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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter Eight



Three more days. Officially anyway. That's how long was left on my contract of being the tutor to Matty B. My heart ached at the remote possibility that I would never see him again, having fallen completely, helplessly and wonderfully in love with the eleven year old pop rapping sensation. It helped immensely that he professed his love to me each and every morning as we woke up and each and every night as we drifted off to sleep, having made love to each other.

As I lay in bed, the brown haired cherub still asleep in my arms, I allowed myself to dream that what I had heard in Matty's bedroom a couple of days previous would come true. If Blake and Tawny did decide to homeschool Matty, I was the obvious choice for taking him on as a student. That would allow me to see him on a near daily basis and we could continue our relationship, with the consent of the family who were already involved sexually with each other, well Sarah Grace being the exception. It was still something that I was, in a way, hoping to experience, joining in with the other men of the Morris family, especially twelve year old Josh. He was almost as cute as Matty and the way that he took both his brother Blake, followed by his father's cock up his arse showed that he was an experienced bottom.

However, there was no way that I would join in if Matty wasn't up for it and after his initial statement that he was ready to join in the family fun, he had balked at the two invites and instead, we spent the evenings together, alone, with my mouth sucking him to orgasm after orgasm before I achieved my own climaxes, making love to his tight hole, coating the inside of his anus with my spunk.


"Hey, you're awake?" I heard his sweet voice mumble. I looked down at his face to see him rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Yeah, sweetie," I replied. "Just admiring the view," I chuckled. It had been a hot night in Atlanta and we had fallen asleep without a cover on the bed so I could plainly see his morning wood, poking out of his body at its full three inch length.

"Well, you better let me up otherwise there will be a mess," he giggled as he slipped a hand down to grasp hold of his young cock. "I need to piss."

"Hmmm, I think I'm quite comfortable with your body next to mine," I smiled. I tightened my grip on him. "I think I'll stay like this for another half an hour."

"Gregg! I really need to go," Matty moaned.

"Sorry? I think my hearing is going in my old age."

"You're not old but if you don't let me up, you'll be wet!"


We had messed around in the shower a few days previous, marking each other, so with the boy starting to squirm in my grip, I moved him slightly up the bed and slid down, tracing little kisses on his naked, smooth form as I did. I reached his groin and looked up at him, seeing a look of hopeful desire on his face. Nodding at him, I reached up and took hold of the base of his cock with one hand and placed my other hand over his, pinching the end of his dick to stop whatever flow was reading to come out. Oh how I wished it was cum but I am more than happy to settle for any fluid that my boy can produce. I lowered my mouth over his steel hard erection and as I released the end of his dick, I swallowed his cock into my mouth.

Hot liquid immediately hit the back of my throat as Matty pee erupted from his cock. With it being the first of the morning, there was a strong, bitter taste to it, but it was ambrosia all the same. Despite my warnings of him not to drink too much juice the night before, he had guzzled his way through around five litres of the stuff so I actually found myself struggling to keep up with the flow of piss coming from my boy. I felt a little dribble from my mouth before he finally slowed, finishing with three hard shots and a small after-dribble which I lovingly slurped, kissing his still hard cock.

Teasing him, I pulled off his dick, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, making a smacking sound with my lips. He stared at me, a frown on his face.


"What's wrong sweetie?" I asked.

"Aren't you going to suck me?"

"Nah, I've just had my fill so I think I'll get up now."

"But, but," he started to whine and I was lost. I had made the mistake of looking into his blue puppy dog eyes and even if I wasn't joking around, there was no chance of not blowing him. Smiling at him, I leaned back down towards his still hard dick and took it in my mouth. I rolled my tongue around the exposed, circumcised head, causing my little angel to grip the bed as I worked his ardour. He must have received some sexual enjoyment from my drinking of his piss as it only took moments before he was grunting and humping his hips off the bed, forcing his three inches in and out of my lips. I held still and let him face fuck me, allowing him to control the speed of his impending climax and sure enough, he gasped out my name as his cock throbbed in my mouth, trying to seed me with his baby makers, but alas, he was still too young for that.


