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Chapter 4- Truths

Abandon Warehouse-

Superman had begun training me. And not just training me to fight, like Nightwing. But training me to kill. There is a difference. Fighting to take out your opponent, means looking for the opening and taking it. Never hesitating for a second, because that could be the difference between a kill and a wound. And you should never wound what you cant kill. It's been days of him training me. Days without taking a break. He knew what was coming. He knew what I wanted. And he was going to make sure that when the time comes, I would be ready. There was something different about Superman, I couldn't quite put my finger on it. But in my heart of hearts I knew something was up with him. He wasn't the same, soft hearted guy I had come to know. He was rougher around the edges. There was a harsher quality to him, like he had been through something horrible. The way he stared at me, watched me, it was like he has been in love with me for years and years. But I know that's not possible. I knew enough to know that the Superman I know cares a lot about me. But this is far different. This is much more. It scares me. He would kill to protect me, I was sure of that. I know I should feel comforted by that. But I'm not. It's like he's someone else. But that's impossible. For now, I was just pleased to be learning what I needed to, to destroy the one man on this earth, that took away my life.

As for Nightwing, I missed him. The butterflies in my belly that I felt for him that night, when he was about to kiss me, have never returned. Although we haven't had much time for anything more than training, when Superman kisses me, it's just not the same.

There was something electric between Nightwing and myself. Something I wanted to explore. I wish I could just see him, just ask him, if he felt the same way.

I was excited at the prospect of him teaching me, all about love. I was hoping to use that to get him to do things with me. I know I shouldn't even be thinking about this. I mean come on, what difference does it make? Nightwing wont want anything to do with me, once the dust settles. I'll be branded a killer. No one will ever look at me the same again.

And Aunt Donna. I couldn't even think about her right now. She's sacrificed a lot to take care of me, and Superman wont even let me call her. He says 'any human emotions, could cloud my judgment, and get me killed.'

Who was I to argue. So I'll do what he says, and bury my feelings, my ties to the world, to my sanity, and do what needs to be done.

"That's enough for today. We're going to have to move again. We've been here to long." Superman said.

"Again? Why do we have to keep moving?" I whined.

"Grant, I am doing whatever it takes to protect you. Don't question me, trust me." he demanded.

"Can we at least get something to eat? Maybe a shower or change of clothes?" I asked.

"I'll go get us something to eat, and some clothes. I'll be back in a half hour."

"Why cant I go with you? I've been cooped up in here for days." I asked.

"Grant, I said don't question me. I know what's best for you. I know what will keep you safe. Just do as I say!" he shouted.

I stood there, shocked, and outraged at the same time. But at the same time, I knew not to argue with him when he made his mind up. Superman has a temper I never knew about before. A temper that scared me, although I knew he wouldn't hurt me. I just nodded my head and he flew up through a window. I jump up into the air and floated over to the window and stared outside. The moon was full and lighted the street below. I could see couples walking down the street hand in hand. They seemed to be laughing at something. It all seemed very romantic to me. As I watched them walk, they passed a phone booth. I couldn't...I shouldn't...I'm going to. He said a half hour. I took off through the window and landed below. I walked into the phone booth. Damn, no money.

"Operator I need to make a collect call. 313-555-8800" I said into the receiver.

"Name please" she asked.


"One moment please...(Ring...Ring...Ring)...I have a collect call from Grant. Will you except?" she asked.

"Yes! I'll except the charges." Nightwing answered. I was a little nervous when I heard his voice. I wanted to hang up, but I didn't think I'd have another chance. I just wanted to let Aunt Donna and him know, that I was alright.

"Grant. Are you okay? Where are you?" Nightwing demanded.

"I'm alright Dick. I'm with Superman. I just wanted to call, and let you guys know that I'm alright. Is Aunt Donna there?" I asked.

"Grant, you have to listen to me. That is not Superman. I don't know who he is, but he's not Superman. You have to believe me. I don't know what he wants with you, but you have to get away. Tell me where you are, I'll come to you." he begged.

"What are you talking about? He is Superman. I mean, he's a little different, but still the same, if you know what I mean. Look I don't have much time, he's going to be back soon. He doesn't want me talking to anyone right now. Look, I just wanted to let you guys know I'm okay. And Dick, I miss you man..." I stammered.

"Grant don't hang up...please listen to me, this is real. The real Superman is out looking for you right now, everyone is. The man you are...Hello? Hello? Grant! Grant!" he yelled.

I had to hang up. Time was not on my side. I left the phone booth and flew back up into the abandon warehouse. Where I waited for Superman to come back.

