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The Twilight Wars

Chapter 4 -- Reunions

It wasn't long until we were in Denali. Our clothes were in desperate need of washing, but that was something Tanya was happy to do for us. Jasper and I both laughed a bit because we knew Alice would be disappointed in the idea of either of us wearing the same outfit more than once. We kept close, not leaving each other's sight for more than a couple of minutes. Tanya and Carmen seemed to think it was odd, but made nothing of it. Eleazar, however, knew exactly what was going on.

We stayed with them for about a month. I missed Lucian and I could tell Jasper missed Alice. He seemed restless and was getting irritable. Our sex, which had gotten quite intimate, was now very rough again, and he always topped.

When we'd decided our time away from our mates was exceedingly long, we said ado to the Denali clan and made our voyage home. When we were in the home stretch, Jasper led us off the beaten path. We were in another cave, but I could tell it wasn't the one we were in before. The angles and scent of the rocks was too different. He pushed me to the wall and roughly kissed me. "I need to get this out," he said between his kisses. "One last one for both of us."

I kissed him back. We carefully took off our clothes, not wanting to ruin them. He pulled my legs around his waist and easily supported my weight with one arm and used his free hand to guide himself into me. My eyes rolled with pleasure as he bounced me up and down on him. We locked eyes as he did it and kissed. Our hands roamed each other with speed formerly unknown to the world. His focus on my eyes faltered the closer he got to his climax. At last, the shotgun orgasm filled me. We kissed passionately before he removed his dick and set me down on the hard cave floor.

I quickly resumed our kisses, but I wanted to do something different than what he had done. I laid him gently on his stomach and guided myself into him. He moaned in pleasure as he felt my delight mixed with what I was causing him. I pressed in, then pulled out torturously slow. I began to pick up the pace, then at last, I was slamming myself into him without regard. The steady stream of moans I was eliciting from him drove me even faster and harder until finally, with one sonorous release, I emptied myself into him. I didn't pull out yet. Instead, I continued. Faster, and faster, getting all of my lust for him out. The last of it left me with my second orgasm.

We quietly redressed and walked the last mile or so in silence. It wasn't awkward silence, but we knew that in this trip, we'd become the best of friends and that we needn't talk anymore. We'd fulfilled the duties of that trip.

When I could finally see the Cullen house, I began running, as did Jasper. Lucian saw me and rushed to meet me. We collided with a strong thud, but it wasn't painful. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his lips to mine. Alice had seen us coming so the rest of the Cullens knew to let us do what we may. We decided to walk through the woods.

At last, he stopped us.

Lucian's lips slammed into mine and his body pressed closer than I ever thought it could. His hands roamed my body, shredding my shirt to pieces. "Don't you ever leave me like that again," he warned. His voice wasn't threatening, though. It held a sadness that I had never heard him express.

"I'm sorry, Lucian," I told him. My voice rang with pure sincerity. "I'll never leave you again, I promise."

He kissed my forehead.

We moved a little further through the woods. Something wasn't right. I searched around, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. We moved closer to our house. I screamed out. It was gone. There wasn't a single shred of it left. The Cullens heard my scream and were next to us soon after.

"Oh my God," Bella breathed.

"Who could have done this?" Esme asked, devastation for my loss could be heard in her voice.

"Definitely no friend to us," Emmett said bitterly.

"I think I know," Jasper replied. Those four words made it crystal clear. The vampires we'd met at the cave.

"Who was it?" Rosalie breathed.

"We encountered some vampires on our trip... they didn't take kindly to us and they got a taste of Alex's gift. They promised us we'd pay... I think this was them," Jasper explained.

He and I walked where my house once stood and sniffed around. It was definitely them. Alice's face suddenly went blank. "What do you see?" Jasper asked her.

"I see two vampires, a short one and a tall one... they're attacking us," she replied.

"When?" asked Emmett.

"Tonight, I think."

"We'll be ready," answered Carlisle in a firm voice.

"I'm sorry I caused this," I said softly as we entered the house.

"Don't be silly, Alex," Esme replied, placing a comforting hand on my chest. "You couldn't have known this would happen."

"I just feel guilty."

"Been there, done that," Bella said. "I was a walking Danger Magnet. I'm surprised they didn't just give me to the people who tried to off me or them during my time as a human..."