Flopping back down on the bed, he gazed up at me with a satisfied smile and with no words spoken, he rolled over onto his front and pulled apart his cheeks, offering his pucker for me to make love to. I glanced across at the clock and sighed as I saw that we wouldn't have time for him to recover properly before his concert tonight. It was the first of three sell outs in his home city and I knew that he needed to be on top form so I forwent my own pleasure.


"As much as I'd love to, we need to get up," I told him. "You have practice in thirty minutes, followed by lunch with Jay Leno, before the meet and greet and the concert this afternoon." One good thing about Matty's concerts was that the majority of the weekend concerts were daytime due to the average age of his fans. Well, the fans who were allowed to admit they liked Matty. I'm sure that the true average age of Matty's admirers was a lot higher due to the number of pervs, like me, who wanted him in their beds. I was the lucky perv in that I had him in my bed.

"But, you've not shot yet?" he whined.

"It doesn't matter. I am happy just getting you off," I told him.


Of course that didn't sit at all well with my boy who grabbed my hips, pulled me towards him and without a second glance around, swallowed my own cock into his mouth. Weaving my hands into his soft brown hair, I revelled in the sensations that can only come with a pre-teen mouth wrapped around your cock. Having sucked him off had almost been enough to bring me to a hands free orgasm so with his talented mouth bobbing up and down on my shaft, it was only moments later that I gripped his head slightly tighter as I pumped my dick into his mouth, my cock pulsing as I fired five heavy shots of my spunk down his throat. I felt him gag slightly so pulled back, allowing him to gather my juice in his mouth and as I relaxed, he pulled off my softening cock.


"Enjoy that, sweetie?" I asked, but he only smiled and nodded at me. I picked him up and stood him on the bed so that we were almost the same height. I knew that Matty loved being kissed so I leaned in and placed my lips on his. As he opened his mouth, my tongue ventured forward, only to be met by his. I allowed him to press home into my mouth and wasn't surprised when I felt the slime of my cum transfer from his tongue to mine. He was certainly learning all the tricks quickly and I accepted my cum as an offering of our joint love.


A knock on the door broke our embrace and as we heard the voice of his brother John, Matty jumped down from the bed and ran into the bathroom. John opened the door, his mouth dropping open as he saw my naked form and I motioned him to come in and close the door before anyone saw. He stood awkwardly, not knowing where to look.


"Matty's just getting showered and will be ready for practice," I told the dark haired fifteen year old.

"Ah, cool," he stammered. I couldn't help myself. I bent over to pick up Matty's dirty underwear that had been thrown on the floor the previous night as we raced to strip out of our clothes. I presented John with a bird's eye view of my rear end before standing back upright and turning to face him. I lifted the bright lime green briefs to my nose, taking in a deep breath of Matty smell before holding them out to the teenager.

"Go on," I offered. "Take a smell of your brother's crotch. I know, and you know that we all know that you'd love to get your mouth wrapped around his dick."

"Ah, well, shit," he moaned out and hesitantly took the offered briefs with one hand while his other went to his groin which was now showing signs of a prominent tent in his jeans. I watched him as he brought his brother's underwear to his face and he let out a sigh of pleasure as he smelled his brother's scent. I closed the distance between us and moved his hand from his jeans, replacing it with my own. His five inches were at full hardness and he groaned as I squeezed him through the denim fabric.

"Just think, sooner rather than later, you'll be taking turns sucking on both mine and Matty's dick until we both cum in your mouth," I whispered in his ear, giving it a quick lick. John shuddered and flushed bright red.

"Crap! I've creamed myself," he muttered.


I took the underwear away from him, and gently pecked his lips, moving backwards before my cherub came bounding out of the bathroom. Of course, he was naked, not expecting John to have entered the room.


"Shit! What are you doing in here?" the eleven year old gasped out, looking around for something, anything to cover himself up with.

"I invited him in, Matty," I explained. "I think as we are all boys, it's fine with you being naked isn't it?"

"Well, I guess so," he replied, looking at his brother's reaction. John's gaze had not moved from his brother's naked form and his tent was back. "Like what you see bro?" he chirped up.

