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It should also be noted that, despite the protagonists rationalization, the sex described here isn't exactly safe. Remember: The Two Brads is a wishful work of fiction—don't try this at home.

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The Two Brads

Part One

Brad Pitt stretched out on the bunk in his trailer. He was beginning to get bored—and horny. Okay, it had been his idea to spend a few days at the prison location while Sleepers was shooting there—get a feel for the place, do a bit of emotional packing for his character. But these were days he would otherwise have had off and the isolation of the location—somwehere in the middle of Connecticut—with very little to do, was beginning to get to him. And it had been days since he'd got laid. His hand wandered down to his crotch, where it didn't take much to inspire an erection. He's unbuttoned his jeans and was beginning to pull down his fly to release his straining cock when there was a knock at the door.

"Shit," he muttered, pulling up the zipper. "Yeah? Who is it?"

"Brad? It's me," a voice called gently.

"Me who?" He was beginning to get irritated that his wank had been interrupted by someone who couldn't even properly identify themselves.

"Brad," the voice came quietly again.

"What?" he shouted.

"No, I mean it's me—Brad. Brad Renfro?"

"Oh, Brad. Come in," Pitt said, sitting up and adjusting his jeans to make his still swollen cock look less obvious.

The trailer door creaked open and Brad Renfro's face appeared in the gap. "Is it okay if I come in for a sec?"

"Sure," Pitt said, "Make yourself at home."

"Thanks," the younger Brad said, stepping in. He stood somewhat sheepishly near the door as he closed it, hesitant.

"Come in, for God's sake—have a seat."

"Thanks." Renfro perched on the edge of a chair near the table that was fixed to one of the trailer's walls. And looked around nervously.

"What can I do for you? You want a drink or something? I mean, I've got soda and stuff. Or beer—if you're not too young."

"No—no, thanks. I'm okay."

"So, how's the shoot going? You looked pretty good in the scene I was watching earlier." And he had looked good. Pitt was almost convinced that young Brad Renfro was a younger incarnation of himself—as he was meant to be in the film.

"Well, that's kinda what I wanted to talk to you about."



"No," the older Brad corrected. "I mean what did you wanna talk about exactly?"

"Well, it's kinda hard to— I'm not sure how to—"

"Just take your time, Brad. What's the problem?"

"Well, " the younger Brad continued, "it's the scene I've got tomorrow. It's the, uh, the rape scene?"

"Yeah," Pitt said, "I saw it on the shooting schedule. Uh, what's the problem? I mean, okay, it's a tough scene, but is there something specific that's—I mean apart from, well..." Now it was the older Brad's turn to be at a loss for words.

They had only met a few times since the first reading, but they'd had pretty good conversations each time, mostly discussing acting—instead of the usual discussion of careers. And Pitt was impressed by the teenagers abilities—what he'd seen of them anyway.

"Well, " the younger man continued, "I was wondering if—this isn't easy—I wondered if you might help me out with something. An acting problem."

"Sure, yeah. What can I do?"

"Uh, well. That's the hard part."


"Well, Brad, you know how we were talking about how when you're acting you have to—you know, use stuff from your own experience."


"You know, like something similar from your own life that's like what your character's going through?"

"Yeah, sure. Substitution."

"Right. Well, this rape scene... Brad, I'm really worried. I don't know if I can do it. I mean, not the scene itself. I mean—I just don't think I can be convincing. There's—well, I don't have anything to substitute for getting raped. I mean—shit, Brad—there's nothing in my experience that's similar to that."

The older Brad regarded the youth for a moment, trying to figure how to help. "Well, it doesn't have to be something exactly like what the character's going through, you know? Like, in this case—being forced to do anything that you didn't want to do could be substituted..."

"No, it couldn't, Brad. And you probably know it. I mean—rape. There's nothing like that, is there? That kind of violation? I mean, it's not like being forced to do your homework, you know?"


"And—and there's another thing..."

"What's that?" Pitt asked, hoping for a change of subject.

"Well, I've never even— I, uh— Well, I'm sort of—a virgin?"

