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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter Seven



The meet and greet went very well, as usual. After signing autographs and posing for photos, it was time for the one on one. This time, the lucky winner was a thirteen year old lad named Jordan who was a talkative ball of energy until he set eyes upon my boy. He blushed every time that Matty spoke to him and even my poor gaydar nailed him as being on our team. Matty quickly figured it out as well and returned one of the dark haired boy's blushes with one of his own as Jordan stumbled over stupid questions, most of which I was sure he had never dreamed of asking before his cute nerves set it.


"Maybe we could give the boys a little space so that they can talk without us oldies being here?" I suggested to the gathered audience of parents, helpers and general all round busy bodies who seemed to attach themselves to Matty in situations like this.

"Well, I don't know," Jordan's uncle started. "We can't just leave two underage boys on their own."

"Why not?" Matty asked, a puzzled look on his face. "We're only gonna chat about games and shi, um, stuff."

"There should be adult supervision," the uncle stated again, his gaze lingering on my boy's face and I had a sudden insight into how much of Matty he wanted to see for himself.

"As one of Matty's guardians, and his tutor, I'll stay behind," I offered. "I need to plan his next math lesson anyway."

"Urgh! Math, again?" Matty groaned, causing a chuckle from his parents. As they led away the still protesting uncle, Jordan flashed me an appreciative smile.

"So, what do you really wanna ask me?" my boy asked the now calmer teen.

"Um, what's it like, you know, being famous?" Jordan offered.

"It's kinda cool, but then, I also get stopped a lot if I'm at a park or stuff," Matty replied seriously. "We went to Typhoon Lagoon last week and while it's cool that my fans like me, there's times where I just wanna be me and have fun, you know?"

"I didn't think about that," the teen admitted. "So like this meet, this is a pain?" I saw a look of concern on his face and was about to step in, but Matty came up trumps.

"No way! I love the one on one with guys like you," he said, trying to put the older boy at ease. He moved a hand onto Jordan's uncovered knee. "I especially like meeting guys like you."

"Wha, what do you mean, especially like me?" Jordan's blush was strong enough to melt the polar ice caps I was sure of it.

"Well, I mean, do you like me for my music, or something else?" Damn his insights were getting good. I'd have to watch that later.

"Your music is ace, it's awesome," the teen babbled out. "Just like you."

"So, have you got a boyfriend yet?"

"MATTY!" I groaned out. "Jesus, you don't come out with things like that!"

"Um, sorry." At least he had the decency to blush. "But, do you? I bet you have cos you're like really hot."

"You think I'm hot?" Jordan gasped. "I think you're like super cute!"

"Thanks, but you are like, really good looking to." They traded compliments for the next few sentences before I spoke up, interrupting the flow.

"Jordan, I know that I can only ask this of you, but I hope you realise what would happen if anything leaked out about what Matty has just said to you," I started.

"Um, yeah. Don't worry, I'll never tell anyone that you think I'm cute," he giggled slightly getting the same response from Matty. "I can dream at night now about us two doing stuff. Ah, sorry, I said that out loud didn't I?"

Matty giggled even more, before shocking both Jordan and myself by moving his hand from the tanned knee until he was holding the now prominent tent in the thirteen year old's shorts.

"Ah fuck!" Jordan moaned. "You're touching my dick!"

"Stand up a moment," Matty instructed. "Gregg, would you watch the door please."


I fought down a little visit of the green eyed monster as I nodded, moving to the door and leant on it to block anyone unexpectedly entering. Matty motioned Jordan to lower his head slightly, as the boy was around four inches taller than the little superstar, and their lips met softly. I heard the teenager groan as Matty slipped his hand inside the boy's shorts, working past his underwear to slowly stroke the elder boy's straining erection. My own cock sprang to life as I watched the impromptu show that the pair put on. Jordan was groaning loudly into the kiss before he suddenly pulled away.


"What's wrong?" Matty asked, a look of concern on his sweet face.

"Nothing, just, um, I was about to cum and I don't wanna mess my shorts or my uncle will think, well you know," the teen gulped.

