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The Twilight War

Chapter 1 – The Transformation

"ALEX!" I heard my name being called in a voice that was more beautiful than any sound I'd ever heard. Slowly the brightness of the earth was swallowed up by darkness as my body became numb. I wasn't aware that he'd bit me, but I was more than aware when his venom began pumping into my veins.

Lucian and I had talked a lot about the possibility of turning me. He said he'd only do it if it were an absolute necessity, or if the Volturi found out about me, because the pain of doing so was too immense and he couldn't bear to put me through it. He wasn't kidding. The fire coursed through my veins, burning me entirely. I tried to hold in my screams as I felt Lucian hold me close. He knew what I was going through right now. He'd gone through it 200 years ago.

I tried not to focus on the burn, though that was a very difficult feat. I tried to remember how Lucian and I met.

Lucian's golden eyes had attracted me from the start. He was very cordial to me, as well. The pull between us was great, though it tortured him. I was his tua cantante. What this meant was my blood was more desirable to him than to anyone else's.

You might think I would have been repelled by the whole vampire thing, especially since I knew that he wanted to drink my blood... and he wanted to very, very badly. But when you have a boyfriend who looks more beautiful than anything the Louvre could ever dream of holding and is more attentive, kind, and loving than any human is capable of kind of helps keep away the fear.

When I asked about his eyes, he told me that he spent some time with a family of vampires who didn't drink human blood. They drank animal blood. Their names were Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Renesmee Cullen. Lucian left them when Alice, a vampire with the ability to see the future, told him he'd find the love of his life in the Canadian city of Calgary. That was me. Alice saw me becoming a vampire and joining their family. I moved to Forks with Lucian soon after we fell in love. Bella told me that I reminded her of herself, which elicited a round of chuckles from all of the Cullens, though Edward's chuckle seemed a little strained. The entire Cullen family looked like they were straight out of a modeling company and their golden eyes were captivating. Lucian, Carlisle, and Edward spent a lot of time talking about my transformation. During one of these sessions, Bella pulled me aside.

"When I was turned, Carlisle and Edward used morphine to try and help the pain, they didn't want me to suffer. I never told Edward, but it didn't work. He didn't find out until I was able to lift my mental shield and he saw it in my head," she told me. "Pain is a part of the transformation, but it's worth it. Three days of burning is a small price to pay for an eternity of happiness with your true love."

Bella and I became fast friends, though she didn't share the fashion interest that Rosalie, Esme, Alice and I shared. "Alex... or do you prefer Alexander?" Esme asked once as she was showing me some of Alice's new designs for my new wardrobe (it's a perk of being a Cullen!). I was floored at the beauty of these clothes.

"You designed this?" I asked Alice in disbelief. "It's amazing!"

"It's all for you, so you better like—Esme, catch him. He's about to faint," she said, and soon I had fallen backwards into Esme's granite arms. It took a few minutes for me to wake up, but they didn't mind. They actually appreciated the reaction. "Your enthusiasm is so much more invigorating than Bella's apathy."

"Alex, can you hear me?" Lucian asked, panicking, and bringing me out of the concentration that helped hide the pain from my brain. "Edward, Carlisle... something's wrong..."

"He's fine," Edward said. "I can hear his thoughts. He's trying not to focus on the flames. It's helping him."

"Alex, I love you," I heard Lucian say into my ear. "I promise you I'll make this up to you."

My hearing was getting better, but I refused to open my eyes. I knew I'd lose it if I did, though I wasn't entirely sure that I'd be able to see anything but flames.

"He's panicking," Edward said, but then I heard Renesmee's voice. "Dad, I can help. I'll put soothing pictures into his head... it could work!"

Lucian agreed to let her and I felt Renesmee's hand against my cheek. She was hot, so no relief was offered to me. Immediately I saw my Lucian. His face lit up everything.

I physically felt movement before I was shown exactly what was happening. Renesmee was giving me full consciousness without the pain. I looked at Renesmee, but I saw myself, as Renesmee was only able to show me what she was seeing at the moment.

"Umm..." I heard Alice's voice shake. "Carlisle... do you see that?"

Renesmee looked down, and I saw through her eyes that I was lifting off of the table. Renesmee removed her hand and I felt the fire again. Only this time, it wasn't as strong and it was now concentrated to my torso. I could hear everything with great precision. I heard Renesmee's fast heartbeat, though none of the vampires were breathing. I'm not sure they knew what to think of what was happening to me. I wasn't even sure what to think. The fire was still receding and my heartbeat was getting stronger. I didn't know that was supposed to happen. Shouldn't my heart stop?

