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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter Two



"Are you okay Gregg?" Jack Naysmith asked me as we ate lunch at our hotel in Savannah. "Gregg?"

"Oh, sorry Jack, I was just thinking," I replied, unaware that I had spaced out for a moment. My eyes, as always, flicked onto the face of Matty, a smile coming to mine as I saw him struggling to cut up the steak that he had ordered. I reached over and took the plate from him, quickly cutting the tough steak before handing it back to him. Why he wanted it cooked well done was beyond me, but then again, when I was his age, the thought of blood on my food was disgusting. He flashed me his killer smile as thanks.

"How's the studying coming on?" Jack asked the young lad, now eleven having celebrated his birthday a week ago with his family in Atlanta.

"Urgh! Do we have to talk school while I'm eating?" Matty frowned.

"Matty is doing really well," I smiled. "When I can get him to concentrate, he turns out some excellent work."

"But getting him to concentrate is a problem?" Jack asked, frowning at his client.

"I'm doing all what he tells me to," Matty snapped. I placed a hand on his, hoping to quell what I could see would be a mini eruption from the boy. Over the last ten days, I had grown to identify the little quirks and signs of his mood swings.

"We are just about on schedule with where Matty needs to be," I advised Jack. "In fact, I have been so impressed by the improvement in his math, that I was thinking about giving him a treat and maybe when we get to Orlando, we can have a couple of days off and check out some of the parks."

"REALLY?? CAN I?" Matty bounced on his chair. "I'd love to go Sea World and the Magic Kingdom and Universal definitely and maybe we could also,"

"Hold on, hold on, Gregg said a couple of days not a couple of months!" Jack laughed at the enthusiasm emanating from our joint charge. "You know that I have to say yes now, don't you Gregg? Otherwise I'll be the bad guy."


I smirked at him, knowing that he wouldn't be able to say no once I had bought up the idea.


"I was thinking, we have a couple of days in between the concerts in Palm Bay and Orlando so how about we stay at the hotel in the Magic Kingdom and we can use that as a central base," I suggested.

"Please! Can we Jack?" Matty purred, honey dripping in his voice. I actually felt sorry for Jack as he made the mistake of glancing at his client and was hooked by the puppy dog eyes that the eleven year old was throwing his way.

"Okay! I give in!" Jack groaned, causing Matty to knock over his glass of milk as he jumped up to give his agent a hug. I quickly mopped up the small spillage, wondering for a moment what it would be like to clean up actual Matty milk. I shook my head as I knew that I would be long gone out of his life before he ejaculated for the first time. "So what's the plan for today?"

"Well, it's a non-concert day, but he does have practice for an hour," I told Jack. "Then, I'm afraid it's the big bad study time. Physics, geography and history today."

"Argh! All three? Shite!" Matty groaned, before clapping a hand over his mouth. "Oops!"

"Matty, what have I told you about swearing in public?" Jack scoled him. "Your image is based on being the clean cut, all American boy that every lad want to be his friend, every parent wants you as a child."

"Alright Jack, it was just a slip up," I interjected, seeing Matty's head drop. "I think that you have to remember that he is still only eleven, and not one of your adult clients. He will slip up every now and then."


I got a harrumph from Jack who finished his coffee before saying his farewells. Matty was still looking downcast so I poked him in the side. He started to pull away from me and I could see a tear rolling down his cheek.


"Hey now, it wasn't so bad what you did," I comforted him, taking a chance by wrapping an arm around him. "What you have to remember is Jack is used to dealing with grown ups who are better equipped at the public personas."


"Um, their public images. You are trying your best to be an adult but I know that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you will slip up. You shouldn't have to pretend all the time that you're not who you really are."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I know that you can swear like a trooper when you think I'm not listening!" He flushed bright red and I dug a finger into his armpit to tickle him, bringing his wonderful smile and giggle back to his face. "I have been working with students your age for five years so I know that you will know most of the swear words by now. In fact, I know what, let's get back to the room and I've just thought up a new lesson."

"Urgh! Really?" His smile faded, but I simply tickled him again.

"Come on, I think you'll enjoy it!"


I lead him back to my hotel room, which is where he did his lessons. I pulled out a blank pad and quickly wrote out the letters A to Z on the first page. Matty had grumpily sat on my bed, kicking his sneakers off to reveal that he had gone to breakfast barefoot. Oh I remember sucking on those toes! I had prided myself on my self-control since that night, despite twice having to undress him after he had fallen asleep. I had jerked myself like crazy afterwards but not once had I touched him sexually.