"Damn Matty, you're so fucking cute," the fifteen year old admitted. "You've got an amazing bod."

"I'd say the same but you're all covered up," Matty grinned at him.

"We haven't got time," I reminded him, getting his killer smile back. "I'm going to get a shower and then look through your writing from yesterday. You get changed and let John take you down to the practice room."

"Can I have a kiss goodbye?" He pouted his lips at me and I couldn't say no to him so I planted my lips on his, our tongues pressing against each other before I released him. His cock had stiffened at the naughtiness of the situation and I heard him giggling as I stepped into the shower and turned on the water.


I took my time in the shower, easing out all of the tension that I brought onto myself as I pondered over my situation with Matty. As much as I knew that his family were accepting of me, and our relationship, I knew that Jack Naysmith already suspected there was something more than just a tutor student relationship and if, god forbid, anything leaked to the press, not only would I be thrown in prison and the key chucked away, but Matty's career would be over before it really got going. After all, how many preteen and teenage girls would be interested in a lad who had been `spoiled by a man's cock in his ass?

No! It wasn't going to happen. I had to be the adult here. As soon as the tour finished, and I was no longer needed to tutor him, I would gather my things and leave the world of MattyB behind. It would break my heart to do so, but it was the best for him and that was what true love was about, wasn't it? I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, casting looks into the mirror, seeing a broken man staring back. I headed out into the bedroom, noting that John had done the big brother act and taken Matty to practice as requested.

Knowing that I had several hours before Matty's concert, I decided to grab some breakfast and head to the hotel gym. I worked myself hard for an hour and a half, using the cross trainer, rowing machine and bike before hitting the weights. I wasn't interested in becoming a muscle man but I did like to keep myself toned. I stepped into the shower for a quick rinse before grabbing my speedos and headed out into the hotel pool.


"Hey Gregg!" I heard Josh's voice echo around the room and my eyes were immediately drawn to the next eldest Morris brother. He was swimming upto the edge of the pool just where I had walked in and quickly pulled himself up and out. His slim body was glistening with the water and my gaze dropped down to his own speedo clad groin. His swimsuit was a bright lime green that screamed `rape me' and I saw a tent beginning to form within them as he pulled me into a hug.

"Hi Jeebs," I replied. "Who are you here with?"

"Mom and Sarah Gracie," he replied. "No-one else my age is here so would you come and play with me?"


Oh boy, was that an invite!


"Sure, let me go and say hi to your mom and I'll be in the pool in a sec." I walked over to where I could see Tawny trying to calm down a fussy Sarah Grace.

"Hi Gregg," she greeted me with a smile. "You'll have to excuse my daughter, she is being rather awkward this morning."

"That's okay," I replied. "I know that kids can be like that at times."

"So I'm surprised you didn't go with Matty to practice," she asked.

"Well as he was having lunch with Jay Leno, I thought it would be better if I didn't tag along," I told her. The earlier thoughts about breaking off with Matty rose up again and my heart gave a pang. Just at that point, Sarah Grace wriggled out of her mother's arms and slipped to the floor, banging her head. She burst into tears, causing Josh to swim over and rush over to see how his little sister was.

"She's just hit herself and shook herself up," Tawny reassured the concerned twelve year old. "But I think we need to go back to the room. I don't want to upset the other swimmers."

"Aw Maaaaam!" Josh whined. "We've only been here ten minutes. Hey, can I stay with Gregg?"

"I don't know honey," she started, looking in my direction. "Blake and John have gone with Matty and Junior has gone out for the afternoon with his, ah, girlfriend."

"It's okay, Tawny," I told her. "I'll look after Josh for a while. How about I bring him back to yours around three thirty so he can get changed in time for Matty's concert?"

"That sounds great, Greg," she beamed at me. "You're a lifesafer!" she whispered in my ear.

"Thanks Gregg! You're the best!" Josh yelled, gripping me in a bear hug that a grizzly would have been proud of. The smile on his face was reward enough for me and as I looked down at him, I could see the similarities between him and his younger brother. My cock gave a little lurch in my speedos and not wanting anyone to get the wrong idea, I gave him a little tickle and told him I'd race him to the far end of the pool.