I didn't know what Dick was getting at. I mean he couldn't really be serious. I know Superman's sporting a new look and attitude, but he looks the same, talks the same...

Maybe I was right. Maybe Dick was jealous. I wonder...



Titan Tower-

"Grant! Grant! Damn it. He hung up. We need to triangulate the call. Pinpoint his location. He has no idea how in danger he really is. He truly thinks he's with Superman." Dick said angrily, slamming the counter.

"Dick, will find him. Who ever this guy really is, at least we know that he doesn't want to hurt Grant. If he did he'd already be..." Starfire started.

"Don't finish that sentence. We have to get him back before that bastard get's whatever he wants. Who knows what he wants, but whatever it is, Grant will be useless after that." Dick spoke urgently.

A light exploded outside Titan Tower. We rushed out onto the deck to see.

"Prometheus! You've picked the wrong person to mess with. I'm having a really bad day, and I'm about to take it out on you." Dick Shouted.

"Nightboy, I am not your enemy. I am n..." Prometheus started, but was interrupted by Nightwing.

"THE HELL YOU AREN'T! You killed Damage and Liberty Belle! And now you're after Grant. And the name is Nightwing!"

"My apologies Nightwing. I am not from this earth. Where I come from, your counter part's name is Nightboy." he corrected.

"If you're not from this earth, where are you from? You have two minutes." Dick spoke sternly.

"There are many earths, in the multi-verse. I am from earth 3. To which, judging by your reaction to me, is an opposite of this earth. Where my counter part on this earth is evil, I am not. I am the leader of Team Justice. A very evil enemy of Team Justice escaped to this earth, moments before...his...capture. There is no bounds to his villainy. He is evil personified." he said.

"If what you say is true, what is he doing here?" Nightwing asked.

"There is only one reason he would come here. Grant Emerson." he answered.

"Why do I get the feeling, there is much more to this then you are letting on? What does he want with Grant?" Dick demanded.

"You don't trust me! Which is fair, since I don't trust you either. But right now we have a common enemy. We can work together, or against each other its your choice. There is only one way to defeat Ultraman, and on my world the key to it was the boy. If I am guessing correctly, the only reason he would come here, is to use the Grant of this world to stop the only weapon that can put a stop to his tyranny." he said.

"Then we have a really big problem. He already has Grant. So tell me, how is grant the key? What does that mean?" Dick demanded.

"His blood is the key. His blood activates the Kryptonian artifact." he answered.

"His blood! What happened to the Grant of your world?" Dick asked.

"He's dead. We're wasting valuable time. Either you're going to help or you're not! Which will it be? The fate of both our worlds is at stake, and I have the only means to stop Ultraman." he said.

Cyborg comes rushing out onto the patio.

"Nightwing, I've triangulated the call. I know where he called from. I've called Superman he's on his way."

"If you try anything, we will take you out! If you try to harm a hair on Grant, we will take you out. Starfire, Beastboy, you're with me. Cyborg, get a hold of Donna and let her know where to meet us." Dick commanded.

With a red and blue blur, Superman comes flying in. As he spots Prometheus, he flies straight at him hitting him dead on, sending him crashing through the wall of the Tower. Superman flies in after him, and starts punching Prometheus.

"You killed his parents! This is all your fault! You ruined his life! You took away the only two people that ever mattered to him." He screamed as he continued to hit him.

"Superman! Superman! Stop! He's not Prometheus! Superman, listen to me, you have to stop! You're wasting time! Grant is in danger, and we know where he is!" Dick shouted.

Superman stopped his assault on Prometheus.

"You've got some explaining to do. But you're right, we need to get moving."

"I'll explain everything on the way!"


Satellite Base of the Injustice League-

"Prometheus, we have a problem. Gorilla Grod noticed two life signatures matching yours. He thought it was an anomaly at first. But you know with his huge brain, he knew his machines would never make a mistake. So he sent Starsapphire to do some recon..." Mirror Master began.

"Get to the point, you fool!" Prometheus demanded.

"Okay, okay! She saw you at Titans Tower. So she notified Grod, and he knew you were still here. So he did some research on his mega computer, and saw a ripple through to another dimension. He feels that the version of you that Starsapphire saw, came through from another earth!" Mirror Master muttered.

"Circe! We have another mission. Mirror Master, use your Mirrors to record everything they do. I want it all taped. Circe, let's go!" Prometheus ordered.