"I know a way that your uncle won't find out," my boy grinned and why I was surprised that he dropped to his knees in front of the tenting boy I have no idea. He pulled out Jordan's cock, which was an impressive four inches or so and swallowed it in one gulp.

"Oh fuck! You're blowing me!" Jordan whimpered and as much as I was sure he would have loved to spend the next five hours with Matty's mouth wrapped around his cock, the previous jerking and the fact that one of his dreams was actually happening was too much for the poor kid. "Cumming! Matty, I'm gonna blow!" Of course, Matty didn't move, just swallowed deeper and took the boy's offering without spilling a drop. Standing back up, wiping his smiling mouth, he looked at the awestruck fan.

"You liked?"

"Fucking right. I can't believe you just did that!" the teen gasped out.

"Hey, you're the reason that I'm able to do what I do, so why not reward you?" Matty giggled.

"But isn't he gonna say something?" Jordan pointed at me, a worried look on his face.

"Nah, Gregg is cool about it. He's an ace tutor," my boy crowed.

"Are you sure, cos I don't want my uncle to find out about this," the teen reiterated.

"Why? Is he homoprobic?" Matty asked, causing me to chuckle as I corrected him.

"Um, no," Jordan replied, his head dropping slightly.

"Then why don't you want him to know you like boys?"

"Cos then, I think, he'd like wanna do stuff," the teen stammered out, his voice almost inaudible.

"Has he done anything that you don't want him to?" I asked, deciding that I had to get involved. I walked over and wrapped an arm around the lad to comfort him.

"No, but he keeps saying stuff, you know, sex stuff, when my `rents aren't around," Jordan replied. "I stay over at his on a Friday so my `rents can go out for the night and he puts on films and stuff. I always take a book or my i-pad so I can pretend I'm not watching it and I always sit in a chair rather than the couch next to him."

"So you don't want him to do anything with you?" Matty asked. "I mean, maybe you would have fun?" I grimaced as Jordan's gaze shot to his, wondering if my boy was going to spill the beans. "If I was gay and had someone who was happy to show me stuff, I think I'd like it very much."

"Matty, remember the conversation we had about age of consent and things like that?" I quickly interjected, trying to head off any possible comments about my own involvement in his sexual awakening.

"Yeah I know, but then you said about the Romans and Greeks and how they took boys under their wing. Maybe Jordan's uncle is like that?"

"I dunno, cos like, I don't fancy him or anything," Jordan pointed out. "I only like guys around my age, or you!" he giggled, bringing a bit of light relief to the conversation.

"Well in that case, you shouldn't do nothing with him," Matty said. "Your body is yours and yours alone. If you don't want no-one touching you, then you say no and they should listen to you. Otherwise you tell someone else what they've done and then they'll be in trouble." I was proud of my boy and his redefinition of what I had told him previously.

"Jordan, I know that we'll be moving on after the concert tonight, but if you ever want to talk to Matty, or to me, here is my card," I told him, handing the boy one of my business cards. "It's got my email address and my cell phone on there, so if you ever feel that you need some advice, please do not hesitate to contact me."

"I'll write my email addy on the back," Matty added as he grabbed a pen and scrawled his details.

"Thanks guys, you don't know how much this means to me," the teen said softly. He was about to add more but a knock at the door interrupted him.

"Are we all done?" Tawny asked, poking her head into the room. "Matty needs to get some food inside him so that it digests before the concert."


Jordan and Matty hugged each other, with my boy causing Jordan to giggle as I saw him sneak a grope of his pert buttock before the teen turned to me. He surprised me by giving me a quick hug as well, telling me that he would take me up on my offer of asking advice. As he left, Tawny looked at me with an eyebrow raised. As Matty excused himself to go to the bathroom, I quickly filled his mother on Jordan's concerns. Her face screwed up in worry and I saw where Matty got his scrunched up nose from.


"I think I'll have a word with my friend to keep an eye on things," she said.

"Who's that?" I asked.

"John Proctor. His son and my cousin's son play on the same football team and I've met him quite often when we've come down to watch."

