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The Twilight Wars

Chapter 2 – The Wedding

"Alice, come on!" I heard Lucian growling. "We don't change. The measurements you made three weeks ago will be exactly the same today."

"I just need to be absolutely sure I was right! Now shut up so I can concentrate!" Alice snapped back.

"Love, she'll be done soon. Just go with it," I told him. My attention was immediately diverted to Rosalie who needed someone to unlock the door. I squinted as I concentrated on the lock, manipulating the tumblers so that the door unlocked, then with ease, I was able to open the door.

"Impressive," Lucian commented. I smiled appreciatively at his compliment. I'd been working hard on controlling my gift. None of the Cullens had heard of one quite like mine, though Carlisle was researching anywhere he could.

"Almost..." Alice muttered before she popped up. "Done! I won't have to torture you again until the day of the wedding."

"You mean you're moving out until then?" Lucian asked, his voice betraying a little too much glee at that thought.

"Let's keep the peace," I requested, standing to embrace my lover. "You don't want to go up against her, my dear. She's doing everything she can to make our lives easy while we're planning this."

"Listen to him," Rose interjected, finally. "Bella can tell you... we Cullen girls can whip a wedding together like nobody's business." Her attention turned to her sister. "The materials have arrived. They're in that box."

"What does the guest list look like," I asked Alice as Lucian went down to hang out with Emmett, Edward, and Jasper.

"We're inviting the Denali Clan, the Irish Coven, and some of the South American vampires. Benjamin and his mate also expressed interest in coming," she said.

"Alice... I don't know any of those people... can't we invite my parents?" I asked, though I knew the answer.

"We're inviting our vampire friends simply because they want to meet the newest additions to our family... and see how much Renesmee's grown. Carlisle and Lucian don't want to risk you or our friends possibly hurting your parents. Only the Denali Clan are like us," she replied. "Oh! Jacob and Seth will be here. Leah didn't really feel like coming to this one. I'm glad." She made a face.

I hadn't been around the wolves since I was transformed. Everyone told me they smelled like dog... only worse. I could only imagine. Jacob hadn't been happy that I was around Renesmee so much, but it was only natural. Renesmee was doing what she could to make sure Jake knew it was safe.

"You're not upset about the guest plans, are you?" Rosalie asked, concern etched itself into her voice.

"Just perturbed," I replied as I sulked back into the chair. Rosalie was sitting on the arm of the chair nearly instantaneously, though to our eyes, the motion was much slower.

"Alex, we're here for you. All of us love you and that's why we're doing this. We know that you wouldn't be able to stand having your family hurt if something went wrong. We're trying to protect you from that."

"But Bella—" I started, but Alice cut me off.

"Bella was still a human when she married Edward, and we didn't have any non-vegetarian vampires on the guest list," Alice told me. That was one thing I hadn't been told, though now I felt like a complete idiot for not having figured it out by now. Bella and Edward were very much by-the-book. Of course they would have married before they had Renesmee. "Besides... the wedding is this weekend. We don't have time to change anything."

"Alice, we're vampires. We don't sleep. We have all the time in the world," I said, not buying that particular line of crap.

"Just trust me, Alex," she sighed. I knew I wouldn't win this one. "You'll thank us for keeping it this way."

I rolled my eyes and walked out, using my gift to slam the door behind me.

I heard Rosalie laugh as I walked over to Carlisle's office. I knocked on the door and Carlisle gave me permission to enter.

"Are you alright, Alex?" he asked me as I sat down. I didn't realize my emotions were so visible.

"I wanted to ask you a favor," I eased into it, trying to organize my thoughts, still angry about not having anyone I knew, other than the Cullens, at my wedding.

"Of course!" Carlisle said. "You know there's hardly anything we'd begrudge you." His perfect articulation caused my head to swim. I had never gotten over the sheer beauty of Carlisle Cullen. And his centuries of experience in language etc. made his vocabulary nearly infinite.

"My family won't be able to be here for the wedding," I started.

"I have faith that you wouldn't hurt anyone, but I'm not sure if anyone else does... I can't go against their–" I cut him off.

"I wasn't asking for you to veto their decision," I answered. "I'm not entirely confident of my control. I've not yet tested it and I don't want to make my family my test subjects. What I wanted to ask you to do is walk me down the aisle. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward are acting as ushers and best men, but there's no one to give me away."

Carlisle gave me a warm smile. "I'd be honored," he answered.