The Abandoned Warehouse-

After we finished eating, Superman rigged some pipes in the bathroom, so that I was able to take a shower. He hardly spoke while we ate. Something was on his mind, and I had no clue what it was. I was getting nervous. Was he rethinking helping me...kill Prometheus? Or was it something else? I welcomed the distraction of the shower. The hot water cascading down my body, felt amazing. My muscles were tense from all the training I had done. No less, I felt I was starting to really stink, not showering in days. The stress of what my life had become since my parents death was getting to me. I started to cry. I could do that here in the shower, away from anyone's eyes. It felt good to be able to release. But I forgot something important! My sobs where loud enough if you had Super Hearing! Hello! I'm a dumb ass!

Superman flew so fast into the bathroom and his arms were around me before I had a chance to stop myself.

I buried my head into his chest and let it all out.

"It's okay baby! I'm here! Just let it all out! I'm going to take care of you, I promise. I'll always be here for you." he promised.

He grabbed my head and started kissing me. I was so caught up in my emotions, so taken by everything that was happening. So weak. I gave into him. I was too needy. To emotional. I needed to feel loved, I needed to feel anything. Call it what you will, but I'm sure you've done the same thing before.

Are kissing became more intense. His hands started moving up and down my back. Then down to my bubble butt. Sliding his fingers up and down the crack of my ass. I had often fingered myself while jacking off. But this was different, this was a set of strange fingers, fingers that aren't my own. A set of powerful man hands. I started moaning. He slid his finger slowly into my tight asshole. I started moaning more and more. My cock had risen to its full length. His other hand slid to my cock, he wrapped his hand around my shaft. The feeling was so intense, I knew I was in need of release, but I wanted this to last longer than two minutes.

Suddenly he stopped cold. He whipped his head around looking straight at the wall. I knew he was using his X-ray vision.

"We have to go, Now!" he ordered.

He flew us into the next room and handed me clothes. I rushed and put them on.

"Come on Grant!" he shouted.

I finished and he grabbed me and started to fly out the window. When suddenly Superman flew straight into the window knocking us back.

I was knocked into the air out of Superman's arms. I landed on the ground. I picked myself up, and stood looking in shock as I stood between two Superman's!

"What the hell is going on here?" is shouted.

"Stay back Grant!" the look alike Superman said.

Next thing I knew, a battle of Titans broke out. The two Supermen attacked one another. With each punch, shockwaves rippled through the building. Busting out windows. The sound drummed in my ears. They began tearing each other apart.

"Stop it! Please! Just stop!" I shouted to no avail.

Next thing I knew my Aunt Donna and Nightwing came through the now busted wall, followed by the rest of the Titans. At first I was glad to see them, hoping they would help me to understand what was happening.

But then, to my utter horror who do I see floating in? None other than Prometheus himself. My blood began to boil. My heart began to pound. Suddenly everything went black. I wanted blood. I could taste it on my very lips. The cause of my sorrows was ten feet away.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU MURDERED MY PARENTS, AND NOW I'M GOING TO MURDER YOU!" I shouted as I flew into the air, straight for him.

I headed straight for his chest, sending the both of us flying out the window. I could hear Donna and Nightwing shouting to me, but there was nothing that would stop me now.

I was face to face with my parents killer, and I was going to make him pay.

I wrapped my legs around his neck, and twisted as hard as I could, spinning him till I sent him flying into the street below. I flew down, and sent us barreling into the earth below, till we wound up in the sewers below the street.

I spun kicked him flipping him in the air, and landing on his back. I ran over and grabbed him by the neck lifting him up above my head. He took both his hands and slapped me really hard on the sides of my face, hitting my ears. I dropped him and grabbed my head. The force of his blows pierced my ear drums I was sure of it. My ears began ringing. He came at me, and I grabbed him flipping him over my back, throwing him against the wall. I ran over there and started punching him again and again. I pulled my arm back and swung as hard as I could in an upper cut sending him flying through the earth back up into the street. I flew up as he was landing on the ground. I picked him up and threw him into a parked car, smashing it to pieces. I flew into the air, coming down as hard as I could into his chest, smashing him through the car.

"You took away everything from me! This is for my mother! And this is for my father!" I shouted as I pummeled his face to a bloody pulp.

Suddenly, my body began to glow, and energy was forming from inside. I could feel it taking over my body. Surging me with a power I had never felt before. My rage intensifying it, like a current. I was about to let loose with a fury like no other, when suddenly Nightwing jumped out of no where knocking me from above Prometheus. I went flying to the ground.

