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The Tutor


Andy Mann

Chapter Nine


"WHAT THE HECK? Matty repeated as both Josh and I looked glassy eyed at my young pop star and his father.

"Look's like someone has had some fun in here," Blake chuckled, rubbing Matty's shoulder, who shrugged it off. I could see his stare boring into me and guilt flushed over my body as I realised just exactly what I had done.

"Um, Matty, it's not Gregg's fault," Josh started only to be silenced with a look from his younger brother.

"No Josh, this is all my fault," I sighed. I lowered him to the floor, my cock still semi erect despite the situation that we were in. Josh dropped his hands in front of his crotch, covering himself up from his brother while I stood with my hands at my side, conscious that my cock was glistening with a mixture of Josh's saliva, lube and the twelve year old's anal juices.

"Maybe Josh and I should step outside," Blake said quietly, looking intently at his youngest son, trying to work out, like I was, when the explosion of anger would occur. I nodded my head in agreement, not wanting to expose Josh to the inevitable outburst that must be bubbling underneath the baby blue eyes that were still wide open.

"WOW!" Matty giggled. "That looked freaking hot!"

"HUH?" the three of us all said at the same time, looking at the eleven year old cherub who was now tugging at the crotch of his jeans.

"Man, that looked pretty fucking hot, you shagging Jeebs against the wall like that," he replied. "We've gotta try that at some point!"

"You're not mad?" I asked, my cock beginning to stir, my heart beginning to beat again.

"Course I am! Matty grinned. "I wanted to see your cum face cos it's brill and I wanted to see Jeebs cum as well," he pouted.


I rushed over to him and swept him up in my arms, planting my lips on his. Our mouths opened and we kissed a passionate kiss, one of forgiveness and apology, one of lustful desire, one fucking hot kiss basically! I heard a giggle from behind me and broke the kiss to see Josh and Blake sat on our bed, the twelve year old on his father's lap as they watched our kiss.


"What?" I asked him.

"I think that Matty would be more comfortable naked," the older version of Matty smiled. He pointed at my cherub's crotch and we both looked down to see a tent in my boy's jeans.

"Well, Gregg is a fantastic kisser!" Matty defended himself.

"So can we? Josh asked.

"What?" Blake queried, a confused expression on his face.

"See Matty naked?" the preteen asked. "I really wanna compare ourselves cos it's been ages since Matty has let me see him naked."


I looked at Matty who nodded a shy approval. I lowered him back down to the floor and he stood there, his gaze alternating between Josh and myself. He made no effort to start undressing and I had a sudden insight into what he was thinking. I moved over to the bed and sat down next to Blake who was holding a now squirming naked twelve year old. I saw him frowning that Matty was just standing there, doing nothing.


"Well, come on then," Josh grumbled.

"What?" Matty asked innocently.

"Get naked then."

"Uh-uh," the eleven year younger brother shook his head. "You want me naked? You do the work."


I chuckled as it took a couple of seconds for Josh to figure out what Matty meant but as he jumped up from his father's lap, I could see that Blake was already tenting his trousers in anticipation of seeing his two youngest sons naked and together. I'll admit, my own cock had hardened back up so I couldn't really say anything. Josh walked over to his younger brother and with a show of tenderness that is uncommon amongst siblings their age, he reached out and touched Matty's delicate face with his hand. He leaned in and pecked his brother's nose before kissing him fully on the lips.

I couldn't help but let out a small moan as I watched my angel snake his arms around his brother's smooth back, pulling Josh into him as they kissed each other deeply, groans emanating from the pair. I felt movement by my side and saw Blake unfastening his trousers before standing and letting them fall to the floor, closely followed by his briefs. He quickly undid the buttons on his pale blue shirt and before I knew it, we were both naked spectators to the show that the two more famous Morris brothers were about to perform.