Of course I let him win and as we swam some lengths to loosen myself up, I kept slowing up which gave me a perfect view of his cute buns, covered by the slick, lime green nylon material. After ten minutes of doing laps, I could tell he was getting bored with it and wanting to make sure that the lad enjoyed himself, I agreed to his request that I threw him in the air from the water. The other swimmers had left by this time and we had the pool to ourselves. Well, if you didn't count the bored looking sixty year old lifeguard. This mean though that I managed to cup his butt on numerous occasions as well as hold his near naked body next to mine and my cock reacted in the only way it knew how. I could feel my six and a half inches straining to escape my speedos and I wished that I had put on my shorts rather than the skimpy swimsuit.


"What's up, Gregg?" Josh asked suddenly as I did my best to hide my erection from him.

"Nothing," I lied. "Come on, I'll throw you again."

"Nah ah! I know what's wrong," he giggled, before dropping his voice. "You've got a boner!" A small hand gripped my stiffness through my speedos and I could only groan as my cock was squeezed by the cute twelve year old.

"Jeebs, no!" I hissed at him, trying to assert my authority.

"Why not? You want to and I want to, so what's wrong?" he asked. I'll call his tone innocent but how could it be innocent when he is talking about sex?

"For a start off, there is a lifeguard over there watching us," I told him, nodding my head in the direction of the bored looking old guy. How his eyes weren't constantly fixed on the sexy lad in the pool I have no idea, unless he was one of those weird blokes who didn't find boys sexy.

"So let's go back to your room," Josh suggested. "Then we can have some fun."

"Josh, listen," I tried to reason. "I'm in love with your brother and I don't want to do anything to ruin that." I saw him pout.

"Everyone thinks Matty is cute and not me, just cos he's a singer," he whined. "If he wasn't famous, no one would want him. Do you know how many messages I've had about getting him on my vlogs and getting him shirtless and naked? No one asks me to take my shirt off." He completed the last sentence with a hitch in his voice and as I looked at him, I saw tears leaking from his face.

"Hey, hey, hey Josh. You are a cute lad," I said softly, pulling him to me. Indecision flashed through my brain, before I made the mistake of looking into his eyes. They were almost the same shade of blue as Matty's and I lost myself in them. "Come on, let's go back to my room so we can talk."


We swam over to the edge of the pool, pulling ourselves up and out. My cock had softened slightly at the sight of Josh crying so it was not on show to the lifeguard and we grabbed Josh's t-shirt and towel while he put on his flip-flops. We headed into the changing room so I could dry off and put on my own shirt, shorts and trainers before getting into the elevator. Josh pushed the button for our floor but any talk of what he wanted to discuss was cut short as just one floor later, an elderly couple entered. Josh politely asked what floor they wanted and pressed it, three above our own. We made small talk before exiting the elevator on our floor and we walked to my room. I opened the door and let Josh inside, before closing it behind me. I grabbed a couple of sodas from the fridge, popped one and handed it to Josh before opening my own.


"Well I didn't want you to spray it all over your shirt again," I chuckled.

"Yeah! John can be a twat at times," he laughed. "But if I did spray it over my shirt, I'd have to take it off." I watched as he held up the can of soda over his head and poured around half the contents over himself.

"I guess that means you're gonna have to take it off before it sticks to you," I told him, my cock begging to re-harden. I knew where this was leading and while my heart was shouting at me to stop it before it went any further and into something that I'd regret later, as Josh peeled off his shirt to leave himself standing in just his speedos, my desires over-rode any normal thought process.

"Um, I think I got some on my swimsuit too, Gregg," Josh announced, looking down at his damp speedos. Of course there was no way that the soda could have gotten on to them as his t-shirt had covered them up but I knew it was the excuse that we were both looking for. I moved over to him, kneeling down in front of him so that my eyes were level with the top of his waist.

"In that case, I guess we'd better take these off as well," I said, sensing the huskiness in my voice.


