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This is, obviously, a follow-up to The Two Brads, Part One. You might wanna check that out before reading this part, if you haven't already. It should also be noted that the sex described here isn't exactly safe. Remember: The Two Brads is a wishful work of fiction—don't try this at home.

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The Two Brads

Part Two

The two Brads stared in astonishment at Kevin Bacon standing the trailer doorway. I thought you boys would never finish?? How long had he been standing there?

Brad Pitt was the first to recover his voice. "Eh, Kevin—this isn't—this isn't what it looks like."

"Well, Brad," Kevin drawled, "it looks like your cock is buried in young Mr. Renfro's ass. What part have I got wrong?"

The younger Brad spoke up now. "He—he means we weren't— this isn't, uh..."

"Weren't what? Isn't what?"

 "I mean— I mean, we're not, uh..."

"Hang on, Brad," Pitt murmured. He slowly slid his still-rigid cock from the youth's butt, causing the younger man to groan softly. He sat back, pulling a towel from his bag, and wiping his chest and groin. He was still a bit dazed from the incredible sex he and Renfro had just had. "First of all, Kevin, how the hell did you get in here?"

"Is that an invitation?" Kevin asked. He stepped into the trailer, closing the door behind him. "You know, if you two are going to get up to this sort of thing, you really should lock your door." He turned and did so himself.

"We're not—we're not 'getting up to' anything," the younger Brad stammered. "I mean, Brad was just— Well, he was helping me."

"What are you doing coming into my trailer, Kevin?" The older Brad cut in. He handed the towel to Renfro, who sat up and began wiping himself down a bit. Pitt dragged the sheet up, covering their nakedness a bit.

"Oh, right. Well, I did knock. A coupla times. Guess you two were just too preoccupied to hear. When I opened the door and saw what was going on, I figured I'd better at least stand guard. I mean, you wouldn't want one of those tabloid reporters stumbling across you like this, would you? Not that they couldn't have guessed what was going on in here anyway. 'Oh, yeah, fuck me Brad, fuck me!'" he impersonated the younger Brad, then the elder. "'Aw, yeah—take it, take it—fuck!'"

"All right, that's enough," Pitt snarled. "You wanna get outta here, so we can get cleaned up?"

"Just like that?" Kevin asked.

"Just like that," Pitt replied.

"Oh, I don't think so," Kevin said, stepping closer to the bed. "I don't think we're quite finished here."

"Wh—what do you mean?" the younger Brad asked.

"Well, the two of you got me pretty turned on, you know? It's not often you stumble across a show like that. I think the least you could do would be to 'help' me, too."

"No, really, Kevin," Renfro tried to explain, "we were—we were working. Brad was helping me with the character, you know? I mean, it's not like we were—well, you know..."

"Working?" Kevin chuckled. "Didn't look like work to me. Looked like you were both having a pretty good time. In fact—"

"Look, Kevin, I don't think this is any of your business," Pitt interrupted.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," Kevin replied, pulling out the chair and sitting next to the table. "I was just thinking that I could use some help with my character."

"See, I told you," Renfro whispered to Pitt.

"Told him what?" Kevin asked.

Renfro turned on him. "That you'd enjoy this sort of thing."

"Well, hell, coming across two young studs like you guys fucking each other like goddamned bunnies, who wouldn't get a bit of a—a rise?" he said, his hand drifting down to his crotch. "So why don't you tell me about this 'character work' you were doing?"

"Why don't you get the hell out of my trailer?" Pitt demanded.

"Because, for one, young Mr. Renfro there is—what?—fourteen years old? Now, that's statutory rape no matter how willing he was—and I must say he looked pretty damned willing."

Brad Pitt turned to the youth, his jaw dropping. "Fourteen?"

"Well, I'll be fourteen in July..."

"Holy shit—holy shit," the older Brad exclaimed.

"More like deep shit, if this ever got out," Kevin returned. "So, you wanna tell me about this 'work' you were doing?"

"I'm sorry, Brad," Renfro said softly. "I didn't think this would get us into any kind of trouble."

"I know. That's okay," replied Pitt.

"Hello? I'm talking to you guys."

"All right!" Renfro rounded on him again.

"Now, who said anything about trouble?" Kevin asked. "I'm just telling you the kind of trouble you could be in if this got out."

"So how do we keep it from getting out?" the younger man asked.

"Well, first you can tell me about this—acting exercise or whatever it was."

"Brad was just— I was worried about this scene tomorrow," Renfro began. "You know, the rape scene. And I didn't think I could play it without— well, without some kind of—experience."

"Okay," Kevin replied, "so why didn't you come to me? I mean, wouldn't that have made more sense?"

"Well, maybe, but I thought Brad might've needed some help, too," the youth continued. "You know, neither of us ever had sex with—with a guy before and—and being made to do something that we didn't want to do and—"

"Hang on," Kevin interrupted. "I can see where Mr. Pitt there fucking you up the ass might help you, Brad. But how the hell was it supposed to help him?"