As Josh broke the kiss, both boys had wide, bright white smiles on their adorable faces and Jeebs's cock was back at its four inch length of hardness. I could tell that Matty was also boned up, even though I couldn't see it, because the way he stood was slightly bent as if he was nursing his hard-on. Josh took hold of Matty's salmon pink t-shirt and lifted up and over his brother's head, exposing Matty's slim but firm chest to the room. Josh licked his lips and bent forwards and took Matty's left nipple into his mouth, sucking on it like a baby nursing on its mother's tit. Matty groaned loudly as he felt his brother tongue his erect nipple, kissing it and sucking it before moving to his right nipple and repeating the process.

I saw Matty's hands drop to the waist of his jeans but Josh smacked them away, chiding him for taking over his job of undressing his brother. Matty smiled at us as Josh dropped to his knees in front of his younger sibling and popped the button of the black denim jeans. He teased the zipper up and down, slipping in his right hand to cop a feel of his brother's groin through his underwear before he finally gave in to the little whines that Matty was making and pulled his jeans down. Matty steadied himself on his brother's shoulders as Jeebs pulled off the white Nike trainers, throwing them over his shoulder at Blake and myself who caught them. I flashed a look at Blake before raising the trainer that I was holding to my nose and took in deep breath. The trainer smelled of pure Matty sweat. He obviously hadn't changed his trainers after practice and as I was hit in the chest by a damp white cotton sock, my cock lurched at the knowledge that the socks were from the same practice as well. Blake groaned alongside me as he smelled his youngest son's foot odour and I grinned at him as I followed suit. The smell was heavenly and as we watched, Josh took hold of Matty's left foot and sucked in his toes into his mouth.


"Oh fucking hell, that feels so hot!" Matty moaned out, before flashing a worried look at his father.

"I think that when we are in here, playing, that we can forgive a little swearing," Blake smiled at him.

"Fuck yeah!" Jeebs chuckled before returning Matty's toes into his mouth. I could see the twelve year old's tongue swirling around the little pinkies and I was almost ready to shoot my load but bit the back of my hand to cause me a little pain to hold my climax off.

"God! Will you suck my cock, Jeebs?" Matty panted. "Please!"

"You know I will if you want, bro," Josh smiled sweetly at him. "Let's get these off you first."


Josh reached up and took hold of Matty's black briefs that were tenting at the front. Giving the front a quick grope which caused Matty to grunt in response, he slipped his hands up the legs of the tight cotton material before easing them down slowly, teasing both Blake and myself to the slow, sensual strip that he was forcing us to endure. Of course, Josh was the only one who hadn't actually seen Matty naked over recent times but still, there was something inherently naughty about watching a brother unclothe his younger sibling for the singular purpose of sexual contact.

The broad smile on Josh's face only grew wider as he watched the three inches of Matty flesh free itself from the confinement of his underwear and it slapped itself against his hairless, pubic area. He quickly pulled the briefs all the way down and helped Matty step out of them, leaving the eleven year old completely naked in front of all of us. Of course, we were all naked ourselves so it wasn't like he was the odd one out, just that he was the centre of attention.


"Oh fucking hell Matty, that looks yummy," Josh gasped out and without another word, swallowed his brother's cock into his mouth.

"Jeeeez!" the eleven year old gasped as he felt his brother suck him inside him. I smiled to myself as Matty began to make the noises that I had grown to love hearing him make as I made love to his body. I was surprised that I felt no hint of jealousy as I watched Jeebs work my young lover to the point of a speedy climax, Matty holding his brother's head as he began to fuck his older sibling's mouth with a frenzied pace. Just as he was about the shout out in joyous climatic orgasmic joy, Josh pulled his mouth away from Matty's cock, leaving my little lover panting in frustration, his three inch cock throbbing and bobbing in mid air.

"Awww Josh! Not fair!" he cried out and went to grab his cock, only to have his hand smacked away by his older sibling.

"Don't you dare touch your dick," Jeebs hissed at him. "I'm gonna bring you off and you will love it," he explained in a more conciliatory tone and walked on his knees until he was around the back of the eleven year old. "Bend over and grab the table," the elder of the two sex bombs told him and as Matty complied, Josh turned to the pair of us old guys on the bed. "Can you help me out a little here, guys?"