"Okay then Matty, this is a new English assignment that I don't normally do with my students, but I think it will help you in terms of becoming more confident in yourself as well," I started.

"You said it was physics, geography and history today," he whined. "Now I've got to do English as well?"

"I think you'll enjoy this one, so come on, lighten up a little heh?" I poked him, oh how I wish I could poke him!, and he squirmed in his adorable fashion that he does, twisting his lithe body to escape my finger attack.

"Oh okay. What do I have to do?" he groused. I showed him the blank sheet.

"Well, I know that you have got three older brothers, and that Mars, your cousin, lived with you as well, so I'm guessing that you have probably picked up some words from them that Jack doesn't particularly want to hear you say in public. Am I correct?" I received a slow nod, a hint of a smile playing on his lips as he admitted to me that he knew some swear words that his parents would probably also frown upon. "We need to keep this exercise a secret, by the way. If your folks knew, then I might get into a little bit of trouble."

"I won't tell, promise!" He had such a serious look on his face as he crossed his heart and hoped to die.

"Okay then. As I said, there are words that Jack doesn't want you to say in public. So why don't we make a list of them, starting at A and seeing how many words that you know you shouldn't use?"

"WHAT? You want me to, like, tell you swear words?" The look on his face was priceless.

"I thought that maybe, if we made the list, you can use the words when it's just us two, but as soon as we go outside of the hotel room, then you know which words you shouldn't use," I explained. The thought of getting the young angel to start swearing was beginning to turn me on. I couldn't wait to hear what dirty words he knew. "So come on, what word do you know beginning with A?"

"Um, ass?" he stuttered out, looking around as if he was expecting someone else to walk in the room.

"Okay, ass," I got him to write it on the paper. "It's a start but pretty lame. How about asshole?"

"Haha, yeah..asshole! That's better!" he giggled, adding the hole to the word. "Arse bandit?"

"Wow! That's a good one!" I ruffled his hair. "How about B?"

"Bastard!" He covered his mouth immediately. I nodded at him to write it down, and the fact that I was joining in was beginning to loosen him up. "Bugger!" Oh, he knew about buggering? "BONER!!" "BLOW JOB!"


"Crap?" he offered.

"Surely there's a better word than that?"

"COCK!" he yelled in glee, earning a hug from me. "Oh I know!!! CUNT!"


And so it went on. Dick of course came out, oh I wished!, and he paused at F before whispering fuck in my ear. To hear him use the word fuck caused me to start tenting and as we hit J, he proudly told me about jerk. He was bouncing on the bed by this time as he showed off his knowledge of profanity and I was now seriously starting to regret the exercise. We finally got through the words that he knew, and he flopped down on the bed, his arms spread over his head. I looked him over and saw that he had a tent in his shorts.


"Maybe you should go take care of something," I said, a hint of lust coming through in my voice.

"Huh?" he asked, propping himself up on his elbows before glancing down at his crotch. "Ah shit! It keeps doing that!" He sat up, placing his hands in his groin to cover up.

"Well, you are a growing lad," I told him. "Do you want to go into the bathroom?"

"But I don't need to piss," he replied.

"I know, but what do you normally do when you get a boner?" I couldn't believe I'd just asked him that.

"I hide it until it goes away," he scrunched his nose up. "It's a pain cos it can take some time to go down sometimes."

"Well, why don't you go back to your room and watch some television until it goes away, eh?"

"Okay!" he stood up, his hands still in front of his shorts. He started to walk back to his room before turning back towards me. He quickly walked back to me and surprised me by throwing his arms around my waist, hugging me. "Thanks for not taking the piss out of me for having it."

"It's a natural thing, Matty," I told him, loving the feel of his little rod of steel pressing into my thigh. "Who makes fun of you?"

"Blake Junior and John do," he frowned. "But I tell them to stop or I'll tell Mom what I saw them doing."

"And what was that?" I asked, wondering what teenage mischief his two eldest brothers were involved in.

"Blake was jerking John's dick before John sucked Blake's," he announced. He turned away and ran into his room, leaving me open mouthed. I heard his bed creak as he jumped on it and within seconds, some Nickelodeon cartoon was blaring away, showing that he had gone back into full kid mode, all talk of sex and swear words completely gone.