"Like I said, being made to do something against his will..."

"Right." Kevin replied. "He looked pretty damned willing to me."

"Hey!" Pitt interjected. "You only saw the end. I mean, okay, I have to admit, it was pretty hot once we got started. But it was not something I wanted to do."

"Oh, yeah—like this thirteen-year-old forced you to shove your dick up his butt, right?"

"I didn't say that. I mean, I did agree—eventually. Mostly because Brad thought it was important—that he needed the experience."

"And did it help?" Kevin asked, turning to the younger Brad.

"Yeah, Kevin. Yeah, it did." He smiled slightly. "Especially when Brad got a bit—carried away. It was—it was really like being raped there for a few minutes."

"But you said it would help him, too, right?" Kevin asked.

"Well, yeah."

Kevin turned to Pitt now. "And did it?"

"Well, I—sort of, I guess."

"It helped you know what it was like to be raped? Pounding your dick up some kid's ass until you shot your load? Really??"

"Well... I mean—"

"I didn't think so," Kevin replied. "Well, since we're all being so 'helpful' to each other today, what do you say I help you now, Brad?"

Pitt swallowed hard. "What—what do you mean?"

"Oh, I think you know what I mean. Renfreak here took a dick up the ass for the sake of art. Don't you think you should do the same? For the 'experience', of course. And at the same time, you'd be helping out another actor. Wasn't that what this was all supposed to be about?"

"Doesn't sound like you need much help there, Kevin," Pitt replied. "Seems to me, you've been there before."

"Oh, I've fucked plenty of guys in my time—but never someone who didn't want to be fucked. Young Brad here said it helped him. Don't you want to do everything you can to sympathize with this character?"

"I, uh... I don't know."

"Well, I know, Brad. I don't see where you have much choice—considering the consequences. And, as you seem a lot less willing than Renfreak, it should be that much more 'helpful'."

"You've—you've fucked other guys?" Renfro asked.

"Sure," said Kevin. "I try to get it on with some guy on almost every project I work on. And there are plenty in between."

"You've fucked other actors?"

"That's right. But unlike Mr. Pitt, here, they've all been legal. I prefer men to boys."

"I don't prefer boys." Pitt was doing a lot of snarling in the aftermath of his sexual gymnastics. "I've never done this with any guy before."

"Like who?" Renfro asked, looking at Kevin slightly awed.

"What?" Kevin was slightly confused by the question.

"Like what actors have you fucked?"

"Oh. You mean, like, ones you'd know?"

"I guess, yeah."

"Well, Christian Slater would probably be the most recent."

"Wow," Renfro said, almost a sigh.

"Yeah, I'd been hot for his ass since I saw The Name of the Rose. Let's see, Mickey Rourke and Steve Guttenberg would've been among the first—and that was back when they were kinda cute. Um, Billy Baldwin—that was during Flatliners—Anthony LaPaglia, you know him? Aussie guy—not my type, but man, could he fuck! The Cruiser, of course, A Few Good Men, but I guess everyone's ridden him."

"Tom Cruise?" Renfro seemed excited by Bacon's litany.

"Yeah, that one." He turned to the older Brad. "He didn't try you on during Vampire?"

"No, he did not." Pitt replied.

"I'm surprised. Just as well, though—he's not that good. You shoulda gone for Slater, though—he's a bang and a half."

"Okay, look, I think we've heard enough of your resum&eactute;," Pitt said. "You want something from us or what?"

"I want something from you. Like I said, boys are not my thing," Kevin replied. "Okay, you're a bit younger than I am—what, thirty-ish?"


"Right, about five years younger, then. Not quite the same thing as fucking a teenager, though, is it?"

"No, it's not," Pitt muttered. "Look, if we have to do this—"

"Oh, we have to do this." Kevin interrupted, looking at Pitt evenly.

The older Brad paused for a moment, holding Bacon's gaze. "Well, let's get on with it, then!" He turned to the younger man. "Brad, you wanna go?"

"Oh, I think he'd prefer to stay and watch," Kevin said. "Wouldn't you, Brad?"

"I, ah—"

"Of course he would," Kevin finished for him. "I think he likes to watch actors at work."

"Okay, okay," Pitt said. "Let's just get this over with."

"That's not a very good attitude, Brad," Kevin smiled.

"What do you want? Let's get started?"

"That's better," Kevin said, standing. "Besides, you're gonna like this. Really. I've never fucked anyone without making them come. Most guys never even have to touch their dicks."

"Well, there are exceptions to every rule, Kevin. You're not gonna make me come."

"You wanna bet? The Kevin Bacon power-fuck has never failed."

"I don't want to bet, Kevin, but you're not gonna make me come. Can we get this started?"