"Who's he? Should I know him?"

"Well, he is the chief of the police department in Albany," she chuckled. "I'll make sure that Jordan's uncle is watched very closely. I don't like people who take advantage of kids."

"Um," I blushed.

"Oh be quiet Gregg!" she smiled. "If Matty didn't want the attention you are giving him, then we'd have a problem, but I know that you have never touched a child before, and Matty wants to be involved with you so there is no issue for me. I'm sure that the other guys will want to have some fun as well so you have a blanket pass from me to enjoy yourselves as long as Matty doesn't feel left out."

"Left out of what?" the bubbly brown haired ball of fun asked as he bounced back into the room. "Jordan was cool. I hope he keeps in touch."

"I was just saying that if you guys want to, then there is no reason why you both can't join in with the fun that your brothers have with your father," his mother answered.

"Oh. Right." He stopped bouncing. I hugged him to me and whispered that I wasn't interested in having any fun with his brothers unless he was there and okay with it. He was more than enough for me. He smiled weakly before I watched him head out at the insistence of his father who had just appeared. I looked at Tawny.

"I've gotta ask why?" I said to her.

"Why what?"

"Why are you so comfortable with what happens between the boys and Blake Snr?" While I didn't want to open a hornets' nest, I needed to know why she was happy for her underage sons to be sexually active with their father, her husband, and now myself.

"I know that the boys are sexually inquisitive and no matter what the current legislation says, children do not suddenly become sexually aware at the age of seventeen or eighteen. If I believed that and enforced it, then it would just drive them into hiding away, seeking out situations that could be dangerous and potentially harmful to themselves. I would much prefer to have open and frank discussions with them and if they want to experiment and fulfil their sexual needs with each other, then at least I know it is in a safe and loving environment," she replied. "Look at this Jordan. From what you have said, he is scared shitless that his uncle is going to force him to become sexually involved with him, something that he doesn't want to happen. Invariably, unless someone intervenes, I guarantee that his first sexual experience will be at his uncle's hands. By having this in the open, at least amongst ourselves, I know that my boys will learn about sex with no fear and no danger."

"You don't need to worry about Jordan's first experience," I chuckled before clamping my mouth shut. Talk about giving secrets away!

"I thought I saw a little bit of spunk on Matty's cheek," she laughed. "Oh well, at least it has probably given the boy jerk fantasies for the rest of his life."

"Have you ever joined in with the boys?" I asked suddenly. "After all, if it was just amongst the boys I'd understand and back your statement, but the fact the Blake Snr is involved. ." I left it hanging.

"I'll be honest with you, we have told the boys that if they have any sexual requests then both my husband and I are there for them," Tawny smiled. Her eyes glazed a little as if she was lost in a memory. "I do have the occasion fun with John when his straightness kicks in, which is normally after he has been with his father or Blake Jnr, but Junior and Josh have yet to show an interest in girls."

"But Junior told me. ."

"That he was only into girls? That's his defence to keep people from guessing his true sexuality. He's even got a girlfriend as cover, which before you frown, she is a lesbian and they concocted the plan to keep her family from finding out. They've been best friends for years so it's easy enough for them to hide what their real relationship is," she replied. "Junior is very nervous about people finding out that he is gay as he doesn't want the media attention that being Matty's brother could bring."

"And you are okay with me coming in like this?"

"To be honest, I was a little worried about what your reaction would be to the whole family side of things, but Blake insisted that you would be fine. I guess that he thought if you were interested in Matty, and knowing that it is against the law, then what's a little incest between friends and family?" she chuckled.

"I have to say that while it took me by surprise, I did find watching Josh, John and Junior having sex was extremely arousing," I admitted.

"So given the choice, which one of them would you want in your bed?"

"None," was my immediate reply. "What I feel for Matty isn't just a horny guy lusting over a young boy, although I will admit it may have started like that before I met him. Matty has wormed his way into my heart and I told him that if we never have sex, as long as he is near me, then I would be the happiest man on earth."