"Oh." This one caught the older man off guard. Okay, Renfro was pretty young, but Pitt figured he'd probably had more than his share of offers—and in his place, Pitt would certainly have taken advantage of them.

"I mean—okay, I've been with a few girls and all, but—well, I've never even, like jerked off with another guy."

"What? And you think I have ?"

"No! No, that's not what I meant! In fact, it might be better if you haven't either. Then we'd be in the same boat."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, your character's got the same history as mine, you know? I mean, we're both playing Michael Sullivan. And I thought, maybe—well, maybe we could help each other..."

Pitt was wondering where all this was leading—and wasn't sure he wanted to know. "Uh, help each other, like, how?"

"Well, we're both supposed to have been raped—both been forced to do something we didn't want to—both been made to have sex with another guy..."


"And I don't know if I can play this scene—I don't know if I can play this character—without some kind of experience. Can you?"

"Can I what? Play the character?"

"Yeah—I mean really get into Michael's past. Have you thought about those scenes when you're re-living the past?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I have," Pitt replied. "And I do admit some of those scenes are looking pretty tough. You know, like the subway scene with Minnie."



"No, I mean, then maybe we can help each other," Renfro said enthusiastically.

"I still don't see how we—"

"Yes, you do. You just don't want to see how."


Brad Renfro looked a bit exasperated, but the more they were talking, the easier this seemed to broach. He finally decided to just blurt it out. "Brad—I need you to rape me."

"You what?"

"You heard me. I mean, not really rape me—well, sorta. I mean, I don't really want to do this—I've got to. I have to know what it's like, Brad. And so do you. I can't play this scene tomorrow otherwise. And neither of us can really play Michael."

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute—I don't need to— I mean I don't have to— Are you serious?"

"Never been more serious."

"So why are you coming to me? Why not Kevin?"


"Kevin Bacon? Remember? He plays Nokes? The guy who's supposed to rape you?"

"I know who Kevin is, you fool."

"Right—so why not ask him? Wouldn't that be more—appropriate?"

The younger Brad looked a bit frustrated. "I know. I thought of that at first, but—"


"Well—I mean—I thought this would be good for us. Good for our acting, I mean—bring us closer together as a character. You know? Both go through the same thing that neither of us wants to do. And—and, well, I—I like you. I trust you."

Pitt was flattered by the young man's affection, but still wasn't very happy with the turn the conversation had taken. How was he going to talk Renfro out of this? "And what? You don't trust Kevin?"

"That's not it exactly. I mean, I don't know him very well. I mean, he and I have had scenes together and we still haven't talked the way you and I have. You know, about important stuff? Acting and everything? Besides," the kid grinned for the first time since he arrived in the trailer, "It looks like he's got a huge cock."

Pitt chuckled in spite of himself. "And you think I don't?"

"No—it's not that! I have no idea. Maybe yours is even bigger. No, I just said that. But—well, I think, maybe Kevin—I think maybe he'd like it too much."

"You mean, you think he's..."

"No—I don't know. I just—well, I just trust you a lot more. Like I said. I thought you'd understand. I thought you'd wanna help..."

"Hey, I do wanna help—I'm just not sure that this is the best way to—"

"It's the only way it's gonna help me. Believe me—I've thought of everything, tried everything. There's just no way I can play this scene tomorrow. Unless I get fucked."

Pitt was a bit taken aback by the younger man's bluntness.

"I'm sorry," Renfro said, "I didn't mean to—I mean I can ask Kevin. And I'll bet he'd do it. It's just I'd rather—I'd rather it was you." He looked into Brad Pitt's eyes and held their stare.

"Look, Brad—" Pitt began.

"Please, Brad," Renfro said, moving from the chair to crouch near where Pitt was sitting on the bed. He placed a hand on the older man's thigh. "Please...?"

Pitt now got his biggest surprise yet—a bigger surprise than Renfro's request, a bigger surprise than the younger man's seeming trust and affection. When the youth's hand touched his thigh, he felt his cock stir and throb and expand. What was happening here?

"Please?" the youth repeated.

"I don't know, Brad. This is—I don't know. I mean, you're just a kid. I don't wanna do something that's gonna, like, fuck you up, you know? I mean, do you think you'd be able for this?"