They all gave a slight laugh.

"Where's Jacob?" I asked.

"He decided it would be best if he weren't here when you and Jasper returned," Edward answered me.

I nodded. I still wasn't entirely sure I didn't want to rip him limb from limb. Edward heard that thought and I saw him grin a little.

It was Emmett who got us back on the topic at hand. "So, I think we need to give Alex his first lesson at Vampire Self-Defense."

"It was Alex's Vampire Self-Defense that angered these two," Jasper said, but it wasn't in a derisive manner. "And I've seen him at work, I don't think he needs to have any lessons."

"Nice, bro!" Emmett said, giving me a playful punch on the shoulder.

"We'll start rebuilding tomorrow," Esme told me, already working on duplicating the blueprints from last time. "This time, you can give me some feedback!"

Esme and I spent the afternoon working on the blueprint. We were increasing the square footage by quite a bit, and re-arranging the layout a little, that way it wasn't quite a copy of Bella and Edward's house.

Around dusk, Alice's pixie voice rang out, "It's almost time."

We all grouped together, keeping Bella and Jacob with Renesmee in the Cullens' house. The rest of us walked to the place Alice dictated. I had a hard time picturing Alice in any kind of fight scenario. "She's tougher than she looks," Edward said, answering my thought.

We didn't have to wait long. The two vampires joined us, and they brought friends. "It's nice of you to join us," Carlisle said. Though he sounded sincere, I thought I detected a hint of sarcasm.

"How did you know we'd be here?" the tall one asked.

"We have our ways," Esme answered. The short one looked nervous.

"Thane, we don't have enough backup to win," he said in a low voice.

"Calm down, Elias," Thane replied, though his demeanor was rapidly changing. He didn't look as though he possessed the confidence he was trying to give off.

"You would be best to give it up," Edward said. "I can hear all of your thoughts and your plans won't work.

Edward leaned over to me and very, very quietly whispered, "Jasper is making them doubt themselves. We may be able to get out of this without a fight. Carlisle would prefer that."

I nodded.

Edward's guess didn't hold up, though. Thane charged us. He slammed into Emmett's fist and was knocked back a little. I caught him in mid `flight' and brought him back. A murmur swept through his few recruits, then they charged. Emmett and Jasper immediately got to the task of destroying Thane while Alice, Rosalie, and Esme created a fire.

Lucian and I began to fight Elias, Carlisle and Edward took another recruit, and as soon as the fire was made, Alice, Rose, and Esme saw to the others.

As we tore the attackers apart, it wasn't without them getting some pretty good blows in, though the screeching metal-tearing sound never came from any of us Cullens. An overwhelming scent began to fill the air as the parts of the different vampires were thrown onto the fire. A purple plume of smoke rose into the air and the sweet scent of cinnamon and spices wafted around us.

When they were all on the now billowing flames, I had to use my gift to keep the flames from licking the nearby trees and possibly causing a larger fire. Edward and Alex stayed with me, the rest went back home.

"I remember when James first started hunting Bella," Edward finally said after a while. "I did everything I could to save her before we resorted to killing him."

"What do you mean?" Lucian inquired.

"I approached him with Emmett once. He gave me one request of his. He said that if he could fuck both me and Emmett, he'd consider giving up on Bella. Em and I agreed."

*************** Edward's Memory ***************

He wanted it rough. He fucked Emmett first. And for being so skinny, James was huge. I remember the look on Emmett's face during the first thrust. His ferocity was astounding, as was his prowess. He made Emmett cum several times before he did. Then, he just kinda tossed Emmett aside and went after me. I'll never forget the way it felt. It was like he was splitting me open.

But once I adjusted, it was like heaven had opened for me. The way he used his tool as he boned my ass was pure art. Each powerful thrust brought me closer to coming. Emmett had backed himself onto my own dick, which only made it better for me. Each thrust of James's caused friction between my dick and Emmett's ass. I must have orgasmed twice as many times as Emmett had.

*************** The forest ***************

"And like he did with Emmett, he tossed me aside and still went after Bella. Emmett and I didn't have any problem killing him after that," Edward said, ending his story.

"Why did this make you think of that?" I asked.

"Because I know that this all started when you refused to have sex with him."

"What do you mean?" Lucian asked, looking extremely confused.

