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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter Three


The next few days were heavenly. Matty's three concerts were the best yet and he took to his studies without any pushing from me. Evenings were the best time as, instead of running back to his room to hook up his games console or watch a movie, he stayed in my room after finishing his work, watching me mark it, querying why something was wrong, or at least not as highly marked as he thought it should have been. We always ordered room service instead of going out and sat, enjoying each other's company, watching television. He even started putting on a private performance for me as he practiced some of the difficult raps of his songs. The fact that he tended to strip down to just his underwear while we were together increased my enjoyment immensely and as we headed to Palm Beach, I was wondering if life could get any better.


I was soon to find out that it could get a whole lot worse.


As had become the norm since the storm, Matty had started sleeping in with me, enjoying the attention that I gave him, even if it was just hugs, cuddles and the gentle stroking of his back while we were lying in bed. I awoke that particular morning to find Matty already awake. However, instead of being greeted with his usual chirpy smile and baby blue eyes, all I could see was a lump underneath the covers. I felt hot breath against my groin, which had reacted the only way it knew. I held my breath, wondering exactly what the eleven year old was doing, or going to do, but after a minute of nothing, I heard a giggle and felt movement as he turned on the bed and his brown haired head poked out of the covers.


"Good morning buddy," I said, letting him know I was awake.

"Um, yeah, morning Uncle Gregg," he flushed. He knew that I had caught him doing whatever it was that he was doing.

"So, you ready for this afternoon?" I asked, letting him off the hook. I hadn't felt him touching me down there, so maybe he was just curious.

"Definitely," the boy smiled. "Why haven't you got any hair down there?"


The question came so suddenly that I did my best impression of a fish.


"I don't think that's really relevant is it?" I replied, not wanting to tell him the truth.

"Have you like, got a disease or something?"

"No, nothing like that," I replied, tussling his hair to prevent him from worrying. "I just prefer to shave the hair off as it's easier to keep clean down there if I do."

"Oh, okay," he mused. "I always thought that I couldn't wait to get my pubes cos John always teases me about being bald and looking like a baby, but now I've seen you with none, I don't think I want any either."

"Don't let your brothers upset you, okay," I pulled him to me in a hug, giving him a peck on the top of his head. "You're the youngest of the four so they are going to be bigger and older than you for a bit. You'll catch them up in a few years, but for now, stay the wonderful young boy that you are!"

"You like me as I am then?" he asked, a half smile on his face.

"Matty, I will be honest with you," I told him. "I have had a lot of students, but I think that you are among the most intelligent, the hardest working and pleasant boy out of all of them. I know that you still misbehave occasionally but honestly, I wouldn't change a single thing about you."

"I love you, Uncle Gregg!" Matty replied with such a serious look on his face, that my heart gave a huge flutter. He leaned in and as I turned my head to tell him that I loved him too, he planted his lips on mine. My mind went blank. I knew I should have stopped him. I knew that he could only mean it like a nephew loves his uncle. As my mouth opened to snake my tongue out, my hands ran over his body, pulling him on top of me. My hands found his buttocks and I pulled him into me, humping his body into mine. With the difference in height, his cock was pressing into my belly. I manoeuvred us around so that my legs were slightly open and his legs were closed in between them. This allowed me to trap my stiff cock between his legs and as I rocked his body back and forth on mine, my own hips thrust upwards, effectively fucking the boy's legs. I heard moans from Matty's mouth and I needed to feel his mouth harder against mine so trusting him to keep his humping going with just a single hand of mine to guide him, I snaked my other hand upwards, tangling it in his brown locks. I pulled him tighter to me, my tongue now firmly implanted in his mouth, searching out his oral muscle. I desperately wished he would reciprocate and allow me to suck on his tongue but as this was obviously his first French kiss, that would come in time.


I felt the boy begin to shudder, his impending orgasm coursing through his young frame. As he twitched on top of me, his legs shaking creating extra friction on my own cock, I groaned deeply into his mouth as spunk flew out of my cock, splattering Matty's bum, his back, even his hair as it shot past my head to coat the headboard. The boy pulled away from my mouth, despite my hand holding his head and he screeched and grunted as his cock twitched between our now sweaty bodies. He gave my belly insistent humps and thrusts as his dry climax reached its peak before he flopped down onto my chest, his face breathing heavily by my ear. I slowly allowed my hands to gently rub my spunk into his back, rubbing in circles as we caught our breath.


"Matty, that was awesome," I whispered, turning my face to kiss him once again but stopped as I saw a look of horror on his face.

