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Chapter 7- Waking Up


The Fortress Of Solitude-


Superman- "Father! Father, I must speak to you!" I shouted.

Jor-El- "My son, Kal-El, I am here." his booming voice echoed through the Fortress.

Superman- "Father, I have come to learn of some disturbing things. Things that could destroy the house of EL, things that will bring the earth to its knees. I need your help Father, I need to know what you know." I began.

Jor-El- "I will answer all that I can, to help you my son!"

Superman- "I have come to learn of a weapon, created by General Zod. Some kind of Kryptonian ray gone, that has the power to kill me. Created from my own blood." I began.

Jor-El- "Ahh, now it all makes sense. That is why Zod took your blood as a baby, we had no idea what he had planned to do. By the time I caught him, only a few days later, I thought it was to late for him to fulfill his plans." my father said.

Superman- "Brainic was able to get the information to a criminal mastermind, here on earth. The gun has already been assembled. But there is more, my blood wasn't used to make the weapon, it was used to create a life. Two humans were injected with my blood, and their child is a part of me. With him being a part of me, he will be able to open a portal to the Phantom Zone and release Zod. What do you know of this boy, the gun, and Zod's plan? Anything that could help me Father?" I begged.

Jor-El- "General Zod had been working on theoretical genetics, he believed he could manipulate genetic coding, stopping any child from its pre-dispositions to illnesses and such. I discovered that his true plans, were to create a super race, an army if you will, under his control. His lust for power, was his downfall. He left a trail of test subjects, altering fetuses within the wombs of many of our Kryptonian woman. I thought I stopped him before he reached a successful way, of genetic manipulation.

My son, you cannot allow Zod to escape the Phantom Zone. You know the power he will have on Earth, and with a weapon to destroy you, nothing will stand in his way, of total world domination." my father said.

Superman: "Then how do I stop him? Is there anyway to protect myself from this weapon?" I asked.

Jor-El: "I do not know of a way to protect yourself from this weapon. The only way to stop him, is never let him get out of the Phantom Zone. The only way to achieve that, is to kill the boy. I'm sorry my son, I do not believe in taking another's life. That is why I built the Phantom Zone to begin with, but it is the only way. The boy must not be allowed to open the portal, for Earth will face it's darkest hour at the hands of Zod."

Superman: "No! Father, do you understand what you are saying? He's a part of me, made from my own blood. There has to be another way, and I will find it." I shouted.

Jor-El: "Then I pray for your sake, and the lives of all on Earth that you do. For if you don't, your world shall perish as did Krypton. Good luck my Son, I am truly sorry I couldn't be more helpful."

Superman: "I will find a way Father, to save Earth and Grant."



LEX: "I didn't expect to see you back so soon, how did you manage to sneak away?" he asked.

Grant: "It wasn't that hard. Look, I don't want to waste your time, or my own, but I want to be sure you'll help me." I began.

LEX: "Of course I'll help you, but I need to know your willing to do what needs to be done, to succeed?"

Grant: "I will do whatever it takes, I want him dead." I demanded.

LEX: "Even if it means betraying your friends?" he asked.

Grant: "Betraying my friends? What do you mean?" I asked.

LEX: "You don't actually think they're going to let you kill him, do you?" he asked.

Grant: "Of course not, but what they don't know wont hurt them." I answered.

LEX: "I'm afraid it's a little more complicated than that. You're going to have make sure your friends don't get in your way, and you'll only have one chance to succeed."

Grant: "I will do anything, and I mean anything. Just tell me what I have to do?" I begged.

LEX: "I will give you the means to stop Superman, Batman, and Nightwing from stopping you. Those three will be the hardest ones you'll have to deal with. If you do as I say, they wont stand in your way. The next part will be getting you into the Watchtower, where Prometheus is being held. The rest is up to you." he explained.

Grant: "What do you want in return?" I asked.

LEX: "To see you get the revenge you so rightfully deserve!" he answered.

Grant: "Lex, by helping me, I now owe you. I'm willing to do, whatever you want!" I swore.

LEX: "I told you, I see a great future for us together. By me helping you, I'm also helping myself. We will do great things together Grant, you just need to take care of Prometheus, before we can move on to bigger and better things." he explained.

Grant: "How much time do you need, to set everything up?" I asked.

LEX: "One week from now." he answered.

Grant: "Then I'll see you in one week, thank you Lex!" I said.