The fire began to concentrate by my heart and with one furious rush, it stopped. The fire was gone and I opened my eyes. "Be careful, Alex," I heard Bella say. "This part is a little jarring."

Lucian was right beside me. I wanted to see him. Immediately, my head was turned and he filled my vision. He kissed me intensely, but stopped abruptly. "You're in pain," he said. He had a power that was like linking Edwards and Jasper's. He couldn't influence other emotions, but he could sense them. Unfortunately, he could also feel physical pain, too. I was sure that what happened to me just now was torturous to him.

"My throat burns," I said. I heard my voice and was amazed. I heard a lot of stuff, actually.

"Then we should hunt," my lovely Lucian replied. He was more gorgeous than I could remember. But I didn't like searching my mind for my memories because they were dark and cloudy, not like my new vision which was sharp and perfect.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Jasper asked.

I immediately poised myself to attack as I saw Jasper. Bella laughed, and was joined by everyone. "They always do that," Jasper said as he shook his head, but his smile showed he was not offended.

"Your skin..." I said. "It's..."

"It's a marker of my past. But we have ages to catch you up on that," Jasper replied.

"I'm sorry," I replied. "I shouldn't have—"

"Don't worry about it. Bella did the same thing," he shrugged. "But if I come with you, I may be able to help you... concentrate."

I shook my head. "Thanks, but I want to hunt with Lucian."

Everyone nodded. Lucian led me to the window and we jumped out together. We both angulated our bodies to absorb the impact. It was as if someone had taken a remote control to the Universe and put it on slow motion. Lucian still held my hand. Bella told me to expect his skin to feel soft and warm, not like I was used to. It was a nice touch... literally.

We ran into the woods surrounding the Cullens' house, darting this way and that, avoiding trees that were just moseying by us, though we were probably running faster than Edward's beloved Volvo could. A scent caught my attention. I stopped. Lucian did, too. "It's a bear," he said, but confusion marked his voice. "It's not bear season..."

"It smells weird... I don't like it," I replied. I wanted human not bear. Lucian felt my lust for human blood.

"No, Alex," he said softly. "I've lived that life... it's a difficult road to hoe if you have a conscience."

We followed the scent until we found a fully-grown grizzly and it didn't look happy. "Emmett would have wanted to see this," Lucian whispered with a laugh.

The bear heard Lucian and turned to see us. He didn't like our presence and charged. Though I knew I could probably take it on single-handedly, I screamed, though it came out as though it were a beautiful melody. I placed my hands in front of me as a futile protection method. Immediately the bear was thrown back.

Lucian's mouth fell open. "How did you do that?"

"You're an emotion reader... you should know I'm just as confused as you are!" I answered, though my voice had a bit more of an edge than I intended. He immediately felt my regret and kissed me.

But the helpless creature ignited my thirst painfully. Even Lucian winced as the back of my throat was scalded. Nanoseconds later, I was tearing the bear's skin open with my teeth and drinking as much blood as possible. Since the bear was so large, it appeased my thirst... as much as a newborn's thirst could be appeased.

As I stood up, I felt overly full. I knew I gorged myself, but since I couldn't gain weight, it didn't really matter anymore.

Lucian hunted a deer who came into the area. When we returned to the Cullen house, Edward immediately looked shocked. "What is it?" Esme and Alice both asked. I knew that Lucian had been thinking about my feat with the bear.

Everyone looked to me. "He didn't accidentally hurt someone, did he?" Rosalie asked.

"Not someone..." Lucian answered. "But he threw a bear about 30 feet." Everyone relaxed, except Edward who knew that Lucian was about to amend his sentence. "Without even touching it."

Everyone perked up again. "Can you demonstrate?" Carlisle asked.

I looked around the room. It was filled with so many things. I decided that a chair that was currently not in use would be the best test subject. I concentrated on it and it lifted into the air. "Remarkable..." I heard Carlisle whisper to himself.

"That makes six of us!" Alice exclaimed gleefully.

I looked at her in confusion. "Six of us with gifts!" she explained. I nodded.

Out of nowhere, I heard Edward say, "That will never happen, Lucian. You both are Cullens now. We'll protect you."