I shut the bedroom door and quickly pulled my jeans and briefs down. I wrapped my hand around my six and a half inches and pumped it furiously, thinking about the feel of Matty's boy prick against my flesh before the flashing image of his two darker haired older brothers sucking each other off entered my mind. Matty had seen them and he hadn't told his parents which meant that at least he wasn't totally disgusted by it. In my mind, I swapped John's face for Matty's and I shot load after load, imagining that the eleven year old was deep throating his eldest brother. I grabbed a towel to clean off, and after pulling my jeans back up, I looked over the list of swear words. My eyes suddenly were drawn to the letters F, H and Q. There was no mention of the words fag, homo or queer. I thought that as a young lad, they would be some of the top swear words in terms of classroom insults. Putting the list to one side, I reviewed the exercises that I had prepared for Matty for this afternoon before a knock on the door between our rooms interrupted my thoughts.


"I need to go to the practice room," Matty told me having waited for me to tell him to come in. He had changed into a sleeveless basketball shirt, which showed off his slim arms and a pair of knee length shorts. Of course, his sneakers were in place, this time the outline of socks over the top.

"Okay, let me pack up and I'll come down with you," I replied.


I saw a smile flash across his face and as we left the room to head to the conference room that Jack had hired as a practice room, he leaned into me as we walked. I smiled as I draped an arm over his shoulder in what I hoped looked like a fatherly gesture. We got to the conference room and it had been cleared of chairs and tables so that Matty and his backing dancers could practice their moves. I sat to one side, watching my own personal performance wondering how it could get any better than this. Finally it was over, Matty hugging his backing dancers in thanks for a good session before sliding up to me. I had taken my kindle to read so that I wasn't seen to be overly concentrating on my boy, and I made a show of closing it down despite not having read a single word.


"Do I really have to do physics today?" the boy whined.

"I know that you don't like it, but that's just because you're not confident with it," I told him. "Once you grasp it, you'll love it, trust me."

"Huh! Never happen!" I heard him mutter under his breath as we got back to the room.

"Go grab a shower and then come through and we'll make a start," I asked him.

"Do I gotta? I mean, we're not going out so why shower?"

"You need to shower because you need to clean the sweat off from practice."

"But if I ain't going anywhere, I can shower tomorrow."

"Matty," I started, not allowing my frustration with his sudden lack of obedience to show. "I don't want to sit here with a smelly student all afternoon, so please will you go and take your shower."

"Freaking heck," he mumbled, or it was something along those lines. They may have been a couple of the swear words from the list instead.


I watched as he sloped off into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. After a few moments, the water started in the shower. I flicked the television on to distract myself from thoughts that there was a naked boy just a door away from me and got caught up in the news headlines. There was nothing serious going on for a change, but when the sports news finished and a big chested weather girl announced thunderstorms for tonight, I noticed that I hadn't heard Matty singing in the shower, which was unusual. Maybe he was moping? The shower was still running and I was beginning to get a bit desperate for the toilet. I knocked on the bathroom door, but didn't get a reply.


"Matty, I need to use the toilet so can you hurry up and finish your shower. You've already been in there for," I glanced at my watch. Jeez, where had the time gone? "You've been in forty minutes already."


I didn't get a response so I knocked on the door a little louder.


"MATTY?" I raised my voice, thinking that he obviously couldn't hear me under the flow of water. I ground my teeth in frustration, and the need to piss became too much. "Okay, I'm going to come in so make sure you're covered up."


I opened the door carefully and found the bathroom full of steam. The sounds of another cartoon was coming through the closed door leading to Matty's bedroom and I was about to remind him not to leave the television on while he's not in the room before I noticed that while the shower was on, it was splattering down on an empty cubicle. The little sod had left it running when he finished. The splashing noise reminded me that I needed to relieve myself so after completing that task, I turned off the shower. I knocked on Matty's door and for once, decided to open it without waiting for a reply.


"Matty, you've got to remember to turn off the shower," I paused as the boy looked up at me from lying on his bed. He was on his stomach, watching cartoons still dressed in the same clothes that he had been practicing in. "What? Why have you not put fresh clothes on?" I asked as I made my way towards him. A look of fear flashed across his face for a moment before I smelled the stale aroma of sweat coming from his body. It was then I noticed that his hair wasn't wet and he was still wearing his sneakers. "You've not showered!"

"I told you. I ain't going out so why should I?"

"You should because I asked you to."

"Well, I decided not to," he told me, defiance in his voice. "And I ain't doing physics either!"


I stood open mouthed as he picked up the remote control and increased the volume of the television. I frowned and thought back over the last week about his behaviour. As much as he was a little angel at times, he had also been a little devil which I'd ignored. I guess I'd allowed my lust for him over-ride the normal guidelines. However, this was a step too far. I walked to the bed and took him by the arm.