"What do you want us to do, son?" Blake asked.

"Could you hold Matty's cheeks apart for me?"

"Of course we can, sweetie," his father replied and stood up, pulling me up with him. Blake smiled at me and gave my six and a half inches a quick tug, causing me to let out a soft moan before we headed over to the boys. "You take his left cheek, I'll take his right one."


We took our places and as I placed a hand on my boy's soft bum, Matty turned to me, an anxious look on his face. I smiled in approval at him, getting a wonderful smile back and I leaned down to kiss his lips. With a quiet word to him to enjoy whatever his brother was about to do, I turned to the job in hand and slid my hand down his smooth back, over the arch of his buttocks and into the crack of his arse. I couldn't help but give his hole a little rub before seeing Josh frown at me, an indication that I was taking too long for whatever plan he had in mind.

I eased the buttock towards me, with Blake doing the same and the pair of us stared at his little pink pucker. I blushed in slight embarrassment as Blake saw the faint ring of bruising around his anus, a sure sign that I had been getting my cock inside his youngest son, but he just smiled at me before nodding to Josh.

Josh licked his lips. I immediately knew what he was about to do and my cock started to leak pre cum at the mere thought of it, let alone watching it in real life. Sure enough, the light brown haired head leaned forwards and pushed his nose in between the open cheeks, smelling his brother's musk. I saw him sneak a hand down to his own four inches of meat and began a slow stroke while he took in deep breaths of his brother's odour.


"Fucking heck, Matty," he moaned out. "You smell fucking awesome." This gained a giggle from the bent over form of the youngest Morris, before Josh continued. "Hope you taste as nice!"

"Huh? You're really gonna& oh my fuck Christ, that's awesome!" Matty sighed lustfully as Blake and I watched Josh start to lick and tongue his brother's pucker. He pushed and probed Matty's hole with his tongue, almost as though he was trying to get it inside him, which I am sure he probably was. Josh was making slurping noises as he sucked and kissed his way around the arse that I had fucked just the night before and I wondered if my cum was still inside my boy. Matty was moaning intensely as his brother licked his tight pucker. Blake and I were running our spare hands over Matty's body, stroking his back, tracing nails down his sides and touching his smooth chest pausing to tweak his erect nipples occasionally.

"Can I?" Josh asked suddenly, pulling his face away from Matty's bum, a trail of saliva running down his chin.

"Can you what? Blake asked him.

"Can I, you know, fuck Matty's arse?" My cock throbbed as I listened to a twelve year old boy ask permission to fuck his eleven year old brother. That in itself was hot, but for the two boys to be cute beyond imagining was even better. Throw in my own sexual experiences with both and my dick was the hardest that I had even known it to be.

"That's up to Matty," his father explained. "You know the rules, no-one does anything that they don't want to."

"Can I? Pleeease Matty?" Josh begged. Matty looked over his shoulder, lust evident in his own pale blue eyes and with a glance at me, I nodded my approval, he smiled and Josh and blew him a kiss of affirmative.

"Where do you want to do it?" Their father asked. "On the bed or standing up like this?"

"Do you mind if I fuck you like this, bro?" Josh asked, a look of hope in his eyes. Again Matty nodded before Blake turned to me.

"Well, I think that we need to get our boys ready, don't you?" he asked me.

"I think you're right Blake," I agreed, wondering exactly how.

"Why don't you get Josh's cock nice and hard and slick while I make sure Matty is loose enough," he replied. A hint of green flashed through me, but I realised that my own continued involvement with Matty was really at the forbearance of the Morris's so I nodded and kneeled down on the floor, motioning Josh to step in front of me. The position that had I placed us meant that I could watch what Blake would do with Matty and as the twelve year old stepped up to me, I opened my mouth and he slipped his four inches inside me. My dick was straining for release as for the second time, I sucked Josh's wonderful cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue around it, coating it with self made lubrication.