"Correct answer, Gregg," Tawny hugged me. "If you had said any of the three, I would have doubted your commitment to my youngest, but your reply has ended that doubt. Go and catch up with him but don't wear him out before the concert!" She shooed me away and I left to catch up with Matty and Blake Snr as they headed back to the rooms.


Despite the horniness of the encounter with Jordan, Matty was happy to just to cuddle and watch a film as we relaxed before the concert. The concert itself was fantastic, with my boy playing to the crowd like never before. He strutted his stuff, mixing his boyish charm with an attempted streetwise rapper ala Eminem or someone like him, and after his third encore, we retired to the changing room. As soon as the door was shut behind us, I grabbed him for a long, sensual kiss, broken only when Josh and Blake Jnr came bounding through the door.


"Oh, cool. You're kissing. Can I join in?" the twelve year old asked hopefully.

"Jeebs, they're in love dummy," Junior explained. "This isn't just a fling or a bit of fun like we have."

"I don't get it though?" he frowned. "I thought sex was just about getting your rocks off."

"It is," I replied. "But I don't want to have sex with Matty." I chuckled as both Matty and Josh's mouth dropped open. I placed a finger underneath my boy's chin, closed his mouth and pecked him on the lips. "I want to make love to Matty. There's a whole lot of difference between the two."

"How come? Don't you just do the same thing?" Josh asked.

"Sex is all about, um, getting your rocks off as you so succinctly put it," I laughed, rubbing Josh's brown hair. "Making love is all about making sure your partner's needs come first. I'd be happy to make Matty have the best time of his life without any recompense to my own body."

"That's weird!" the twelve year old giggled.

"But the great thing is, I wanna make love to Gregg too, so we both enjoy it!" Matty enthused.

"Oh, um, well would someone show me the difference?" Josh asked, looking hopefully at me. I made the mistake of catching his eye and fell into the deep blue puppy dogs that were the same as Matty's.

"Maybe sometime, if Matty agrees," I replied. "But for now, I'm sorry Josh, I'm going to spend time with Matty and explore what we have together before we start doing anything else."

"Ah maaan! I really wanna suck your dick cos it looks well nice!" the boy groused.

"If you want to suck a cock, let's go back to our room and you can suck me," Junior offered, and with a grudging farewell, I watched the smaller boy allow the eldest sibling to lead him away.

"You know, if you wanna do stuff with Josh, you can," Matty whispered, his voice low and even. "I won't mind."

"Yes you would," I pecked his nose. "For the moment, I'm happy being with you and seeing where we go. Of course, if you want to have some fun with your brothers or father, that's okay as well."

"We'll see," he smiled at me. "Come on, let's go back to the hotel and you can make love to my hole with your fingers again."

"And what do I get out of it?"

"The knowledge that you made me happy?" he giggled before quickly shedding his stage clothes to get changed into a fresh set. My cock grew hard as I watched his near naked body strip to just the bikinis briefs that I had bought him the previous day. Well, it was more like a thong really and it showed his package off well, as well as giving me ample time to gaze at his lily white buttocks. I ran a hand over them as he bent down to pick up his clean socks, causing him to shiver slightly at my touch. I quickly licked a finger before tracing it down his valley, finding his little rosebud.

"Ah fuck, that's good!" my boy sighed, reaching forward with his arms to rest his upper body on the table. I ran my fingernail over his opening, scratching gently around it before his groans spurred me on to push inside him. The whimper from him was music to my ears as I slowly finger fucked his young body. Slipping my spare hand around the front of his stomach, I slid it into his briefs, grasping his two inch steel nail and began to jerk it back and forth between my first two fingers and thumb. Within moments, I had him begging me for release, to tip him over the edge of his climax and who was I to deny my little lover. I speeded up my jerking before plunging my finger deep inside him, bringing him off, causing his whole body to shake as he came dry and hard.

"Oh yeah, he does like that doesn't he?" a female voice said from behind me, giving me a near heart attack as I looked over my shoulder to see a smiling Tawny stood just inside the doorway. "You might want to think about locking the door next time."