"Matthew!" I got a scrunched up nose. "I asked you nicely, and then I asked you again. You've disobeyed me but I am going to give you one last chance. Will you please take a shower and then come through for your lessons?"

"I'm watching Sam and Cat!" he snapped.

"Matthew," I repeated. I thought that if I called him by his full name he might get the message that I was upset, but it wasn't working. "You've got a choice. Either you go in and get a shower, or,"

"Or what?" he sneered. He actually sneered at me!


I'd had enough. I had asked Jack, and Matty's parents about the level of control I was allowed and they had agreed that I had a free rein over their son. I had given him a chance, well a couple, but I recognised the defiance in him and with the status that he had, I knew I needed to stamp my authority. Still having one hand on his arm, I sat on the edge of his bed and quickly pulled him over. He gave a gasp of shock as I moved his body so that he was face down, his mid section over my lap.


"I didn't want to do this Matty," I told him. "But you've left me no choice."


I hooked a hand into the top of his shorts and pulled them down and across his knees. He was wearing a pair of blue boxers underneath and while I could have left them on while I punished him, the devil in me, along with the need to show him that I was in control took over. Despite his pleas for forgiveness, I pulled down his boxers, exposing his pale buttocks to me. I knew that the front of his boxers had snagged on my knees so his modesty at the front was intact, but as I gazed down at his fleshy globes, I fought with myself to stop from shoving a finger up his little boy hole. Instead, I needed to punish him for his disobedience and so I smack him hard, five times on each cheek and at the end of the ten spanks, I had a crying boy on my lap. I pulled him upright, into my chest and he tried to turn his head away from me, but in the end he sobbed into my shoulder.


"Matty, I never wanted to do that to you, but you were being disrespectful and not doing what I asked you to do," I told him, stroking his back as he cried. "Your parents have given me permission to spank you if needed, and I guess you've just found out that I will, if necessary."

"Hurts!" Matty cried into my chest, nearly breaking my heart.

"I know it does, but that's why it's a punishment," I explained. "Are you ready to take a shower now?"

"Uh huh!" he mumbled into my chest, but made no effort to move.


I stood up, wrapping my arms around him as I did and he wrapped his legs around my waist as I carried him towards the bathroom. As much as I hated smacking him, the fact that Matty was now fully wrapped around my body was heavenly. The only thing that would have made it perfect is if we were both naked and I'd got my cock in his ass. I nearly slipped on the tiled floor as I entered the bathroom, the steam was still making its presence know and I stood Matty on the bath mat. I knelt down in front of him, pulling his downcast face upwards so that I could look him in the eye.


"Matty, I hated to have to do that, but now I need you to have a shower," I told him. "I had given you my trust before but you have let me down so either you go in the shower while I watch to make sure you wash, or I will strip you and take you into the shower and wash you myself." My cock was dribbling as I laid it on the line to him. I knew I was going to be having serious problems either way. I'd offered him the chance to wash himself while I watched him naked, soap suds and all, or even better, I was going to strip him and have the chance to run my hands over his body in the `effort' of cleaning him.

"I'll do it!" he grumbled, much to my disappointment. However, I was blessed for the next five minutes of watching him strip out of his clothes, pausing for a moment before shedding his boxers at my nod and stepping into the shower. If you have never had the opportunity to watch an eleven year old boy shower, I urge you to take that chance. How I restrained myself from stripping off and raping his ass while he bent over having dropped the soap I have no idea. He finally stepped out of the shower, holding his hands in front of his crotch as I held out a big bath towel and dried him off. If he held any previous resentment towards me, I think it must have disappeared as he nearly purred as I dried him. I maybe shouldn't have but I couldn't resist drying him all over and made sure that I gave his little dick a good rub whilst I played the innocent guardian drying his charge routine.


"Okay then, I think that we are going to give the lessons a miss now," I told him. I saw a little light in his eyes which I quickly extinguished. "You are to go to bed now, no television, no music."

"Aw man! Come on!" he whined a little before realising that I was serious. However, I saw a little playfulness in his eyes as I remembered now that he had gotten his wish of not studying. I gave him a heavy smack on his behind, cushioned through the thick towel and told him to get into bed. I walked into his room and picked up the remote for the television. I was pleased to see it was identical to the one in my room in that you needed the remote to do anything, so after switching it off at the socket, I knew that Matty would not be watching anything.