"I don't know. I just know that, as it is, I can't play that scene tomorrow. And if I fail as an actor, that will fuck me up. And I'm not able for that." He slid his hand up the older man's thigh, closer to the warmth of his crotch. "Brad. I really, really need your help. I need you to do this."

Pitt didn't say anything. He looked down into his lap, where his cock was expanding even more, then met Brad Renfro's eyes.

"Okay, Brad?" the younger man asked as his fingers made contact with the swelling in Pitt's jeans, "Okay?" He squeezed.

Pitt gasped slightly at the sensation and involuntarily shifted his hips. "Brad, wait—"

"I'm running out of time, you know? It's an early scene." His hand traveled further up, his palm pressing against the firm, warm mound in the older man's pants. "C'mon..."

"Unngh," Pitt moaned, his cock hardening under Renfro's pressure. Suddenly, the kid had his jeans unbuttoned again and was tugging at the zipper. He reached down a grabbed the kid's wrist to stop him. "Wait! Fuck. This is—this is so... Okay, look." Renfro stared up at him, waiting. "Look, if I do this—fuck, what am I saying?"

"You're saying that you're gonna do your best to help another actor who's in trouble? C'mon, Brad—where's the harm in that?"

"No, but—it's just that— Well, you may not think it to look at me, but— Well, when it comes to sex, I don't have a lot of control."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean—don't start something here that you can't finish. I'm just—I mean, I haven't had sex in about four days, you know? Hanging out at this stupid location? And once I get started— Well, I can be a bit of an animal, okay? I don't wanna hurt you or anything. But once I get going, it's really hard for me to stop. So you'd better know what you're getting into."

"Hey, this was my idea. Besides, if it gets a little rough—well, heck, that's the kind of experience I need for this. Right?" He tugged Pitt's zipper all the way down and the older man's cock expanded yet again. "I hereby absolve you of all responsibility," Renfro grinned.

Then his face was buried in Brad Pitt's crotch.

"Unngh, fuck! Brad!" The youth grabbed the waistband of Pitt's jeans and began yanking them down. Pitt raised his hips slightly, allowing the kid to pull his jeans off his thighs, over his knees to his ankles. Then Renfro's mouth was back on Pitt's cock, his warm breath penetrating the cotton of his shorts, the kid's saliva wetting the fabric. Renfro ran his hands up Pitt's thighs. He grabbed the waistband of the shorts and yanked them down as well. Pitt's cock sprang out and up, slapping his abs. It was over seven inches, possibly nearing eight, an inch and half or more in diameter. The head was swollen and pink, glistening with a few drops of pre-cum.

"Looks like you were ready for this," Renfro smiled. "You ready for this?" And his mouth was on the throbbing head of Pitt's cock.

"Unnngh—yeah... Fuck!" The kid's hot, wet mouth felt incredible on Pitt's cock. The youth began swirling his tongue around the head, his lips closed around the shaft. He reached down and took Renfro's head in his hands as the kid began licking down the shaft, down, down to his balls, then back. Then his cock was once more engulfed by the youth's hot mouth, taking more of it, running his lips and tongue up and down the shaft.

Renfro sat back and looked up at the older Brad, smiling. "Is that okay?"

"The kid's got a gorgeous smile," Pitt thought, "A smile that's just been wrapped around my cock." Aloud, he said, "Jesus, Brad. Okay? You sure you've never done this sort of thing before?"

"First time. Promise."

"Well, I've had pros who weren't as good as that."

"Cool." Then he was on Pitt's cock again, taking it deeper and deeper. Licking, sucking, feeling it grow even bigger, firmer. Then he was at the older man's balls, taking each in his mouth in turn, running his tongue over and around them.

"Unngh, Brad—fuck, man. Yeahhh..." Pitt reared up on the bunk, arching his back, and the youth took the opportunity to let his tongue travel below his balls, tickling at Pitt's tight hole, then back up over his balls and up the shaft of his cock. He swallowed the head again, taking it deeper than before, his mouth travelling down the shaft, further, further...