LEX: "Don't thank me yet, wait till after you finish the job." he said. He got up and moved around the desk, we stood there facing each other. He took his hand and ran it down my face, I could see the lust in his eyes. I could feel the heat from his hand, I knew he wanted me, but I knew I wanted somebody else. He leaned in and kissed me, I kissed him back. Rejection wouldn't be good right now, so I would allow him this kiss.

Grant: "I have to go Lex, I can't stay away to long." I said.

LEX: "One week, I'll see you then." he said, as he grabbed me again and began to kiss me. He let go and I turned around and walked out of his office, happy to leave.

---Little did Lex and Grant know that they were being watched by Arsenal (Red Arrow)

Arsenal: (So Dick's little slut is working them over, teaming up with Lex Luthor...Dick is going to be hurt or killed...I wont take that chance with the man I love...I'll stop you, you little shit if it's the last thing I do...I will protect the man I love, even if it means killing you.)


The Batcave-

Batman: "He's leaving LEXCORP now."

Superman: "Why would you let him go there in the first place?" I asked.

Batman: "Clark, you have to trust, that I know what I'm doing. We need Lex to think he's playing Grant, and that we are none the wiser. It's the only way, we'll be able to stop him in the end." he explained.

Superman: "I'm at a loss Bruce! Shy of taking Grant, and putting him on another planet far, far away, I have no idea how to keep him from being used by Lex." I cried.

Batman: "Since killing Grant is out of the question, and you wont kill LEX. Our only chance will be, using Lex to lead us to this portal, and destroying it, so that it can never be used again. We're already ahead of the game here, we know what Lex is up to, we know he's playing Grant. Now we wait and let him lead us to the portal, were the whole JLA will be waiting to destroy it, and capture Luthor once and for all." he spoke with a confidence I couldn't feel.

Superman: "I wish I could be as sure as you are, but things don't always go as planned. Lex isn't the type to not have a back up plan. I'm not willing to lose Grant, I'll do whatever it takes to protect him."

Batman: "Always the boy scout! It's what I love most about you, and hate all at the same time. Things will work out, you just have to trust me." he reassured me.

Superman: "I trust you with my life, and love you too Bruce. Now, I'm going to see Kara, maybe while she was on Kandor, she may have heard of this weapon, and know of a way to destroy it. Plus, I think she should know about Grant, if she finds out through anyone else, she'll never forgive me, and I'm sure she'll want to help." I said.

Batman: "We'll need all the heavy hitters we can get on this, I've already talked to Diana, she said count her in. So did Dmitri, he said he'd kick your butt all the way back to the Sun if you didn't let him help, after everything you've done for him. Good luck, I hope you can find some answers in time. Meanwhile, I have a few things to check out myself." he smiled.

Superman: (I walked over to him and picked him up in a bare hug.) "Thanks for always being there for me, tell Diana I love her as well. I`ll talk to Dmitri on my own."

Batman: "You're breaking my back! You just wanted to rub our cocks together!" he laughed.

Superman: "Was it as good for you, as it was for me?" I asked.

Batman: "You know it was! Ahh, the good old days, how I've missed them. Now get out of here, before I rape you!" he ordered.

Superman: "If I had the time, I would let you. Goodbye Bruce." I said as I took off flying out of the Batcave.

Titan Tower-

Grant: (I flew back into my room. Checked myself in the mirror, rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash. I didn't want to have Lex breath, if Dick decided to kiss me today. One whole week, one whole week before everything would change. One whole week to seduce Dick, and do anything and everything I've ever wanted to do. I walked out the door and made my way through the halls, into the game room. I found Robin and WonderGirl playing on their XBOX 360.) Hi!

Robin: "Hey Grant, join us!" he said enthusiastically.

WG: "I was just asking about you."

Grant: "How's it going?" I asked.

WG: "I haven't really seen you much, so I was asking how you were doing." she explained.

Grant: "Just taking it one day at a time. With Aunt Donna and Dick by my side, it's getting easier." I tried to sound convincing.

WG: "Donna is an angel, that's for sure. If Dick is anything like Robin, then you should be in good hands." she beamed. Little did she know how much I really loved Dick's hands on me.

Robin: "Dick and Donna are on some Titan business, they should be back in a while. Your more than welcome to hang out with us." he said sincerely.

Grant: "Well, do we have to hang out here? I mean couldn't we just go into town, or something?" I asked.

Robin: "I don't know, Dick would hang me by the balls if I took you out of here." he said panicking.

WG: "Oh come on Robin! With the two of us, nothing could possibly happen to him!" she egged him.

Grant: "Please Robin! You don't know what its like being trapped in here, like a rat in a cage. I want to be young, and have some fun, not be the prisoner of Zendor!" I begged.