Okay—we'll see. Now, I better warn you, I'm pretty, uh, well-endowed. And I didn't exactly come prepared for this—no lube or anything. Were you guys using, uh, protection?"

"No," Renfro answered, "we, ah—we figured it wasn't that risky 'cause Brad gets tested regularly and I—I haven't been with that many people, ah, sexually, and it's, ah, always been—safe."

"Well, I've been getting tested every three months for over ten years now—and I'm negative so far," Kevin turned to the older Brad. "You sure about your status, Pitt?"

"Sure, I'm sure. You think I woulda done anything with Brad here if I wasn't sure?"

"Okay, then," Kevin replied, unfastening his belt and beginnning to unbutton his jeans. "You might wanna get this slicked up a bit first." He pushed the jeans off his hips revealing a pair of boxers. The hard-on he had since opening the door of the trailer was still straining at the left leg of his shorts. "Brad?"

Pitt reluctantly slipped off the bed and knelt in front of Bacon. He pulled the jeans all the way down Kevin's legs, the swollen cock tenting out against the lad's boxers. There was a large damp spot where the material concealed the bulbous head of Bacon's cock. Pitt took a deep breath, then gripped the waistband of the older man's shorts.

"Well?" Kevin looked down at the man kneeling in front of his crotch.

Pitt stretched the waistband out and tugged the boxers down over Bacon's firm butt. When they were at about mid-thigh, the man's cock sprang out and up, a long drop of pre-cum flying off the end and streaking Pitt's face. The younger man gasped and sank back—this cock was huge. Okay maybe only an inch or so longer than his own, but it was easily two inches in diameter—maybe more. And the girth made the whole thing look that much bigger. He was also hit with the aroma of Kevin's dick, adding to the already heady scent of manhood that filled the trailer.

"You just gonna stare at it, boy?" Bacon stared down at Brad Pitt. Before he knew what he was doing, Pitt found his right hand around the base of Kevin's cock and his mouth on the head. This cock tasted a bit gamier, more mature than Renfro's, but the taste of his pre-cum filled him with inexplicable lust. "What am I doing?" he thought.

Well, what he was doing was taking about half of Kevin Bacon's cock in his mouth, the knob lodged against his soft palate. He slipped his lips back up to the ridged corona, then back down the thick shaft. It lodged at the back of his mouth again for a moment, then, swallowing hard, it shoved into his throat.

"Whoa, Brad!" Kevin exclaimed. "That is good! That is real good!" He gripped Pitt's head and pulled his cock back out to the head, then shoved in again—and again, fucking his face. "Oh, yeah—that's it—all the way down. Yeahhh..."

Pitt pulled back, the cock slipping from his mouth. He knelt there gasping for a moment, then, gripping Kevin's firm buttocks, began licking the shaft. Up and down, up to the head, swirling his tongue around, tasting more pre-cum, down to the balls, feeling their warmth, inhaling their scent. He lapped at the older man's cock repeatedly, soaking his shaft, his balls, licking all around his groin.

Brad Renfro, meanwhile, watched the unfolding action with fascination. It looked like Pitt was really getting into this. Kevin certainly was. And so was he. His own cock had stiffened again and he found that he was stroking it as he watched the two older men.

Kevin was now bracing himself on the table behind him, his head thrown back, his back arched, and his hips thrust forward. Pitt was licking and sucking at his cock, his tongue travelling down to his balls, his thighs... Suddenly, the younger man turned around and stuck his face up between Kevin's legs, his tongue seeking out the older man's butthole. Kevin sighed as the warm, wet tongue made contact, his balls settling on Pitt's chin.

From the bed, Renfro could now see that Brad Pitt, too, sported another erection. It bobbed up and down as he forced his face up between the firm cheeks of Kevin Bacon's ass. He began stroking his own dick even harder, pre-cum oozing from the head. "Why should they be having all the fun?" he thought. He slipped from the bed and knelt, straddling Brad Pitt's thighs. He gripped Kevin's hips and began going down on his cock.

"Mmmnn, fuck!" Bacon sighed as he felt two hot mouths working him over.

The younger Brad's cock was dripping onto the older's. He reached down and grabbed both of them in his fist, stroking them together, mingling their juices. The older Brad moaned and sank his tongue deeper in Kevin's hole, fucking it in and out.

Pitt's tongue up his butt had been driving Kevin crazy, but with his dick slipping in and out of Renfro's mouth at the same time, he thought he might actually lose it. And he certainly didn't want to come yet.

"Brad?" he rasped.

The youngest lad sat back, Kevin's cock slipping from his mouth. "Yeah?"

"No, the other Brad."

Renfro went right back to work on Kevin's cock as Pitt lowered his face Kevin's ass. "Yeah?"

"You wanna kneel up on the bed?" Bacon asked.