"Goodnight Matty," I said, leaning in to peck him on the forehead, something I had started to do each night and I turned the light off as I left the room, closing the door behind me.



A couple of hours later, the sky lit up as flash upon flash of lightning gave me an incredible light show. Of course, this was followed by heavy crashes of thunder as Mother Nature showed true power, reminding us that we are mere insects on the face of her Earth. I loved watching lightning but as the seconds between the streaks of light and the bellows of thunder diminished, I actually started to get a little worried that the storm may pass directly overhead. I heard a faint sob by my side and I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt a soft hand touch my arm.


"Jeez Matty!" I gasped, unaware that he had crept into my room. I was about to tell him off for not asking permission but the sight of tears streaming down his face interrupted me. "What's wrong buddy?"

"I duh duh duh don't like thunderstorms," he stuttered out, his breath catching as he spoke.

"There's no need to be afraid," I told him, reaching out to pull him into my lap so that he could see the light show, but as I did, I found that he was shaking like a leaf in the said storm.

"John and Jeebs locked me out this one time," he sobbed into my chest. "And I was stood under a tree and the tree got hit by lightning." Sheez! No wonder he was scared of it. I made a mental note to have words with his older brothers the next time that I saw them.

"Well, we're inside and we're safe from it," I said with as much confidence in my voice as I could put in. As the next flash of lightning crashed across the sky, my little boy yelped and turned into me, hugging me tightly as his whole body shook in fear. Deciding that he needed to be away from the window, I stood up gently, making sure that I had a good grip on his body and reached over to close the curtains with my free hand. "Let's get you back to bed, okay?"

"NO!" he cried out as I started to walk to his room. "Don't make me sleep alone! My folks let me sleep in with them when it's really bad like this."

"Matty, you can't sleep in with me," I started but stopped when I heard his pitiful moan. "Matty, it's not right for you to sleep in the same bed as a man who isn't related to you."

"Why?" he gulped in deep breaths. "I can't sleep alone and you said that you were like my Dad when he's not here." Damn! Good point!


My mind was doing backflips as I tried to think of good reasons to reject his request but I knew that I would counter every argument that I would raise so that I could hold him as he slept. Okay, it wasn't the same as actually making love to him, but to have him press his body against mine was going to be good enough to satisfy my lust for him. I pulled the covers back on the bed and placed him in. Knowing that he needed to get to sleep as he had another concert tomorrow, I decided that I had to go to bed as well. I undid my shirt, hanging it in the closet and started to unfasten my jeans. I was about to pull them down when I saw Matty staring at me intensely. Shrugging to myself, I let them fall to the floor, exposing the front of my tight, white briefs before turning slightly to bend over to help myself step out of them. By doing so, I knew that I was giving Matty the perfect view of my butt as the cotton would be strained, skin tight against it. I pulled my socks off and for a moment, my automatic undressing kicked in and I pulled my briefs down, before I remembered that Matty was in my bed. As much as I would have loved to sleep naked next to him, I knew that was going so far over the line that it would be unexplainable. I quickly pulled them back up and turned, seeing a small smirk on the boy's face.


"Sorry Matty," I apologised. "I normally sleep naked, but I'll leave my briefs on."

"Why?" Matty asked, before quickly adding, "Why do you sleep naked?"

"I get too hot if I'm under anything other than a thin sheet and wearing pjs," I explained, which was true. However, the main reason was that it allowed me access to jerk myself off whenever I awoke horny.


A loud rumble of thunder caused the boy to squeak again so I quickly climbed into bed beside him. I was wondering how he would want to sleep but he immediately answered it by rolling over, forcing his body into mine before turning so that he was facing away from me. Ideal spooning position apart from the fact he was about a foot too short. He pulled my right arm underneath him, wrapping it around him and I eased my left over the top of his still shaking body.


"Is this okay?" I whispered softly into his ear, fighting with myself not to stick my tongue inside it.

"Uh huh," he replied sleepily. "I'm sorry I was being bratty before."

"Hey, I know that you're going to play up every now and then. I'm sorry that I had to spank you but I won't allow you to disrespect me like that again, you understand?"

"Yeah. It hurt. I'll do what you tell me to from now on." I felt him shift around slightly and he slipped a hand between us, rubbing his butt through his pj bottoms in memory of the punishment. I felt his arm brush against my stomach and my cock grew in hardness. I tried thinking thoughts of old grannies but fortunately Matty's body was too high up in the bed to feel my erection press against him.