Meanwhile, my eyes were fixed on Blake as he instructed his youngest son to move over the table so that he could rest his chest on the surface. This freed up his arms and with Matty now holding open his own butt cheeks, Blake ran a finger down my boy's valley rubbing it over the slicked pucker. He paused, running his finger in a circle before sucking it into his mouth, tasting the spit of his twelve year old and the sweat of his youngest son. He placed his finger back on the pucker, teasing Matty by adding a little pressure before I heard my boy plead for penetration. It was my own fault I guess. I had introduced him to the pleasure of having his hole penetrated to such an extent that he was now begging his father to finger fuck him, which Blake did willingly.

My voyeurism was cut short as Josh grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth harder. I returned my concentration on the twelve year old, thinking that he could get upset if I ignored his needs that I was supposed to be looking after. Despite the outward show of confidence that he put on to his family, his earlier admissions to me showed me that he was still an unsure young boy trying to emerge from the shadow of his now famous younger sibling.

"I think he's ready for you," Blake said, pulling his finger out of Matty's bum. He sucked it into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it, tasting the insides of his boy for the first time.

"Cool," Josh gushed and I released his cock, watching him bounce the three steps over to where Matty was still bent over. "You ready for my thick cock, bro?" he giggled.

"Give it to me, big boy," Matty laughed, easing the sexual tension that had been building in the room.


I was relieved to hear the two joking around as they prepared to join their bodies in the most intimate way possible. To me, it showed me that this was just a bit of fun, lustful fun yes, but still just fun and not love. Josh, such an experienced bottom himself, placed his hands on his brother's slim hips before turning to look at us. His simple request for the pair of us to repeat our previous job of holding Matty's buttocks apart gave my heart a flutter. Yes, I had fucked my boy's hole several times now, but this was different, this was me watching another person's cock slide into his most personal hole. As we peeled apart the firm, fleshy globes of the eleven year old's arse, his little pucker was almost winking at us in anticipation of being penetrated.

Josh lined up his cock, placing his circumcised cock head against his brother's hole. With a word of warning to Matty, he pushed his way inside his sibling, letting out a sigh of lustful pleasure as he felt Matty's tight anus close around his shaft.


"I'm not a virgin anymore, Dad!" Jeebs crowed as he started to slowly fuck Matty, a grin on his face that any Cheshire Cat would be proud of.

"You sure are not, son," Blake smiled, ruffling his son's light brown hair.

"Eh?" Matty asked in between short pants. "But I thought that you had been having sex for ages?"

"I think he means that this is the first time that he has been the top," I explained, getting a nod of agreement from Josh, who's face was a cute expression of concentration. His tongue poked out slightly from his lips as he thrust his hips back and forth, trying to make the experience as pleasurable for Matty as it was for him. I guess as an experienced bottom used to being on the receiving end of a cock, he knew how he liked being pleasured anally and I could see that he kept changing position, trying different angles as he speared his cock into his brother, trying to make Matty grunt in pleasure. Finally, I felt my boy quiver and groan and there was a triumphant grunt from Josh who picked up the pace and power of his fucking, obviously finding a sweet spot inside Matty.

"Oh fucking hell, he's so tight Dad!" Josh moaned out. "I thought that you'd been fucking him Gregg?"

"He hasn't been fucking me, bro," Matty hissed out through clenched teeth as I could tell he was fighting off an early climax. "Gregg makes love to me."

"Whatever!" Josh dismissed, obviously still not understanding the difference between the two. I hoped that someday soon he would experience love, rather than lust.


The sound of naked flesh slapping against naked flesh was only interrupted by the moans of the two boys as they both began to feel their bodies start their crescendo towards their orgasms. Matty came first, his little three inches shaking underneath his body and I slipped my hand down to it to stroke him over the edge. He cried out in high pitched delight as his body shook through his climax. I knew intimately how tight his sphincter clamped down on a cock when he came and that was more than enough for the virgin topping Josh who grunted his way with soft sighs as his own cock tried to breed his brother's bum. He leaned forwards, resting his body on the smaller frame of his brother before he pulled out of the tight hole. Blake immediately dropped to his knees and sucked his son's cock into his mouth, tasting both Josh's flesh and the anal juices of Matty.