"You can't do this Grant. You are not a killer. We'll take him in, where he can waste away in Jail for the rest of his life." he pleaded.

"How could you? I had him right where I wanted him. He killed my parents, do you ever understand? I hate you! I hate you!" I shouted.

Next thing I knew Nightwing was being sent flying in the air, landing back across the street.

I became very dizzy. My body weak. I couldn't breath. I was about to finally have my revenge. But now that was all shot to hell. Instead I fell weak to the ground. I couldn't move. It was the same thing that happened to me before. Appearing above me, laughing, was Prometheus!

But how could that be, he was in front of me as well?

"Get away from him!" shouted Nightwing.

But the next thing I knew, Prometheus was bring his foot down hard upon my face knocking me out.

Nightwing POV-

Grant was about to do something he would regret for the rest of his life. Kill someone. I've been there, I know the feeling of wanting to take revenge on your parents killer. But You can't come back from that. Batman stopped me from making the same mistake, and I am so grateful that he did. It would have destroyed everything good about me. I would be no different than the criminals I fight. I know he'll be mad at first, but in the end I'm sure he'll be grateful.

As he uttered the words `I hate you', my heart broke in two. I know it was in the moment, I know that it's not really how he feels. But the words stung no less.

I wanted to explain, wanted to say words to take away the pain. But I was shot across the street by some kind of energy beam. By the time I looked up I saw Prometheus and Circe walking towards Grant. He was incapacitated on the ground.

"Get away from him!" I shouted.

But the next thing I knew, Prometheus was stomping his foot down on Grant's face. I ran as fast as I could across the street, but just as I got there, Circe waved her hand making the three of them disappear.

Rage, fear, self loathing, all filled my mind. Grant was gone again, but this time he's with his parents killer. This time there was no telling what Prometheus would do.

<Titans! Our worlds Prometheus has taken Grant. Stop fighting and get down here now.>

"Superman! I know you can hear me! You have to stop fighting Ultraman, and get down here now! Grant has been taken by the evil Prometheus.!" I shouted.

Next thing I knew I heard a few explosions! I knew it was Superman. He had heard what I said, and was over come by anger. He would end his battle now.

"Nightwing what happened?" Donna asked.

"I'm sorry Donna. Prometheus and Circe blindsided me, and took him!" I answered.

"By the Gods! This is all my fault, he should have been my main concern. Instead I waste my time fighting distractions." Donna cried.

Superman came walking over, pushing Ultraman forward, holding his wrists behind his back.

"This is all your fault Superman. Did you really have to go after Ultraman? Couldn't we have gotten Grant to safety first?" I shouted at Superman! Wow, I shouted at Superman.

"What happened to that Prometheus?" Ultraman asked.

"Grant happened to him! What did you do to Grant?" I demanded.

"Good boy Grant! Show them what you're made of." Ultraman said.

The "Good" Prometheus came too, and got off the car and walked towards us.

"You taught him well Ultraman. He would have killed me if it hadn't been for Nightwing. Time to go back to our world, to face your fate." he said.

"Just what will his fate be?" Superman asked.

"Supreme chancellor Luthor has already decide his fate. It concerns you not. Thank you for your assistance, but I'll take the prisoner." he answered.

"You're not taking him anywhere till you answer my question." Superman demanded.

"I wanted to do this the easy way, but I guess on any world Ultraman, Superman, you may go by different names, but you're all the same." as he spoke his words, he pulled some type of ray gun out and shot Ultraman.

We were in shock as Ultraman fell down to the ground. Ultraman was dead.

Superman flew and grabbed the gun out of Prometheus's hand and crushed it into a ball, and threw it up into the sun.

He grabbed Prometheus by the neck and lifted him into the air.

"That's what you were planning to do all along, wasn't it? You found a way to kill him, by Kryptonian technology. But answer me this question and I'll let you leave. In order for you to get that gun to work, did you have to kill the Grant of your world?" Superman demanded.

"Yes! His blood is the key to activating it." he answered.

"By why him? I mean how could his blood be the key? He's only 17 years old, we were sent to our earths long before he was even a thought in his parents head. How could it be his blood?" he asked.

"You don't know, do you? You have no idea who that boy is? On any world you're a fool. If the me of this world, is like me. He will have already figured it out. If that's the case, you're wasting your time here. We may do things differently on my earth, but we fight on the same side. Your Prometheus may seem like the leader, but he's not. Your greatest enemy has found the means to kill you Superman, and he will use Grant to do so. But if you don't figure out who Grant really is, it will all be for nothing in the end. For Ultraman never figured it out, which made it easy for me to kill the Grant of my world. Tick Tock, Tick Tock." he boosted.