"Get some sleep now, Matty," I told him. "You've got another big day tomorrow."

"Nighty night, Gregg."


I kissed the top of his head and started to stroke his belly to put him to sleep. Within minutes, I could sense his breathing change to one of restful slumber. I knew that sleep would be a long time coming for me as I revelled in the feel of having the small frame pressed into mine. Knowing that he was now asleep, I allowed my circling hand to snake underneath his pj top and gently rub the smooth skin of his belly. I heard a gently snore from the boy and I carried on caressing his body until sleep finally took hold of me.




I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Matty had come off stage and had pulled me into his changing room. He was hot and sweaty and smelled wonderful to a boylover like myself. He was tearing his clothes off, leaving himself naked in front of me, his little cock fully erect at three inches of steel. I pulled him to me, running my hands over his naked frame, squeezing his pert buttocks before dropping to my knees in front of him.


"That's it Gregg. Suck me. Please," he groaned lustily as I took him into my mouth. I drooled as I licked his little boy lollipop, tasting the flavour of him for the first time. I slipped a finger into my mouth to slick it up, wanting to take the boy over the edge of an orgasm and slid my hand around the back of his body as it pistoned into my face. Using my spare hand to pull one of his cheeks away from the other, I pushed my finger against his hole. "Urgh! I dunno Gregg!" Matty moaned as I played on the outskirts of his little tight pucker. However, he had got me to the point of no return and so I pushed inside him, causing the boy to shudder as he felt his virgin hole penetrated for the first time. "OH SHIT THAT'S GOOD!" he whimpered as his whole body shuddered into a climax, his cock throbbing in my mouth, trying to seed me but unable due to his age.

"I need to cum now, Matty," I whispered, trying to keep the noise down as anyone could come in at any time. "Turn around so I can fuck you."

"Nooo," he complained as I started to unfasten my jeans. "Let me suck you instead, please?" His puppy dog eyes won me over, and knowing that I would at least have my dick in part of his body, I nodded and settle for his mouth. I stripped my lower half of clothing and almost chuckled as Matty's blue eyes widen at the size of my dick. It wasn't the largest compared to other men, but to an eleven year old, it was huge! I saw him lick his lips in anticipation as he lowered his head. My hands automatically wove into his hair and guided him towards my cock. They were also my backup if he tried to back out but he had no intention and as his lips sealed themselves around my shaft, I came immediately, the thought that I had finally gotten my boy obviously too much for my sexual desires to hold out.


"What the heck?" I gasped as I woke up humping my pillow, cum spreading inside my briefs as my cock erupted from the dream. It felt wonderful though, my cock felt nestled, as if it was a hot dog inside a bun. I carried on my small thrusts while I milked my cock dry of spunk.

"Urgh!" a small voice underneath groaned. "Gregg, get off me, you're squishing me!"


MATTY! I suddenly remembered that he was in my bed and I quickly rolled off the boy that I had been lying on top of. Christ! I was humping the boy's bum in my sleep!


"Oh no!" he moaned.

"What's wrong?" I asked shakily, still basking in the orgasm that I had unconsciously had.

"It's embarrassing!" he started to get that hitch in his voice, which meant he was upset.

"I'm sure it's nothing bad," I tried playing it cool. At least he hadn't started screaming rape or anything.

"But I think I may have messed myself," he started to cry.

"I'm sure you haven't, or at least if you have, not too badly," I tried to console him, knowing full well that it was probably my spunk that had soaked through my briefs onto his pj bottoms. "Give me a minute to get myself into some shorts and then let's get you to the bathroom and clean up. Stay face down so that you don't rub any of the mess in to the sheets." Okay it was bad of me to make him think that he may have shit himself, but I desperately needed to cover up the fact that I had spunked up on him.


Leaving him face down on the bed, I slipped out from the covers, grimacing as the front of my briefs clung to my now softening cock. I quickly pulled them off, grabbed a dirty t-shirt and wiped myself dry before pulling on a pair of shorts. Walking back to where Matty was lying, his head in his arms, I pulled the covers back. Sure enough, right where I must have been humping his crack was a large wet patch where my cum must have soaked through my briefs. No wonder he thought that he had messed himself. Telling him to lie still, I slipped my arms underneath him, one by his knees and the other under his stomach and as I lifted him, I rolled him so that I could carry him to the bathroom. He immediately wrapped him arms around my neck for safety and buried his face into my chest.


"How bad have I messed?" he mumbled, my heart tugging at my deception.