"Um, it kind of just happened," I admitted, my face crimson red.

"Mooom! You're not supposed to see that!" Matty hid his face in my chest.

"Hey sweetie, it's okay you know," I told him, trying to calm down the brief sobs that were begging to erupt from him. "Your mom knows about what we are doing and has told me it's okay to carry on. Your Dad and brothers know, so it isn't a problem okay?"

"But she saw me cum," he hitched his voice.

"And what a wonderful sight it was as well," Tawny stroked his hair. "You look a lot cuter than when Jeebs came for the first time with your Dad."

"Really? I looked cuter than Jeebs?" Matty's face had changed from a frown to an exuberant smile. "Cool!"

"Come on, finish getting ready so we can go back to the hotel," she told him. As he moved away to pick up his fresh clothes, I whispered to Tawny.

"Very slick," I complimented her.

"If you take away the music, Matty always feels like he's second best to his brother," she explained softly. "No matter what we try, he always puts himself down when it comes to Josh. Mars helped immensely by getting him involved in music, otherwise I'd dread to think what emotional state he would be in."

"I'll remember that," I promised and after having a limpet-like boy attach himself to my side, we headed back to the hotel, where I spent the next two hours worshiping the boy's body with my mouth, my tongue and my hands, bringing him to climax after climax before he whimpered that he was too tired for any further action. I took him in my arms, holding his body against mine as we drifted off to a peaceful sleep.





I awoke to sounds of muffled voices, although I could hear them gaining in volume as whatever disagreement was taking place. I was alone in bed, unusually, and my heart panged a little. After days of waking up with my boy spooned into my body, it wasn't a nice feeling and I pulled the covers back from over my head to see an empty hotel room. The sounds were coming from through the bathroom and I rolled out of bed, grabbed a pair of shorts and slipped them on just in case and headed into the bathroom. Despite wanting to find out what was going on in Matty's room, my need for morning absolutions took precedence and I whipped out little Gregg and relieved myself with a sigh.


"Look Jack, I don't care what you think," I heard Blake Snr's voice complain. "After the tour is over, we are seriously thinking about homeschooling Matty because this tour has rocketed his status and he could become a target for other kids, and indeed adults who don't like the fact of how popular he has become."

"I'm just saying that we are billing him as the all-American boy next door, and if he is suddenly taken out of state schooling, there is the element of snobbery about it," I heard Jack Naysmith's voice argue back. "Plus there's something about Gregg Breclav that I just don't like. I assume you are thinking of continuing his employment if you do take Matty out of school."

"Yes we will be continuing Matty's education with Gregg as he's done wonders with Matty's grades and, well, no matter what you think of him, we all like Gregg as a person as well as a tutor," Blake replied.

"It looks like I'm going to be outvoted on this," Jack sighed. "I just hope that this doesn't backfire on you Matty, as you have the potential to become bigger than that Beiber boy."

"I'm sure it will be okay," Matty's voice piped up. "I'm still gonna keep in touch with my mates and we can organise stuff together so I won't lose touch with them."

"Okay, okay, you guys win," the agent gave in. "I'm going to grab some breakfast before heading back to Augusta. I guess I'll see you guys at the concert tomorrow night."


I heard both Matty and Blake say their farewells before silence fell on the room.


"Why was he being so mean about Gregg?" my boy asked.

"I think he doesn't like the amount of time that you are spending with him, and maybe thinks that Gregg is grooming you or something," Blake replied.

"Grooming? Yeah, Gregg does that," Matty insisted, causing my heart to stop. "He brushes my hair for me and makes sure I wash and stuff when I don't want to shower proper."

"No, not that sort of grooming," his dad chuckled. "The kind of grooming I'm talking about is when a man gets a boy or girl interested in sexual activity without them realising and before they know what's happened, they are in a sexual relationship which they didn't really want."

"Well that's not what Gregg's done!" Matty snapped.

"I know, honey," Blake soothed. "Boys like you are super special as you know what you want, and are mature enough to ask the questions and make decisions. What you have with Gregg is wonderful and your Mom and I are going to do everything in our power to make sure that it carries on for as long as you both want it to."