I reached up and couldn't help but to cup his small balls and now prominent tent. I heard Josh let out a soft sigh as I gently squeezed them, not to inflict any pain, but just to get a feel of them. I leaned in and took his tent in my mouth. I didn't care about the taste of chlorine for the moment, I had a nylon covered four inch boy cock in my mouth and the boy owner of said dick was loving it. I slid my hands around his slim body to grasp his pert butt cheeks. They were slightly fleshier than Matty's but then again, Matty had his dance moves which I'm sure toned his up.


"Gregg, please suck me properly," Josh begged. I looked up at him and saw a look of wanton need in his eyes and nodding to him, I released his cock from my mouth. I eased my hands into the sides of his small speedos and gently pulled them down. I watched as his cock got trapped in the material, pulling his erection downwards before it sprung free, slapping upwards against his pubic area. I noticed that there was a small smattering of brown hairs crowning his groin, the sure sign that puberty had begun already for the boy.

"Fucking hell, Josh, you're gorgeous," I huffed out, lost in the sight of the naked twelve year old.

I heard him giggle in appreciation. "Well, suck the gorgeous cock then!" he commanded and who was I to disobey? Of course he was circumcised, like his brothers and as I took his small pink mushroom head into my mouth, he let out a satisfied moan. I rolled my tongue around his head before swallowing him to the pubic bone. At four inches, I took him easily into my mouth without gagging and as I started to bob back and forth on his cock, I felt his small hands weave their way into my hair.

I moved my hands back around to his bum cheeks as he started to thrust into my mouth in rhythm to my sucking and I couldn't help but to knead his fleshy globes as he fucked my mouth. It was certainly a different feeling to Matty's three inches, even though it was just one inch longer but Josh was more experienced in sex than my little cherub and he took control of the blowjob, using my mouth as his fuck toy, knowing what he wanted. I heard the pitch of his breathing change and sure enough, he started to thrust harder and harder into my mouth, his little ballsac bashing against my chin.


"Ah fuck!" he whimpered out as his cock throbbed in my mouth. Knowing that he was reaching his climax, I traced a finger down the cleft of his arse cheeks and rubbed it against his back opening. It felt tight, despite how often it must have been penetrated by his older family members and as I rubbed my finger over his pucker, feeling it quiver, he let out a yelp and held himself still as his cock pulsed in my mouth. I ran my tongue around his shaft, desperate to taste his cum, but to my surprise, Josh was still having dry orgasms.

He let out a big sigh and stepped backwards, pulling his still erect cock out of my mouth, a trail of my saliva coating his dick. I looked up at him.

"Enjoy that?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"Man, it was awesome!" he crowed. He stepped forwards again and leaned down to plant his lips on mine. I already knew that he liked to French kiss, having exchanged tongues with him previously in front of his father and Matty so I opened my mouth and took in his offered oral muscle. To be honest, I would take every part of Josh in my mouth if he offered it. I wrapped my arms around his back and with an effort, got up off my knees, picking him up as I stood. He wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck as I moved my own arms downwards, cupping his bum in my hands as way of support.


We stood stock still for what seemed like an eternity, kissing each other with a passion that I never knew could exist between a twelve year old and a twenty seven year old. Josh broke the kiss first, both of us panting heavily from the lack of oxygen that we had just started ourselves of. He was smiling a broad smile and I could feel his boner poking me in the stomach. He humped himself into me a couple of times before frowning.


"Hey, you're still dressed," he told me.

"Well, young sir, I think I can give you ten out of ten for observation," I chuckled.

"That's not fair. My Dad said sex should be a two way thing and both should like it, so you should get naked and I can suck you," Josh smiled at me.


I lowered him back to the floor, after giving his cute nose a peck before I pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. I slipped off my shorts, leaving myself in just my blue speedos, my bulge now very prominent. I dare any of you to have been kissing a naked twelve year old sex pot and not have at least a semi hard on. I started to pull down my speedos but was stopped by the hands of Josh.


"No, let me," he whispered out.

"Can I ask you a question Josh?"

"You just have, ha ha ha," he chirped back, breaking the sexual tension that had been building.