"Gregg? Wha wha what was that?" he gasped out. He squirmed around on my body, a heavenly feeling, until he rolled off me, standing up quickly and running to the bathroom.

"Matty, what's wrong sweetie?" I asked, knowing that I could now use that name after our lovemaking. "That was wonderful. Come on, let's talk a little and then we could try for another."

"Fuck off Gregg! You are a perv!" the shout came back through the closed door and it felt like a wave of cold water had been thrown over me. What had I done? Had he not wanted it?

"But Matty, I thought that this was what you wanted? I mean, you kissed me!" I reminded him.

"I meant to kiss your cheek but you turned your head and I kissed you on the lips by mistake," he cried out.

"But you didn't pull away when I kissed you back," I replied, trying to figure out what had gone wrong.

"Only cos I was surprised you kissed me at first, and then you held my head against yours so I couldn't move!" Sobs started and my heart broke. I had hurt my boy somehow.

"I'm so sorry, Matty. I misunderstood what you wanted," I told him through the door. "You know I'd never do anything to hurt you, don't you?"

"You said you wouldn't!"

"Did any of it hurt? Have I hurt your body?" I asked, bargaining my future freedom on the ability to talk him around.

"Well, no, but you still weren't supposed to do stuff like that!"

"Matty, please open the door so we can talk properly," I pleaded. "I promise I won't touch you or come near you unless you ask me to."


"Pinky swear?" I offered. I heard movement and the door opened very slightly, just enough for me to see a little finger poke out from behind it. I wrapped my own little finger around it. "I pinky swear that I will never harm you or do anything like that again without you asking."

"Okay," came the soft reply.


The door opened fully and my heart broke. Matty looked pitiful. He had backed up again and was sat on a bath mat, wedged in between the toilet and the bath. His knees were brought up, which actually offered me an ideal view of his small walnuts and the small pucker beneath. His face was streaked with tear stains and as I crawled in, wanting to be on the same eye level as him, fear and confusion flashed across his face. I stopped a safe distance away from him and sat down, leaning my back against the side of the bath.


"Matty, I am so sorry. I misunderstood what you meant. There are some boys who like doing what we just did and I thought when you said you loved me and then kissed me, that you were one of them."

"So you do this with all your students?" he mumbled.

"No, never," I replied. "I have never been intimate with any of my students, even though a couple of them hinted that they would want to." I thought back to little Connor Hearfield, wondering how I had turned down his advances, but then again, he wasn't really that attractive being slightly overweight and spotty.

"So why me?"

"Truthfully?" A nod from him. "Okay, I'm going to tell you some private things about me so I'm trusting you with some of my secrets, Matty. I hope that you will respect that and not go around telling people."

"I won't, promise!" A hint of light for me, maybe that I might get out of this with my reputation intact, or at least my freedom.

"When I was around your age, I had a friend, a best mate. His name was Harry and we discovered our bodies with each other and what fun we could have with our dicks. He started fancying girls after a while but I didn't. I stayed liking boys and as I grew up, that didn't change. Since Harry, I have never touched a boy until this morning when we made love just then. As I said, some of my other students hinted that they would be interested but none of them have touched my heart in the way that you have."

"What do you mean?"

"Matty, over the last few days, you have become more than just another student to me." I knew I was taking a gamble, but heck, after what I'd just done, I could be facing prison anyway. "You have opened up to me, and have wormed your way past my defences. You are funny, witty and your questioning when we are studying shows that you are intelligent beyond your age. I have to admit to you that I love you more than I probably should. I just hope that you will forgive me for this morning and allow us to return to the relationship that we had, that of being like an uncle and nephew."


Silence fell. I could hear my heart beating it had gone that quiet. I daren't look at him for fear of rejection and Matty screaming the roof down to get the police to arrest me. Instead, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looking up, I saw Matty's baby blues looking into mine.


"I'm sorry I yelled," he said. "I thought that you just, you know, did this to all your students but then I was thinking, if you did, why hadn't you done anything to me before today. I mean, I've slept naked with you for the last three nights and you've never touched me before so I guess that it's okay if you made a mistake."

"Matty, I promise I will never touch you like that again." I meant it as well. Even though we were both stark bollock naked in the bathroom, my cock was limp, frightened into hiding from the possibility of Matty crying rape.

"But if I ask you to?"

"Huh?" I was perplexed.

"I mean, it did feel kinda good, and you said that you had a best mate that you learned stuff with."

"Yes," I replied slowly, wondering where he was going with this. "I had a friend my own age that I played around with."