"Uh, okay." He slid down between Renfro's thighs, pausing to look up at the youth going down on Bacon's cock. He leaned up to place a gentle kiss on the dripping head of Renfro's cock before sliding all the way down between his legs and standing. Then he knelt on the edge of the bed.

"Brad?" Kevin breathed again.

Pitt looked back over his shoulder. "Yeah?"

"No—the other Brad."

The massive cock dropped from Renfro's mouth. "Hunh?"

"You need to move back a little."


Kevin kicked off his shoes and the younger Brad pulled the jeans and shorts from around his ankles. The youth scooted back a bit and Kevin stepped forward, placing a hand on each firm cheek of the perfect butt that faced him from the edge of the bed, spreading them wide. Then his face was buried in Brad Pitt's ass. He was almost overwhelmed by the musky scent, Pitt's butt being coated with a slick of sweat from his sexual exertions combined with the sweeter, but gamier smell of Renfro's butt and the older Brad's cum wafting up from Pitt's balls—and the deep, smoky taste of his hole—fuck!

"Unngh, yeah!" Pitt exclaimed in spite of himself as Bacon's tongue found the tight, puckered entrance. Renfro's tongue had travelled over his butthole earlier and that hadn't felt bad at all. But now Kevin's hot tongue was forcing its way inside and he began to feel almost delerious. Without thinking, he had begun to stroke his cock.

Renfro, meanwhile, had gone back to work on Kevin's cock. As the oldest actor felt the hot, young mouth enveloping the head of his cock again, he began to go crazy on Brad's pit. His tongue forced its way deeper in the older Brad's ass, spiralling around the tight hole, his nose burrowing between the taut buttocks. At the same time, the younger Brad was taking Kevin's cock deeper, his mouth stretching around the thick shaft, his throat opening to let the monster shove even deeper.

Bacon leaned back from Pitt's ass. "Fuck, Brad," he exhaled, looking down at Renfro. He grabbed the youth's head and pulled his cock through Renfro's lips, then jammed it back into his throat. Almost losing control, he thrust his cock into the younger Brad's face fiercely for a few moments, rocking his hips, his abs contracting spasmodically. His face was shiny with his spit and he breathed in the humid funk of Pitt's butt as Renfro expertly sucked his dick. Then he pulled his cock all the way out of the youth's mouth. "Whoa! You're gonna make me come, there, stud! I shouldn't even be fucking with you, kid. I think I wanna save this load for the main attraction—taking your friend's cherry." Renfro looked wistfully at Kevin's dick, dripping with his saliva and the older lad's pre-cum. "C'mon. Why don't you watch for a while."

The younger Brad reluctantly moved to the chair while the older Brad looked back over his shoulder, still jerking his cock, which was again straining its full eight inches. Kevin turned back to Pitt. "And why don't you move up on that bed a bit?" Pitt obediently crawled up an the bed as Bacon clambered between his legs. "I assume you want this like Renfreak took it—like a dog?"

"That was because your character takes me from behind in the scene," Renfro offered. His cock was fully seven inches and almost as hard as when Pitt was fucking him. He stroked it slowly, his eyes glued to the two studs arranged on the bed in front of him.

"Then from behind it is," Bacon replied. "Spread your knees a bit there, Brad," he said, placing his hands back on Pitt's butt and spreading the cheeks. He stared down at the clutching rose between them. He could tell that Pitt was extremely wary of what was about to happen—the brownish-pink pucker, shining with his spit, was was clenched to the size of a dime. He spat into his hand and mingled his saliva with Renfro's, lubing his cock from top to bottom, pre-cum pulsing from the tip. "You ready, stud?"

"Just do it," Pitt replied between his teeth.

"Yes, sir!" Bacon replied, grasping his shaft at about the mid-point. He bent his knees slightly and ran the head of his cock up and down between Pitt's firm butt. "Oh, yes..."

"Unnnngh..." Pitt moaned as he felt the warm, swollen knob rubbing between his cheeks, grazing his tight hole as it moved over it again and again. Bacon grasped Pitt's hips and ran the full length of his cock up and down the warm crevice, smearing it with his copious pre-cum. Pitt could feel his ass involuntarily gripping at the hard cock as it moved between his cheeks, the long shaft rubbing all the way up his crack, then down, the dripping head sliding all the way down to his balls. Then he felt it coming to rest against his tightening entrance and nudging forward—"Ungh!" He stroked his dick more furiously, trying to lose himself in the sensation.

"Hey—you jerking off there, Mr. Pitt?"

"What? No," the older Brad replied, placing both hands on the bed in front of him.

"Coulda fooled me. We don't want you to come too soon, though—could get uncomfortable. Oh, right—I forgot. You're not gonna come." He sank back on his ankles regarding the sculpted mounds before him. "Maybe we'd better make sure, though."

"What do you mean?" Pitt asked.

"Brad?" Kevin turned to the youth sitting at the table.


