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Twilight Wars

Chapter 8 -- The Most Dangerous Fang

The entire group ran with me back to Lucian. When we reached him, the two were in the same positions they were when I left. Nicholas knew that Lucian's speed was deadly, but Lucian knew that Nicholas had what it took to kill.

"Ten against one... that's not fair, now is it?" Nicholas said as he noticed our approach.

"Leave now, Nicholas," Carlisle ordered.

"Carlisle Cullen... you were the last bloodsucker I expected to see here," Nicholas mused as he approached Carlisle. Carlisle didn't move, but Edward and Emmett stepped forward a bit. "Mr. Pacifist trying to pull a 10 against 1... that just doesn't seem like you."

"If you attack my family, you'll see exactly how much like me it is," Carlisle growled so fiercely that even Esme looked startled.

"Well, I can see that today won't be the day I take out the Cullen clan, but it's only a matter of time, Carlisle. Then I'll send you all to hell, where you belong."

"And we'll take you with us," Emmett spat. Nicholas nearly chuckled but turned his back to walk away. Lucian approached the rest of us.

"Thank you, Carlisle," he said. "And I'm sorry about before."

"It's in the past, Luc... let's just go back to the camp. With Nicholas on our tracks, we need to stay together at all times."

We traveled back to the camp. I isolated myself from the group who were busy discussing strategy. The Volturi were still a definite threat, and now they'd come after us with a vengeance.

Alice's soft footsteps caught my attention. "None of this is your fault, Alex," she said. I turned to face her tiny figure.

"Part of me knows that," I admitted.

"Then why are you blaming yourself?"

I didn't have an answer. Alice gave me a hug and said, "The Volturi have had this coming for a long time. Aro had to have known that this would cause a war. That's why he did it. Our family threatens his coven to an extent you don't even realize. By wiping us out, he wipes out any notion of how our alternative lifestyle can bond people like it does."

"I've heard all of that before," I told her.

She took my hand and pulled me toward the group. I let her, of course, because she would never have been able to budge me had I not.

"The Children of the Moon that live here are much different than others," Carlisle was saying. "Usually, werewolves do not travel in packs like our Quileute friends. They are solitary and independent because their transformation happens once per month. And our alliance with them is another broken law."

"Just great..." I muttered. I got a comforting pat on the back from Alice.

Carlisle started talking directly to Lucian, "I think that you may have taught Jane and her group a lesson they won't forget by showing them how easily they could have been destroyed. They'll likely choose their target a bit more carefully next time, which means Bella is probably the most likely target at this point. It was because of her that the Volturi were unable to defeat us last time. We need to have someone with Bella at all times." Bella rolled her eyes at the thought of being considered the reason the Volturi had lost once already. She never liked being given that which was due to her. That was something she and I had in common.

"I'll do it," I volunteered. Everyone looked at me in complete shock. "What?"

"Nothing," Edward answered. "I just wasn't expecting much involvement from you considering what you think of all of this."

"It just makes the most sense," I answered. "I'm currently the fastest and strongest and with my ability, no one would be able to get near her.

"But you're also a target," Bella said. "I couldn't possibly..."

"It's fine, sis," I said with a smile.


The time Bella and I spent together was, in a word, fun. We spent the time joking and laughing.

At one point, I played a joke on Edward and as he approached us, I put out a telekinetic shield. He walked smack into it because Bella was shielding my thoughts. Bella and I both laughed, and when Emmett saw what happened, his booming laugh echoed off the mountains around us.

Edward, thankfully, saw the humor behind it and thanked me for doing such a wonderful job.

That night was the full moon. We checked into a hotel, wanting to stay way out of the way of the werewolves, but Alice was doing her best to watch the Volturi, making sure they weren't going to try to attack, but we knew they wouldn't. It'd be a suicide mission, even for the most dangerous of the Volturi guard.

The night was spent intimately in Lucian's and my room, which was right next to Bella's and Edward's.

I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling, trying to remember what it was like to sleep. Lucian came up to me, he was shirtless and his lovely pale body hovered over me. I remembered how hard and cold his skin used to feel to me, but now, it was soft and warm. His lips made contact with my neck. My hand instinctively went up to his cheek.

Very tenderly, he removed my shirt. His movements were methodical and loving and I couldn't help but wonder why he was being so romantic. My curiosity was especially piqued when he stopped what he was doing to light a few candles placed around the room.

"What's all of this for?" I asked softly.

Lucian shrugged then climbed back on the bed. The kisses resumed starting at my navel and working their way up. "It's just been a while since I've truly shown you what you mean to me," he said between kisses. His lips made contact with my nipples, sending pleasurable electricity down my spine. I arced my back as his mouth ventured up my neck again to my jaw and back to my lips where we shared a passionate, sensual kiss.

Not breaking our kiss, Lucian reached down and undid my jeans, sliding them off my pale body with my underwear, then did the same for himself. He then pressed our naked bodies together, kissing me tenderly, yet with an intense passion.

The candles around the room filled it with a lovely scent of roses and vanilla, but his proximity to me also filled my nostrils with his intoxicating scent. "I don't think you've ever kissed me like that," I said softly.

"I know," he replied. "That's why I'm doing it now..."

"So this isn't because we could possibly die tomorrow?" I asked because I tasted desperation in his kiss.

"I just don't want this opportunity to pass us by and have it possibly be our last day tomorrow," Lucian answered. I could accept that.

I resumed kissing him to show him I wasn't upset or offended by his logic. His lovely pale skin remained in contact with mine the entire time, until he finally lifted up to adjust his body before making ours one. Slowly he worked himself in and out of me.