"Well, I don't really have a proper best mate," Matty said softly. "Most of the guys at school like me cos of what I am, of who I am, you know, Matty B, not Matthew Morris."

"I'm sorry to hear that buddy, because they are missing out on having an awesome friend in you." His smile lit up the room.

"My brothers are jerks as well. Blake Junior and John tease and pick on me for being small and Jeebs is a prick. He's jealous cos of my singing so he never wants to play anything with me." He smile faded and I wanted to tickle him to bring it back, but held off. "So I was thinking, maybe if you wanted to, then you could like, show me some stuff cos you said that's how you learned." My mind was blown away. Only half an hour ago, he was telling me to fuck off and never touch him again. Now, he was asking if I would teach him about sex!

"I'm not sure Matty," I said. "I mean, you didn't like it when I did it just then, and also, if anyone was to find out, I would go to prison."

"I DID LIKE IT!" he nearly shouted, before looking sheepishly at me. "Well, some of it. I liked it when you pulled my bum into you, making my cock rub against your belly. I really liked that."

"I'm sure you did," I smiled at him, taking a chance a ruffling his hair. Instead of pulling away, he sat down beside me, his leg touching mine, his side pressed into me. I wrapped an arm around him and he leaned further into me.

"So could we?"


"You know, do the rubbing again?"

"If we do, you have to never tell anyone," I told him, the serious tone in my voice leaving him in no doubt that this wasn't negotiable. "You also have to promise to do what I ask you to."

"But," he started before I placed a finger on his lips.

"What I mean is, I know what makes a boy feel good, so if you will let me, I will teach you how to feel good. But as you don't know what I know, you have to trust me to show you."

"Oh, okay," he smiled. "Um, does that mean kissing again?" He licked his lips. I wasn't sure if that meant he wanted to or not.

"Kissing can make you feel really good, and it is something that if you learn how to do it correctly, you can make your girlfriend," a scrunched up nose, "or boyfriend feel really good as well."

"Will you teach me that as well?"

"I will teach you anything, Matty," I told him, hope springing back in my mind that I was going to regularly get Matty kisses. "But not now!" I got a frown from my angel. "We need to get showered and have breakfast before we head to the concert venue for the sound check."


I stood up and held out my hand for the boy to take, which he did. I pulled him up and he immediately wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling himself into a hug. He held it, not saying anything and so I let my arms hold him gently, enjoying the moment. Suddenly there was a giggle and he released his grip.


"What?" I asked.

"Your cock is getting hard again!" It was true! Now that the disaster had been diverted, little Gregg was making himself known again as it was being rubbed against boy flesh.

"Well, it's because it's happy we're friends again," I chuckled. "Come on, in the shower with you."

"You'll have to come in as well," he told me seriously. "You messed on my back so you have to clean it off!"


The next ten minutes were amongst the best in my twenty seven year old life. Matty allowed me complete access to his body, insisting that I wash him completely. I started with his hair, making sure that I got all traces of my spunk out of his locks before soaping up his chest and back. Rinsing them, I thought that he would take over but he was insistent so the devil inside me forwent a cloth and I soaped my hands up and told him to face away from me as I washed his buttocks. I cupped them, spread them apart and generally ran my hands over them before rinsing off. I turned his head to look at me for a moment.


"Do you want me to wash your crack?" I asked him. I had decided that I should definitely check with him before probing his most private place.

"Um, I guess so," he stammered, flushed at the heat of the shower. Well, I assume it was the heat. "It needs washing don't it."

"Okay then, here goes." I soaped up my two first fingers before pulling his cheeks apart. There was the prize once more, winking at me slightly as Matty's breathing increased. I ran my fingers from the top of the valley, skirting past the hole without touching it and down to his perineum. He let out a soft moan as I pressed gently against his prostate from the outside before running my fingers back up his bum, pausing just below his hole. "You sure this is okay?"

"It feels real good!" he sighed. I would pick him up later about his sentence structure! I went for it and touched his hole. Matty pulled away slightly in surprise before backing into my hand. He certainly liked it then, which made my cock twitch in wonder and hope for the future. I played around the outer edges of his hole, resisting the urge to push inside him. Having only just got back in his good books, I wasn't going to go to fast with him but I soon had him moaning like a whore on heat as I worked my fingers around and over his pucker. "Sheez! That feels super!" he gasped.

"Your anus is one of your erogenous zones," I explained, but only got a look of confusion. "It's one of the spots on your body that makes you feel real good!" I had fallen into Matty speak!