"Thank you so much," I breathed. It felt good to have some control over the situation.

"Was there anything else?" Carlisle asked as I stood.

"No," I replied. "That was all." I thought about walking to the door and immediately I'd done it. I loved the super speed that being a vampire gave me.

I exited the room... the house, even. I just needed the fresh air. I needed to run... I needed to do something or I was sure I'd go insane. But just when I thought I'd reached solitude, my new and improved senses kept my brain from finally resting. "What is it, Jasper?" I asked. Annoyance drenched every syllable.

"I'm sorry to bother you," Jasper answered. "I... I just need to ask you something."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "You're not on a mission from Alice?" I clarified.

He smiled and shook his head. "Then ask away," answered, my voice taking an entirely different tone. We walked as we talked. I could tell that Jasper wanted the escape as well.

"I don't want you to take this how I know it'll come out," he prefaced his question. "But why do you and Bella have to make it all look so easy?"

At first, I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but then I remembered: Bella was always able to control her thoughts and thirst, a skill she and I shared. With so much detail making its way into your brain, distraction was one of your biggest enemies. And it was too easy to get distracted.

"I really think it's got to do with what Edward and Carlisle have figured it. We've just prepared ourselves. You went into being a vampire with no knowledge of what to expect. Bella and I had all of you to give us pointers and things we need to look out for. We just went into it better prepared," I knew I had become a bit redundant, but I wanted to make sure he knew that his seeming inability to fully convert was not his fault. "Jasper, the way we live... it goes against our natures. When we see a human, we're supposed to see food. But being able to spare human life is a gift that Carlisle has given us all. I know more about how you feel about this than you expect. I want it... but I don't need to hunt people. I have faith that you'll get the hang of vegetarianism in a bit... and maybe, with enough practice, we'll all be as immune to its effects as Carlisle."

"You think so?" he asked. His Texan accent shone through.

"Yeah, I really do." I answered as I looked around. "You wanna hunt?" I asked. I'd caught the scent of a mountain lion.

Jasper grinned and soon we were off.

The day of the wedding had finally come. Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Lucian had performed the traditional Cullen bachelor party and I stayed in the house with Alice, Esme, Rosalie making sure that all the decorations were in line with Alice's requirements. Tanya's family arrived sometime around 1 AM, followed soon by Benjamin and Tia, the Amazonians (who looked extremely odd to me) and at last, Siobhan and her family.

I kept my distance from the guests. They weren't my guests. I'd had no say in the guest list, after all. They swarmed around Bella and the sleeping Renesmee.

When the wedding time came, Alice helped me dress into my custom tuxedo and Rose helped Lucian into his.

I walked down the elegant staircase and into a sight so beautiful I could scarcely believe my infallible eyes. I gave a soft gasp as I saw what Alice planned. The sun was reflecting perfectly and the entire room was illuminated. All of our guests sparkled spectacularly. It wasn't until this moment that I'd finally seen my reflection. As I stood there, Carlisle's and my arms interlinked, I couldn't help but wonder about that beautiful man standing where I should have been. The piercing crimson eyes, ugly in their own right, still could not detract from this person's beauty. I saw nothing of myself in my reflection. I hadn't realized how different I looked. No wonder Alice didn't want my parents here. They probably wouldn't have recognized me. My formerly tan skin was now pale and the dark shadowy bruises under my eyes did nothing to help me recognize myself.

Carlisle and I lined ourselves in the center of the aisle and began walking toward Lucian. He was a spectacular sight to see. Where a minister should have stood was Garrett in a black robe. "Why is Garret standing there?" I asked, my voice was so low only Carlisle would have been able to hear me.

"He became a Justice of the Peace for one of his little `adventures.' It was perfect," Carlisle answered.

Lucian in his tux was a sight to be seen. My beauty was nothing in comparison to his. His proud smile as he watched me made me want to just ditch Carlisle and run to him, but I was able to control myself, but not without eliciting a slight snicker from Edward who heard my inner struggle and Lucian and Jasper who heard it. Alice must have seen my resolve for a few moments because she began to laugh as well.

After what seemed like an eternity, we made it up to the altar. Carlisle, Esme, and Bella stood on my side. Renesmee acted as Flower Girl and Edward was kind enough to stand in as Ring Bearer. When Garret asked the question, "Who gives Alex to Lucian?" Carlisle proudly announced "My wife Esme and I do."