Robin: "This is so going to bite me in the ass. The two of you owe me...big time!" he gave in.

Grant: "You're the best Robin...I owe you, anything you want, just ask and it's yours." I cooed.

Robin: "I'll hold you to that. So where are we going?" he asked.

WG: "The Carnaval San Francisco 2009 is running this weekend, we should go there, it will be amazing. There is a Parade, rides, food, a mix of all cultures, it'll be off the hook." she cheered.

Grant: "That sounds amazing, I've read about it, even asked my parents to take me...let's do it."

Robin: "Alright, but we stick together, no running off, no separating. If someone wants to do something, then we all do it. But before we go anywhere, there is something we have to get out of the way. I know Dick showed you who he really is without the mask on, so if he's willing to trust you, I'm going to have to as well." he said as he pulled off his mask. Robin was definitely a hot guy, he and Dick certainly looked a lot alike. I had to put my tongue back in my mouth.

Grant: " you and Dick brothers? Cause you sure do look alike." I tried to recover.

Robin: "You mean you have no idea who I am?" he asked, shocked.

Grant: "Dick said the same thing to me, but I'm sorry, you guys don't look familiar to me at all. So do I call you Robin, or do you have another name?" I asked.

Robin: "We'll you just took out all the fun of having a secret identity...but yeah, you can call me Tim."

Grant: "Ha, ha, ha...I'm sorry really, blame my sheltered life on the fact that I don't know you. But it's nice to meet the real you, Tim." I laughed.

WG: "If you girls are done, can we get this show on the road?"

Robin: "Come on, let's go."

Meanwhile out in the hall-

Arsenal: (Sorry Dick, but this kid is going to be nothing but trouble for you. Since no one is going to have your back, that leaves only me.)

Arsenal follows the trio out of Titan Towers staying close behind.

The Watchtower-

Supergirl: "KAL, I have no idea, my memories are sketchy at best?" she said sadly.

Superman: "I'm working it on it Kara, but I am going to need your help. Listen if you can remember anything at all, I need to know." I begged.

Supergirl: "KAL, we're family, of course I'll do anything I can to help. I'll try to remember, but it's a long shot. How are you dealing with all of this? I mean finding out that he's a part of you, that can't be easy?" she asked.

Superman: "Kara, my whole life, I've been loved by my parents, my earth parents, and my friends. But there was always a part of me that ached for my Kryptonian family. Then you come along, and it's been amazing, I have this new found understanding of where I'm from, and what my parents were really like. Not something told to me from Crystals in the Fortress. Now with Grant, it's different, he's a part of me, made from a missing piece of my heart...I just want to protect him, take care of him, love him, like a brother or a son even." I cried.

Supergirl: "Oh KAL, I promise you we will keep him safe. We'll keep him safe, and save the world all at the same time. Come on we've been through worse, hell you've been through far worse than I have. You've made it through all those battles, now will be no different. We don't have a big family, we only have each other, and now with Grant, we're growing...he's a part of you and I love you more than my own life, I was sent here to protect you, to watch you grow, and that didn't happen, so here's a chance for me to make up for what I missed, so when do I get to meet my baby cousin?" she asked earnestly.

Superman: "I know there was a reason I loved you...You really do have an amazing heart...and I'm so honored and blessed to have you as my cousin...I love you Kara, more than you'll ever know..." I said and I grabbed and hugged her tightly into me.

Dick: <Nightwing to Superman...we have a problem...Grant is out with Robin and Wondergirl...They are at the Carnaval San's a mad house...who knows what trouble they can get themselves into...Donna and I are finishing our own mission...Superman, I don't have to tell you how freaked out I am?)

Superman: <We're on it Nightwing, and I've got Supergirl with me.>

Dick: <Thanks Superman.>

Superman: "Come on Kara, we need to get to San Francisco, now!"


San Francisco-

Grant: (We were having such an amazing time, who knew there was so much life out in the world. If my parents weren't dead, I'd be really mad at them right now, for not showing me what's out there. The parade was amazing, all the different cultures coming together, to show unity. The food was amazing, all from different parts of the world. The music was booming, we danced and laughed, I don't think I've ever had this much fun in my whole life.)

WG: "What are you thinking about Grant?" she asked.

Grant: "All of this, it's all amazing, and I just feel like there is so much of life that I've been missing out on. Before I forget, from the bottom of my heart thank you guys, for all of this...this has been the best day ever...I've never had this much fun...hell I've never just got to feel like a young guy out with friends...ever!" I beamed.