"Ah, man! I think I like it. Look, my cock says it does anyway," he giggled, turning around to show me his now erect three inches. I licked my lips in the hope that someday soon, I could be sucking on his steel rod. "Well, it needs washing Uncle Gregg!"

"You sure?" I asked. "This is one of the things that you can't tell anyone. Also, you should only let someone touch it if you want them to."

"I know and I do, so shut up and jerk me off stupid!" he demanded. My look of surprise made him giggle. "Yeah, I know that's what we're doing. We're not washing, we're making love again."


My heart stopped and exploded with joy. My boy has just told me that he considers this making love and he wants me to continue. Who was I to let him down? I soaped my fingers again before taking his cock in my hand. I only wrapped my first two around him and started to pump him back and forth. Like most all American boys, he was cut, something that my parents had insisted that I was not. My father was British and didn't believe in circumcision for the sake of it, so I had a foreskin. It had caused me to be subjected to a small amount of bullying at school but I liked the way it looked. However, I had fallen in love with Matty's cock, just like the rest of the boy. I decided just to jerk him off this first time. I would introduce the subject of a blow job later. At least his admission about having caught his brothers showed that he knew about them. As I sped up my ministrations of his dick, I slipped my spare hand back around his bum and slid a finger in between his cheeks. I rubbed it over his small tight pucker, bringing Matty to a shuddering climax. I caught him in my arms as he flopped forwards, panting heavily.


"That was freaking awesome!" he puffed out between deep breaths.

"I thought you would like it," I grinned at him.

"I kinda like it when you rub my hole as well," he giggled. "But isn't it dirty? I mean, it's my poop chute!"

"If you clean it properly, there is so much more fun that can be had with it," I explained. "But, you need to get dry and I need to wash."

"Well, I guess it's my turn to wash you," he said, a serious expression on his face. I started to object, telling him that he didn't have to but the pout stopped me from completing the sentence. I handed him the soap and for the next few minutes, fought with myself to not cream the boy as his hands worked their magic on my body. He tried to repeat all of my previous motions but when it came to my bum, he hesitated.

"Matty, you don't have to do that," I told him. "Don't push yourself beyond what you are ready for. I am more than happy to show you things without expecting anything in return from you other than your smile."

"But that's not fair on you," he whined. "I want to do everything but I'm not sure about touching your bum hole."

"You've done wonderfully well so far," I praised him. "Let me take care of the rest now, eh?"

"Uh uh!" he shook his head. "I'm not missing out on touching your cock!" He quickly moved back around the front of my body and placed a small hand on my cock. It had been at full hardness ever since we had gotten into the shower, well ever since Matty had hugged me before the shower and I let out a loud moan as I felt him wrap his delicate fingers around my shaft and start to jerk me gently and slowly. "Why has yours got skin on the end?" I very quickly explained about circumcision to him, getting a scrunched up nose during it. "You mean someone cut my dick off?" he squeaked, grabbing hold of his limp willy.

"It was done when you were born so don't worry," I chuckled. I went to take hold of my cock, having had my wank interrupted but Matty frowned at me and smacked my hand away.

"I'm doing it!" he admonished me and boy did he do it. Feeling his soft hand pumping my cock was definitely too much and as I warned the boy that I was about to cum, he moved himself to the side and I volleyed shot after shot of spunk onto the tiled wall. "That's so cool!" he gushed, letting go out my dick to examine the slimy juice as it spiralled down into the drain. "When will I shoot cum?"

"It all depends," I huffed, catching my breath at my intense orgasm. "Some boys start at your age, most start around thirteen or fourteen but some don't shoot until their eighteen."

"EIGHTEEN? That's like seven years away," he gasped out. "I hope I don't have to wait that long!"

"I'm sure you won't," I reassured him, getting my breathing back under control. "Now, we have to get dry and dressed before someone comes looking for us."




The concert was fabulous, even better than normal as Matty exuded happiness into his performance. Even Jack gave the beaming boy a long hug as he came off stage. As we headed into the changing room, Matty quickly peeled off his sweaty top, throwing it at me. On days where we weren't going back to the hotel, this was the norm. I took a quick sniff of the pits, loving the smell of the boy while he quickly had a swill wash in the basin. I always insisted that he did at least that, otherwise the bus became ripe on long journeys. This one wasn't going to be too bad as we only had a short trip from Palm Beach to Orlando, or rather Kissimmee. Jack had been bullied into booking us into the Disney hotel in the Magic Kingdom and the boy inside the rapper was now beginning to bubble out.