"What were you thinking about, Lucian?" Esme asked. Her voice was full of caring compassion.

"I was afraid the Volturi would find out about Alex's gift and try to take him," Lucian said softly. Instantaneously we were both there to comfort him.

"We won't let that happen, dude," Emmett said with a compassionate smile.

Carlisle felt the need to change the subject. The Volturi were formerly friends of Carlisle Cullen. That couldn't be said of them anymore, as much as Aro, one of the leaders of the Volturi, wanted to. "Alex, do you remember what happened before you were turned?"

I closed my eyes and tried to glimpse what was happening. In comparison to my strikingly vivid new vision, I couldn't really make out what I'd seen before. All I remembered was a loud noise. I shook my head, searching the vague memories. "I don't remember anything... I only remember Lucian calling my name, then my body was burning."

Everyone looked at me, their faces held secrets, which was something I didn't like. "What happened?" I demanded.

"You were in Port Angeles," Rose said. "You were walking from a store. Alice saw you getting shot. We're not sure if it was premeditated or simply a case of you being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Does any of this ring a bell?"

I shook my head. Rose continued to tell me what happened. "Well, Alice immediately told Lucian what she saw and I don't think I've even seen Edward run that fast. Lucian told us that you were nearly dead when he bit you. We didn't even have time to inject the poison. If it weren't for the fact that you were already so close to dying, we could have made this a lot easier on Lucian..."

My head immediately fell. Lucian must have had to struggle not to kill me... if he had, it could have been on my conscience. Guilt washed over me, but Lucian and Jasper both felt it. "Don't feel that way, love," Lucian told me, softly caressing my cheek. "I would never have been able to kill you. I'd have had someone kill me if I had..."

"But it must have been hard for you," I countered.

"It was, but my love for you helped me," Lucian whispered into my ear. He gave me a kiss and immediately Bella acted as though she'd been reminded of an important event.

"I almost forgot to tell you," Bella said, holding the same satisfied smile as the rest of my new family. "We built you a cottage next to ours so that you could have a place of your own..."

"Maybe that one might actually get used," Emmett said, fighting back full-on laughter. Rosalie elbowed him hard in the rib, though was fighting a smile herself.

I wasn't sure what Emmett meant, but it hadn't made Edward and Bella happy.

"I knew how much you like Bella and Edward's cottage, so while you were undergoing the transformation, the rest of us decided to give this to you as a gift... a sort of `Welcome to the Cullen Family' kind of thing," Esme said, placing her hand on my shoulder and giving me a peck on the cheek.

I thanked all of them profusely, but they all made it sound like it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't long before we said our goodbyes for the night. Bella, Edward, and Renesmee came with us back to the house. Renesmee now looked to be about 12, though she was really only about one year old. Her physical prowess was startling, though nothing compared to mine. My human blood was still in my body, making me impossibly strong and graceful, stronger than Emmett, who decided not to take a losing bet twice and would not arm wrestle me. His ego was still a little sore from Bella's blow to it. My eyes were ruby red, and according to Carlisle, they'd be that way for months, before turning gold, then the beautiful amber that the rest of the Cullens, along with my beloved Lucian, had.

There was about 300 yards separating my new cottage from Bella and Edward's. They took us to it, and it was the first time Lucian and I had ever seen it, though it was nearly an exact replica of Bella's. "It's gorgeous!" I exclaimed as I saw it. "You are all awesome!"

"Tell us something we don't know," Renesmee laughed, causing us to all laugh with her.

Once Renesmee was asleep, Bell and Edward came over to our cottage to visit. I was slightly annoyed because I was planning on an intimate night with Lucian.

We were all sitting in the living area of the cottage when Edward began to speak. "Alex, based on the thoughts I'm hearing from you, and the feelings you're giving off to Lucian, I just wanted to ask you some questions..."

"Do you really have to ask?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"I try to respect the privacy of others as much as possible," Edward explained. "But are you having any problems with your thirst?"

"I wasn't until you said something," I said. As the thirst was brought to the forefront of my mind, it caused the flames to scorch the back of my throat. I winced and immediately, Lucian's arm was around my shoulder, vainly attempting to comfort me.

"I'm sorry," Edward said. "It's just... Carlisle and I have always been trying to figure out why Bella was so... abnormally advanced for being a newborn."

Bella feigned being hurt by his words, but Edward simply smiled.