Robin: "We'll we are your friends, and you never have to thank us. You're a lot of fun, we had a great time with you too." he answered.

WG: "Yeah and this is only the beginning, we'd love to hang out with you more, and there are so many more places we have to show you!" she said excitedly.

Grant: (Hearing their words made my heart melt. One, I was excited, I finally knew what having friends felt like. Two, there is so much more to life that I've never experienced, and here were two potential friends that wanted to show me all life has to offer. But...and yes there is a BIG BUT, I would never be able to experience all there is out there, I have a date with destiny...killing Prometheus...after I do that, there will be no turning back. I would become the enemy, they would no longer be my friends, I would become the hunted.)

WG: "What's the matter, you look like you just lost your best friend? Did we say something wrong?" she asked.

Grant: "'s all a bit overwhelming, the future that is. Since my parents murder, I haven't really been able to see past the next second. Now things are just opening up for me...but..." I began

Robin: "But what? Grant, you can trust us, we're here for you if you want to talk, I mean Donna and Dick are great, but their older, sometimes it helps talking to people your own age."

Grant: (In that moment I heard my dad's voice...'trust him son"...I couldn't resist, hearing his voice, I had to obey.) "I...I'm about to do something bad...I mean really bad..." (When all of the sudden there was an explosion, the crowd began screaming and running in every direction.)

Robin: "I've got to get changed! Grant follow me, Cassie, its time for you to be WonderGirl! Titans Go!" he shouted.

Grant: (I followed him behind some tents, where he changed into his Robin costume, I saw some black shirts with the S logo of Superman and something just clicked, It called to me, like I new it was what I should be wearing. So I took the Superman shirt and threw money to the worker and ran behind next to robin and changed into it, something clicked for me, it was like I finally found the understanding of what my parents felt every time the dawned their costumes.

But something was different, something about wearing the symbol of the S, Superman's symbol, Supergirl's symbol, the Superman family...I know they weren't my family, and I couldn't understand this feeling of connection that was overwhelming me...but something was happening deep inside me, something special, something important that is yet to be discovered, but I would one day have to know this connection, and what it all meant for me. So there I was standing in a pair of tight black jeans with a black Superman shirt on, feeling more powerful than I had ever felt. When Robin looked up and stared at me with a look, like he was seeing a ghost. There I was standing 6'1 195 of pure muscle, my long jet black hair hanging down below my emerald green eyes, with my tight black Gucci low rise hip huggers, that clearly showed my package and my tight black Superman shirt. So I couldn't understand if he was looking at me because he thought I looked hot, or if he was looking at me like I said before, because he thought he was seeing a ghost.)

Robin: "OMG!"

Grant: "What is it Robin, why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.

Robin: "' look like Kon-El!" he stuttered.

Grant: "Kon-El? Who's that, and is that a good thing or a bad thing?" I asked.

Robin: "Superboy!..." he started, but then we heard another loud crash.

Grant: "Come on Robin, we have to go!" I shouted.

Robin: "I'm...I'm sorry your right, let's go!" he said, staring at me from head to toe again.

Grant: (I didn't quite understand what he meant by Superboy, but I sure did like the name. I flew up, as he ran below me, to find Wondergirl being thrown through a wall, By a boy dressed in a bizarre outfit with the S symbol on his chest as well. Very confusing to say the least. Then he spotted me and the anger that formed on his face was enough to send shivers down my spine.)

Superboy Prime: "I don't know how you managed to live, or what they did to bring you back to life. But today Superboy, you die, there can be only one Superboy and that's me you fake!"

Grant: "I have no idea what the hell your talking about, you sound like a mad man! You've hurt one of my friends, and that's not cool, but I'm going to give you one chance, back down and lets talk about this like two mature people! Do you think you can handle that?"

Superboy Prime: " I smelled you a mile a way, it's what led me here, I can tell when there is a Kryptonian any where on the plant, and it led me to you."

Grant: "Then you don't know what your talking about, cause I have two earth parents and neither of them are Kryptonian."

Superboy prime: "And your just wearing the outfit because you have such a keen fashion sense? Your wearing the costume, you reek of Krypton, and you are a sworn enemy to me, there can be only one, so prepare to die!"

Grant: (He wasn't kidding, although he wasn't making any sense, then again what mad man does. He shot a high rage heat vision at me, hitting me straight in the chest sending me flying back into the ground and sliding through it, paving a the shape of my body through the ground. To my utter surprise I was able to stand up unscathed, a fury burned in his eyes, something fierce, menacing, I knew I was in a fight for my life.