"Not bad, don't worry," I told him, which was true! Honest! "Just don't look down at it, and I'll clean you up and bin these pjs so that you don't have to worry at all about it, okay?"

"Okay, Gregg," Matty replied. "Thanks." He turned his face up and pecked me on my cheek, nearly causing me to drop him. I didn't, of course, and as I stood him up, I told him to look up at the ceiling before taking a breath. He nodded his acceptance that I was about to de-pant him, and the shock ran through my body that I was actually about to unclothe him, with his permission. I took hold of his bottoms and eased them down gently, causing the boy to squirm as the dampness of my cum slid over his pert buttocks. I had made the `mistake' of kneeling in front of him as I removed the bottoms so I was presented with the wonderful view of his limp cock, right at eye level. Of course he was limp, as much as I would have dreamed that he was feeling the same level of arousal as myself, but the fact that to him, all I was doing was removing some shitted up pjs so I could clean him was hardly porn material.

"Okay Matty, worst is nearly over," I told him. "I'll guide your feet out of your pjs and then I'll clean you up, okay?"

"Sure. I can't believe that you're willing to do this so thanks!" he gushed at me again.


I picked his feet up, one at a time, holding them gently before moving the pjs out of the way. I dropped a towel on top of them so that he wouldn't see the lie that I was peddling. I let my eyes drift back to his groin, which surprisingly he hadn't covered up. I guess that the embarrassment that he was feeling had gotten to him as his arms were raised up and covering his face. I nearly gave in and told him the truth, but I had come too far to back out now. I guided him towards the sink and ran the hot tap, letting it warm up before placing a cloth in the water and adding some soap to it. I turned him around so that I could clean his buttocks and saw faint traces of white on his glorious globes. I tentatively placed a shaking hand on one of them before wiping them clean with the cloth. He squirmed slightly as I did.


"Urgh! I'm really sorry Gregg," he apologised again. "Is it bad?"

"I told you before Matty, I'm here to look after you," I told him. "Now, I just need to finish off, then we can go back and have another couple of hours before we need to get up properly."

"Okay." I adored the fact he was now so trusting of me. I knew that I wanted to see, I needed to see it. I told him to put his hands on the basin and as he did, I was presented with his naked ass. I placed my hands on his butt cheeks and gently pulled them apart. After all, I had to clean him up properly and if he had shit himself, it wasn't just his cheeks that needed cleaning, but his valley as well. My cock was back to full mast as I prised apart his buttocks and I looked at his pucker. It was the first time since I was Matty's age that I had seen one and I wanted to dive in and lick it like I had never licked anything before.

"Argh!" Matty groaned as I exposed his hole.

"Hush, let me finish cleaning you," I whispered. I rinsed the cloth in the warm water before returning it to the boy's buttocks. This time, I didn't stop at wiping his cheeks as I ran it along the crack of his crevice. I wrapped my index finger in the warm cloth and with a gulp of deep breath, I teased it in between Matty's cheeks. I heard him gasp out loud and saw him tighten his grip on the basin as my finger rested against his opening. I gave it a rub, and hearing only a pleasurable moan from my little boy, I continued to tease my finger over his tight pucker.

"Urgh! Gregg!" he gasped. "What are you doing?"

"I'm cleaning you up," I replied, wondering how long he would let me get away with it before he cried out for someone to arrest me. I knew that I was now too far along in my perverseness to stop.

"But, but," Matty moaned as I pushed against his opening.

"And it's such a cute little butt as well." Common sense finally got hold of me as I pulled myself away from him. I gave him a quick slap on his buttocks, causing him to yelp before giggling his trademark giggle. He span around, holding his bum and I was nearly poked in the eye by his now erect cock. I guess that my probing of his hole had had the effect that it always has on me.

"You think my butt is cute?"

"I think everything about you is cute," I told him. "But also, you can be a right royal pain in the butt as well!" I chuckled as I tried to give him another slap, causing the boy to giggle again. He still made no attempt to cover up his problem so I decided to take further action. I grabbed a towel and told him to stand still while I wiped him dry. I lightly patted his delicious buttocks before moving the towel around the front of his groin. He let out a small gasp as the fluffy white towel made contact with his hardness. Giving it a gentle rub was enough for me, I was sure, but as Matty started a low, almost inaudible moan, he started to slowly thrust himself against my hand. Well, I wish it was my hand but the towel covering it was what was giving the boy the necessary friction. I glanced up at him, wondering what he was thinking, only to see his eyes closed in blissful content and as his thrusts started to get harder, I eased my spare hand around to his bum to help guide his actions. The hand in the towel decided that it too wanted to join in, rather than just being an inactive hump tool and I eased my hand around Matty's cock, keeping the towel in place to further stimulate him.