"We think that when you're able to mentally prepare for your new life, it helps with the transition," Edward explained. "Bella had over a year to mentally prepare for becoming a vampire, whereas the rest of us had no choice. We just want to get a bigger peak inside how to better ease people in, though we're not looking to expand our family again for a very, very long time."

I nodded. "Well, I don't feel like I thought I would. I'm not sure that I would try to be around humans right now... but I'm not..." I didn't want to say it out loud for fear of bringing it back to the forefront of my mind. All of them understood.

Randomly and almost out of nowhere, I noticed that I'd not seen Jacob. Edward must have heard my thoughts because he said, "Jacob is at La Push visiting Billy, and trying to talk with Sam. The wolves aren't happy that we've created another vampire, though they all knew that it would have to happen... otherwise you'd have been killed by the Volturi in their obsessive attempts to keep the anonymity of our kind. I'm not sure they realize that part of our agreement not to harm another human being must sometimes include having to create more of us."

I nodded my understanding and glanced over at Lucian's perfect face. My eyes flitted up to his caramel brown hair and I could see every detail of his honey/amber-colored eyes. Immediately my thoughts began to go in an x-rated direction. Edward shifted uncomfortably and Lucian looked as though he might blush if he were physically capable of such an action. Edward placed a hand on Bella's leg and said, "We should probably go back to the house, in case Renesmee wakes up... or Jacob gets back."

I watched as Bella came to realize why Edward was doing what he was doing. Her eyes got wide in realization before she said, "Oh..." in a rather surprised fashion. I'm sure she was blushing internally, too.

We all stood up and I hugged Bella and Edward, as did Lucian and wished them a good night as they ghosted through the forest, which was not as dark through these eyes as I'd have thought it with my faulty human ones.

Once we were inside, I used my gift to close the door, and immediately Lucian's lips crashed into mine. My arms wrapped around him, squeezing him closer to me until he actually said, "Alex... you're crushing me..."

I apologized, but he dismissed the incident, citing that I couldn't help myself at this stage and no harm was really done.

We nearly flew to the bedroom, our anticipation heightening our speed. He and I gently lay down on the bed, though didn't alter the ferocity with which I kissed Lucian. Slowly, he began to pull our clothes off. Our luminously white skin never separated, even as we pulled off each others' pants and boxers. I had never seen Lucian naked before. He refused to have sex with me. He said he could kill me if he did. His body was glorious. I couldn't wait to see his nude body shimmer in the sunlight. The passion only escaladed as he kissed down my body and took my hard member in his mouth. Since we don't need to breathe, he was able to suck me with fierce intensity without stopping until I came in his mouth.

He swallowed it before kissing his way back up my body and crashing our lips together. Our bodies wound tightly together. Soon, my legs were around his body. I wanted nothing more than for him to make our bodies one.

With one hand, I caressed his back and the other reached down to stroke his nine-inch penis. I aligned it with my ass and kissed him violently. "Please, Lucian," I purred. My body ached for it.

"Anything, my love," he whispered in reply as he pressed himself into me. I let out a trilling moan of ecstasy. In my new life, sex didn't come with the initial pain. It was purely pleasurable. He looked into my crimson eyes as he thrust himself into me. We interlaced our fingers and he placed his arms above my head as he continued to pleasure us both with his dick.

The greatest thing about this was we never grew tired. We never had to take a bathroom break. Even after an orgasm we could continue to make love. By the time the sun began reflecting off of our skin, he'd fucked me in every conceivable position, using positions that I was positive that the writers of the Kama Sutra hadn't even thought of.

His sparkling skin made him look like a work of art. The word "beautiful" didn't even begin to scratch the surface. I doubted there was a word for it that had ever been created. The beauty seemed like the most pure outward expression of Lucian's inner self.

We'd spent the last hour or so just kissing and caressing. His intoxicating scent filled my brain as his dick still filled my ass. Finally he gave a heavy sigh and said, "We've got to get up, my love."

"Why?" I asked, wounded. "We have all of eternity to lie here together."

He laughed his musical laugh and kissed me again. Our tongues performed their intricate dance. "It certainly does feel good to be able to say that and have it be true."

"It sure does," I replied. The kiss, though I was no longer in need of air, left me breathless.

"But would you deprive Emmett of his opportunity to make inappropriate references regarding our activities in the last twelve or so hours?" he asked me with his perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised. I began to laugh as I realized that even after the change, his beauty still had the same effects on me as it did when I was a human... The only difference was the fluttering of my heart was metaphorical this time.