Superman threw him to the ground.

"Leave this world now. Don't ever think of returning here. For next time I wont be so kind. I will kill you myself. You've done what you came here for. Now get out!" Superman shouted angrily.

"I'll be taking Ultraman's body with me." he said.

"You will do no such thing. I'll be burying him here, the Kryptonian way. Now get out before I throw you out." Superman answered.

Prometheus pushed a button on his wrist band and suddenly vibrated off of our earth.

Much to all of our surprises Ultraman stood up.

"I've been such a fool! I lost the grant of my world, without ever understanding why." Ultraman said.

"Just what the hell is going on?" I asked.

"While we were fighting, Ultraman answered something's that were bothering me about Prometheus. After I calmed down enough to hear him out, we came up with that little show. If Lex is behind everything on your world, than no doubt our Lex is behind all of this hear." Superman surmised.

"What do you think he meant by `you have no idea who that boy really is'?" Ultraman asked.

"I have no clue. I've never met till shortly before his parents death. Is that when you met the Grant of your world?" Superman asked.

"No, I've known him for years. I worked along side his parents, we were really close. There was never a connection between him and Krypton. If only I had figured this out earlier, I could have saved my beloved." Ultraman said.

"Maybe we can talk about this later? Like after we have Grant home safe and sound?" I asked.

"Ultraman and I, will go see Lex. You guys need to find the where Prometheus would have taken him. Contact me the second you find out. Nightwing, I want Batman in on this! If anyone can figure out the Injustice Gangs location, it's him." Superman commanded.

Then he and Ultraman flew up into the air and disappeared in a red blue blur.

"Let's get back to the Tower." I said.

Just hang in there Grant I'm coming for you.


"He's on his way Lex!" Tess reported.

"Right on time. Am I good or what?" Lex spoke happily.

"You are the greatest criminal mind of all time, Lex."

"Yes I am, aren't I. Now get out!" Lex ordered.

Lex got up from his desk and walked around to the large window, looking out over Metropolis. His hands were folded behind his back, waiting for his visitors to arrive.

Superman and Ultraman floated down onto the terrace. Superman opened the door and they walked in.

"Ah, Superman, long time no see. To what do I owe this unexpected visit?" Lex's voice was calm and soothing.

"Don't play dumb Luthor! You knew I was coming, and you know why." Superman said.

"Let's just beat the information out of him!" Ultraman begged.

"Before my friend here get's to impatient Lex, I would start talking." he said.

Lex turned around to face them.

"Two Supermen! It must be my lucky day. I have no idea what you are talking about. What information are you looking for?" Lex calmly asked.

"We know what you have Prometheus working on. We know you are the head of the Injustice Gang. Now tell us everything about Grant, before my counter part here, beats it out of you. He doesn't follow the same rules I do." Superman said.

"Injustice Gang? Give me a break. A bunch of half witted criminals. I'm a business man, completely legit. You have nothing on me Superman. As for this Grant character, I have no idea who you are talking about." Lex stated.

"Can I hit him now? Let me beat it out of him!" Ultraman begged.

"The son of Damage and Liberty Belle, Lex. You know everything about everyone. Start talking, cause if you don't, I'm not going to stop Ultraman." Superman said.

"Ah yes, Grant Albert Emerson Jr. Born July 5th at San Francisco memorial hospital at 6:38 pm. His parents killed at the hands of Prometheus. Is that the Grant you are referring to?" Lex asked.

"Yes! What do you want with him?" Superman asked.

"I don't want anything with him, the poor kid. Hasn't he been through enough with his parents death?" Lex said.

"Lex, my patients is wearing thin. Who is he really?" Superman demanded.

"You're no fun, no matter what earth you're from. I only know a little bit of the story, the rest I'm afraid you'll have to figure out for yourself, I know it wont be easy. You don't have my intellect.

Before your home planet was destroyed, the was a great General, General Zod. He was the only one willing to stand up to your father, JOR-EL. Anyway. General Zod learned of your father's plans to send his only son to earth. General Zod knew what the effects of the yellow Sun, had on Kryptonians. He knew that JOR-El was sending his son to rule the earth. General Zod feared for the people of earth, being the great General he was. He snuck into your parents home, found you asleep in your basinet. He stuck a needle into you and took some of your blood. You mother heard you cry and came into the room, and saw him above you. She screamed for your father. General Zod escaped with your blood.

