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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter Four



I awoke the feeling of contentment. Snuggled next to me was a cute eleven year old potential superstar who was naked as the day he was born. My morning hard on wasn't being caused by the need to go to the toilet, but the memory of the boy's mouth on my cock the night before. I gazed down at the brown locks, some of them sticking up from my ejaculate when he couldn't cope with the copious amount that I spurted while he tried his best to swallow it all. I gently stroked his back and buttocks, allowing myself to live in the moment, in the dream that this was a daily occurrence but one that I knew would end very soon. Matty began to stir as his own internal alarm clock told him that it was time to wake up. For him, I'm sure the prospect of a full day in the parks was enough to excite him into alertness but was pleasantly surprised when he stretched upwards and gave me a peck on the lips in a morning greeting.


"Urgh!" he giggled as he pulled away from me. I looked down and saw crusty white stains on his chest where we had missed traces of my spunk from the night before. Thank God that no-one ever came in to wake us up. Mind you, we wouldn't be sleeping naked together if they did!

"I think we both need a shower before we head out," I advised him, looking at my own chest. I had similar stains where we had rubbed into each other as we kissed and with a regretful sigh, I looped an arm underneath Matty's knees and rolled up and off the bed, carrying his small frame with me. I chuckled as I let my gaze settle on his crotch, a crotch that was poking upright.

"Ah man! I guess I need to piss," he groaned.

"It's either that or your happy to see me," I joked.

"I'm always happy to see you!" He said it with such seriousness that my heart melted just that little bit more.

"And I don't think I could ever wake up to a more beautiful sight in the morning than you," I replied, leaning down and kissing his forehead. I stood him in the shower before entering the cubicle myself, closing the glass door behind me. I started to turn the water on as a hand touched my back.

"Uncle Gregg, I really need to pee!" he urged me, and as I looked around, he had cupped hold of his dick and was beginning to hop from foot to foot.

"Well, go on then, let it go," I told him. I knew that I was taking a chance, not knowing what his reaction would be, but as comprehension dawned on his face, his nose scrunched for a second before he let a huge grin spread across his beautiful face.

"Okay!" he smirked and taking hold of his cock, he pointed it square at me and let loose. Of course, this was even better than I hoped he would do, having been satisfied just to see him urinate, but to have him actually pee over me was wonderful. I held off turning the shower on so that I could feel the warm trickle of liquid flow down my belly, over my groin and down my legs before I put on a shocked look on my face.

"Ew! What are you doing?"

"Well, you said to let it go, so I did," he laughed before his face grew serious. "Um, that is what you meant ain't it?"

"Of course it was," I ruffled his hair, not being able to keep up a pretence that might upset him. "Thank you for that present."

"Um, did you like it?" Matty flushed. "Would you, you know, want to do that to me?"

"Oh gosh no," I reassured him. However as I replied, I saw the scrunched up nose, before he looked at me with his blue eyes.

"Oh, okay I guess," he mumbled.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"Well, I sort of hoped that maybe if you liked me doing it to you that you would maybe do it back to me," he whispered, his face now bright red.

"You mean you want me to?" I asked, a little surprised but now beginning to feel a little excited at the prospect.

"Don't laugh at me but sometimes when I'm in the bath, I kinda pee on myself and it feels kinda neat," he stammered out. "Promise you won't tell anyone about how dirty I am?"

"You wanna know a secret?" I lifted his chin so I could look into his eyes. "I used to do that as well. Heck, sometimes I still do!"

"REALLY? So would you?"

"If you want me to, then yes, I'd love to."

"PLEEZE!" How could I resist? I was going to have a little problem directing the flow I was sure, because the prospect of pissing over a naked eleven year old had really turned me on.

"How do you want me to do it?" I got a puzzled look. "What I mean is, do you want me to aim it at your cock and balls, or at your chest?"

"I know I'm gonna sound like really dirty, but maybe I could kneel down and you could, maybe, pee all over me?"

"You mean, over your head?" Man, what was Matty doing to me?

"Well, you have got to wash my hair cos it's still got some of your spunk in it," he smiled at me. "So, maybe a little pee won't hurt either?"

"Fucking hell, Matty," I whimpered. "If that's what you want me to do, then yes, I'll do it for you."