All that I'd learn, from Superman, Nightwing, and Aunt Donna, was time to put to good use. I was going to prove that this S on my chest meant my chance to make the Superman family proud! I pushed myself off the ground flew with a power I never felt before and flew, with a speed I didn't know I even had, flying straight at him, aiming my fist for the guys chest sending us flying through a wall.

But he was so powerful, he grabbed me with one arm and he flung me through a steal wall with easy. I landed on a car in a street.

Robin: "Superboy...I mean Grant, use his strength against him." he shouted.

Grant: (Use his strength against him!? He's tossing me around like a tin can, how the hell am I suppose to...before I could even finish my thought, he came bulldozing straight into me, sending me head first into the ground. He began pounding my head into the ground again and again. WonderGirl must have regained consciousness, she used her magic lasso, and wrapped it around him, and sent a thundering explosion through the lasso, shocking him and causing him to scream out in pain. I took the opportunity to do some damage of my own, and began whaling on him. I pounded on him with an anger I never felt before, it was like the rage inside me, the one that had been building inside me from the death of my parents, was forcing its way out, and taking it out on him. I straddled his chest and began punching his face again and again, till his blood began to run out of his nose and down his cheeks. I screamed so loud with each punch, tears began running down my cheeks, my emotions were running wild, I was losing control. When suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.)

Superman: "Grant, it's okay, you can stop now." his voice was soft and caring. He grabbed me into him and I began hitting his chest over and over again, all the while I was crying.

Grant: "Their dead, their dead and they're never coming back, why, why couldn't you save them, why didn't any of you save them. I'm all alone now, I have no one, no real family, it's just me, it's just me..." I cried.

Superman: "You're never alone Grant, you do have family, we are your family, and will always be. I'm sorry we couldn't save your parents, but they chose to live their lives to fight for truth and justice, they made a stand that day, they knew what they were doing, they knew the only way to save the earth was to give up their own lives. That's what makes them true heroes, to be loved, honored, respected for all times. But I promise you, you'll never be alone, you have so many of us that love and care for you, we, I, will always be there for you." his words hung heavy on my heart, I began crying harder than I'd ever had before, I hugged onto him and just cried into his chest.

Superboy Prime: "Cough...Cough...This is far from over, there can only be one Superboy, and that's me. Your friend's wont always be around to protect you...Next time it will just be, you and me!" he shouted.

WG: "He kicked your ass once, he can do it again, with or without us.

Superman: Holding his finger to his ear. "Watchtower! One prisoner ready for transport!" with that said, Superboy Prime was transported to the Watchtower.

Robin: "If you guys know we're here, then I take it, I'm in big trouble, aren't I?" he asked.

Superman: "You're not in trouble with me, I understand why you guys needed to get out. Nightwing on the other hand, probably wont be so understanding."

Grant: "But it's my fault, I begged them to take me out. If anyone should be in trouble, it's me."

Superman: "Let's just get you back home, will deal with Nightwing later. By the way, there is someone I wanted you to meet! This is my cousin Kara. Kara this is Grant." he introduced.

Grant: "Wow, Supergirl!" I said excitedly.

Supergirl: "It's a pleasure and an honor to meet you Grant, I worked along side your parents many a times. My cousin speaks very highly of you, so I'm looking forward to getting to know you better myself." she beamed.

Grant: "Wow, Supergirl!" was all I could say!

WG: "We get it already...She's Supergirl, she's Supergirl! Can we move on already?" she said bitterly.

Robin: "Jealous much?" he laughed.

Grant: "Sorry...but it's Supergirl! It's just that you saved my mother's life one time, a long time ago. It was Christmas eve, I was 12. She was running late my dad said, but I could see the nervousness in his eyes. He was truly worried, which only made my insides twist and turn. We always had a family dinner on Christmas eve, and after we were done eating, we were each allowed to open one present...anyway, that night dragged on and on, my father was not able to get in contact with anyone, he paced back and forth, for hours without saying a word. I sat frozen on the floor staring out the window, and back to my father again and again. That's when I saw you for the first time, I was looking out the window when you flew down, holding my mother. The two of you stood outside talking for a few moments, before you hugged and flew away. My mother came rushing inside, her and my father held each other tightly for the longest time, neither of them saying a word. Just staring into each others eyes, before I ran up and grabbed onto her with all my might.

Afterwards, she explained how you saved her life that day from the clutches of Granny Goodness. I was forever grateful to you, so much so, that before I went to bed I prayed that God would always protect you, for bringing my mother home to me." my facing turning beat red, as some tears escaped my eyes.

