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Twilight Wars

Chapter 5 -- The Hunting Trip

My eyes were now gold, just like my family's. I'd changed rather quickly, but it was fine with me. I could now go out in public and look somewhat normal, however my struggle with the vegetarian diet of my family was still just as strong as ever.

Life in the Cullen house was somewhat jubilant. We guys were going to do an all-guy hunting trip; the girls were looking forward to a little bit of time without us there. "Do you have everything?" Esme asked us.

"What more do we need?" Emmet asked back. "We're just going to be hunting for three days."

Carlisle leaned over and gave Esme a loving kiss on the cheek. "We've got extra changes of clothing for just in case, love. We'll be back on Thursday."

Alice gave Jasper a kiss, Rosalie kissed Emmett and Bella and Rosalie gave Edward a kiss, though Bella's was of an entirely different caliber. Not wanting me to feel left out, Lucian leaned down and kissed me, though held onto my waist a bit more tightly. We bid ado to the women and began our hunting trip, Lucian and I leading the way, though we fell back because we needed to follow the others. They knew how to get there better than Lucian and I.

Carlisle had heard of an abnormally large pack of wolves that were terrorizing farmers a few counties over. We ran for what seemed like a little bit before Carlisle informed me that we'd arrived. Emmett set up the few tents we'd brought, we wanted to keep appearances in case someone saw us.

Edward gathered some wood and rocks to create a fire pit. When enough had been gathered, I used my powers to quickly strike together some stones in order to start a fire. After the third try, a spark flew and caught. The fire was mainly for appearance's sake.

Edward brought some collapsible chairs for us to sit in while we weren't engaging in the main events of the weekend. We started the weekend by all of us sitting around the fire and talking. "You don't know how much I've been looking forward to this!" Emmett began, breaking the silence.

"I can hear thoughts and both Jasper and Lucian sense the emotions of others. I think we might have a vague clue," we heard Edward's voice say.

"What are the rules for this whole thing?" I asked.

"They're simple," Carlisle replied. "We're going to initiate you into the Cullen Men. After that, it's every man for himself."

"When do we start?" I asked.

"When are you ready?" Carlisle answered.

"Now," Lucian answered for me.

Immediately, a surge of lust hit me. It was like getting hit by a brick wall. All of us looked at Jasper who smiled. Of course he'd be behind it. In a matter of moments, clothes were off. Carlisle decided to go first. Everything they'd told me was right. Carlisle was amazing.

Carlisle was a gentle person, so he eased in and kept a comfortable pace. He did some weird hip movements, though, that drove me absolutely wild.

Finally, Carlisle came and my body made its release. "Welcome to the family," Carlisle said with a grin as he pulled out. Edward was next. He was slow and rhythmical. Horribly dirty thoughts went through my mind, causing Edward to chuckle. Edward lasted a long time before he shot his venomous splooge into me.

Jasper decided to forego his turn because he'd already given me his `welcome.' That left Emmett. "He's really big," Edward warned me. "That's why he goes last. Even though we're vampires and sex doesn't have its usual pains, Emmett hurts!"

I nodded. If my heart still beat, it'd be racing in anticipation. "Alright, bro," Emmett said, his deep voice was comforting. "I'm going to go easy at first."

He pressed himself to my anus. Slowly, he pushed himself into me and I stretched to accommodate him. He was about an inch and a half thick, with a shaft that seemed to go on forever.

Slowly he gyrated his hips until he was , , , and then all the way inside me. It felt like I'd taken a log up my ass, rather than a penis. "You okay, Alex?" he asked me. I nodded.

"That's so hot, babe," Lucian cooed. He was pounding Edward as they watched the scene. Jasper and Carlisle were fucking as they watched us.

"I'm alright," I breathed. "Go slow at first..."

"Will do," Emmett replied.

The first few thrusts were painful. Not quite as painful as the burning of the venom, but painful enough to be up for comparison. I grimaced. "I'm sorry, dude," Emmett apologized. "It'll get better, I promise."

I simply nodded. Slowly, Emmett began to increase his speed. His moans were nearly constant. "Oh God, Bro!" he exclaimed. "You're so fucking tight... I could fuck you all day!"

At last, the pain had begun to numb and the pleasure was picking up. From that point, it was a string of unintelligible moans and expletives as his mammoth dick pleasured us both.

He began to withdraw completely and slam back into me, he picked me up and bounced me up and down on him, we fucked in positions I'd not even used with Lucian. It took him a full hour to cum.

When he was done, he collapsed on the ground, I was still riding him, getting every last drop of him into me.

"That was absolutely mind blowing," Lucian said as he came up to us. We kissed passionately. It must have gotten rather hot to watch because Emmett began to thrust. His diamond erection, not yet quelled.

"How about you, Luc," Emmett asked. "You ready to ride the Em Machine?"

"In a way, I just did," Lucian replied as he picked me off of Emmett and thrust himself entirely into me. Edward immediately jumped to take the place I'd vacated.

The weekend continued in that manner. When we weren't hunting, we paired off and fucked. Everyone had an amazing time, and Lucian even took a turn riding every cock, mine first, of course. All in all, the sex that weekend was spectacular.

One night, we decided to just talk around the fire.

"How did Vampires first come to be?" I asked Carlisle.

"We're not really sure," Carlisle replied. "Kate and Tanya have been around since Mesopotamia. Many people believe us to be the opposite of Christ."

I let out a low growl. As a human, I hadn't been able to count the times I'd been told I was the opposite of Christ simply for my sexual preference. "What's the justification?"

"Well, it's really just a lot of minor details that add up," Edward said.

"For instance Christ gave his blood. We take it," Carlisle said. "Christ was warm and loving, we're cold and hard. Christ gave people a hope for the afterlife, we steal it away. Unlike Edward, however, I believe that there will eventually be something for us."