"So what are we gonna do first?" he asked as he allowed me to dry his body. I made sure to tickle his armpits, causing him to collapse into my arms, full of giggles.

"Well, I thought that we can do your English assignment, followed by geography and then, if you're lucky, math!"

"WHAT? NO WAY!" he exclaimed before seeing the laughter in my eyes. "I'm gonna get you good for that!"


I dodged his tickle attacked and countered with my own, catching him and leaving him a squirming mess as a cough interrupted us. I looked up to see Jack stood in the doorway, his eyebrows raised.


"Hi Jack," I said, getting a stifled chuckle from my boy. "Didn't see you there."

"I can tell," he said, a hint of menace in his voice. "The bus is ready to go when you are finished here."

"Okay, we'll be a couple of minutes," I told him. "I just need Matty to spray some deodorant on, otherwise we'll have a stinky boy for the journey." I got a pout from Matty but as he sprayed and finally put on his clean shirt, Jack held his hand up as I went to follow Matty from the room.

"You seem to be getting very friendly with the boy," Jack said, no indication in his voice of his opinion about it.

"Well, he's a good lad and with the amount of time that I am spending with him, I thought that he needed me to be more of a friend rather than a strict tutor figure," I explained. "After all, he's got no one of his own age to play with during the week, and while we are serious when we are studying, I see no reason for me not to act the kid when he is finished."

"Maybe so, but it still seems a little," he paused, "like you are getting very close to him."

"What are you insinuation, Jack?" I asked, putting my best poker face on. "Do you think that I'm abusing him or something?"

"I never said that."

"Well, what is it that you are saying? If you check my records, which I am sure that you have, you will see that I have a completely clean history and that all of my students have been well cared for and all of them improve not just their grades but their outlook on life."

"I'm sorry, Gregg," he apologised. "You are right, of course. It just seems that you are very free with your touching of him and I guess I over-reacted. I'm sure that if there was anything wrong, Matty would have told me so please forgive my mistake. I've never had a child star before, and I guess my fatherly protectiveness came out of me."

"That's okay, Jack," I offered him my hand. "But you need to be careful about accusing people of things like that. For a start of it could land you with a lawsuit, but also, if someone overheard and made the mistake of then reporting it, it would tar the person you're accusing. For me, it would certainly mean that I would be unable to teach again."

"Well, let's leave it that I have made a huge mistake and apologised," Jack flushed. "Have a good time at Disney."


My heart pounded as he walked away. Was I really being that obvious in my affections for Matty? Making my mind up that maybe I needed to hold back a little, I walked to the bus. That thought lasted all of three seconds as I was ambushed by a Matty attack as soon as I got on the back of the bus and closed the door. My hands immediately found his various tickle spots and we were soon laid on my bunk, exhausted, watching some crap cartoon that my boy enjoyed.



As we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, Matty was in full on eleven year old boy mode. For five hours, I was dragged from one ride to the next, had photos taken with giant rodents and walking dogs, ate far too much junk food before standing in line to watch the evening parade and fireworks. I took various photos of Matty, mostly when he wasn't looking, just so that I could capture the wonder and amazement on his face. Priceless moments.

We headed back to the hotel, with me having to piggyback the exhausted boy for the last four hundred yards before stumbling into the elevator to our floor. The hotel staff had fallen over in apology earlier when they discovered that we were supposed to have two rooms but they had only booked a double room for us. With the hotel fully booked, they offered all types of compensation until Matty had told them it was okay and could he please have the large Mickey Mouse stuffed toy. Mickey now sat pride of place on the armchair of the room. I laid him down on the bed and grabbed myself a beer from the fridge. I normally would no drink in front of any of my students, but it had been nearly three weeks and after today's exertions, I needed a cool one!


"Can I try a bit?"

"What? No!" I said. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that he would want to try some, but I certainly wasn't going to allow him to consume alcohol.

"Why not?"

"Because your insides are still growing and if you drink alcohol, you can harm your development," I told him. It sounded good anyway and it seemed to satisfy him as I handed him a can of Red Bull. Three gulps and a loud burp later, the can rattled the edge of the bin as Matty jumped up, claiming his three pointer.

"So, do you want to watch some television or are you like me, tired out?" I asked him.

"Well, I was thinking," he started, pausing as I frowned. "What?"

"You. Thinking. That's always trouble!"

"Shut up!" he giggled, punching my arm, which I rubbed in mock pain. "I was thinking that as we are in the room together, and we haven't got practice or anything until Thursday, maybe you could, like, show me some stuff." His expression had turned to a mixture of seriousness and puppy dog begging and I knew the instant I looked into his baby blues, I was a gonner!