He created a weapon, separating it into three boxes. He had been working on a teleportation device. He succeeded in making it work for small periods of time. He used it to come to earth and placed the three boxes, across the globe. But there was one more thing left to do. But he needed to the right person to do it to. Time was not on his side.

Brainic assisted him in locating the right person necessary to hold the key. The key that would save this planet for the son of JOR-EL. Brainic led him to Grant Sr. Using your blood, he injected it into Grant Sr. creating the perfect weapon against you, and holding the key to your destruction." Lex explained.

"How do you know all of this Lex?" Superman asked.

"When Brainic and I shared a body. Information was transferred into my brain. Knowledge of what brainic's master General Zod, stayed within me." Lex answered.

"General Zod was a murdering lunatic. Only someone like him, would revere him." Superman said.

"You say tomato, I say tomato." Lex replied.

"I don't understand! What does that mean Grant is?" Ultraman asked.

"It's simple you fool. Brainic helped General Zod to create a life. Much like artificial insemination. Half of him really is his mother and father's biological son, the other half is Kyptonian. He is a part of you. You could even conceder him your brother. Much like I created Superboy, using your DNA Superman. General Zod created Grant, using your DNA. Kyrptonian technology is advanced, by light years. Amazing isn't it?" Lex said.

" Lex, where is the head quarters of the Injustice Gang?" Superman asked.

"I don't know, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you." Lex answered.

Ultraman grabbed Lex and held him up against the wall.

"You do know, and you will tell us, or I'll rip your throat out." he urged.

"I've given you all the answers I know. Now put me down!" Lex demanded.

"Ultraman, put him down. We don't have time for this." Superman ordered.

"Damn you Lex! If anything happens to Grant, I'm holding you personally responsible. There will be no where for you to hide, I'll find you and kill you myself." Ultraman shouted.

Superman and Ultraman flew out the window. Tess made her way back into the office.

"That went well, don't you think?" Lex asked.

"Swimmingly. Now, why did you tell them?" Tess asked.

"Simple! I want them to catch Prometheus, but not till after the weapon is activated. I made a deal with Ares. Circe will help Prometheus to complete the weapon. Once he's done it, she will bring me the weapon. I've held up my part of the bargain, now it's their turn." Lex answered.

"What makes you so sure they will deliver?" she asked.

"Simple, I have their daughter Lyta. They give me the weapon to kill Superman, I give them their daughter." he answered.

"I thought you wanted to use Grant?" she asked.

"I do! I will! The idiots from the other earth, didn't have to kill him. He only needs to be within an inch of death. I need Grant for far my usage. My master plan depends on him." Lex said ominously.

"What is the master plan?" Tess asked.

"Brainic needs to free General Zod from the Phantom Zone. I need a Kryptonian's blood to open the portal. Superman might be a little reluctant to do it, so I'll take the next best thing, Grant Emerson Jr. After all is said and done, Superman will be dead, and General Zod will work for me! Power is everything Tess! He who wields that power, can control the world. Ha ha ha, Ha ha ha!" Lex laughed evilly.

Satellite base of the Injustice Gang-

"Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!" Prometheus said while slapping me. I woke up with my hands chained to a wall, as well as my legs. I was completely naked. I realized I was knee deep in water.

"You bastard, I'll kill you. Just wait till I get out of this, your dead." I shouted.

"You're never getting out of here, I'm afraid. Once I'm through with you, you will be dead." he said.

I spit in his face, as I tried to pull myself free, but there was no strength in me.

"Just what do you plan to do with me, that you haven't already done. You took my parents you monster, there is nothing left to take." I demanded.

"Ah, yes. Your parents, how fun that was. Your father begged for your mother's life, as I choked the life right out of her. Then he begged for his own like a little baby, begging for some candy. How much joy and satisfaction I had killing them. I told your mother my plans for you. There is nothing more priceless then seeing the rage in a mothers eyes, as she learns that her only son is going to die, and that there is nothing she can do about it. Did you know her finally word, the last word she uttered, with her very last breath, was your name. Grant!" he was pure evil, his words filled with venom.

"Fuck you! You sick son of a bitch. You cant get off like a real man, so this is how you get your rocks off! Why don't you let me out of these chains, and fight me like a man. Or are you that scared of a kid? You scared that I'll make you beg for your life?" I shouted.

"Ha, ha, ha...Little boy in a man's world. When you have the upper hand, as I already do. Why would I give it up?" he asked.

"Prometheus, everything is ready. You may begin at anytime." Circe said.