I watched as he knelt down in front of me, his head just below the level of my groin. His chest was puffed out, ready for me to mark him as my own and not wanting to miss out on this glorious opportunity, I aimed my cock at him. I thought that I would start off with his chest, so that if he had second thoughts, at least I wouldn't have pissed on his face. My stream started slowly, as I was pinching my cock to stem the flow and as it splattered over the boy's nipples, the smile on his face widen. Feeling braver and more comfortable, I told him to close his eyes so that none of my urine would go in them and I redirected the flow so that it soaked into his hair. If I was watching this, I knew I would be jerking like crazy, it was so hot and horny watching his brown locks dampen and stick to his young face, a face that now had streams of yellow piss running down them. I gasped out loud as I saw his tongue snake out to lick around his mouth, tasting my offering and I wanted to ram my cock into his mouth and piss down his throat. That choice was taken out of my hands as he leaned forwards and opened his mouth wide, giving my stream a target to aim for. I couldn't believe what he was doing, actually drinking my piss, and as the flow began to taper off, Matty took further action and wrapped his lips around the head of my cock.


Now if you have ever received a blow job whilst in the middle of a piss, you will know why my knees threatened to buckle underneath me. Matty bobbed back and forth on my dick, taking the remaining piss, swallowing without objection and as I finished, he continued to lick and suck on my still erect cock. I placed my hands on his piss-soaked head and started to slowly pump into him, fucking his mouth as my natural instinct took over. It was only moments before I felt my balls tighten and with a shout of joy, I fed Matty a second form of juice. Unlike the night before, this time the eleven year old swallowed quickly, taking most of my spunk before finally gagging slightly as the last couple of shots spilled out of his mouth. I wasted no time in picking him up off his knees, hoisting him upwards and as he wrapped his legs around my waist, I pressed my lips against his. Tongues duelled for control and for the next few minutes, I expressed my love for him in the best way I knew, by kissing him deeply.


"That was amazing," I told him, as I lowered him back to a standing position, my arms getting tired from holding his body against mine.

"Really? Did I do good?"

"Matty, I never dreamed that you would do something like that, and not only did you do it, you did it magnificently," I praised him. I looked down to see his cock was erect and wanting to give him pleasure, I took my turn in kneeling down in front of him, sucking his three inches into my mouth. He showed he was a quick learner once again by repeating my actions as he fucked my lips, thrusting back and forth. I slid my hand around his bum, opening his cheeks up to press a finger against his tight little pucker.

"Ah, that's it, Uncle Gregg, rub it, please!" he moaned as I ran my finger over his opening. I wasn't ready to penetrate him yet, despite accidently sliding inside him the previous time, so I concentrated on giving him what he wanted. Within moments, his stiff rod throbbed in my mouth and his body shook as a dry orgasm ripped through him. "That was the best yet!" he gasped as he fought to get his breath. "Thanks!"

"You're thanking me?" I chuckled. "My love, this is the best present that anyone could ever give me, the opportunity to help you learn and love."

"Well, if you weren't here, I doubt that Dad would do this, or Jack, so I wouldn't be learning this stuff," he hugged me as he said it.

"I have a feeling that they certainly wouldn't be doing this," I agreed with him. "I have to ask though, why did you drink my pee?"

"Um, well, I saw a programme about sailors in the old days and they used to drink it when they ran out of water," he replied. "I tried it a couple of times in the bath but couldn't aim properly. Once, I took a glass in with me and peed in it so I could try it. You didn't mind did you?"

"Of course not, sweetness," I kissed his hair, forgetting for a moment that it was soaked with my piss. "I've already said that, within reason, whatever you want to try is fine and as long as neither of us tells anyone else, and it doesn't hurt either of us, then there is no limit to what you can explore."

"Cool!" he grinned his huge white smile. "Can we go Sea World today? The sea lions are supposed to be really good." It was said with such innocence that you could almost believe that nothing sexual and sordid had just occurred.