"Why don't you unlace one of your sneakers?"

"What? What for?"

"To help out your buddy here. Help make sure he doesn't come. At least not yet."

Brad Renfro reached for one of his shoes and began pulling the white lace from the eyelets, not sure what was happening. He handed the lace to Kevin. "In fact, kid, give me the other one, as well. Now, first, we'll make sure Mr. Pitt here stops playing with himself. He grabbed the older Brad's wrists and pulled them back. Pitt fell forward, his face landing on a pillow, resting on his shoulders, his ass raised high. Kevin pulled his arms behind his back and began binding the wrists together with the shoelace. Pitt was too surprised to react until his wrists were secured behind his back. "Hey! What're you—"

"I'm helping you stick to your word, Brad. Make sure you don't come."

"I don't think this is necessary, Kevin."

"What? The way you were beating your meat a second ago? You'd have come in minutes. Now," Kevin said, turning to the younger Brad, "maybe you'd like to have the honor of binding his dick."

"What?" Renfro asked.

"Take the other shoelace and wrap it around the base of his dick." Renfro stood and moved to the bed. He took Pitt's cock in his hand, his own erection twitching at the feel of the warm, rigid shaft. "That's it. No—wrap it under his balls, get his cock and balls all wrapped up together. A bit tighter, kid. We don't want him to be able to shoot unless he's coming like a fire hose."

As Renfro wrapped the shoelace around Pitt's cock, he could see it getting even harder and turning a deep, angry pink. "Unghhh, unghhh..." Pitt moaned as he felt the lace digging into the base of his cock. He felt his cock throbbing against the constraining shoelace and it seem to just get harder and harder. His wrists strained at their binding, but it was no use.

"Okay, Brad—you better sit back down." Renfro returned to his chair and immediately began stroking his dick as Bacon resumed his position between Pitt's thighs.

Gripping his cock again, Bacon rubbed the dripping head around Pitt's hole. He spit in his hand and smeared his saliva between Pitt's buttocks, mixing it with his pre-cum. He eased a finger down the cleft and found the tightening bud. "Easy, stud—relax..." Kevin whispered. He eased his finger inside Pitt. Renfro licked his lips and began stroking his cock harder as he watched.

"Ungh! Ow—fuck!" Pitt cried as he felt Kevin opening him up.

"Steady, Brad. That's just my finger. Now just relax..." He slid his finger in a bit deeper. "God, you are tight, stud. This is gonna be incredible." He moved his finger in gentle circles, deeper. Then he eased it out, notwanting to loosen him up too much. He grabbed his cock and lodged the heated knob against Pitt's constricting anus. The intense warmth of the guy's body surrounding the head of his cock was amazing. This could be shaping up to be one of the best fucks of his career. "You ready?"


Bacon nudged the head of his cock against Pitt's hole a bit harder and felt more pre-cum pulsing up his shaft. He smudged it around the tight opening, then pressed forward. "Unnngh..." Pitt moaned as he felt his hole stretching under the pressure, his cock stretching up against his abs. He was shocked at how different this felt to what he'd been expecting. Kevin's cock suddenly seemed huge—he'd never be able to accomodate something that large. Yet, Renfreak, as Kevin had called him, had been able to take his cock—and seemed to like it. He willed himself to relax, to open himself to the relentless pressure he felt at the very base of his being, to yield...

Suddenly Kevin's cock moved forward, inward. He could feel Pitt's sphincter finally relenting a bit, relaxing. He leaned into Pitt a little harder, the head of his cock gliding forward through his pre-cum. He gripped Pitt's hips tightly and rocked his pelvis forward. "Yeah! Oh, yeah—fuck!" he cried as he felt his cock slide inside Brad Pitt's ass. His knob was wedged in the tight hole like a stopper, the wide ridge nestled just outside the clutching anus. Clenching his but he shoved forward again—"Fuck, Brad! Oh, yeah!" The head of his cock had slid into Pitt's hole, which clamped snugly around the first couple of inches of his dick.

"No—unngh, no—fuck!" Brad Pitt strained at his restraints, shifting his butt, involuntarily trying to dislodge Bacon's iron-hard cock. "Kevin, I can't do this! I can't take it."

"C'mon, man," Renfro said, "I took your cock. And I'll bet my hole was a lot tighter." He was really enjoying the show and his dick glistened with the pre-cum that was practically flowing from it as he stroked himself.

"He's got a point, Brad," Kevin replied. "Just try to relax. I'll be hitting your prostate soon and the whole thing will feel a lot different. Just hang in there. Besides, this is meant to be a rape, isn't it? Think of this as character work." With that he shoved his cock forward again, another inch forced its way up Pitt's ass.

"Shit! Fuck!" Pitt cried. He was only concentrating on the searing pain in his butt and was losing his erection despite the improvised cockring.