Again the kid sat back, leaving Pitt panting on the bed. "So when do you start to lose control?" Renfro smiled again.

"About now," Pitt said. "Stand up."

Renfro stood and Pitt unfastened the kid's belt. Then he opened his jeans and jerked them off the youth's hips. He grabbed the top of the kid's shorts and, in one movement, pulled them and the kid's jeans to his ankles. Renfro's own cock sprang out and Pitt was not altogether surprised to find that he, too, was quite hard. He was a bit more surprised to find that Renfro's cock was only an inch or so shorter than his own. "Not bad, " he thought, "for a—what?—sixteen-year-old? Fifteen? Jesus, what am I doing?" His doubts were distracted, though, by the feel of the kid's hand on the back of his head, Renfro's cock brushing his lips. Almost without thinking, he took the kid's cock in his mouth. His tongue encircled the head a few time's tasting Renfro's pre-cum, then he was down on the kid's cock, his nose buried in Renfro's soft pubes.

"Damn, Brad!" Renfro exclaimed, his cock throbbing in the older man's mouth. "Damn!"

Pitt sucked the kid's cock for a few minutes, feeling the lad's thighs quivering at the sensation. When Renfro started to moan softly, Pitt released the kid's cock, leaning back on the bed. "So, how do you want this?" Almost before he spoke, Renfro's hand was back on the older man's cock, stroking its full length. "Whoa—Brad. C'mon, how you wanna do this?"

"Well, in the movie, I'm bent over a table. So, I guess from behind somehow."

"Okay... turn around." The kid obeyed, bending over slightly to lean against the table, presenting Pitt with a perfect pair of buttocks, small, round, firm. Without another thought, Pitt's face was between the kid's taut cheeks, his tongue seeking the small, tight pucker.

"Awwww, man!" Renfro cried as Pitt's tongue found the tiny opening. He kicked off his jeans and shorts, spreading his thighs, as the older Brad's tongue teased at his butthole. "Fuck, Brad!"

Pitt licked up and down the warm valley, inhaling Renfro's youthful aroma. He shoved his face forward, his tongue penetrating the tight hole.

"Fuck!" Renfro couldn't believe the sensation of the hot, wet tongue entering him. He'd expected this to be unpleasant from start to finish, but so far, everything had felt pretty good—the feel of Brad Pitt's cock in his mouth, the feel of his cock in Pitt's mouth, and, especially, now, the feel of the older man's tongue inside him. "Fuck!"

Pitt forced his tongue deeper, savoring the taste of the kid's hole—deeper, pushing his tongue in and sliding it out. He wouldn't have believed he could've got into this sort of thing, but the deeper he penetrated Renfro's hole with his tongue, the harder his cock got. It throbbed in the cool air, dripping pre-cum, and he knew if he wasn't fucking this kid soon, he'd go crazy.

"Get up here on the bed." Pitt could hardly believe he was saying these things—doing these things! But, before he could have second thoughts, Renfro was on all fours on the bunk, his head resting on his folded arms.

"You better take your things off, Brad—you might trip." Pitt pulled his jeans and shorts from around his ankles and turned to look at the cute little butt, glistening with his own saliva, and the tiny pinkish-brown pucker which seemed to be winking at him. He hadn't been joking with the kid, he did feel like he was losing control. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to be buried ball deep in this teen-age ass.

He knelt between Renfro's spread legs, stroking his dick. Leaning forward, he again forced his tongue into the kid's butthole, then licked all around it. "Shit," he said, sitting back, "I don't think I've got any condoms."

"Why," Renfro asked, looking over his shoulder, "You got AIDS?"

"No," Pitt replied, "And I do get HIV-tested every three months."

"So what's the problem? I've only been with two girls and wore a rubber each time. Unless you got the clap or something, we're safe."

Pitt considered this, his cock throbbing in the cool air.

"Besides, when's the last time you rode anything bareback?"

"Okay," Pitt said, his horniness getting the better of him, "Fuck it." Then buried his face in Renfro's ass once again.