"Smart ass!" I reached down and gave his rear end a soft smack.

"Ooh, I didn't know you were kinky Gregg," he smirked.

"I was just wondering if you had done anything with anyone other than your father and brothers?" I asked. I was curious how far the family had gone in their non-conforming sexual activities.

"I've messed around with a couple of mates," he admitted. "But I've never done anything more than jerking off with anyone else."

"Not that I'm objecting, but why have you decided to do some stuff with me then?" I queried, my cock protesting that I was putting a blow job at risk.

"Cos Dad said you were okay, and Junior and John say you're cool," he shrugged at me. "Matty likes you as well and he's never yet said that about any man."

"What about you?"


"Do you like me?" Okay I was after a little ego boost here. What boy lover wouldn't want a sexy twelve year old admit that he did find you sexy?

"Course I do," he grinned. "I wouldn't be here otherwise. Now are you gonna keep me talking or do you wanna let me suck you?"


I nodded at him and he tugged down my swimsuit, exposing my nearly erect six and a half inches to him. I stepped out of my speedos, leaving myself as naked as he was and stood there while he explored my cock and balls. His hands were soft and tentative as he slowly stroked my cock to full stiffness. He flashed a glance up at me before he opened his mouth and took my head in. I moaned in delight as he swirled his tongue around my mushroom head, massaging it, before pursing his lips and taking more of my shaft into his mouth. I watched him as he inched his head forwards until he was almost at the base of my cock before he gagged slightly.


"Don't take in more than you can handle, Jeebs," I told him. He hummed an okay which sent sensations shivering down my cock, causing my balls to tighten. He started to bob slightly, sucking my dick like a popsicle and I couldn't help but compare him to both John and Matty. John was a master cocksucker already at the age of fifteen. I cannot imagine how long he had been practicing while Josh of course, was only twelve and not as experienced. Matty had only been introduced in the last month so while his enthusiasm was top notch, he didn't compare in skill to his two elder brothers. I felt myself beginning to approach an orgasm and I gave the boy a warning. I knew that he did swallow, but that was family and I wasn't sure if he would want me creaming his mouth. Instead, he pulled off me completely, letting my cock twitch in mid air. I looked down at him, disappointment obviously showing in my face.

"I don't want you to cum in my mouth," he said simply.

"That's okay, Josh," I told him, keeping my tone steady. "I'll jerk off to finish." As I reached for my cock, he slapped my hand away.

"Oh no you don't," Josh chuckled. He jumped up onto the bed. "I want you to fuck me and cum in my ass." He laid on his back and pulled his legs up, before parting his buttocks exposing his pucker to me.

"Are you sure?" I asked, my cock protesting once more.

"Fuck yeah! I've wanted to get your cock inside me since we first met in Albany," he grinned. "I've held off cos Junior told me that you were Matty's boyfriend and that unless you and him join in with us, then I wasn't supposed to get involved with you."

"So what's changed?" I queried, a look of puzzlement on my face.

"I heard Dad telling Junior that he had jerked off Matty and that he wanted to join in," Josh told me. "So I thought I'd get to you before John and Junior did. Now please, will you fuck me?"


Once again, when a sexy, naked preteen boy tells you to do something, are you supposed to argue with him? I thought not so I got onto my knees at the edge of the bed and pulled Josh towards me so that his rear end was right in front of me. I told Josh to hold his knees while I split apart his butt cheeks. I almost wept with joy at the sight presented to me. His little hole was perfect. There was a faint ring of bruising around it where it had been stretched open by the repeated sex with his older family members, but the pucker itself looked to be a tight little hole that was just begging for attention. I leaned forwards, running my nose up and down his groin and buttocks, smelling his smell. There was a mixture of chlorine still left on his body but his boy sweat was now taking back over as the main odour emanating from the boy.