Matty stood up on shaky legs and turned to face his brother. His face broke into the smile that I had fallen in love with and he stepped forwards, closing the four step gap between himself and Josh. He reached out his arms, encircling his brother's hairless body and kissed him passionately. I looked over at Blake, who's face was one of pure joy at the sight of his two youngest sons kissing in the most un-brotherly way ever imagined.


"I need to release some pent up cum here boys," he announced, breaking the boys kiss as they both looked at his face, then down at his erect eight inches of their father's cock. "I think that Gregg needs taking care of as well."

"I'll take care of Gregg," Matty piped up. "After all, Josh has already been with Gregg today."

"That sounds okay to me," Blake replied. "Son, get on the bed on your back," he told Josh who eagerly jumped onto the bed, turning onto his back and hooking his arms around his knees, pulling them upwards, exposing his pucker to the world, well, the room. I could see a little dribble of my cum leaking from his hole which Blake used as a little bit of lube. He wasted no time in lining up his thick mushroom head and in one push, thrust the whole length of himself inside his twelve year old son's arse.

"OH FUCKING HELL DAD! That feels so awesome," Jeebs moaned loudly.


Matty took my hand and we sat down on the edge of the bed, Matty fascinated by the sight of his father fucking his brother. Other than Jordan and myself, Matty had never been in a sexual situation with anyone and his eyes were glued to the experienced fuck show that was being presented to him. I stroked his back and his legs as he watched, loving the silky smoothness of his skin, revelling in just holding him on my lap, his back leaning into my chest. I looked down at him to see that he had dragged his eyes away from the sex scene in front of him and he was now looking deep into my eyes. His mouth opened slightly as he tilted his head and I lowered my mouth to touch his lips.


"I love you, Gregg," he whispered to me just as our lips met, swelling my heart to bursting point.


We kissed.


And kissed.


And we kissed some more before he finally broke contact.


"Come on, you need to release, don't you?" he giggled, making speech marks as he said released.

"It's not necessary, love," I told him but knew immediately that it was not an option. He climbed off my lap and got onto the bed, turning his arse upwards for me. "Matty, you've got a concert in less than two hours. I think maybe you should just use your mouth for now."

"But& " he started, which I silenced him with a light slap on his butt.

"We have plenty of time after your concert to deal with your butt," I explained. "I want to make love to you later, but for now, I need to get off."


Matty grinned in acknowledgement and turned over, climbing off the bed and pushing me back down into a seated position. I opened my legs and my cherub kneeled down in between them. He cast a quick glance at his father who was still thrusting himself hard into Josh, before he turned back to look at my seven inches that was standing proudly. I saw him lick his lips before swiping his tongue around the head of my cock that was leaking copious amounts of precum and had been for what seemed like an eternity.


"Tasty!" he grinned at me before he opened his mouth wide and swallowed in my mushroom head and the first three inches of my shaft. I gripped the bed sheets as I felt his warm mouth envelop my cock but as I settled into the sensation of his bobbing up and down on my dick, I started to stroke his hair lovingly, weaving fingers into his soft locks. His own hands were also at work. Knowing that he couldn't take the whole of my shaft into his mouth, yet, he had wrapped one hand on the base of my cock, slowly wanking it in rhythm with his sucking while his left hand was gently pulling and tugging on my balls. He knew that by squeezing my testicles gently, he could stave off my climax for minutes at a time.

"Fuck me, Dad! Harder!" Josh screamed, dragging my attention from my cherub and my jaw dropped as I saw Blake physically lift Josh's lower body from the bed, his upper back, shoulders and head resting on the mattress. Blake was holding his son's hips, angling the boy's body while he pistoned his cock in and out of the tight arse that I had fucked less than an hour previously. Josh was panting loudly and I was a little concerned about how hard his father was ramming his cock inside the young boy but before I could say anything, Josh let out a high pitched, guttural growl and his body shook as his climax ripped through him. His four inches spasmed, throbbing, trying to spurt forth spunk that was still some time away from being produced.