The lad moaned, stroking his cock as Brad Pitt shoved his hot, wet tongue deep in his hole, spreading his firm cheeks to delve even deeper. Then the older lad leaned back on his heels, stroking his rigid cock and smearing the pre-cum around the swollen head.

Pitt couldn't wait any longer. He needed to get off—more desperately now than half an hour earlier. He gripped his cock tightly, leaned up on his knees, and pressed the slick head of his dick against the tight, wet hole. The younger Brad caught his breath, then let it out with a sigh as he felt the heated knob of Pitt's cock nudging against his butthole. The older man leaned forward, pressing against the tiny orifice. Nothing. He gripped his cock again, attempting to force it through the clenched opening. "Annngh..." Renfro moaned, feeling the warmth of the cock pressing against him, "come on..."

Pitt was still making no progress in terms of penetrating the tight hole, but the feel of the lad's hot butt-cheeks surrounding his cock was terrific. He pressed harder. "Whoa," he said, "this is really tight. Try to relax or something."

The older lad stroked his cock and felt more pre-cum pulsing up the shaft. He circled the head of his cock around the lad's butthole, then leaned toward him again. Brad Renfro reached back and spread his cheeks, allowing the head to shove more directly at his hole, concentrating on relaxing every muscle in his body. He thought of Brad's hot tongue and how easily it slipped inside him—and how great it felt. Then he began to feel something new—Pitt's cock was slowly spreading the entrance to the depths of his body, the tiny wrinkles radiating from his hole stretching to accommodate the thickness of the older man's knob. "Yeah, Brad—oh, yeah... You're—you're almost..."

Brad Pitt could feel the younger man beginning to open up to him, the warmth of the boy's hole enveloping more of the tip of his cock. He paused, then increased his pressure—another drop of pre-cum pulsed from the end of his cock. "Yeah, Brad," Renfro sighed, relaxing even more, "yeahhh... You're—you're—anngh!"

The head of Pitt's cock forced through the tight ring and slid about an inch into the lad's butt. "Fuck!" He paused, then shoved forward again. "Fuck!" The head of his cock slipped into the tight hole, which clamped around it like a vise.

"Anngh, Brad—yeah!" Renfro raised up on his elbows and the movement forced Pitt's cock in another half-inch. "Fuck! You're in! Your cock's inside me! Fuck!!"

The older lad had trouble restraining himself as he felt the kid's hole clutching at his dick. "Hang on, stud," he said, "That's just the head—there's a lot more to go."

"I know, but—fuck. I didn't think you'd even get that much— I mean, it doesn't even hurt that much."

"Yeah, well, I'm only gettin started, okay? You better reserve your judgement."

The kid laughed and the movement sent a jolt through Pitt's body. He grasped Renfro's hips tighter. "You ready for more?"

"I think so."

"Oh, wait—I think I have something might make this easier." The older man slowly eased his cock back out of Renfro's tight hole, feeling it squeeze the tip of his cock as he withdrew.

"Huh? What're you—"

"Just a second." Pitt reached for the sports bag lying next to the bed and rummaged in it for a moment. "Aha! Got it."

"What? Got what?"

"I nearly forgot—I brought a bottle of poppers with me. You ever do them?"

Renfro looked over his shoulder at the older lad. "Uh, yeah—but only for dancing. They can be quite a rush."

"Well, they may be good for dancing, but they're great for fucking," Pitt replied. "Now, let's try this again."

Renfro's asshole twitched spasmodically as he felt the warm flesh of Pitt's dick nudging between his buttocks again. The older lad shuddered, his balls shifting upward as a throb ran down the underside of this cock. Renfro spread his legs a bit wider, bracing himself. Pitt gripped his dick a little tighter, a beat of pleasure running down its length—he could feel the kid's butthole stretching to receive the slick, dark head of his cock. The kid forced his legs to splay even wider and shifted his hips back as Pitt opened the bottle of poppers and held them under the younger lad's nose.