"Thank you Circe. Before we begin, I thought I might have a little fun with the boy. See, I didn't get to enjoy killing your parents. So I'm going to take advantage of the situation." he began.

"Try your best, you sick Bastard. You can't touch me." I shouted.

"You don't think so! Hmm! Let me see, where to began. Ahh, I know exactly where to begin." he said excitedly.

He grabbed a leather satchel, and slowly opened it up. He pulled out a barrage of weapons. One by one he set each of them down on a metal table. No matter what he was going to do, I was never going to let him know I was hurting. Everything Nightwing and Superman taught me, was now about to be put to the test.

He pulled out a pair of pliers and grasped the tip of my fingernail with it. I closed my eyes and tried to send my mind to another place.

"Ready or not, here we go!" he said as he yanked my nail completely off. I wanted to scream so loud, but I didn't.

"Good, that's good. You're not going to scream. That means I get to have more fun with you." he laughed.

He pulled off three more of my fingernails. I didn't scream, but it didn't stop me from swallowing the throw up that threatened to come out.

He turned a knob releasing water from a spout above my head. I then noticed that the water I was standing in was glowing green. The next thing he did was grab some sort of electric rod, I knew what was coming next. I remembered what Dick told me to do in situations like this. I started counting back from 1000. He rammed the electric rob to my chest. I grunted and groaned, while holding my breath. The pain was so intense, so far beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life. He rammed it again and again. I could feel the veins in my head throbbing. He rammed it into my groin, I don't know if you have ever been shocked on your cock, but it was the most painful experience of my life, before I knew what happened I was knocked out.

I found myself in a green meadow. The sun beating down. A river could be heard in the background. The birds flying through the trees.

"Grant! Grant, oh my baby boy!" a soft woman's voice called out.

I turned around looking for the person, the voice belonged to.

"Grant! We've been waiting for you." a male voice said.

I turned again and again searching for the faces I so long to see. Suddenly I felt hands upon my back. I whipped around and there they were, to angels that I've longed for night after night. My parents.

"Oh, Mom, Dad, I cant believe this. Your really here, your really here." I cried. I hugged them for dear life.

"Junior, we've been waiting for you. We've missed you so much." My Dad said.

"Dad, I've missed the two of you more than words can say. You have no idea what I've been through! How lost I've been without you. I've done horrible things. Horrible things have been done to me." I cried.

"Grant, son, you must remember everything we taught you. Everything we stood for. Your actions dictate the type of man you are. The choice you make, will either lead you down the right path, or send you down a dark one. You are better than that. You are strong, you must find the strength." My father said.

"But how, I mean I don't understand. Where am I? Am I dead?" I asked.

"No, your still very much alive. I'm afraid I've shocked you into unconsciousness." the dark voice said.

I opened my eyes and realized I was still chained up. It was all a dream. A fantasy created by my mind, to deal with the pain.

"Do what you will, you will never hear me scream. You are beneath me, you always have been, you always will be. I feel sorry for you. I pity you. You must truly hate yourself, to be so evil. You have no true friends, no one that loves you. The only way you could have someone to talk to, is chaining me up and making me listen to the garbage that comes out of your mouth." I spat.

He rammed the rod against my balls hard, and held it there, I put a smile on my face and held onto it for dear life.

"Enough! Time to let the blood flow! You want to pity someone, pity yourself! It's time for you to die!" he shouted. He reached his hand into the water and pulled out a glowing green rock. He took it to my bare chest and began cutting me, once above each nipple, across my abs. Circe came over with some small rectangular boxes. She opened each one up and started collecting the blood inside. Each box she filled started to glow.

"What are you doing? What are those things?" I asked.

"Your destiny. The only reason you were ever created. You're the key to killing Superman! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" he laughed.

"No!!!!!!!!" I shouted.

I could feel the blood draining from my body. I could feel the my life force leaving me. I was going to die, and no one was coming to save me.

"Stop right there!" an angel's voices called out.

It took everything in me to raise my head and see who it was.

"What are you doing here Lex?" Prometheus asked.

"Saving my friend here. I owe him my life!" Lex said. As he said these words Circe waved her hand creating a force field around Prometheus.

"You saved me!" I said, as I passed out.

2 months from now-

Nightwing was still tied up, battered and bruised. Superman lay helpless on the floor, weakened by the Kryptonite.

I was face to face with the Batman.

"How come the Kryptonite doesn't effect you Grant?" Batman asked.

"Normally it would, but not today. A friend gave me a something special that would block the effects of Kryptonite." I answered.