"Hey, this is no picnic for me either. Your ass is way tight—feels like your break the end of my dick off."

"Let me help," Renfro offered.

"What?" Pitt rasped.

"It felt a lot better when I was jerking off while you were entering me. The hotter I got, the better it felt." He clambered onto the narrow bed and slid under the older Brad, his head below the other guys'crotches. He manouevered his right leg to the far side of Pitt's shoulders and slid down, his own cock pressed against Pitt's chest. Looking up, he could see Kevin's massive cock lodged in his buddy's hole. His cock throbbed against the warmth of Pitt's torso and he slid further down, his balls moving up Pitt's neck to his chin. He was now in a more or less classic sixty-nine position, Brad Pitt's cock directly above his face. He wriggled around slightly so that Pitt's face was resting in his crotch, then leaned up and took the older Brad's cock in his mouth.

"Unngh, yeah..." Pitt moaned as he felt the youth's hot, wet mouth on his cock. He felt himself getting hard again and began rubbing his nose around Renfro's balls, his tongue darting out to taste the boyish cock.

Kevin could feel Pitt's butt-hole relaxing a little and shifted back slightly, the crest of his cockhead sliding back out through the tight sphincter. Then he lunged forward.

"Nnnngh!" Pitt moaned, his mouth on Renfro's cock. He could feel Bacon's rod shoving deeper this time, nudging against a place that made his own dick leap in Renfro's mouth. "Nnnnngh..."

"That's it, Brad," Kevin said in a low, husky voice. "Now we're getting somewhere." He pushed in again and felt Pitt's ass clutching at his dick, then relaxing, clutching, then relaxing. All right, this guy was gonna get into this after all. He slid back out, then shoved forward, burying half of his cock in Pitt's ass. "Yeah... yeah!" From the contractions he felt around his cock, he knew he was riding over Pitt's prostate.

Renfro, meanwhile, was taking more and more of the older Brad's cock in his mouth, sucking at it greedily. He could feel Pitt's mouth moving up his shaft to take the head of his cock in his mouth, which only made him work harder on his buddy's dick. Brad Pitt could taste the sweet pre-cum that was leaking from Renfro's cock and he sank further down the youth's shaft, feeling it pulse and throb in his mouth.

Kevin was now gently rocking his cock in and out of Pitt's ass, shoving a little more of it into the tight hole with each stroke. He couldn't remember his dick ever being in anything quite so hot, so tight, so—responsive. The deeper his cock slid into Pitt's ass, the more the tight channel seemed to clutch and stroke at it. He pulled out to the knob, then drove it in as far as he could, sinking nearly three quarters of his cock in Pitt's butt. "YEAH!"

"Ungh! Unngh! Fuck!" Pitt let Renfro's cock fall from his mouth. He rocked his hips, shoving his own cock into the younger Brad's throat, his ass riding up and down on Bacon's cock. "Unnngh, yeah...."

Kevin looked down at the couple of inches of his cock that remained outside Pitt's ass, his hefty balls dangling below it. He was about to take one of the most beautiful butts in the business. Gazing at the firm spheres, the dimples in the lower back above them, the taut rippling muscles as Pitt's ass shifted on his dick, he nearly came on the spot. "Renfreak?"

"Mmn?" the younger Brad replied, his mouth full of Pitt's rigid cock.

"You might wanna go back to watching. None of us wants to come quite yet—and I think you're about to drive Mr. Pitt here crazy."

Reluctantly, Brad Renfro let Pitt's cock slide from his mouth. He was surprised that he hadn't been treated to any of his buddy's pre-cum like the last time. Then he remembered the shoelace wrapped around Pitt's cock. As he scrambled out from under the other lads, he could see that Pitt's cock, wet with his saliva, was a hard as a steel bar. He knew how hot getting fucked had made him and wondered if Pitt's cock might actually explode.

He knelt on the floor next to the bed, absorbed in the scene before him—Pitt's swollen balls and rigid cock, the hard round butt with over six inches of fat cock jammed up it. Without realizing it, he was already pumping his own cock wildly.

Kevin pulled his cock back out to the head, then began thrusting. Slowly at first—in, then back out—in, then back out—gradually picking up momentum, but not shoving any deeper. He could still feel Pitt's hole spasming around his cock every time it moved over his prostate. His thrusts got a bit harder, but still only sank about the first six inches of his cock into the constricting hole.

Pitt felt completely helpless, his arms trussed behind his back, his ass being ravaged by Bacon's cock, his dick desperate for release. He had no words for this—the feeling of Kevin's cock up his ass, the incredible heat, the fullness, the pounding intimacy deep inside him. He felt like he could feel every detail of the older man's cock—every vein, the flared ridge of the knob, the few wrinkles of foreskin. The harder Kevin was fucking him, the more he felt like he had to come—the more he wanted it.