"But you also want me to join in with you and my brothers?" Matty asked.

"We'd love you to, and Gregg as well for that matter," I heard his Dad explain. "But it's only if you want to. All the boys know not to pester you, although you know Jeebs, so I can't promise anything."

"Okay," my boy said, and with a phrase caused my green eyed monster to rear its head, he continued. "You can touch me if you want to."

"Are you sure son?" Blake asked. "Gregg is very much of the opinion that he only wants to be with you for the first time."

"Yeah, and I do too," Matty replied. "But that it when we make love. Touching isn't that so I know he'll be okay with this."


My heart didn't know whether to burst with joy or despair. On the one hand, Matty had told his dad that he didn't want to go the whole way as he wanted me to be the one, but he was happy for his dad to jerk him off. I stood there at the door, listening as I heard Matty's breath catch a hitch as his father started to wank him off. I tried to blank out the words of encouragement that both Blake and Matty were giving each other, but when Matty begged his father to suck him off, my boy cried out in ecstasy so I fled back to my room. It was only moments after I was back under the covers, feeling sorry for myself when I heard the door between the two rooms open and little footsteps came running through and I felt a weight jump on the bed.


"Morning Gregg!" Matty yelled in my ear, pulling back the covers, his hands trying to work their way inside my top.

"Urgh, morning sweetie," I grunted. I knew that I needed to give the appearance of being fine, despite my heart breaking.

"Come on, let's have some fun," my boy gushed. "We've got the day off and my Dad says we don't need to be up for another couple of hours."

"I'm kinda tired," I tried to argue, causing Matty to sag on top of me.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing, sweetie," I lied. "I'm just not in the mood."

"But, but, you've never said no before," Matty whined.

"Well, sometimes sex isn't everything between two people," I told him. "Sometimes people like being with each other rather than just getting their rocks off."


I regretted my outburst immediately as I saw Matty's body sag against me. He didn't say anything by the just snuggled himself into my body, holding himself against me. I melted and pulled him towards me and wrapped my arms around him, my love for him overriding everything else.


"What did I do wrong?" he asked me after five minutes of us holding each other.

"You didn't do nothing wrong," I told him, causing him to giggle. "What?"

"I didn't do anything wrong," he chuckled. "Not nothing wrong."


I gently slapped his bare bum at his correction of my grammar before I pulled him up so that we were face to face. I kissed him, Matty responding with a strong forceful tongue back into my mouth.


"I'm sorry Matty," I started. "I heard you and your Dad, and I got jealous."

"Really?" he squeaked. "I thought that you wanted to like join in with the others so I thought if I let Dad wanked me off then we could both be involved and you can have sex with Josh or Junior and it would be okay."

"Matty, if you want to have fun with your Dad, it's your choice and shouldn't have anything to do with us," I tried to argue, but Matty placed a finger on my lips.

"I want you and me to make love to each other and be together," he told me, his attitude belying his age. "But if we want to mess around with my dad and my brothers, then why not?"

"Matty, I love you," I told him, pausing to kiss him gently, several times. "If you want to have fun with your brothers and are happy for me to join in, then that's great but when we do, it's just messing around, yeah?"

"Yeah!" Matty grinned at me. "I wanna see you fuck Jeebs!" he laughed.

"But before we do anything with your brothers and your Dad," I placed a finger on his lips. "I want to make love to you. I don't want my first to be any of your brothers. I want it to be you."


I felt my breath cut off as Matty wrapped his arms around me, flowering me with kisses.


"I want you to make love to me now," he insisted. "I want us to join in with them later, so please, make love to me now!"

"I'll try again, honey," I told him. "But I'm not going to hurt you."

"You won't," he promised me, and I fell into his puppy dog eyes that John had warned me about earlier.