We spent another wonderful day together, taking in the sights of Sea World before heading to a fast food restaurant for lunch. With a warning not to swim for an hour to let lunch settle, we then headed to Typhoon Lagoon. As much as I enjoyed and now had ample opportunity to see Matty naked, there was something inherently sexy about the boy when he was wearing his Speedos. I guess that the fact that his goodies were covered were a temptation and I was pleased that I had the forethought to wear board shorts as it helped cover up my prominent tent. We messed around in the various pools and slides and I was pleasantly surprised with his attitude when he was recognised a couple of times, mainly by lads who complimented him on his rapping. He certainly seemed to be accepted by boys more than a certain Beiber was. Matty accepted the interruptions to his fun graciously, posing for a few hasty photographs and spending a few moments chatting with his fans.


As we relaxed on a couple of sun loungers, his stomach rumbled and he asked if he could get a drink and a snack. I fished some money out of my wallet and he jumped up to go to a concession stand. I watched his butt as he walked away from me, dreaming my dreams of actually getting my cock inside him when I was distracted by two other young cuties as they argued with each other as they walked past me. They had to be twins, both with bright red hair, something than normally puts me off, but they both had bodies to die for. They looked to be around fourteen, slightly older than my normal age bracket, but both had very interesting packages in their skimpy trunks. I watched them as they started to queue for one of the slides, drooling over the pert buttocks that were now presented to me as they took one step at a time as the line of people made its way up the stairs to the top of the slide.


It was only as they reached the top that I suddenly realised Matty had yet to return. Cursing to myself for my lack of attention, I stood up and walked over to the snack shop where I had seen him enter. I walked through the shop, and not seeing him, began to worry. Calling his name, I stepped outside and looked around the few chairs and tables. He wasn't seated at any of them and as panic began to rise, I thought I heard his voice, faint, but I was sure it was his. I looked around, wondering where it could have come from and as I heard a small cry, I noticed a toilet block. I quickly walked over to it, only to discover that the urinals were empty. There were three stalls, two of them empty and one occupied.


"Matty? Are you in there?" I asked through the door.

"Piss off! Can't a guy take a shit in peace?" a low voice rumbled.

"Oh, sorry buddy," I replied, before turning to walk away to continue my search. I was about to leave the block when I heard a small cry again, and this time, there was a thud against the stall door. I walked back to it, looking around to make sure that no one was about to walk in , just in case I was wrong and put my ear to the door. "Your Dad's gone now, so be quiet or I'll thump you one. Now get my cock in your mouth or I'll turn you around and shove it up your arse!"

"But, but, I don't want to! I don't love you," I heard Matty's despairing sob.

"This ain't about love, kid. Just get your mouth open and suck me off, and watch your teeth. I'll knock them out if you so much as scrape me. Look kid, you must be enjoying this cos your dick is hard."


That was enough for me. I wasn't a violent person. Honestly I wasn't. How I didn't take the door off the hinges as I crashed my shoulder into it still amazes me. Matty was knelt on the toilet seat, his Speedos nowhere to be seen. The man, beast, whatever you want to call him, was stood in front of him, his own shorts pulled down to his knees. He had one hand on my boy's head, trying to force it onto his cock, while his other hand was rubbing my boy's cock. Distressingly for Matty, I could see that it was hard, despite the situation.



"What the fuck?"


The two voices couldn't have had a different tone to them if they had tried. Matty's was one of relief. The beast's was one of annoyance and surprise.


"Take your hand off my boy now!" I hissed at him, reaching forwards and grabbing his shoulder. I span him around, forcing his cock away from Matty's mouth and with fury running through me, I balled up my fist and delivered three short, sharp jabs into the exposed groin of the beast. As he doubled over, I brought my knee up, smashing it into his face as it descended down. I felt bone smash and as the beast collapsed to the floor, I kicked him several times in the stomach and twice more in the balls.

"Uncle Gregg! Stop, you're gonna kill him!" Matty begged and as the fog cleared from my vision, I saw that I had reduced the beast to a bloody mess.

"He deserves to after what he was going to do," I snarled, trying to get my temper under control.

"Can we just go, please, Uncle Gregg?" the boy asked. I looked at him and saw him pulling on his Speedos that he had reclaimed. "I just wanna get out of here."

"What about him? What about the police?"

"I'm not hurt or nothing," he started. "I don't want nothing to do with the police cos then it will be on television and stuff. I just want to go."