"I assume you mean sex stuff?" I asked, hope growing, like my cock.

"Yeah. You said that you would and well, we've only got another nine days together and my parents will be here at the weekend so that only makes seven." OUCH! Only seven days left of being with my boy. I found that it actually hurt to think about not being around him. I looked at him and saw a tent had formed in his shorts.

"Okay," I said, causing a huge bright white smile to spread across his face. "You do trust me, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do," he replied. "So what are you gonna teach me?"

"Something magical as we are in the Magic Kingdom," I smiled, getting a groan at my lameness. I sat on the edge of the bed and stood him in front of me. I had discovered while I dried his hair that in position like this, we are just about the same height. "Matty, I'm going to start by teaching you how to kiss properly." A scrunched up nose started to make me wonder if he did really want to do this or not.

"But, isn't kissing just putting your lips together?"

"Some people kiss like that, but to really kiss someone, makes them tingle all over," I explained. Seeing him shrug in acceptance, I guided him to step into me. I had opened my legs and moved him so that our bodies were virtually touching. I don't know if it was the thought of kissing or nerves but I noticed that he wasn't tenting any more. I hoped that I would soon solve that. I gently stroked his cheek with the back of my fingers, before cupping his chin in my hand. I licked my lips in anticipation of kissing the boy, this time with his permission and as I placed my lips on his, I slid a hand around his back. I felt his own arms link around me as he tried to copy my movements and within moments, I had him kissing me back. I allowed him to experiment kissing me with his mouth closed before I pulled away slightly.

"Now Matty, the really sexy way to kiss is to open your mouth slightly and then take it in turns to put your tongues in each other's mouths," I tried to explain. I saw him scrunch his nose. "I know it doesn't sound very nice, but I'm sure you've heard the term `swapping spit'?"

"Urgh! Yeah! It sounds horrid!"

"Trust me?" He nodded so I moved my mouth back to his. This time as we kissed, he opened his mouth and my cock gave a twitch as I pressed my tongue passed his lips. Knowing that I was inside him was enough to make my dick start drooling precum and after a few moments, I pulled my tongue back into my mouth. Matty was a quick learner so as I vacated his mouth, his tongue tentatively followed mine. I quivered as he stabbed it into my mouth and holding him close, I sucked on his tongue. As I played around in my mouth, sucking him and pushing my own tongue against his, my hands were at work. I slid them up and underneath his shirt, feeling the smooth, silky feel of his skin against my hands. I took it a step further and with a downwards push, I pressed my fingers inside the waist of his shorts. As my hand slipped inside them, he gave me an appreciative groan as I cupped his buttocks through the cotton material of his briefs. Wanting more, I moved the hand that was caressing his back around to his chest, giving his little nipples a quick feel before circling downwards to his belly button. Pausing for a moment to see if there would be any objection, I placed my hand on the front of his shorts, cupping the crotch. I could feel his erection poking through his briefs and I had to see it again. I pulled off his mouth, gaining a grumble of disappointment, making me smile as he had obviously overcome his initial dislike at the thought of tonguing each other's mouths.

"I kinda like that now," he gasped as I gave his cock a squeeze.

"You liked what? The kissing or me feeling your groin?" I asked with a grin.

"The kissing was cool but I like you touching me there as well," Matty moaned. "Will you jerk me again, please?"

"I want to do something that will make you feel so much better. If you'll let me that is?"

"Better than jerking? Deffo!"


I reluctantly pulled my hand away from his cock and removed my other hand from the back of his shorts before taking his shirt from his body. I leaned forwards and kissed his nipples, swirling my tongue around them, causing them to harden in pleasure. I stood up and picked Matty up, before placing him gently on the bed. His hands tried to work their way into his shorts but I stopped him with a shake of my head and told him to put his hands behind his head. I returned to my kissing and suckling of the boy's chest, running my tongue over his smooth skin down to his belly button which I spent the next couple of minutes kissing and probing with my tongue. Matty had begun to squirm awkwardly when I first started but now lay there, gently moaning as I worked his chest with my mouth and hands. Knowing that he wanted release, I dropped a hand onto the front of his shorts, squeezing gently, feeling his hardness poking upwards. His shorts had a button and zipper so my hands made quick work of undoing them and telling his to push his hips up off the bed, I slid the shorts down and off his body. Realising I still hadn't removed his socks, I pulled them off, desperately wanting to sniff the boy sweat on them from the hard day of running around the park, but I held off as this wasn't about my pleasure but that of my boy. I gazed down at him, lying on the bed, his arms linked behind his head, legs slightly open, naked but for a small red pair of briefs that outlined his stiff prick and small peanut sized balls.