"Ah fucking hell!" the boy groaned as his humping became more insistent and I was leaking precum heavily, causing another wet spot in my shorts I was positive as I helped Matty pump himself to a dry orgasm. Watching his face go through the throes of a cum was magical and it was no surprise that it only took my own cock a brief touch of my hand for me to reach my own climax. I bit my lip, stifling my cry so that I wouldn't intrude on Matty's moment of joy. Finally the boy opened his eyes and looked down at me, his bottom lip bitten into his mouth as he nervously looked at me. "Um, sorry Gregg. I couldn't help it. It just felt so good when the towel rubbed me there."

"Hey, no harm, no foul!" I told him, hugging him to me to let him know that I wasn't upset. How could I be? How many boylovers get to help a cutey like Matty climax?

"But I, you know, jerked off on you," he said, still panting as he came down from post orgasmic high.

"Look Matty, I know what it feels like," I consoled him. "I know it feels good when you rub yourself like that. Come on, go back to bed, let me clean up in here and I'll come through in a minute."


He gave me another one of his wonder hugs before turning and going back into my room. I watched his buttocks waggle slightly as he walked and sighed to myself. I knew that sooner or later I was going to overstep the mark. Could I face a life in prison? Would it be worth it for the few moments of pleasure that I would get from thrusting my cock in and out of Matty's tight little pucker? It had resisted my attempted probing of it, not that I had tried too hard while my finger was covered with the cloth, because if I did achieve penetration of his boy hole, I wanted it to be my uncovered flesh entering him. I stood up, feeling another damp patch at the front of my shorts and I wiped it down the best that I could with the towel. I looked down and saw that it wasn't too obvious so I could probably get away with Matty not noticing it. After all, how would I explain having to change shorts again? I picked up the Superman pj bottoms that Matty had `soiled and seeing that the bathroom door was pulled to, I lifted them up to my face. I mashed the front of them into my nose, inhaling deeply and there it was! The smell of Matty's crotch was like ambrosia to me. I took a few deep sniffs before I adjusted myself to go back into the bedroom. Walking over to the closet, I pulled out a plastic bag and deposited the pjs inside.


"Don't worry, I'll get rid of these in the morning," I told Matty, who was watching my every move. I saw him nod solemnly as I put them back into the closet. Of course I had no intention of getting rid of them, but the boy didn't need to know that! I lifted the covers to get back in bed, only to find Matty now completely naked. "WHAT?"

"Well, I didn't have any bottoms cos they're all in my room or on the bus, and I was kinda hot sleeping next to you," he babbled quickly. "So I thought about what you said and so I thought I'd sleep without my stuff on."

"Matty," I started but kicked myself to shut up. Matty was willing to sleep in my bed, naked, without me even asking him. I went to get in but he stopped me dead.

"I bet you're really hot as well under the covers with me in here," the boy whispered. "I'd hate you to be too hot or something, so why don't you, you know?"

"It isn't right for me to be in the same bed as you, Matty, let alone with you naked, and even more with me naked as well." My common sense was overriding my desires.

"But I know you're not a perv or anything," he giggled. Oh how little he knew! "And you said you were like a Dad to me. You wouldn't do nothing to hurt me, would you?"

"Of course not, sweetie," I said automatically. I saw him scrunch his nose. "Sorry, it's something I call my niece and nephew."

"That's okay," Matty smiled at me. "In that case, can I call you Uncle Gregg?"

"I would love you to do that," I confessed. Getting a term of endearment from him felt like I had won the lottery. I saw him yawn and knew that I needed to get him to go back to sleep for another couple of hours otherwise he would be tired before his concert so I took in a deep breath, hooked my fingers into the waist of my shorts and pulled them down, exposing my nakedness to the boy in the faint light breaking through the curtain from the lights outside. I let him look at me for a few moments, fulfilling his natural curiosity of the older body before I slipped into bed beside him. He immediately snuggled into me, his smooth, small frame pressing against my side. He slipped an arm over my chest, wrapped a leg over the top of mine and placed his head on my shoulder. I pulled an arm around him, held him gently and I couldn't help but to circle my hand on his lower back, caressing him as he nodded off into a light sleep.


I failed to get any further sleep that night.




End of chapter.

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