Renfro inhaled deeply and, a moment later, felt the poppers throbbing through his body, pulsating in his cock and his ass. Another prodding from the older Brad, this time with more force: Renfro felt his muscles relaxing a bit, opening his clenched butthole to the pressure of the dark, tumescent knob. Pitt's cock moved in slightly, then, with a heavy shove, Renfro felt about an inch of the older lad's dick move up into him—nearly the entire head of his cock. The kid's asshole tightened, then relaxed, tightened, then relaxed.

Pitt eased his hips back a bit, then gripped Renfro's hips again and slowly pressed forward, driving his cock-head through the tightening ring. The kid's asshole spread under the steady force and, with a slight jerk, the whole of Pitt's ponderous knob lodged in the youth's ass. "Unngh—fuck!" Pitt's abdomen contracted as he felt the youth's ass clutching the head of his cock—a mighty pulse ran through his dick and his hefty balls leapt in their sac. His cock jerked involuntarily, forcing the head a bit deeper.

Renfro's butt clenched at being penetrated. His cock hardened and throbbed as a shiver of pleasure ran through his body, his balls tightening and his back arching. He moaned softly as his knees bent and his ass shifted back onto the hot dick, impaling more of his sensitized body on the pulsating shaft.

Pitt thrust the bottle of poppers under Renfro's nose, then took another blast himself. The youth felt his hips being clutched urgently as the solid knob of Pitt's cock withdrew slightly, the crest sliding back out of the tight ring of flesh. The poppers pounded through both lads and a pulse of heat broke into a cool sweat over their bodies.

Pitt took a breath, braced himself, then bucked his hips, ramming his thick cock into Renfro's ass—"Unnngh!"—his hard, round bum twitched as his cock continued to jerk, out of control, pushing more cock up the kid's ass with each spasmodic thrust. About half of his huge dick was lodged in Renfro's hard little butt. "Unh, fuck!" he gasped as the convulsion slowed, quivering through his thighs.

"Fuck, Brad," the younger lad gasped. "That feels— I don't know, I thought it was gonna hurt like hell, but..."


"But it feels kinda... okay." Renfro shifted his ass back onto Pitt's cock. The older youth, struggling to control himself, wrapped his arms around the kid's smooth torso and rocked his hips up toward Renfro's taut butt. His dick didn't seem to push any deeper, so he pulled few inches out and began to rock it in an out of the clutching hole. The sensation drove him crazy and he began to rear into the boy, mounting him like an insanely fucking beast, clutching at Renfro's shoulders and grinding his hips into the lad's firm buttocks—"Unngh—unngh—unngh!" More of his dick began to dig into Renfro's warm butt.

"Wait—wait! Anngh, fuck!" the younger man cried, a dull pain rising from the depths of his ass as Pitt rode him like a bronco. "Wait, Brad—that hurts a bit."

"Wait?? Fuck you, Brad—you wanted a rape. Now fuckin take it." As Pitt humped into him with regular piston-like thrusts, the kid could feel the hot wedge nudging at the remaining block of pain. Pitt could also feel the resistance in the tight channel whose puckered ring sucked at the shaft of his pounding cock—reluctant to permit further penetration, but begrudging even the temporary removal of the several inches that had already been forced into it. He was past caring, though, and shoved his dick as deep into Renfro as it would go. As the younger lad felt the hot throb of resistance, his dick sprang up against his abdomen involuntarily, his balls tightening as his clutching hole grasped at Pitt's swollen shaft.

Pitt leaned back from the waist, rocking his dick deep into Renfro's ass, and fucking it in and out a few times, trying to force more of his length in. Then he leaned forward, stretching Renfro out on the bed. His lightly muscled chest pressed into Renfro's shoulder blades as he grasped him around the shoulders and wrapping his legs around the lad's thighs. Renfro's rigid dick ground into the sheets as Pitt began to rotate his cock deep in his ass. Pushing up from the ankles, Pitt stuffed another bit of his dick up Renfro—only a couple of inches still pulsated outside the kid's body—then relaxed, collapsing onto the youth's back.

"Sorry, man. I was a bit outta control there," Pitt rasped, panting.

"S'okay—it's not as bad now. And you did warn me."

"Okay, then," Pitt panted, "you ready for more?"

"I think so."