"These will have to come off," I told him, my voice obviously dripping with lust as he smiled back at me, a look of desire in his own expression.

"You take them off me then," he smirked. Of course, any chance to touch him was a given for me so I sat back down by the side of him and ran my hand over the front of them, tracing my fingers over the small bulge. Matty gasped as I felt his cock through the red cotton, rubbing it gently but firmly before moving my hand to his small balls. I gave them a soft squeeze, gaining a soft yelp from my boy as I became the first ever person to touch them in a sexual way. I eased my hands into the sides of the briefs, stroking his hips as I pulled the underwear from his groin. I let out my own small gasp as his cock sprang into view, despite having already jerked him off previously, the knowledge in my mind that I was going to suck him was causing me to start to grope my own six inches through my jeans.

"Oh Matty, that looks good enough to eat!" I murmured. "In fact, I think I want to!"

"Huh?" my boy stuttered before letting out one almighty moan as I took him into my mouth. "Ah sheez, you're blowing me!" I knew he was a bright lad! I worked my tongue in and around his small slit, bobbing my mouth up and down on his length before releasing it to take his nutsack into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around the soft flesh, causing him all sorts of shivers before kissing and licking my way back up to his shaft. As I continued my oral work, I slid a hand down and started to rub him, just underneath his balls, massaging his prostate from the outside. His instincts took over and I found myself with his hands in my hair, holding my head in place while he started to fuck my mouth, low guttural sounds emanating from his lips. Knowing that he had expressed his liking of having his pucker rubbed, I slipped my hand further underneath him and scratched gently across the surface of his rear entrance. "Oh fucking hell!" he gasped out. "Don't stop that, please Uncle Gregg!" Who was I to disappoint? I teased my finger over the surface, rubbing around the opening before wondering what he would think about actual penetration. I knew that I would now not stop with my perversions with him until I had at least fingered him, but today was not the day to do it. Having finally gotten my hidden desire fulfilled to engage sexually with Matty, I was doing nothing that would ruin the moment for him.


His upward thrusts became more insistent and I knew by his breathing that he was close. I concentrated my efforts on sucking him to a climax and was rewarded moments later by a high pitched moan as his cock throbbed in my mouth, trying to feed me his seed but obviously unable to produce because of his age. Amazingly as his body flopped down, he was still as hard as iron so I didn't let up. If I could bring him to a second orgasm, I knew that I would have him hooked and as I pressed and prodded his opening, it did give way slightly as I felt my finger slip inside him to my first knuckle.


"URGH!" he yelped, before shuddering. His cock pulsed again as he came quick and hard. I had thought about pulling my finger out but as he hadn't objected, I left it in, not pushing any further, but just circling it around, stretching his hole slightly. Finally, his hands started to try to move my head away from his groin. "Uncle Gregg, I'm getting sore."

"Oh, sorry Matty!" I apologised, forgetting how sensitive a cock head can be after multiple orgasms. I gave his now limp cock a kiss before moving my body up on the bed next to my boy. I leaned over him and gave him a peck on the lips, expecting him to pull back but pleasantly surprised when his tongue poked out to meet my lips. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Ah man, it was the fucking best thing ever!" he gushed, pushing himself up on one elbow to face me. "I can see why Blake Junior makes John do it to him!"

"Well, a blow job is a wonderful feeling, and even better when you can actually cum," I said.

"How is it better?"

"Well, when you cum, it means you are giving your partner some of your love so they can share the experience as well." Well, it didn't sound like complete crap I hope! As I lay contemplating the answer I had just given, I felt a hand press against the crotch of my jeans. "Matty, you don't have to do anything back to me. I'm just pleased that you allowed me to show you what I have."

"I know, but I want to try," the eleven year old explained, a serious look on his face. "I mean, John does it to Blake Junior, and you've just done it to me, so it can't be bad can it?"

"Well, no, it's not, but again, this is something that can never be told to anyone," I made sure he was aware.

"I know. Come on. Pull down your jeans so I can see your cock again!"


Oh Christ, I've unleashed a sex monster! In my dreams! I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my knees, taking my briefs with them. They were soaked in precum, something that Matty picked up on. After explaining what precum was, he leaned in and sniffed the front of the briefs. I could have died and gone to heaven there and then! Matty B was sniffing my underwear and liking it! He quickly discarded them though when he saw my erection and I had to bit my lip to cause myself pain as I nearly came the instant his small hand wrapped around it.