We went through the ceremony. Like Bella and Edward, Lucian and I chose to use traditional vows. Our kiss was the best one we'd ever shared, yet we were still able to keep people from getting uncomfortable.

Everyone clapped for us and we transitioned flawlessly into the reception. Alice got everyone to eat a slice of cake, though none of us were particularly happy about it. Human food no longer agreed with us. It smelled horrible and it tasted worse.

Our gifts were great. Since vampires accrue vast fortunes over the course of their lives, most people just gave cash. Cash is good.

Tanya, Kate, Carmen, Eleazar, and Garret were the first to congratulate us. "It's great to be able to invite new people to our family."

Eleazar regarded me with amazement and even pulled me aside. "I've never in all my years seen a gift quite like yours," he told me. "Guard your secret carefully. It's not easy to say exactly to what lengths the Volturi would go in order to obtain a gift like yours."

I was frightened, but I nodded. Jasper used his gift to calm me back down. I thanked him for it.

The last people to present their gifts were Carlisle and Esme. Esme spoke as she presented our gift. "I've decided to allow you to use my island as your honeymoon destination. Bella and Edward can vouch... it's lovely. And I've had it refurbished." Edward and Bella began laughing.

"Thank you very much, Esme," Lucian answered earnestly.

"Oh! One more thing!" I heard Rosalie exclaim and she ran upstairs and came back with two tiny strips of paper.

"These are your tickets and directions to get to Isle Esme... and you better leave now. Alice packed clothes for the both of you..." she instructed as she handed Lucian the papers.

Both Rosalie and Esme rushed us out of the house.

Our ride to the airport, was short. "I know that an airplane is going to be difficult... but if you hold your breath, it won't be. Our seat is in the very front and Alice purchased all of the first-class seats for us, just to minimize the number of people you'll need to come into contact with."

I nodded. Well, now I was about to see if the worry about my family was warranted.

As we walked into the airport, we paid for our car to be parked and opted to carry our own suitcases. It'd restrain my hands even momentarily should I get the urge to attack. The suitcases should have been enormously heavy, but since we were enormously strong, we carried them with ease, but not too much. We had to keep up our appearances.

The scent of humans slammed into me like a brick wall. I went rigid. The flames in my throat roared with an unbearable intensity. I held my breath, but it didn't get rid of the memory of all those different flavors of blood. As I scanned the room, my vampire instincts took over. My brain began calculating exactly what I could kill and how long it would take.

Lucian nudged me. Alice did the online check-in which allowed us to go right on through. Using our vampire speed, we bypassed security with relative ease. Though Lucian wasn't as fast as me, I gave him some help with my power.

We ran quickly into the bathroom. People would have noticed if we'd just "appeared". As it were, all people felt was an abnormally quick and cold breeze blow through.

It wasn't long until we boarded our flight and soon, we were off. Lucian tucked his shoulder-length caramel hair into a ponytail and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I looked at him with worry.

"You'll be fine," he cooed.

"It's not like you don't smell it," I answered. Shit! Speaking=use of air. If I wanted to speak, I'd have to inhale and that would not go well.

The plane ride was long, then we had a connection and yet another plane ride. We drove a ways before boarding a boat. Lucian seemed to know where he was going. I was just happy I could breathe again. It wasn't bad to hold my breath, but it was uncomfortable. I didn't like my lack of smell. But now, I smelled the salty air as we sped toward an island. If I were still human, I'd not have been able to see it yet.

When we docked, we again carried our luggage into the house. It was, as promised, stunning.

Our admiration of the house was short-lived, though because Esme called Lucian's cell phone. "Alice just saw you arrive... how was the flight?"

I heard the entire conversation with great ease.

"I am extremely proud of Alex," Lucian gloated. "He did excellently."

"We're all very proud of you, Alex!" Esme exclaimed. She must have known I could hear. I grinned at Lucian.

"Thanks for calling, Esme," Lucian said before hanging up and attacking me with amorous ferocity.

His lips crashed into mine and I never wanted that kiss to end. I was thankful that we didn't have to sleep because I wanted to spend our two weeks doing nothing but make love.

We tore off our clothes, quite literally. Lucian was excited because he was never particularly fond of that tux. I liked how he looked in his tux, but I liked how he looked without clothing a lot more.

We wanted to leave the house in one piece so we carefully climbed into the king-sized bed. Lucian took me into his mouth and I moaned my agreement with his decision. He brought me to the cusps of climax before flipping us over so I was on top of him. His sweet breath hit my ear as he whispered, "Take me."