Supergirl: "She saved my butt, more times than I remember. It was nice to finally return the favor. But it's good to know that you're prayer is the reason I've been protected all these years. By the way, the S looks really good on your chest!" her voice musical, it reminded me of my mothers.

Superman: "I was meaning to ask you about that..."

Grant: "When we saw that there was trouble, Robin and I happening to be passing by these Superman Tee shirts, and it just clicked for me, I just felt this powerful need to be wearing it, so I bought it." I said.

Nightwing: {Robin this is Nightwing, you have five minutes to get your ass back to the Tower, or I'm going to...}"

Robin: {I get it, I get it, we're on our way!} "Come on guys, I think it's time we get back home..." his head hang down as he spoke.

Superman: "You guys go ahead, Grant and I will fly back together."

Grant: "Will I see you again Supergirl?" I asked.

Supergirl: "Count on it buddy...I'll be at Titan Tower when you guys get there." she answered.

Grant: "Great, then I'll see you guys later. Robin don't go in till we get back, I want to be there before Dick blows up." I said. Superman and I flew up into the air. I had butterflies in my stomach, did he want to talk to me? Was he going to ask me questions that I couldn't answer? To many thoughts were running through my head, so many things happened today. Making friends with Tim and Cassie, wearing the Superman shirt and fighting that freak. It gave me a sense of what my parents did on a daily basis.

What have I been thinking all this time? How could I possibly have given into my anger and rage, looking to seek revenge? This isn't what my parents were fighting for! This isn't what they wanted for me, this isn't what I want for myself!

I want what I had today...being surrounded by great people, who actually care about me, having a good time, experiencing the world. Fighting bad guys and kicking butt. Being someone my parents would be proud of, not a killer. I need to speak to LEX, I need to tell him right away. I've been going about everything all wrong, it's time to get my house in order. To be true to the memory of my parents, to finish the work that they started. I've been wrong, so very wrong.

Superman: "Grant? What are you thinking about?" he asked.

Grant: "Oh, I'm sorry...A lot of things happened today, giving me a lot to think about. Showing me the errors of my ways, you can say. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I feel like I've just woken up from a deep sleep. I feel like I'm seeing with a brand new set of eyes, and it feels great." I stammered.

Superman: "That's good, I'm glad to hear that. Grant, I meant what I said earlier, you are not alone, your never alone. You can always count on me, come to me with anything, at anytime. Do you understand?" he asked.

Grant: "I'm starting to get that, truly get that. I'm surrounded by amazing people, that really do care about me, I couldn't have asked for anything more, after my parents death."

Superman: "I'm really proud of you Grant, and I know your parents are too. As for today, you handled yourself amazingly against Superboy Prime, and believe me when I say that is no easy task. By the way, you put the S in Sexy with that Shirt on. I'm glad you choose to wear it, and hope you consider keeping the S for your own costume."

Grant: "S in Sexy huh! I needed a good laugh, thanks. As for the S, it called out to me, so I will keep that in mind when I'm ready to start wearing a costume." I laughed.

Superman: "The tee shirt and jeans will do for now...So let's get you home before Nightwing has a coronary."

Grant: (We flew the rest of the way without talking, although he continually stared at me through the corner of his eye. Going to see LEX would be difficult today, I'd have to find a way first thing in the morning. That's not a conversation I'm looking forward to having, LEX doesn't strike me as the kind of guy you want as your enemy. I just hope he understands, it's like I came out of a fog, and now everything is brightly clear.

Oh well, that's tomorrows problem, today's problem is dealing with Dick. Which we were ten seconds away from. I could see him standing there with his arms crossed, looking down at me with his big beautiful blue eyes. I'll just have to lay the pouting on big time, it always worked on my parents. We flew down and landed on the terrace, just as Robin, WonderGirl, and Supergirl came walking in.

Nightwing: "So what's your excuse this time?" he said stiffly.

Grant: "Well, um...hey is that a new costume your wearing? You look different...bigger even!" I was nervous what could I do?

Nightwing: "Nice try buddy, but that's not going to work this time. An order is an order, and your suppose to stay here when we tell you to stay. All you guys had to do was ask, if you had asked one of us, we would have let you go. But instead we have to find out that your not here, by hearing that your being attacked! By Superboy Prime no less! For a sheltered kid, your certainly racking up the heavy hitters for enemies."

Superman: "And Grant's showing us he can take care of himself as well, going up against these heavy hitters. But kids, Dick is right, next time you guys want to do something, just let one of us know. Just until things calm down for Grant, too many players are coming after him, and some of them we don't know why. So please, just work with us on this." he begged.