"You better be, man. Cause you're gonna take the rest of my cock." Pitt took a whiff of poppers and handed the bottle to Renfro. Clutching him tightly, Pitt began to push his big dick steadily up into the tight chute, crushing his heavy balls between Renfro's tensed thighs. He pulled it out then shoved back up, burying it even deeper as the poppers began to course through his system. Renfro felt the warm knob nestling deeper and deeper, his own cock pulsing on the brink of orgasm as he felt his body open even more.

Pitt shifted his legs between Renfro's and forced the lad's thighs apart with his knees, dragging his cock out of the sucking hole. He straightened his arms, a hand on each side of Renfro's back and shoved his dick in as far as it would go. "C'mon, man, just relax. Relax and take it." Pitt couldn't believe how much he was getting into this. This was turning out to be one of the hottest, tightest fucks he'd ever had—and his dick, which may have been about eight inches when he started, had easily swollen to nine, maybe closer to ten.

He began rotating his hips, forcing his rigid cock deeper and deeper, then began a series of slow, steady thrusts. Each time Pitt heaved forward, more of the massive column of flesh shoved up into the lad. Renfro reached back and grabbed Pitt's taut straining butt, pulling the rocking hips toward his battered ass as he spread his legs a bit wider. The feel of the younger lad's hands on his ass drove Pitt crazy and he heaved in again and again—all but the thick base of his big dick jammed into Renfro's butt.

With one particularly heavy thrust, Renfro felt the light-headed sensation produced by the soft scratch of Pitt's crisp, dark pubic hair as it brushed against the soft skin of his upturned butt. "Annngh, fuck, man—give it to me." Another blast of poppers: Pitt straightened his arms and pulled half the burgeoning length of his cock from the clutching hole and paused. He could feel the blood pounding from his temples, his neck, chest, abdomen, thighs, his groin—to the base of his hefty, heaving balls and up his throbbing shaft. The pounding of his over-excited cock nearly drove him wild, but he fought against the burning need to plough it into Renfro's taut ass.

When he could stand it no longer, he pulled another inch of his cock from the hot sheath, then arched his back, pushing up with his thighs. His cock rammed deep into Renfro's butt—a final moment of hesitation, then—"UNNGH!"—Pitt's monstrous cock sank in to the hilt—"Unngh—FUCK!" Pitt's warm, heavy balls pressed into the base of the moist crevice that holstered his cock. "Fuck, yeah!" He heaved against the hard butt as his cock throbbed and swelled, then he collapsed onto Renfro's smooth, young back, grinding his balls into the youth's hot ass.

Renfro nearly lost consciousness—the thought of Pitt's eight-incher buried in his firm, round butt, the feel of the warm, heavy balls stretched against his ass cheeks, Pitt's rippling abdomen heaving into the small of his back, the overheated knob that throbbed deep inside him—but the sudden movement of the massive intruder quickly brought him back to his heightened senses.

Pitt had leaned forward, straddling the kid's legs, and begun bucking his hips, rocking his pelvis against Renfro's firm ass, driving his swelling cock deeper, even deeper, his balls pushing up against the bottom of the lad's butt. "Unngh... unngh... unngh!" His dick was now iron-hard—and was swelling with each pulse, at least ten inches now. Sinking the head of his steaming cock even deeper with another pound of his hips—"Yeah!"—he withdrew to the heated knob and rammed the full length home—"YEAH!"

Pitt reared back from the waist as Renfro spread his legs, his cock buried to the hilt, his massive balls crushed against the firm buttocks. He paused there for a moment, his entire cock lodged in the youth's hot butt—then he began thrusting.

Renfro could feel the huge, hard cock shoving into his tight channel—pulling out, then pounding back in. He braced himself and started to move his hips in time to Pitt's increasingly bestial fucking, arching his back and pushing his butt back to meet each battering thrust—"Anngh—anngh!"

Each time his cock rammed home, Pitt's thighs and balls slapped against Renfro's butt. As his dick got hotter and hotter, more and more massive, his thrusts increased in velocity and force. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the lad's shoulders. Renfro shoved back against the older youth's heaving pelvis—"Anngh, yeah," he rasped, "Anngh, fuck me! Anngh, yeah! Yeah! FUCK!" Renfro's cock jerked wildly and Pitt could feel the kid beginning to tense with pleasure, his own hefty balls shifting in their warm sac.