I stripped off and grabbed the lube from the bedside cabinet and spread it on his pucker. I pushed two fingers inside him, causing Matty to grunt in pleasure and as I finger fucked him, I started to jerk myself to get myself ready for what I had been dreaming off. I squeezed more lube onto Matty's small pucker before smearing more onto my fingers and within seconds, I had three fingers inside my boy's arse. I heard Matty groaning in pleasure as I started to pick up the force of my fingering of his arse. If he was going to take my cock, it wasn't going to be a smooth, soft fuck, it was going to be me shagging him like he'd not dreamed off, or maybe he had?


"Urgh, Gregg, I think I'm ready," Matty gasped out.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "You do know that once I pop through, I'm not going to be able to stop?" I thought it only fair to tell him. "Once I'm in, I'm going to make love to you until I cum."

"That sounds ace!" my boy grinned as he looked back at me, his head turned slightly, messing up his brown locks. I eased myself into position behind him and in between his legs. I pushed his smooth legs apart so that he was in an inverted Y on the bed and as I parted his cheeks to expose his pucker, my cock twitched in anticipation of what was to follow.

"Okay Matty, I'm going to get in position and push in," I told him. "Tell me immediately if it gets too painful and I'll stop."

"I will, promise!" his voice dripped honey and lust. I guess that he wanted this as much as I did and as I lined my cock head up against his small entrance, I balked again at the thought of hurting my boy by forcing my thickness inside such a small opening. Gritting my teeth in determination, I teased my dick around his hole, pushing gently every couple of seconds until finally lining it up and pressing forwards. The boy's sphincter fought back with all it's worth and for a moment, I nearly gave up but as I heard Matty's small voice begging me to get inside him, I snaked a hand around his belly and pulled him up slightly, angling his hips and with my grip still on his stomach. I pushed forwards once more and felt incredible tightness around my cock head as it inched inside my little lover's pussy.

"Oh fucking hell Matty," I gasped out. "I'm in, I'm getting in!" I didn't hear a lucid reply, just grunts and groans from my sweetheart and as I continued to push inside him, I felt a pop as his arse lips encircled and captured my cock head. "That's it sweetie, I've broken through! How are you holding up?" I paused and stroked his back, a back that was pooling with sweat.

"It feels completely like nuffin I've ever felt, Gregg!" Matty panted. "It hurts, it really hurts but it feels really good all at the same time." He turned his head towards me and flashed me his killer smile to let me know he was okay and getting a nod from him, I started to ease my body downwards. I had seen how Blake Snr had fucked Jeebs the previous day and I wanted to feel that, I wanted to have Matty's body next to mine while I made love to him. As I lowered my body, my cock inched its way forwards, further inside my boy's hole, causing Matty to grunt and occasionally yelp if I went to fast. Finally, I felt my balls rest against his bum cheeks and I felt like crowing like Peter Pan!

"I'm in honey, I'm all the way in," I whispered to my boy, who was panting heavily. I wrapped my arms underneath his body, up and through his shoulders so that I had a firm grip on his upper body. His head roughly came to my nipples and it felt to be almost the perfect position to make love to him. "You took me balls deep at the first go."

"Second go!" he huskily argued.


"This is the second go remember," Matty whimpered. "I couldn't do it the first time."

"Silly, this is the first time I've entered you so that's all that counts," I told him.

"Are you gonna make love to me now?"

"Yes I am, sweetie."


And I did. I dragged my hips backwards, pulling my cock back through his passage until I felt his pucker begin to stretch around my cock head. Not wanting to pull out and put Matty through the pain of getting back inside him, I pushed forwards slowly, teasing my cock downwards. I felt his little nub of a prostate as my cock drove inside so I angled myself a little better and on the next backward pull, I brushed past it again. Back down I pushed and I was rewarded with the pleasurable whimper of Matty's grunt as I started to give him the internal rub that cannot be replicated by fingers. I kept up a steady rhythm, despite my cock and brain urging my animalistic nature to take over and fuck him senseless. I wanted to bring him to an orgasm if I could by fucking him, knowing that if I did, he would be hooked for sure. I felt my own sweat start to dribble from my body as my temperature began to rise and within moments, I felt the twelve year old start to squirm underneath me. His hands gripped the bed sheets and unbelievably, he started to hump his hips and groin up and down against the rhythm of my fucking. Little squeaks were emanating from underneath me until I felt a mini earthquake shake my body.