Grant: "I understand, things will be different from now on, I promise. But in all fairness, Tim and Cassie only took me cause I told them I was going with or without them, so they choose to go with me, to keep me safe. So if anyone should be in trouble, it should be me, and only me." I begged, not wanting my new found friends to hate me already, by getting them in trouble on the first day.

Superman: "No one is in trouble, as long as we are all on the same page. Now, I have to get going, Grant, I'll be seeing you real soon. Goodnight everyone." with that, he flew up into the air and flew away. Leaving the rest of us staring at each other.



Mercy: "I don't understand LEX, why did you let the kid beat Superboy Prime? Why didn't you use your power inhibitor to take away his powers?"

LEX: "There is less than a week before he tears down the Justice League, so I wanted Grant to have a sample of what his true powers are really like. This way he'll be ready for what he has to face, and his true rage will bring down the Justice League Watchtower." he said excitedly.

Mercy: "What about the guy in red following your little golden boy?" she asked.

LEX: "Ah, yes, Red Arrow, or should I say Arsenal! I'm not quite sure what his stake is with Grant, but I'm going to find out."

Mercy: "What if your plan doesn't work, what if the kid backs out?"

LEX: "Have a little faith Mercy, in me that is, you know I always have my bases covered. The mind control device we stole from Gorilla Grodd...I've already planted the receiver on the back of Grants neck. It's microscopic in size, with a self destruct mechanism, if anyone should happen to find it." Lex boosted.

Mercy: "You truly are the greatest criminal mastermind of all time. What about the Batman?"

LEX: "We've found all of his Bat bugs! So now we'll give him false information, and lead him exactly to where I want him to be."

Mercy: "Truly a Genius!"

LEX: "I know, I know...Now, let's find out what Arsenal wants with Grant."

Back at Titan Tower-

Supergirl: "And that's when your mother was like, 'You can throw whatever you want at me, but nobody, and I mean nobody, messes with my husband!' then she gave the Cheetah a beat down she will never forget."

Grant: (We all started laughing, hearing these amazing stories about my parents.) "Thank you so much for this Kara, I mean I only ever knew them as my mom and dad...I never got to know the superhero side of them. This truly means the world to me, I can never thank you enough." I said enthusiastically.

Supergirl: "There are many more stories where that came from, but we'll have to do it another day. I really have to be going, but I promise you I wont be far. We'll do this again soon, I promise."

Grant: "Thanks for everything Kara, I look forward to seeing you again." With that said Kara flew off into the night sky, leaving Dick and I alone. I turned to look at him and saw that he was staring at me with a dumbfounded face.

"So why are you staring at me like that?" I asked.

Dick: "Oh, we'll, something has changed about you, something in your eyes. You've had profound day, haven't you?"

Grant: "To say the least...I just feel like I'm waking up for the first time in months, and it feels great."

Dick: "That's fantastic, I'm glad to hear that, but it still doesn't mean your not grounded for a month!"

Grant: "A month?! Come on Dick, do be such a..."

Dick: "Dick? I thought you liked Dick?"

Grant: "I don't know, I'm still waiting to have some of Dick, he's holding back on me." I teased. We had an amazing conversation the other night, and I'd felt we'd gotten really close. I'd learned a lot about Dick and his past, I didn't want to push it. But a horny teenaged boy can only restrain himself so long.

Dick: "Don't you start that again with me, I know you think I have all this self control, but really I don't."

Grant: "Great, then give in. Come on Dick, this is ridiculous. I like you, you like me, let's get it on already. I want more, I need more, from you." I begged.

Dick: "Grant! Your 17 still, I'm 24, it's not a great idea. I can get into a lot of trouble, I just can't give you that right now." he said turning away from me.

Grant: "Sorry...I'm sorry, don't be mad, I'm just sexually frustrated is all. It's not that much longer till my 18th birthday, and your worth the wait. Everything is changed now anyway, we have all the time in the world. I'm willing to wait for you, for as long as I need to." I promised.

Dick: "That's just it, what's changed, what is this profound change that took place for you? What was going to happen before that wouldn't have allowed you time? Tell me please!" he asked.

Grant: "I can't say everything, but what I can tell you, is that today I realized the type of man my parents wanted me to become. The type of man they would be proud of, and I wasn't heading down that road at all, but today, fighting Superboy Prime, wearing Superman's symbol on my chest, I saw the light. I realized what I wanted wasn't what I thought it was, it truly was to be like my parents, everything they stood for, everything they died for. I want to be that man, I want to make the world a better place, I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. They believed in what they were doing, they died for it. I understand now, I see why, I see how good it feels, how amazingly freeing it is, to be on the right side, to be good, to be a hero.
I want that for myself." I rambled.