"So, I like, kiss it and then lick it and stuff?" the boy asked.

"Matty, short of biting it, you can do whatever makes you comfortable with it. Just don't try to take it all in as you may gag on it when it hits the back of your throat."

"I won't!" he replied and he leaned forwards and gave my cock head a cautious lick. "That doesn't taste bad or nothing!" he smiled and started to run his tongue up and down my length. Of course, I started leaking more and more precum, which Matty lapped up, slurping and licking his lips. "Okay, here goes," he giggled and he opened his mouth wide. I held my breath as he lowered his mouth over my shaft, his lips dragging against the hardness of my cock. I felt a couple of scrapes of teeth but to be honest, someone could have been whipping me with a studded whip and I wouldn't have felt any pain at all, just the overwhelming sensation of having an eleven year old boy swallowing my dick into his mouth. He tried to replicate the moves that I had performed on his own dick, but as he tried to swallow my whole length, the inevitable gag came.

"Careful sweetie, don't make yourself choke," I warned him softly. "Just take what you can in your mouth and then jerk the bottom of my shaft with your hand." I got a nod, which was more like a bob and his hand wrapped itself around the base of my dick. Slowly he jerked me off into his mouth, sucking, licking and kissing my cock head. I wasn't going to last more than a few more seconds so I gasped out a warning that I was about to cum but whether he didn't hear me, I wasn't sure. I couldn't hold back any longer and I fired a hard shot of spunk into Matty's mouth. I felt him gag slightly as it must have shot straight down his throat before the next shot erupted from my pistol. Two more volleys of cum followed before Matty released my dick with his mouth, still jerking me though as I continued to spunk. I saw stars and finally, the boy had milked me dry. I heard a giggle and looked up at him. He was the picture of a perfect boy slut! He had cum coating his lips and two shots dribbling down his face. There was more cum on his chest and he sat back on his legs, kneeling by my side.

"That was awesome!" he exuded joyous enthusiasm. "Do you always shoot that much?"

"I think that was the most I have ever shot," I told him, feeling guilty for creaming him so much. "I think it was because of who was helping me. I'm sorry I shot in your mouth, I did try to warn you."

"I know, I heard," Matty smiled. "But you said that it was about sharing your love, so there was no way I was going to miss out." My heart grew a little more as I heard him say that. "But I'm all sticky now!"

"Come here!" I chuckled and grabbed him, pulling him onto my chest, smearing my cum between our bodies. I pulled him up so that we were face to face and I wiped his cheeks clean of my spunk. He cheekily opened his mouth and I fed him my fingers, which he licked clean. I guess he likes the taste! He leaned forwards and kissed my lips. This time, he needed no prodding as his tongue worked its way past my lips and for the new few glorious months, well, minutes that felt like months, we lay kissing and sharing our love. Finally we broke our lip lock and he squirmed his way so that he was curled onto the side of me, his head resting on the crook of my shoulder.

"Uncle Gregg?" he started. "Why do people think it's wrong for you to show me this stuff?"

"Well, it's a tough one Matty. In the eyes of the law, you aren't supposed to be interested in sex until you reach what's called the age of consent. That means that depending on which state you're in, the law says that you are not able to accept responsibility for sexual activity until seventeen in Florida."

"But that's like stupid. I mean, they teach us about sex in school and then they say that we aren't supposed to know about it?"

"I'm afraid so."

"So why is it wrong for you to show me? I mean, we do sex ed next year at my school."

"It's completely different sitting in a classroom reading a book to what we've done. If anyone was to find out, even though you could stand up and shout until you're blue in the face that you asked me to, I shouldn't do this as you are not old enough to understand what we're doing." I saw his face darken immediately. "What I mean is, in the eyes of the law, you're not old enough. I firmly believe that if you are asking the questions, then you're old enough."

"So I'm not to tell anyone what we've done cos otherwise you'd be in trouble?"

"If anyone was to find out what we've done, then I will go to prison, probably for the rest of my life."

"NO!" he cried out. "I won't ever tell anyone. Promise!"

"I know you won't, sweetie," I said, before letting out a yawn. I guess that trying to keep up with an energetic eleven year old for hours in the park, followed by the best orgasm I had ever experienced had taken its toil. The old adage about yawning being contagious also appeared to be correct as Matty soon followed my yawns with his own.




End of chapter.

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