"Oh fucking hell, I'm cumming!" Matty gasped out, his voice full of lust. "Keep doing that, please Gregg. Keep poking me there."


Knowing that I could normally bring him off two or three times before he tired of sexual activity, I continued to fuck him through his dry cum, although his arse clamping around my dick as his orgasm shuddered through his body was bringing me very close to the edge of cumming myself. I slowed my pumping of him, almost to a stop until he flopped limply on the bed. I could hear him almost purr as I started up my actions once more, humping my hips, thrusting my seven inches of stiffness into him. This time, I forwent the steady motions and began to fuck him harder and harder. I moved my right arm underneath him and snaked my hand down, past his smooth chest and flat stomach and took hold of his own two inch nail rod. I was pleased it was still at full hardness, despite his dry cum a few moments earlier and as I rolled my thumb and forefinger around his exposed prick head, I heard him whimper in pleasure.


"Oh jeez, Gregg, keep doing that and I'm gonna cum again soon!" he groaned, which of course was like a red rag to a bull to me. I picked up my pace of my thrusts and knew that I wasn't going to last many more minutes so I went to town on Matty's little cock head, rubbing it with my thumb and teasing his skin back and forth. I soon had him panting once again and when he let out a scream of pure pleasure, his pucker quivered around my cock and this time I didn't hold back. I thrust into him harder and harder, bringing myself to the point of explosion before I could hold back no longer and I felt my spunk shoot from my cock, coating his insides with my love. Shot after shot emptied inside him and still I fucked him. Matty was shaking underneath me as his own orgasm slammed through his body until his finally flopped limply on the bed once more. My own orgasm was still in the throes of its high but as my strong, powerful spurts became dribbles, tiredness swept through my being and my thrusts became weaker until I was content to lie with my boy, my now semi stiff cock still firmly wedged inside him. I rolled slightly so that I wasn't lying on top of him and I spooned into him, bending my neck so that I could plant soft kisses on his forehead as he gazed up at me, his eyes slightly glazed but there was a look of utter bliss on his face.

"So did you enjoy that, sweetie?" I asked.

"That was fucking awesome!" he grinned at me. "Can we do it again?"

"Now?" I squeaked, causing Matty to giggle.

"Well, maybe not just yet cos my arse is hurting a bit," he smiled. "But promise me we can do it again."

"Matty, I will make love to you whenever you want me to," I kissed him.

"So was it what you thought it would be?" he asked me. "You know, shagging a boy?"

"Matty, I don't know if I can put it into words," I admitted. "But I will say it was awesome!" Giggles erupted from my boy once more, reminding me that despite the lovemaking that we had just shared, he was still a twelve year old boy.

"So does this mean we're gonna do stuff with the others now?" he asked suddenly after a few minutes of peaceful holding.

"Only if you want us to," I told him, putting it firmly in his court. Now that I had had a taste of making love to Matty, I knew that there would be no turning back, no putting the genie back in the bottle. I wanted sex with him as often as possible and as I lay there, the thought of being involved in a threesome, or indeed four, five or six some, with the others, most notably Josh, caused my cock to begin to stiffen once more.

"You're thinking about it now aren't you," Matty giggled.

"How can you tell?"

"I can feel your cock getting hard inside me again."

"Maybe that's just because I'm here with you," I countered.

"It's okay, you know," he whimpered as I started to slowly thrust myself in and out of him once again. "I know that Jeebs wants to do stuff with you, and I have to admit, it did kinda get me really horny when my Dad touched me before so I think that we should at least try it once. If we don't like it, we can stop and just be us."

"Matty, you are the one that I love," I told him. "But I would like to try with the others, just for fun but that's it when we're with them. It's just getting our rocks off, as Jeebs puts it. When it's us two on our own, it's all about love."

"DEAL!" Matty smiled. "Now make love to me again before we go swimming."


So I did.



End of chapter.

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