"Ah shit, son, Blake grunted out. "Breeding your ass, boy. I'm breeding your ass."


That sent me over the edge. Knowing that Blake was seeding his own son's ass was so hot, but added to it was his youngest son, my lover, sucking my cock while it was occurring was enough to finally push me over the cliff. I moaned out a warning to Matty that went unheeded as he clamped his lips around my shaft. I figured that he wanted to take my offering, as he had admitted that he loved the taste and feel of it sliding down his throat, so I let myself go, firing five heavy shots of spunk into his waiting mouth. A couple of dribbles followed as my balls worked overtime to produce two loads in the space of an hour, each of them deposited in different Morris receptacles.


"Yummy!" Matty smiled as he licked around my cock head, cleaning up the spunk from the slit. He stood up and kissed me, a taste of my spunk on his lips. We looked over at Blake and Josh, both of whom were breathing heavily, flopped on the bed. Matty looked at me with a question in his eyes. I bit down the jealous surge and nodded my approval of him engaging in a sexual way with his father and the eleven year old scooted over on the bed until he was kneeling next to his father crotch. He took hold of the semi hard tool that had just pleasured his brother, giving it a couple of strokes before licking his palm with a giggle. "Yuk! Joshie juice!" he chuckled. He took a deep breath and lowered his head and took his father's cock into his mouth, his tongue lapping around the mushroom head, cleaning Blake's cock clean of a mixture of his spunk and the anal juices that Josh had produced during the battering that his arse had taken.

"Oh Christ, Matty, that feels wonderful," Blake moaned out and I watched as my little lover coaxed his father's cock back to hardness before bobbing his head in true blow job fashion. Josh rolled over on the bed until he was next to me and he sat up. I wrapped my arm around his body and he gave me a killer smile before worming his head underneath my arm so that his body was fastened to my side. We sat in silence and watched Matty bring his father to a second orgasm, Blake grunting loudly as he fired his spunk into his youngest son's mouth.


What happened next surprised me. Matty stood up, a grin on his face as he knew that he had the ability to please his father sexually, just the same as his older brothers, but he turned to the bedside table that was next to our bed, opened the drawer and pulled out a tissue. He spat into the tissue, expelling his father's spunk from his mouth. He wiped his mouth before running into the bathroom and flushing away the evidence of their interaction. He bounced back into the room, jumping onto the bed, landing in Blake's lap as he saw Josh nestled in mine. He looked up at Blake.


"I hope you don't mind me not swallowing," Matty whispered softly. "It's just that I only want to swallow Gregg's to show that I love him." My heart burst with joy.

"That's okay, sweetie," Blake stroked the soft brown hair of his son. "It's your right to do what you want."

"But I wanted to explain why," my little lover said as he looked into my eyes. "It's okay for us to have fun with the others but I only love you."

"And I love you too," I replied.


Josh looked at Matty and then me, and then back at Mattie before he squirmed out of my lap. He pulled Matty out of his father's lap and pushed him over to me, before he replaced his brother in Blake's lap.


"You should be cuddling with Gregg," he told his brother. "I think I'm starting to get what you two keep telling me."

"That's great son," Blake smiled and kissed the top of his head.

"Sooner or later, you will meet your ideal partner," I told the cute twelve year old, who I would take as a lover in an instant, if it wasn't for having fallen for Matty. "Trust me on this, you are too much of a nice guy that you cannot stay on your own for too much longer."


Matty let off a yawn, which reminded us that he needed to have a quick power nap before his concert in the afternoon, so we waved goodbye to a now dressed Josh and Blake and I pulled back the covers of the bed for Matty to get in. Of course, he demanded that I cuddle with him and once again, I found myself in heaven as I felt my young lover's body relax into sleep. I held his body next to mine, just holding him close, protecting him, loving him.



End of chapter.

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