"Okay, Matty, we will," I gave him a hug, before turning back to the beast. "Now listen here you rat bastard. It's a good job that my boy wants to keep this quiet. Take this as a warning. Never touch a boy without his permission!" I kicked him in the groin one last time, getting a squealed whimper from his before I took Matty's hand and led him back to the sun loungers where we had made our base. I tried to get him to go back into the water and enjoy himself but after five minutes of him sticking to my side like glue, I asked if he would prefer to go back to the hotel.


We showered once we got back to the rooms, Matty insisting that I shower with him although nothing sexual happened. I could see that he was upset about what had happened to him so I just showered him with affection and cuddles. After drying off, we put a movie on and sat on the small couch to watch it. It was only a couple of minutes in before I felt his bathrobed frame press up against mine, and around ten minutes later, he was climbing into my lap, wrapping my arms around his stomach. We sat in silence, watching some film about a baby chimpanzee, just enjoying each other's presence. As the film finished, Matty muted the sound.


"That bloke, why did he want me to suck him?" he asked quietly.

"Well, you enjoy it when I've sucked you haven't you?"

"Yeah, but that's cos I wanted you to and you wanted to. I didn't want to suck him."

"I know you didn't sweetie, but there are some people who don't see things the way that you or I do. All he was interested in was his own pleasure."

"So he didn't care that I wasn't gonna enjoy it?"

"I'm afraid not, Matty. He was a horrible man who just wanted to use you to get himself off. That's called abuse, or even rape."

"Why doesn't he find a boy who would want to do stuff with him?" His innocence was such a wonder, I fell in love with him just a little bit more.

"Either he hasn't been able to, or more likely, he doesn't care about the boy. There are people who will take boys, and girls as well, and force them to have sex with them."

"But that's not right, is it?"

"Of course it's not, sweetie. Remember what we talked about before, about the age of consent? This is why it is there, to stop people like him from just using kids as they want."

"But I'm under that age, and we still do stuff. Does that mean that it's wrong?"

"In the eyes of the law, yes it is, which is why I said that we can't tell anyone. However, if you want me to do stuff, and I'm not hurting you, and I am willing to do the things that you ask me to, I don't see anything wrong. In older days, like the Romans and the Greeks, it was customary for men and boys to have sexual relations."

"I wish I lived in that time," he sighed.

"I'm glad you don't," I whispered in his ear. Seeing his frown, I continued. "If you were alive two thousand years ago, I would never have met you." I was rewarded with a smile before his expression turned puzzled again.

"What did he mean about my butt?"


"That man. He said that I either had to suck him, or he would put it in my butt." Oh boy!

"Well, do you know how a man and woman have sex?" A nod and a giggle.

"I snuck in Blake Junior's room one time and he was watching a video on his computer. A man puts his cock in a woman's slit."

"That's right. Now, if two boys want to have sex, they have a little bit of a problem, don't they?"

"Yeah, a boy doesn't have a slit like a woman," he frowned before his face went white. "You mean, to have sex, you put your cock up the bum hole? How's does that even fit?"

"Trust me, with a bit of fun beforehand, you can get a bum hole ready and it will stretch to take a cock." Okay, maybe I shouldn't be discussing anal sex with an eleven year old, but I still believe that if a boy is old enough to ask the questions in a sensible manner, he's old enough to hear the correct answers.

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"It can do if it's not done correctly, or if the top is too big for the bottom." I saw a puzzled look. "A top is the person who is giving and the bottom is the one receiving."

"Oh, I get it. But it must hurt."

"Do you like it when I rub your bum hole?"

"Um, yeah," he flushed. "I really like it!" he giggled.

"How about when I rub just underneath your balls?"

"That makes me feel really funny. Good funny!"

"There's a special spot inside you called your prostate, and it helps you enjoy sex. Now imagine having your outer ring hole rubbed back and forth AND your prostate rubbed all at the same time."

"THAT would be immense!" Why I didn't see it coming I had no idea. He pulled himself off my lap, stood up and shed his bathrobe. His little cock was stood at full mast, the sex talk obviously affecting him. He then played his trump card on me by opening his blue eyes so wide that I thought I was going to drown in them. "Would you play with my hole again? Please, Uncle Gregg?"

"I'm not sure, Matty," I started to try to resist. "You've had the shock of what that man was going to do."