His lovely golden eyes stared lovingly into my fierce crimson ones as I pressed myself into him. We both gasped in pleasure. When I was all the way in, I leaned down and kissed him. He looked like he was carved from marble. He was beautiful. Slowly, I began to thrust. I was hyper-aware of every little movement I made as my skin picked up on all of the pleasurable friction I caused.

I began to pick up tempo, controlling my release. "Let it go," Lucian urged me. I forgot that he could feel what I felt, as well.

I listened to him and succumbed to my orgasm. We both moaned loudly. Though I felt no need to rest. I could have gone on and on. I stopped thrusting and kissed Lucian rather intensely.

"You're the first person to ever fuck me," Lucian told me. I was surprised.

"In over 200 years, no one has ever fucked you?" I asked, somewhat skeptically.

"Nope," he answered. The British accent he hid from everyone showed through a little as he spoke. "I've never really told you about my history, have I?" he asked.

I shook my head before pulling out and sitting next to him on the bed.

"I was born August 6th, 1788," he started. "In England as Lucian Matthew Bennett."

"Your middle name is Matthew?" I asked, shocked.

Lucian chuckled as he nodded. "My parents were extremely wealthy. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was supposed to become a duke or something, but I didn't like the royal life. I never had to lift a finger. I had servants and maids and all of that. My mother, Elizabeth Grace Bennett, wanted me to become a well-rounded individual and so she found me a friend: Theodore, the son of one of my maids. Theo and I became the best of friends. We'd spend all day playing in the woods around our castle. We were educated together, something that would never have happened had my mother not demanded it to be so. My father wasn't happy.

"When I was 21, I was hunting with Theo. We'd something in the woods and we wanted to check it out, but I knew he was scared. Since he was a member of a lower class, he always felt as though he needed to match up to or even surpass me in whatever ways he could. I know now that I knew how he felt because I was... special. Well, anyway... we hunted the elusive creature, but found nothing. We'd spend all day hunting it, but we'd never see it during the day, only at night. Finally, we decided to hunt at night.

"It was rather cold, so we both wore our heavy coats. And there we saw her: her skin was as white as the snow on the ground, but her beauty was astounding. Theo and I had been... lovers... but we both knew that we'd need to get married, so we'd never allowed our hearts to get into it. The woman glided up to us and neither of us had ever seen someone that beautiful or graceful. I greeted her and she nodded back, her voice was like a beautiful melody.

We asked her if she'd seen the creature we had and she smiled before stepping forward to reveal the color of her eyes. They were crimson, like yours. Theo fired at her, but it didn't phase her one bit. I begged for her to leave him alone as she attacked him. Her skin was as hard as a boulder and she was impossibly strong. She told me that if I gave up my life, she'd spare his. I agreed, but Theo protested my decision. I hugged him goodbye and told him to tell my mother I loved him, and to tell my father to grant to him everything I'd have received if I'd have lived.

"She bit me on my shoulder. I expected her to kill me... and I wanted her to. It hurt very, very badly. I thought I was in hell. Three days later, I stopped burning and had no idea where I was or what I was doing there. I found a way to get home and when I saw my family, my vampire instincts kicked in..."

He spared me the details of that.

"I tried to kill myself for what I'd done... and for the longest time, I couldn't bear to live with myself because every time I closed my eyes, I saw the terrified faces of my mother, my father, and my Theo...

"I became a nomad, never staying in one place for more than a week. Eventually, I forgave myself for what I'd done to my loved ones. I hated myself for the monster I'd become, though. I spent some time in Transylvania... and when people began to go missing, they decided to blame the new, white-skinned man and I sparked vampire hunts across Europe. I had to come to the New World. I did well here, too. I was easily able to make my own house and since the threat of Indian attacks was always imminent, when people went missing, they didn't blame me. I kept to myself and raised crops and did everything I could to keep suspicion off of me. But soon, I had to move on because unlike my neighbors, I wasn't aging. I spent much of the 19th and 20th centuries just roaming across North America. Finally, I came across Carlisle. I was intrigued by his golden eyes. The Cullens told me about how I could live off of animals, something I'd never even thought of. Eventually, my eyes were as golden as theirs. When Alice saw you in my life, I came to you... and you were there for the rest of my story," he finished with a kiss.

"Just think," I breathed as the kiss broke. "We now have eternity to be together. Love-struck high schoolers would kill for this."

He simply laughed and kissed me on the forehead before beginning to make love to me.