I kissed the stiff shaft of his cock, still erect in anticipation of the fuck he was about to receive. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, causing him to squirm on the bed before sucking each of his little balls into my mouth. My tongue travelled further down, kissing and lapping at his taint before I paused, looking at his little pink pucker. I had to taste it, to make love to it with my tongue. I touched the tip of my oral muscle against his opening and was rewarded with a musky taste of boy. Josh's body shivered as I pushed my tongue against his hole and it gave way a lot easier than Matty's, evidence of his previous sexual history.


"Shit Gregg," he gasped out. "I can't wait any longer. Please fuck me."


It sounded so wrong, those words coming out of a twelve year old's mouth but I was too far gone in my lust and desires to give a shit about morality by now. I grabbed the lube from my bag and generously coated my cock that was straining to get inside the young boy. I slipped a couple of slicked up fingers inside his hole, causing him to yelp in surprise before the ready grin came back to his face. I lined myself up, resting my cock head against his pucker.


"Are you sure, Josh?" I asked, giving him one last chance to back out.

"Definitely," he grunted. "Do it, please."

"Okay honey, here it comes," I told him and pushed in without hesitation. I had seen both the Blakes thrust into him hard and fast and so I repeated that action. After all, while I would never do that with Matty, my desire before meeting him had been to have a boy in the position that I had Josh and to fuck him, and fuck him hard.

"Ah fuck! That's good!" Josh moaned out as I felt my balls hit the base of his butt. I was six and a half inches inside and it felt amazing. He squeezed his bum, intensifying the sensation around my dick. I took hold of his hips, pulling his body right to the edge of the bed as I started to pull out and pushed back inside him with all of my strength. His Dad said that he liked it hard and fast so by God, that's what I was going to give him. I thrust into him with all of my might, Josh's grunts and groans the reward for my efforts.


I looked at his face, his eyes staring at me, his tongue poking out of his mouth and I knew that I had to have that back in my mouth. I let go of his hips, sliding them up and underneath his back, lifting his body up from the bed. However, the position I was in and the difference in height prevented me from achieving my aim. I pulled out of him, much to his displeasure but I silenced his complaints with a finger on his lips. I saw a cheeky grin spread across his face and he opened his mouth and sucked in my finger. It was only as he slurped on it that I realised that it was one of the two fingers I had pressed inside him earlier.

I picked him up with him wrapping his legs around my waist once more. Our lips met, his tongue pressing into my mouth and I knew that I wanted to fuck him while I was kissing him. I walked over to the chest of drawers, seating him on the top. With our mouths still joined, I bent my knees and slid my hand down to my cock so that I could replace it back against Josh's hole. I felt him nod in agreement as he knew what I wanted and I pushed back inside him. I felt him groan into my mouth as my cock penetrated him once again. Once I had around half my shaft inside him, I took hold of his slim body and lifted him up once more, straightening my legs. Bend my neck down and with Josh turning his head upwards, we managed to keep our lips sealed while I felt him press down, bottoming out on my dick, my heart rate picked up a pace. I started to thrust my hips upwards, drawing my cock downwards before ramming it back inside him.

Needing some further grip and support on his body, I staggered over to a wall, pressing his back against it. This, along with his arms snaked around my neck gave me the extra support I wanted and so I started to fuck him with abandon. The picture next to us on the wall started to bang against it as the strength of my fucks began to get even harder as I approached my climax. My toes started to curl but before I had a chance to start my orgasm, Josh ripped his mouth away from mine to let out a primal yell of ecstasy as his butt clamped down on my dick. The fact that I had fucked the twelve year old to a hands free orgasm was enough for me. I joined in with his yell as my cock spurted forth its juice, seeding him deep inside his bowels.


"Oh fucking hell, Josh. That was awesome," I panted, still holding up against the wall.

"Damn, that was as good as my Dad," he gasped out, his head resting on my shoulder.

"WHAT THE HECK?" Matty's voice shouted.


I turned my head to see the door between Matty's room and my own open and my eleven year old cherub standing, eyes open wide in disbelief and his jaw dropped to his chest. Blake Snr had his hand on his son's shoulder as he stared at the compromising position that they had just found me in, Josh still pressed against the wall with my cock firmly planted up his ass.


Josh and my heavy breathing were the only noise in the silence of the room.





End of chapter.

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