"But how can you justify that?" this time it was Jasper's voice. "I mean, you, me and Lucian have been around for a couple hundred years... and Kate and Tanya have been around for a couple millennia! Unless we're killed by another vampire, a werewolf, or one of the Quileutes, we're not going to croak."

"I didn't say you had to share my belief," Carlisle replied passively.

"I think we're blessed," Emmett said. All of us looked at him with eyebrows raised. "None of us have to put up with PMS... except for with Renesmee, and we're still not even sure if she'll be able to conceive."

"Leave it to Emmett to think of that one," Lucian laughed, giving Em a playful punch on the shoulder.

"How do you think our kind has kept its existence a secret from humans despite our need for them?" I asked.

"Early people attributed vampire attacks to wandering demons and even angry gods. Then, Bram Stoker came along and people believed his version of what vampires were when he wrote Dracula. Then came Anne Rice," Carlisle explained. "Our kind's anonymity is not just attributed to that, though. We've got the Volturi and their obsession with secrecy and then our own sense of self-preservation."

"Do you think the Volturi will have the respect it used to... I mean after what they tried to do to you all?" I asked.

"I think it'll be a long time before they gain it back, if ever," Jasper replied. "Vampires forget nothing. The Volturi would have to do something extremely impressive to regain the vampire community's respect."

"Caius has become increasingly bloodthirsty," Edward added. "Pardon the pun."

We all shared a laugh. "So... can we switch to a less-somber subject?" Lucian asked.

Emmet gave a hearty chuckle, then replied, "So, how about that mountain lion I scored earlier?"


"Welcome home, gentlemen," Esme chimed as she greeted all of us with a hug and a motherly kiss on the forehead, except for Carlisle, to whom she gave a rather heated smooch.

"Did you all have fun?" Bella asked as Renesmee tackled Edward.

"Yeah," Jasper answered. "We had a great time!"

"Glad you got it in while you could," Alice replied. "Aro and Marcus have decided to pay us a visit."

"When?" Carlisle asked. Immediately, I felt Lucian stiffen. His hold onto me became rigid and desperate.

"What do you see about Alex?" Lucian demanded in an admittedly scary tone. Alice's face went blank, but Edward was watching what she saw. He immediately grew cold and the emotions he was emitting caused Lucian to let out a heart-wrenching howl of despair, causing those of us out of the loop to actually jump from fright.

"What is it?" Emmett demanded.

"They're going to try and collect him," Edward explained solemnly. "And when he refuses, they will consider it an act of treason and kill him, then kill us for creating `such a dangerous vampire'."

"No!" I screamed.

Esme let out a sob, and Bella and Rose looked like they'd be crying if they were capable of it.

"How much time?" Carlisle asked solemnly.

"We have four months, give or take a week," Alice answered.

"Then that's final. This time, we're going to destroy the Volturi," Carlisle commanded.

"We're going to what?!" Lucian asked. "That's suicide!"

"We've got allies that will help us, and then there are the vampires that witnessed their vendetta against us last time," Edward replied.

"But we've got an issue," Alice said. "Their mission is beginning peacefully."

"I don't care!" Lucian said. "Alex won't die. I'll tear apart the entire guard if I must. I will save Alex!"

"It's not your job to save me!" I protested. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me.

"Alex, we stick together. You're a Cullen now," Carlisle said. "And as much as I hate the idea of it, the Volturi isn't going to leave us alone until we destroy them."

"We'll need the wolves," Bella said.

"What about...?" Alice started, but Edward cut her off with a quick "Don't even think about it..."

"What?" Rosalie asked. "What were you going to suggest?"

Alice looked around, her beautiful amber eyes bored into each of us. "The Children of the Moon."

Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, and Lucian all gasped. "They're too uncontrollable," Lucian said.

"Besides, their transformations do not occur until the time of the full-moon," Carlisle pointed out.

"The full moon will be the night they come to visit. The date has solidified," Alice replied.

"But why would they help us? They're our mortal enemy!" Lucian replied.

"Caius had them hunted to near extinction," Edward answered. "If there's any species that wants the Volturi dead, it would be the Werewolves.

"How do we find them?" Esme asked.

"Just like I found Nahuel... Look for the blindspot," Alice replied.

Chapter 6 Sneak Peak

"Ah, Carlisle, my good friend, it is so nice to see you," the old vampire said. His voice dripped with falsehoods. His skin looked paper-thin and I wanted more than anything to tear it to shreds and use it as firewood. Edward, who was standing directly beside me gave me a very fast and very subtle jab in the ribs.

"To what do we owe the honor, Aro?" Carlisle asked. His voice remained strained and cordial.

"Still holding contempt after our mix-up, I see," Aro shook his head. "That was a regrettable miscommunication, Carlisle. Please know that."

"It nearly resulted in the death of my granddaughter... and my entire family, Aro. Please understand that I'm inclined to still hold some resentment for the manner in which you seem to make your decisions now," Carlisle answered.

"Well, that is certainly regrettable, but I must implore you to realize how truly sorry I am for that," Aro answered. That was the end of that. "I see you have two new additions to your coven. It's nearly as big as mine now." The ancient vampire chuckled to himself. I was unsure whether it was bemusement or malicious.

Aro approached me. "And who might you be, young man?" he asked and went to shake my hand. I recoiled. I'd been warned. Every thought I'd ever possessed could be his with a simple touch.

"Don't be rude, love," I heard Lucian urge. He must have known something I didn't.

I held my hand toward him and he took it, his grasp was surprisingly strong as he gave my hand a quick shake and released it. "I see you've gotten even better since our last meeting, Bella."

Bella gave a quaint smile. She wasn't any happier about this than I was.