"I guess that would be rude of me, wouldn't it?" I replied with mock concern.

"But you promise we can do this every night?" I asked him.

He kissed me once more before whispering, "I haven't a doubt in my mind."

I smiled at the promise, though frowned as he pulled himself out of me. I didn't feel the usual vacant feeling that came with that act as a human, but my body craved for him to fill it again. As we dressed, I asked, "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

He smiled. "Since I could feel yours, too... I'm willing to say it was better. I always knew our first time would be amazing, but I never expected anything like that. It was amazing, though... knowing you are mine... I'm yours..."

I smiled with a certain pride. He noticed my smile and it was copied onto his face. "What?" he asked.

"You said I was yours..." I replied with a sheepish grin. "No one has ever said that about me before... no one has ever `claimed' me."

"Well, consider yourself claimed. Not a force on this earth will ever tear us apart. I won't let it," he said once we were finally clothed.

Those statements alone made me want to throw him on the bed and go at it again. He felt the surge of lust and had to grasp the door. "I know it's hard for you," he whispered. "But I need you to try to control your emotions."

I immediately felt bad, but he felt that, too. "There's no reason to feel bad, love. I know... it's hard to control at first. You'll get used to it, I promise."

He kissed me on the forehead before grabbing my hand. We walked into the woods around the cottage. We ran together, catching Bella's, Edward's, and Renesmee's scents as we ran. They must have come through a few minutes before we had. The trail was very fresh.

As we walked into the Cullen house, I could tell there was something odd in the air. Everyone seemed to be busying themselves with small things that had no real bearing on anything. Alice seemed to be struggling to contain some sort of inner excitement. I looked at her with an awed curiosity as she kept herself from looking at me for too long. I watched her change out all of the vases, then go around and rearrange the flowers numerous times.

Finally when the anticipation was so great that I thought Alice would burst, asked "What the hell is going on?"

Alice pointed to something behind me and I realized that Lucian hadn't been standing near me for a while. I'd been so engrossed with watching Alice work that I hadn't notice him slip off. I partly suspected Jasper had something to do with my extended concentration. When that suspicion aired in my head, Edward caught my eye and gave a subtle nod.

I turned around to see that Lucian was kneeling in the grass. The sunlight, which was rare for Forks, was making its way through the trees and refracting off of his perfect face. I rushed to him, and soon everyone was around us.

In his hand was a tiny box. It looked incredibly fragile. As my brain finally clicked as to what might be going on here, Lucian opened the box to reveal a golden band with sapphires decorating an inner band that ran the entire circumference of the ring. "Alexander James Pruett," he said. His voice held steady, though I knew he wanted to cry... or whatever the vampire equivalent was. "I ask your hand in marriage... I ask that you become Alexander James Pruett-Bennett."

I gasped for air, though I didn't need it. My hand was shaking as Lucian put the ring on my finger. I couldn't form a clear thought. Finally, Alice's voice broke the silence. "He'll say yes!"

I nodded, thankful (though a bit annoyed) at Alice's acceptance. Lucian was instantaneously hugging me.

Carlisle broke the silence this time. "We were wondering," he said, motioning to his family, "if you both might want to become Lucian and Alexander Cullen."

Lucian and I looked at each other, huge grins crossed our faces. "Thank you very much, Carlisle. After everything you've done for us..." Lucian said softly.

"We think of you both as family. We might as well share the last name," Esme said brightly.

I silently shared with Lucian my eagerness to accept Carlisle's offer. "We accept," Lucian's voice rang clearly.

Everyone celebrated, but Alice distanced herself from Renesmee, her face going vacant as she tried to search the future. "What's she looking for?" I asked Edward.

"She's trying to see what day you two want to get married. She's trying to make the plans for the wedding," he replied.

"And it'd help if someone wasn't changing his mind about things every five seconds!" Alice answered haughtily.

"But no one has made any decisions for us to change..." I protested.

"Oh but you will!" she replied. "And we have a lot of work to do and not much time in which to do it."

Bella whispered into my ear, "Be careful around Alice and weddings. I found she can become quite a Bridesmade-zilla. It was easier to just let her make all the decisions."

"Those are wise words to live by," Alice said pointedly. And that was that. Alice would be planning my wedding.