His touches and moves were tender, though the pleasure I felt was intense, and he knew it. It made for interesting sex to have my partner be an empath. He knew what felt good to me and my pleasure was his, so I was often surprised that we ever stopped having sex.

His pace began to quicken. At the moment, it would have been fast for a human, but it was moderate for a vampire. Every stroke brought pleasure to us both. He began to release subtle grunts and moans, which was a common trait for him... one that was rather endearing to me. I knew that were he capable, he'd be sweating.

His grunts got louder and his pace even quicker. My body moved with his, as one loving, sexual machine. We were completely in tandem, as was common with vampire mates.

The attention we paid to each other's pleasures and bodies lasted until our skin began to sparkle. Sunlight was shining into the window, landing on his smooth, pale ass, his gorgeous muscular back, and his sculpted face.

"I think it's time for us to meet up with the rest of the group. We're hunting today and you have to stay with Bella," he said after he'd finished the last round.

He leaned over me and planted a kiss on my lips. The sunlight reflected on both of us as we climbed out of bed and pulled on new clothes. We met up in the lobby. The scent of the humans around us made the flames raze my throat with unrelenting fury, especially the tall blonde woman behind the desk. My thoughts focused on her and I was nearly ready to pounce before Alice's voice told Jasper to reign me in. A sudden calm washed over me as the fires were quelled by Jasper for the time being. When the girl's future resumed its existence, Alice looked calm. Edward, Jasper, and Lucian all looked calmer the moment Jasper started exerting control over my emotions.

All of us were wearing hats, scarves, whatever we could find to keep the sunlight from hitting our skin, which only added to how we stood out. I didn't need to be Edward to know that the people who walked by us were uncomfortable at our paleness, our stunning beauty, and intoxicating scents.

We divided ourselves up. Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, and I would hunt, leaving Lucian, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and Rosalie to locate the Children of the Moon, then we'd switch, keeping the majority of our protection with Bella and me.

We all agreed to hunt larger game, wanting to get as much strength as we could. Emmett caught the scent of a wolf pack that would provide us with plenty of food.

I tracked the scent for a mile, everyone following me. When we got close, we saw them. It was a large pack. The alpha was prowling, uneasy at our presence. The females were lazily licking their paws, while other males were whimpering, uncomfortable at how ill-at-ease the alpha was.

I crouched low to the ground, focusing my strength in my legs. My eyes were focused on the alpha. I watched him pace back and forth and got the rhythm of his pattern before releasing the energy pent up in my body, springing onto the wolf. Instincts kicked in as it fought and clawed at me, but I wanted the fight. My teeth made contact with its neck and I bit through the fur, releasing its blood as it flowed freely into my mouth, quelling the fires. I heard his heartbeat quicken at first as panic spread through the poor creature and soon, he stopped fighting. His heartbeat slowed, and finally stopped altogether. I looked up to see that no one else had budged. They were all watching me.

"What?" I asked.

"That was-" Emmett began, but Alice finished for him.

"Astoundingly beautiful..."

I looked confused. "What? All I did was hunt... and if you don't get to it, the pack will be gone!"

"Oh! Right!" Bella said and the others pounced.

I watched from the clearing they had been as they all fed.

A familiar, intoxicating scent filled the clearing. It was irresistibly delectable. My mouth flooded with venom, and though I'd just hunted, the fires in my throat went to full blast. Immediately, Edward looked up. Alice began to look at me worriedly, but I didn't care. I darted off in the direction of the smell.

"Edward, it's humans... we have to get to him!" I heard Alice say.

Of the group, Edward was the fastest, so he ran toward me while Bella phoned Jasper and Lucian to come.

"Alex, no!" Edward's voice called, but I was already watching the people, trying to decide what order in which I should kill them.

Edward, when he finally caught me, he pinned me to the ground. I snapped at him fiercely and threw him off of me.

"Don't do this, Alex!" Edward pleaded, wrestling me to the ground. Our voices were running on a pitch that the humans couldn't hear.

"Damn!" one of the humans said. "I cut myself."

I looked over. The word `cut' had been an understatement. He'd sliced his arm open and the blood scent hit me like a brick wall. At this, I heard Edward whisper "Damnit!"

I fought him as instincts I didn't know I possessed took over, urging me to get to that blood. The fires in my throat burned more fully than I'd ever imagined possible and venom flooded my mouth.

Familiar scents began to fill the clearing and soon I smelled Lucian and Jasper, among the rest of our hunting party. With Jasper in range, my desire to kill quelled and I began to think rationally, though how Jasper was managing, I didn't know.

"Can't you smell it?" I hissed. "No one would have to know..."

"Alex, my love," Lucian said as he kneeled next to me. "You have to fight it." He was right. With Jasper there, I had no choice.

They pulled me far enough upwind of the injured campers that I could no longer smell their blood. I felt embarrassed and stayed on the outskirts of the group, hunting again to quell the new fires.

Lucian caught up to me as I fed on a lynx. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, Alex," he said softly. "You were merely following what your brain is told to do. It's still going to be a long time until you're as okay with being around humans as the rest of us, but it will be fine."

I set the dead lynx down on the ground and looked at him. His eyes were bright, honey gold.

"I don't want to talk about it," I told him. "Let's just get the wolves on the plane and get back to Forks.

None of us saw the tiny blonde vampire who followed us through the woods. Her eyes were bright crimson with the blood of the injured hikers. She was ready to attack, but on Aro's orders, Jane returned to Volterra to report her findings.


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