As he slowly started to circle the room, talking to try and distract me.

"So this is how you treat the people who care for you? You torture and abuse them. The ones who have been fighting to protect you. Are you that weak? Are you that blind to what is really going on? You've been used, you're being used. You think Lex is your friend? Yes I know Lex is behind this. They don't call me the worlds greatest detective for nothing. Lex has been using you from the start. He planned all of this, your parents death, Prometheus. Using you to hurt your own brother! What's that look of shock?

You mean he didn't tell you that you're really a part of Superman? That you were created from his own blood? Here I thought he was your friend, my mistake. Gorilla Grod created a mind controlling device, Lex is using it against you. But your part Kryptonian, your mind works differently than ours. A part of you is fighting it, the other part is succumbing to it. You have to fight it, or I will have to put you down." Batman's voice was harsh.

"You're trying to trick me! Lex is my friend, he would never lie to me. Not like the rest of you. I have two parents. Superman has nothing to do with them. How can I be made from a part of him, how can he be my brother? That's just madness, and your just stalling for time. But time is on my side." I said.

As Batman moved to jump at me, I pulled a remote control out of my pocket and pushed a button, freezing Batman in midair.

"Didn't see that one coming did you? It pays to have friends in high places." I said while walking back over to Dick.

"They ruined my plans for you. (Leaning into his ear and whispering) I was going to take that virgin ass of yours. I was going to rape you till you bled. I wanted to hear you scream like a little bitch. But it will just have to wait." I whispered.

"Grant! Listen to Batman, he's not lying." Dick begged.

"If he isn't lying, it's just one more reason to hate all of you. If you all knew Superman was my brother, why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

"Grant, there were so many things we didn't understand. So many things we were trying to figure out. You had lost so much already, we didn't want to tell you, only to find out Lex had been lying. Superman wanted to make sure before he said anything. We didn't want to hurt you." Dick pleaded.

"Didn't want to hurt me? That's all you've done, all the secrets, all the lies. If one of you would have been straight with me all along, none of this would have happened. If you would have let me kill Prometheus, none of this would have happened. He would have never taken me and done all those horrible things to me. He almost killed me, and if it hadn't been for "Lex" I would be dead right now. I'm tired of explaining myself to any of you.

You all made your beds, now lie in them. I have a date with destiny. And now, with all of you out of the way, there will be no one to stop us. Time to welcome in a new order. Time for the true hero of this world to rule it." I explained.

My alarm started beeping on my watch. I checked the time.

"Right on schedule. Time to open a portal boys, I've got to go." I said.

"Grant, what portal? What are you doing?" Dick begged.

"You're not going anywhere, so there is no harm in telling you, I suppose. A portal to the Phantom Zone." I answered.

"Cough...Cough...No! Grant, Cough, Cough, you can't free him, I know now why Lex has been using you,...Cough...Cough...You cant. He'll enslave the earth." Superman choked.

"Yes, it is General Zod that I'm about to free. He was wrongfully jailed by your father. And now I am going to free him. Don't worry Dick, I'll be back for you, I'm not done playing with you yet." I smiled.

"Grant no! Don't do this!" Dick shouted as I flew out the window.

Dick's POV-

"Grant no! Don't do this!" I shouted as he flew out the window.

I put my head down in defeat. But before I had time to think about it. Robin came flying threw the window.

"Robin! Am I glad to see you!" I shouted.

"I wasn't expecting to see all of you, Dick!" he said, checking out a naked me.

He removed the Kryptonite as he came over to free me from my confines. He pulled a remote out of his utility belt and pushed a button freeing Batman.

"You planned this all along Batman, didn't you?" I asked.

"Yes! I was hoping to find out Lex's real plans. Robin was waiting outside all this time. Donna and Wonder Girl are following Grant as we speak." Batman answered.

Robin grabbed a sheet off the bed and wrapped it around me.

"We have to get to him before he opens that portal. We cant allow Lex to free General Zod." Superman spoke urgently.

"How do we stop Lex's control over Grant?" I asked.

"Lex will have the device on him. We need to get it." Robin said.

"I've been working on a jamming device. I'm close to figuring out the frequency." Batman said confidently.

"Then what are we waiting for, let get after him." I said.

"Dick, I think you should sit this one out. You've been beaten pretty badly." Superman said.

"No way! Grant needs me, and I want to be there when he snaps out of this. He's going to come apart, and I need to help him pick up the pieces." I said.

Come on Donna, find out where he is already.


End Chapter-