"Those vampires wanted a piece of Alex, and Alex outright refused, even though he knew you'd not be with him for at least a month," Edward said, keeping his promise to keep Jazz's and my secret.

Lucian embraced me tightly. "You are truly amazing," he said as he kissed me. I did everything I could to suppress feelings of guilt, not wanting him to feel them. "Not many newborns could do that. I even had to have sex with Carlisle while you were gone."

My guilt was immediately assuaged.

When the fire had finally died out, we returned to the mansion. Emmett and Carlisle were watching TV, Rosalie was helping Alice design a replacement wardrobe for Lucian and me. Esme was pouring over the blueprints, making sure everything was correct.

"I can pay for the supplies," Lucian offered as he gazed at the blueprint.

"Don't be silly," she answered, shaking her head. "This was our gift to you and we will not let you pay for it.

Bella, who was sitting with her head resting on Edward, looked over to Lucian. "I'd give up if I were you. They never let me pay for anything, they're not going to start now."

Luc and I laughed. Edward gave Bella a kiss on the cheek and reminded her that it was for the same reason we weren't allowed to pay.

"I insist on at least helping with the construction," Lucian told Esme. "The inside decoration can be left to Rose, Alice, you, and Alex."

"Why not Bella?" I asked.

"Trust me when I tell you," she answered, laughing, "You do not want me decorating your house."

Esme called and placed the order for the lumber and supplies and had them put on extreme rush. As soon as they got to the house, we helped the delivery people unloading, trying not to make it look too easy. We actually had to send Emmett inside. Lifting an entire one-ton palette of stones and bricks is a little suspicious when one doesn't use a forklift.

Esme wrote a check for the cost and with that, they guys began building and I helped Rose and Alice finish the wardrobe designs. Esme oversaw the construction, making sure it was as we planned.

It was only a day's worth of work until the house was ready for us to move back into it.

We thanked everyone and went to test our new bedroom, where we began to make love. It began with Lucian gently placing me on the bed, then removing my clothes with care. Alice hadn't finished making the replacements. He kissed my lips, neck, chest, and stomach before taking me into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on my cock a couple of times before stopping. He crawled back up until he was face to face with me. "How many times did you and Jasper fuck?" he asked.

Immediately, the guilt filled me up again. "Quite a few," I muttered.

"I'm not mad," Lucian said, caressing my face with his strong hands. "I just wish you'd have told me... or let me watch. I'd have come just by watching him pump into your tight ass."

I smiled and kissed him. "You're such a guy."

"Speaking of which, Carlisle is planning an all-guy hunt next week... he wants us to join. He told me that he thinks it's time for the patriarch of the family to officially welcome you... Cullen style," the thought excited me. "You're such a guy," he said.

"Did he `welcome' you in like that?" I asked as Lucian began pressing himself into me.

"Well, we had sex... he let me fuck him, though. But what I felt when he fucked Edward, he knows what he's doing."

"Edward and Carlisle?" I asked, though I ought not to have seemed shocked Jasper told me about that. It just seemed different to me.

"Yeah, Carlisle has been fucking Edward since he created him," Lucian told me as he thrust himself into me. "When Edward first fell in love with Bella, in order to keep from fucking her, he and Carlisle would fuck a couple of times just to get the urges out."

"I definitely want to go on the trip. And I want you and Carlisle to fuck... but I want him to fuck you," I said.

Lucian kept thrusting into me. "I have no problem with that now that my one true love has fucked me."

At last, he came. As amazing as sex with Jasper had been, there was nothing that compared to the way Lucian felt inside me. The moment I felt him come, I did the same.

Lucian pulled out of me and laid on the bed beside me. "Your eyes are fading," he told me. "But I'm not sure why. You've not been a vampire that long..."

"I drank a lot of animal blood on the trip," I told him.

"That's probably why. I can't wait to see what you'll look like with your beautiful golden eyes, though I miss your human color a lot."

"Stop complimenting me," I told him. "You'll give me a big ego."

"You're the least conceited person I know," he told me. "You can afford a few compliments when you deserve them."

I just smiled and kissed him. We continued making love into the night, and only stopped when the sun, though through the clouds, lightning the day from the dark colors of the night to grayed colors of the Olympic Peninsula.