He pounded his cock into the lad—harder, deeper—again and again—harder, faster. Slamming it to the balls with each ferocious thrust. "Ungh, yeah—fuck, Brad!" Harder and harder. "Take it—take my cock—yeah!" Deeper and deeper. "Fuck! Unngh, fuck!" Harder, deeper—over and over.

He slowed the manic pounding of his cock, then lodged it deep in the younger man's ass. He took a final whiff of poppers, then held the bottle under the kid's nose—Renfro inhaled deeply.

Searing lust pounded through Pitt's body, driving more heat to his ever-swelling dick. Then he started slamming his cock into the kid again. Renfro could feel the dark, hairy balls ramming into his muscular ass as Pitt thrust his pulsating cock harder and deeper than ever—"Anngh! Fuck me! Anngh! Anngh! Anngh! Fuck! Fuck! ANNGH! YEAH!" Pitt reared back, dragging his dick out of Renfro's ass and left the dark, swollen head beating within the hot anal ring. Then, with a terrible urgency, he heaved forward, ramming it all the way to the hilt.

Renfro could feel that his own throbbing cock was about to erupt as the bursting hot cock buried in his ass quivered in the sudden tautness between them. Even in this moment of rigid stillness, he could feel a dangerously increasing tempo. Pitt's whole body seemed to be vibrating, ready to explode in a flood of animal passion. "Oh, yeah, Brad," the younger man moaned, "Anngh, FUCK! ANNNNGH..." Renfro forced his ass even further back onto the massive cock—Pitt gasped, his whole body one heaving fuck muscle. "Whoa—fuck!" Renfro exclaimed, astonished, "You're gonna make me come, man—anngh!—I'm gonna fuckin'—ANNNGH!"

Pitt pulled a bit of his dick from Renfro's asshole, then rammed it back, grinding his hips into the firm buttocks—"Unngh!" He pulled half of his cock out, then rammed it back, forcing it even deeper—"UNNGH!" He pulled it all the way out to the head, then rammed it all the way back up Renfro's ass, his balls crushed against the taut butt—"UNNNGH!!" His cock went completely rigid as a scalding surge of cum raced from his huge heaving balls and coursed up his pulsating shaft—"Take it, Brad! TAKE IT!! Fuck! FUCK! ! FUCK!!!"

His hips jerked convulsively as the boiling cum filled his cock, then burst from the massive swollen head in a tremendous frothing spurt. Pitt pounded the cum up Renfro's ass, driving his big dick deep into the lad's butt with each eruption—Renfro's dick jerked and throbbed as his back arched and his asshole clutched turbulently around the erupting cock—"Ah, fuck! Yeah! YEAH! FUCK ME!! ANNGH, YEAH!" As Pitt's galvanic cum gushed into his ass, a surge of heat roared through Renfro's body. The youth's balls began to pump their heavy load up his thumping cock and out—shooting burst after burst of hot cum up his abs, drenching the sheets—"Fuck me, Brad—FUCK ME! FUCK ME!! YEAH—ANNGH, FUCK!!"

"Yeah, take it—take my hot fuckin cum, stud! ANNGH, YEAH—FUCK!!" Jet after jet of thick cum shot like a geyser up the tight hole that engulfed Pitt's cock—"YEAH! TAKE IT! Fuck! FUCK!!!" Fiercely, almost painfully, their double pumping crashed on—and on.

Finally, Pitt's orgasm slowed to a few pulsing trickles, though his body still shuddered and convulsed as the last of his climax swept over them. Then he collapsed, gasping, on the younger man's back. "Fuck!"

Renfro was panting beneath him, their bodies slick with sweat, a heady scent of male filling the trailer.

"Well, well. I thought you boys would never finish."

Both Brads slowly turned toward the source of the new voice. Kevin Bacon stood grinning in the open door of the trailer, the outline of a huge erection stretching down the leg of his jeans.


To be continued, depending on response...

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