pause while he took a shower. I licked in between each toe, giving him my own tongue wash and sucked each of the small digits into my mouth. I licked the underside of his foot, causing him to giggle slightly before finishing the job by kissing it. I lowered it back to the bed before I repeated the process with his right foot.


"God, I never thought that having my toes licked would be so sexy," he grunted. I looked up and saw the now prominent tent in his speedos.

"Don't you dare touch that dick," I warned him. "Your body is mine and mine alone."

"Well, hurry up and suck me before I cum!"

"All in good time, my little lover." I grinned at him and I returned my mouth to his feet, kissing the tops of them before licking slowly around his ankles and up the inside of his calves. He was squirming slightly and, as I reached his inner thighs, he spread his legs as wide as he could, giving me access to his groin. I chuckled to myself as I heard his moan of frustration as I skipped over his speedo clad body and delved my tongue into his belly button. I dropped an arm onto his legs that were now moving around, trying to get around my body in an effort to bring my head back down to his crotch. "Oh no you don't," I said.

"Dammit!" he groaned. "Get me off, please!" he begged. "You have no idea how horny I got when Zack and Harry were holding my butt."

"All in good time," I smiled and resumed my tongue bathing of his stomach. I traced a line up his smooth belly until I reached his left nipple. It was already erect and I took no time in sucking it into my mouth. I heard Matty groan loudly and I alternated from sucking and nibbling on one nipple before switching to the other. Finally, I kissed past his shoulder, nuzzling his neck before pausing to look down at the angel underneath me. His eyes were fixed on mine and, as he licked his lips in anticipation, I bent forwards and kissed him. Our tongues touched as our mouths opened and I felt him snake his arms around my neck. Not wanting to hurt him with my weight, I started to roll us over but he broke our embrace with a shake of his head.

"I want you on top of me," he whimpered.

"I'm heavier than you," I whispered back. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't," Matty sighed. "But I want to be your boy and I want you to hold me down while you kiss me."


Wanting to give him everything that he desired, but still not wanting to cause him pain, I slowly lowered my body on top of him, pressing him back into his mattress. I could feel his erection poking into my stomach as our height difference made itself known but as I re-started the kiss, he started to slowly hump himself underneath me. I could feel his dick getting caught up in the tight speedo so I eased my hand down, underneath his back, slowly sliding it until it reached his buttocks. Pulling myself and his mid-section from the bed, I pulled his speedos down until they were past his knees. I felt him pull up a foot and finish the job, kicking them onto the floor.

Easing my body back on top of him, his dick was now pressed firmly into my belly and I could feel the hardness of it as he resumed his slow hump. Knowing that he had a tube of lube on the bedside table where I had seen Josh put it, I reached over and lubed up my fingers. Slipping my hand back down my angel's back, I felt him shiver as the coolness of the lube touched his sun baked torso. I slid my fingers into the valley of his cheeks and quickly found his tight little hole. I still couldn't believe my luck that I had one of the cutest boys on the planet begging me to penetrate his most private place.

I slipped a finger inside him, beginning the sensual loosening up process. I felt him squirm as my digit slipped into him, twisting slightly as I prepared him for the main event. His dick was at full mast as I worked a second finger inside his hole and I couldn't resist it any longer. I bent forwards and kissed the top of his exposed head, causing him to moan in pleasure. I licked up and down his three inches of iron hard nail, revelling in the taste of Matty.


"Please Greg, he gasped out in between his groans. "Make love to me."

"Whatever you desire, my love."


I pulled my fingers out of him and quickly spread some of the lube on my own hard cock. I gazed into his eyes and saw that they were fixed onto my rod. He licked his lips in anticipation and I leaned down and kissed him. Our tongues met each other and, for a few moments, the thoughts of penetration were cast aside as we exchanged fluids orally. Finally, he pulled away from my mouth and squirmed underneath me. I knew what he was trying to achieve so I lifted my weight from his body and allowed him to turn over, underneath me. He laid on the bed, waiting for me, and I cast my eyes over his body. He'd raised his arms up so that his hands were either side of his head and his legs were spread, giving me access to his little boy hole. I traced a line down his back with my hand, cupping each of his firm cheeks before parting them. I lined the head of my cock up against his pucker.

"Push out, baby boy," I cooed to him, reminding him so that I caused him as little discomfort as possible. I pushed into him, easing the thick mushroom head past his tight muscle. I revelled in the slight intake of air that my boy was gulping in, as I continued to penetrate him. He started to shift underneath me so I leaned onto my elbows, letting the lower half of my body push down onto him. I took hold of his hands and leaned forwards and nibble and sucked on his neck. He turned his head so that he was partially facing me. I saw the tightening of his eyes as his body started to get used to the girth of my dick. I kissed his forehead and somehow, despite the difference in our heights, we managed to twist our necks so that our lips met.

As I felt myself bottom out inside him, my balls gently resting against his smooth skin, I lowered myself fully on top of him, pushing him into the mattress. He let out a small sigh in our kiss as he realised that he was, once again, fully mine. I released his hands and slipped my arms underneath his body, pushing them up and through his armpits so that I encircled his small torso. Holding him tightly against me, I dragged my hips upwards, pulling my cock almost out of him. When I felt his pucker stretching around my glans, I pushed back into him, forcing his own groin against the covers. With our new position, it was almost impossible to kiss him so I concentrated on giving him the maximum pleasure internally as I could. Picking up speed, my thrusts became more urgent, more insistent as his own thrusts met mine.

I could tell that he was already close to cumming, despite us barely starting, but knowing that I could tease multiple orgasms from him, I didn't let up in my love making. I heard a squeal of pleasure erupt from his mouth as his body shook underneath me and I could already feel a sheen of sweat coating his body. He flopped still for a moment and I paused in my thrusts, buried fully inside him as he caught his breath.

"Again& please make me cum again," he begged.

"For you, my love, anything," I said soppily. I couldn't help it, I was so in love with my young partner.


I started up again, gently at first before I felt Matty's backward thrusts into my groin become more insistent. Wanting him to achieve another climax, I started to thrust harder and harder into him, harder than I had ever taken him before. I was rewarded with guttural grunts from the mouth of my sweet boy. Another set of groans accompanied them as I found myself getting close to my own orgasm. Harder and harder I thrust, literally bouncing him on the bed as my animalistic desires took over any sensitive love making that I had in mind. Matty moaned out loudly as I pulled out of him before slamming back inside him, over and over, stretching his sensitive hole to the point where he shouted out in ecstasy as a second orgasm hit his slim body. Knowing that I had taken him to his nirvana was enough and I pushed myself fully inside him, just as my own orgasm hit. My dick felt like it had exploded as I felt my spunk fire out of me, lining his insides with my babies that I would never have. I kept thrusting in to him, milking my cum from my dick before I collapsed onto him, spent.

Not wanting to crush him, I rolled us slightly so that we were on our sides, spooning him. He looked up at me and our mouths met once more. However, instead of the urgent tongue duelling from before, this was a slow, sensual kiss as my hands roamed over his chest and groin, stroking him gently. I felt his heaving chest begin to slow down in its heavy breathing as my young lover came down from his post-orgasmic high. We broke our kiss and gazed into each other's' eyes. I'm sure that the look of love that he was sending me was reflected in my own expression. I had never felt more comfortable, more at home than this moment.



"Yes sweetie."

"Will you stay with me forever?"


I melted into him and whispered into his ear.


"Forever and beyond."





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