Kevin was shoving his cock into Pitt with increasing velocity, watching the younger man's back arch with each thrust. He'd better slow down or he was going to come soon himself. He rammed his cock into Pitt's ass and paused, two inches of his dick still throbbing outside the tight hole. "You want the rest of this, Brad?" He asked. "You want all of my cock up your ass? Want me to make you fuckin' come?"

Pitt was breathing heavily. He didn't know what to say. Yes, he wanted that cock up his ass—but he didn't want to submit to Kevin. His ass continued to clutch at the massive cock that was nearly buried to the hilt inside him—almost as though his body were trying to pull the rest of it in.

"Hmmn? You want it?" Bacon leaned back, his cock sliding out. Just the flared knob remained clutched in Pitt's tight hole.

"Tell him, Brad," Renfro whispered. "It's okay. I sure as hell wanted your cock. Tell him."

Pitt looked over at the youth and realized that Renfro was really getting off on this. For some reason, that turned him on even more. And with Bacon's cock no longer ramming into him, with only the head of the older man's cock grasped in his butt, he felt somehow—empty.

"Well, Brad?" Kevin asked again.

Pitt looked at Renfro again, then turned his head back to the pillow, the heat of Bacon's cock pulsing just inside the entrance to his own heated passage. "Yeah," he murmured. "Yeah, okay."

"Yeah what?"


"Yeah what?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I want your cock, okay? I want the whole fuckin' thing! All right? I want you to shove everything you've got up my ass. Want you to pound it into me. Want you to make me fuckin come! Okay? Okay??"

Renfro was a bit surprised by Pitt's outburst, but Bacon seemed pleased. "Okay!"

Kevin slid back a little more, the crest of his cockhead escaping the contracting sphicter. Then he drove his cock forward. "Oh, yeah!" Only an inch to go. He pulled back, paused, then—"Fuck! Yeah! Yeah!!"—rammed his cock all the way to balls.

"Unngh! Fuck—yeah!" Pitt cried. "Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck!!"

Kevin leaned forward and grabbed Pitt's upper arms, pulling the younger man up, wrapping his arms around the sculpted torso, Pitt's back and arms pressed tight to Kevin's chest. He humped his cock up into Pitt over and over again, his balls slamming up against Brad's, driving his cock as deep as it would go. "Yeah, Brad—oh, yeah! Yeah—take—my—fuckin'—cock!" He left his cock trobbing all the way up Pitt's tight hole, his abs straining against the small of Pitt's back, his balls pushed up between Pitt's thighs, his arms wrapped around Pitt's chest, squeezing at his pecs. Then he pulled about half of his dick from the straining hole and drove it back up—again—and again. "Yeah—yeah—take it—yeah!" It felt like his dick was getting even longer, harder, thicker with each forceful stroke.

Brad Pitt was practically delerious. "Unngh—unngh—unngh—fuck! Kevin—you—unngh—you gotta—unngh—gotta let me—unngh—let me—come! Unngh—fuck!"

Bacon lowered Brad Pitt back down to the bed, his ass still raised high, impaled on his burgeoning cock. "Let you come? I'm gonna make you fuckin' come, Pitt. Just by riding your fuckin' ass." With that, he began an almost brutal assault on Pitt's butt, ramming in to the hilt repeatedly, his balls slapping off of Brad's with each thrust. "Oh, yeah!"

Renfro thought he had never seen anything so hot in his life. His cock was about to burst. He slowed his strokes and watched the two studs fucking inches away from him. Fuck—he had to get a piece of this somehow! As he watched, the older Brad's cock leapt every time Bacon's big dick shoved up into him. With one particularly forceful thrust, he saw a drip of pre-cum leak from the tip of Pitt's cock, a glistening thread that looped up to his abs with the next powerful impact. He knew that the older Brad was desperate to come—and would have by now were it not for the restraint around the base of his cock.

"Unngh, fuck, Kevin—fuck me! Fuck me! Please! Make me fuckin—unnngh!" Pitt arched his back, his shoulders lifting from the bed, his straining cock so hard it was stretched up his abs, vibrating. Another dribble of pre-cum was forced up his unyielding shaft. Bacon hauled him back up again by the upper arms, shoving up into him with savage abandon.

"Yeah, take my fuckin cock! You fuckin love it, don't you? Yeah!" Kevin leaned back, Pitt's shoulders resting on his chest, his trussed arms clutching at his abs as he pounded his cock into the hot, constricting hole. He pulled the full length of his cock out, then rammed it back up to the hilt with an almighty shove.

"Unnnngh—fuck!" Pitt cried. Brad Renfro saw a pearly drop of cum force through the tip of Pitt's cock—Kevin was literally fucking the jizz out of him! "Yeah," the older Brad rasped, "harder!" Bacon pounded his cock up into him again—a longer streak of cum ran from the end of his dick. "Harder!" Again Bacon reared into him—this time a small jet of cum shot from Pitt's cock, slapping onto his abs. "Fuck me!!" Brad Renfro was astonished. Kevin was literally pounding Pitt's orgasm through the restraints around his cock and balls with each thrust. "Harder—harder!"