"But he didn't and you stopped him. I really like my bum hole being rubbed by you, so would you, please?" He dragged out the please for several seconds and of course, I crumbled. I moved myself across on to the bed, taking a seat on it and motioned to him to climb up and lay across my lap. I had allowed my bathrobe to fall open slightly so that when he did, his naked boy cock was pressed into my legs as he squirmed around to get into position. I pulled his cheeks apart, exposing his pucker and my cock stiffened immediately underneath my robe. It poked up and through, causing Matty to snigger which I stopped with a quick rub a finger across his hole. "Oh man! That feels good!" he moaned. It felt awesome to me! For the next ten minutes, I teased his hole with my finger, rubbing around the edge, over the surface of it, scratching my nail gently around it. "Would you push it in?"


"Would you push it in, like if it were your dick?" he whimpered out. "I really would like to see what it feels like, if it is as good as you say it is."

"I dunno, Matty," I objected, my cock complaining at my action. "This is like a big, big difference to what we have done before."

"Puh-leeeze?" SHIT! The big gun came out. "I really wanna for us to make love like that, but I don't want it to hurt."


A couple of tears leaked down my cheeks as his words hit home. I rolled him off me gently, standing him up in front of me.


"What's wrong, Uncle Gregg? Why are you crying? Did I do something bad?"

"Christ no! These are happy tears," I explained. "When you said that you want us to make love, you make it sound wonderful." Okay, so I'm a soppy romantic at heart.

"But it IS wonderful with you," he asserted. He stepped forwards and kissed me. He took control. My arms wrapped around him and we exchanged tongues. I slipped a hand around the front of his body and took hold of his stiff rod between my thumb and two forefingers. Stroking it gently back and forth, I felt Matty start to moan into my mouth as I massaged his cock. Obviously not wanting to be left out, he fumbled with the front of my robe and I felt his hand wrap around my stiff six and a half inches of flesh. He started to jerk me in rhythm to my strokes on him, and to tease him slightly, I altered the speed of my jerks, quickening up and slowing down. Sure enough, he followed my change in rhythms and I felt him beginning to laugh as he kissed me.

"What's wrong, sweetie?"

"You're playing with me," he giggled. "And I mean, not just jerking me, but messing as well!"

"As long as I've made you happy, that's all I care about."

"Is that supposed to go both ways?" he asked, a serious look on his face for a moment. "Only, I want to make you happy as well."

"Matty my darling boy, you make me happy just by being you."

"But I want to be happy making you happy," he said cryptically. He pulled my hand away from his cock and for a horrible moment, I thought that this would signal the end of any interaction between us. However, his intentions soon became clear as he kneeled down on the floor in front of me.

"Matty, you don't have to," I told him.

"I know I don't but I want to." That was the end of the discussion as far as he was concerned as he opened his mouth and in one swallow, took half my shaft into him. I gripped the bed sheets as his warm mouth slurped down my shaft. He had only tried it for the first time yesterday and he was already taking a good four to five inches of cock into his mouth without gagging. He bobbed up and down on me, copying what I had done previously to him, swirling his tongue around my cockhead. I grunted out a warning as I felt my balls begin to tighten but that just made the suction even greater until finally I cried out in pleasure as I unloaded shot after shot of spunk into his mouth. With the vacuum seal of his lips around my shaft, this time not a single drop was spilt and as I panted heavily on my post-orgasmic comedown, his smile brightened the room. "I drank it all this time, Uncle Gregg. Look!" He opened his mouth to show me and I pulled him to me to kiss him soundly.

"Let's try something that will make your bum tingle," I said, picking him up and placing him on the bed on his front. I grabbed a pillow and raised his mid section up, positioning the pillow underneath his groin.

"Are you gonna fuck me?" Matty's voice had a nervous quiver to it.

"No sweetie, I'm not," I reassured him. I knew that there was no way he was ready, either physically or emotionally for that. "Let me make you feel really good. What I need you to do is hold your buttocks open for me, honey."