The harder Kevin slammed his cock into Pitt's butt, the more cum flew from the fettered cock. Renfro watched the older Brad's face twisting in the agony of his forced climax. He leapt forward and began tugging at the shoelace around Pitt's cock and balls, jets of cum spattering over his hands. Finally he worked the restraint loose—a flood of cum rushed from Pitt's cock—rope after rope after rope. "Unnngh, yeah! Fuck me, Kevin—fuck my ass—unngh—unngh, fuck!"

"Yeah, Brad—fuck!" As Kevin felt  Brad Pitt's ass clutching wildly at his cock, his body began to jerk out of control. He pounded his cock into the spasming hole with a passion that overwhelmed him. Both men fell forward on the bed, Bacon's massive cock crammed in the grip of Pitt's muscular ass. "Fuck—fuck—fuck!!" Kevin ground his hips against the hard cheeks as Pitt's hole tightened, clutching frantically at his cock. He reared back, straighteneing his arms, and pounded his dick into the strangling heat of Pitt's contracting hole. "FUCK!! I'm coming, stud! Fuck—fuck!!" He threw his head back, roaring like a beast and hammered his cock in to the balls. "FUCK!!!"

To Pitt, delerious with his own orgasm, it felt as though Kevin's cock had suddenly doubled in width. He could feel the immense presence expanding through his lower body, the head, lodged deep inside him, swelling—then his ass was filled with a rush of scalding heat. "Yeah—take it, Brad—yeah, fuck!!" Another burst of liquid heat scorched Pitt's insides, his own cock continuing to erupt. "Take it—yeah!!"

Brad Renfro didn't think he'd ever seen anything quite as magnificent as Kevin Bacon's butt as it contracted over and over, driving his fierce orgasm up inside Brad Pitt—except maybe the beautiful ass that was on the receiving end. Pre-cum was streaming from his own cock as he stroked it furiously. As Bacon continued to hump his load of cum into Pitt, he shifted his legs outside the older Brad's, spreading his thighs and rocking his dick deep into the contracting hole. Renfro leapt back onto the bed behind Kevin and watched as cum began to spray from Pitt's tight hole, drenching the two pairs of balls. He reached between their legs and smeared the cum over Bacon's balls and up the crack of his taut straining ass. He scooped up another spray of cum and smeared it over his glistening dick. He was damned if he was just gonna jerk off after watching the athletic fuck of the two older men for half an hour.

Gripping his slippery cock, Renfro leaned forward and ran the head of it up between Kevin's hard cheeks. By luck or instinct, he found the tightening entrance to Bacon's ass, fell forward on the older man's back—and pushed. "Annnngh—fuck!"

"Whoa, Brad—fuck!" Kevin shouted as he felt the lad's heated knob lodging in his ass. "Fuck!" The pressure forced even more cum from his dick into Pitt's straining butt. "Fuck!"

As Bacon's cock was driven even deeper into Pitt's hole, the older Brad felt like another climax was being forced from his aching balls. "Unnngh—Kevin—FUCK!"

"Anngh! Oh, my God!" Renfro couldn't believe how incredible this felt, his cock being jammed into the firm butt of a hot, sweaty stud—while he was coming! He shoved hard and forced half his cock into the tight channel. He knew he was about to come, but wanted to at least get his whole cock up inside Bacon before he did. He shoved again—"Annngh, yeah—yeah!" His cock rammed into Kevin all the way to the balls. He could feel the cum boiling up his shaft and quickly withdrew, then slammed his cock back into the older man—"Fuck, Kevin—fuck!!!"

As his orgasm overwhelmed him, Renfro humped his cock into Bacon with a series of short, deep stabs—then he was coming. "Yeah! Take it, Kevin! Anngh—take my cum! Fuck! Fuck! ANNGH, FUCK!!!"

Jet after jet of cum erupted from his cock, pounding into Bacon's ass again and again. He held his cock all the way inside the older man, his balls locked against Kevin's sweaty cum-streaked butt. "Take it—anngh, yeah!"

Finally, his orgasm began to subside and he became aware of the heaving pile of manhood beneath him. Both Brads and Kevin were gasping for breath, erratic pulses of cum still leaking from their cocks. "Well, Renfreak," Bacon breathed, "looks like you didn't just wanna watch, after all."

"Sorry, man," Renfro panted, "I just couldn't help it. I don't think I've ever seen anything so hot in my life!"

The three continued to lie there, catching their breath. Finally, Brad Pitt spoke. "You guys wanna think about getting off me? It's getting a bit hot down here."


To be further continued, depending on response...

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