Matty, complete in his trust of me, complied and for a moment, I sat on my haunches, gazing at the prize of all prizes, that of the virgin boy pucker. I ran my hand over his cheeks, touching his small hands as they pulled his buttocks apart before tracing my fingers down the valley of the crack. I teased his hole, getting appreciative groans from my boy and I knew that I could wait no longer. I leaned forward, moving my face into the boy's behind and took a sniff. Smelling pure boy, I had to taste him. A small thought that he would not like what I was about to do ran through my mind, so as my tongue made contact with his opening, the gasp of pleasure was music to my ears. I lapped at his hole, poking and pushing my tongue around his pucker. I felt it quiver and for a moment, I actually entered my boy's hole with my body. I needed more so I gently gripped the sides of his arsehole and pulled them apart, easing the hole wider so I could push more and more of my tongue inside him.

"Fucking Jesus! You're licking inside me!" Matty whimpered as he started to slowly hump the pillow underneath him. Taking it as a sign of approval, I stepped up my efforts to pleasure him but as my tongue started to ache, I paused and pulled back. Matty was panting heavily as I realised that I had him close to a climax. I looked at his hole, coated with my spit. Hearing a muffled plea for me to continue his anal pleasuring, I coated my index finger with spit and rubbed it over his hole. As I pressed it on the surface of his opening, I felt it give way and I knew that I could get inside him without causing him pain. I gently pushed my finger inside him, slowly edging it into his hole. My heart fluttered as the tightness of his body wrapped itself around my finger. I heard small grunts as I worked my digit past the knuckle until I felt my hand rest against his flesh. I pulled out slowly before pushing back in, my finger circling inside him, looking for that magic spot of joy, the little nub of a gland that would transform Matty's sexual awakening forever. After a couple of inward pushes, I bumped into something and got a shout from Matty that was pure animalistic pleasure. I angled my finger so that with each inwards thrust, I rubbed and prodded his prostate and with the boy humping the pillow harder and harder, his backward motions impaled himself on my finger.

"That's it Matty, let's get you over the edge," I slowly stroked his back and I felt his hole start to tighten against my finger.

"OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!" Matty yelled as his whole body shook as his orgasm ripped through his small frame. His body went limp, his upper body rising up and down as he panted heavily trying to get oxygen back into his lungs as he recovered. I had to lick my finger that had been inside him and savoured the taste of him. As I sucked the flavour of Matty's insides, I took hold of my cock and jerked myself hard and fast as the sexual moment hit me fully. I had been inside my boy, albeit with my tongue and finger and not my cock, but Matty had loved every moment of it if his immediate reaction was to be believed. It only took around a dozen strokes before my cum splattered across Matty's bum and back and I collapsed onto the bed next to my wonderful young lover.

"Sorry Matty, I've just cum on you," I mumbled.

"I know, it's cool," he whispered. "It's like you've marked me as yours."

"Hold on for a second and I'll get a cloth and wipe it off." I was struggling to keep my eyes open, the sexual exhaustion beginning to take hold. However, I didn't want to ruin what we had just shared by making him uncomfortable.

"NO!" Matty whined. "Rub it in to me. I like that you want me. I like being yours." My heart fluttered and I pulled him towards me. He wrapped his arm over my chest and a leg around mine. I slipped a hand down his back and at his request, rubbed my cream into his body until it was all gone. Rolling the pair of us to one side, I pulled the duvet back and got us underneath it.

"So did you enjoy that?" I asked, needing to know that he was accepting of what we had done.

"Fucking right," he smiled at me, kissing my chest. "Now I can't wait until you fuck me properly."

"If that's what you want, sweetie," I started, knowing that it was now a distinct possibility. "I will do everything I can to make you happy."

"I love you, Gregg," Matty said sleepily as his started to drift off into sleep.

"I love you too Matty," I replied.


It was only as my own sleepiness took hold that I realised Matty hadn't called me Uncle as he told me he loved me.



End of chapter.

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I have some other short erotic books out, all totally legal but still as hot!! They are priced around the 77p/$0.99 mark. I also have a full length novel called "For The Lost Soul" which weighs in at 90,000 words for your enjoyment. You can find my published stories on Amazon. However, I have now split my pennames due to the poetry book, and the new series that I am working on, being aimed at a market which includes children, so I didn't want any underage children gaining access to my erotica. You can go to my author page of Amazon for my mainstream books by clicking here for UK and here for US. You can go to my author page of Amazon for my erotica by clicking here for the UK and here for the US. Anyone who buys a book will be thanked from the very bottom of my sperm bank!!