Dick: "You really are amazing, do you know that? You should really be in public relations by the way...when you give a speech, you really give a speech. I'm proud of you, and honored to know you. You've come along way kid!" he said as he wrapped his arms around me hugging me.

Donna: "Ehem" she cleared her throat.

Grant: "Aunt Donna, am I happy to see you!" I said, running over to her and hugging her.

Donna: "I'm always happy to see you, little man. Dick wasn't kidding about public relations, that really was a great speech. Grant, I'm glad your moving forward, and doing better, truly I am. But what happened today, isn't going to happen again." she began.

Grant: "What do you mean?" I asked.

Donna: "You're parents sheltered you from this lifestyle for a reason, and I promised I would do the same. Your going to finish school, and go to collage, like a normal teenager. You're not going to be fighting crime, I don't want this life for you either."

Grant: "Whoa, whoa, wait a second here, isn't this my life we're talking about? Don't I get a say in what I will or wont be doing?" I asked, chagrinned.

Donna: "Please Grant, your parents trusted me to do the right thing for you, now wont you trust me, and do as I say?"

Grant: "Just because my parents sheltered me all my life, doesn't mean it was the right thing for them to do. Are you telling me, your going to make the same mistakes they did? Because I hate to break the news to you, but you've already let the genie out of the bottle, there is no way to get it back in. I know to much know, I've seen to much. I know what I want, and I know what I need to do." I shouted.

Donna: "Grant, honey, I don't want to take anything away from you, if this is really something you wanted to do, then I would stand by your decision to do it, but after you went to collage. After you lived life in the real world, and experienced all that life has to offer you. You're so young, there is so much out there you have yet to see, and learn, and know."

Grant: "What is it with you 24 year olds? Why do you guys think it's okay to play the age card, every time you want to get your point across? I'm not a baby, I'm almost 18. That's only 6 years younger then the both of you, that means you only have 6 years more of experience then me, that doesn't mean you guys know everything. So stop playing that damned card.

I don't see what the problem is, why can't I go to school, and train, and fight crime, all at the same time? There are crime fighters that are even younger than I am. So don't give me the age crap!" I slammed my foot down.

Donna: "You're right, there are superheroes out there, that are younger than you. But that doesn't mean it's right, and it doesn't mean I want that for you. I might appear to be 24 young man, but you and I both know I'm way older than that. I just want what's best for you, and I just want to keep my promise to your parents. Is it to much to ask you for some help?" she shouted.

Grant: "Aunt Donna, I'm sorry, I know you mean well, and I appreciate everything you've done for me, and are doing. But I truly feel this is something the both of us need to talk about, calmly and rationally. It's my future, I think I have a right to be apart of the discussions on it. Wouldn't you agree Dick?" I asked. Both me and Donna stared at him, waiting for his answer.

Dick: "Um...Wait a second, this is like one of those conversations that should just be between the two of you, so if you don't mind I'm just going to excuses myself." he said as he turned around and began walking away.

Donna and Grant: "Coward!" at the same time. Then we both started laughing.

Donna: "Dick come back! Look, Grant, you're right, I should talk to you about this, calmly, so let's give it a little while, we can both calm down and think this through. In the mean time, I picked up the mail from you house, and you have a lot of acceptance letters from Universities all over, you have your choice of any Ivy league you want to go to, so look them over. I put them in your room, on your bed.

Grant, you'd be surprised how many costumed fighters have gone to collage. Dick here is one of them, right Dick?" she asked

Dick: "Right, and it was the greatest experience the Batman ever forced me to do."

Grant: "Fine, I'll look them over, and we'll talk about this in a week from now. Thanks Aunt Donna for being so understanding." I said, while hugging her.

Donna: "By the way, I put your parents Collage yearbook on your bed as well, I figured maybe you'd like to see where they went, cause you also got accepted there. (Cough) Harvard! (Cough) But no pressure...Goodnight, Boys!" she said as she turned around and walked inside.

Dick: "Harvard! Wow, I'm impressed." he said shocked.

Grant: "Why? You know all my parents did was let me go to school, all I had was school, nothing else. What Aunt Donna doesn't know, is I've known about all the collages for two years now, so do my parents. My father drilled into me, that I would be going to Harvard. I told him Yale, or maybe Princeton, just to get him all riled up. I had early admissions all around, but my mother wouldn't let me leave high school early. I agreed with her, my father not so much. But she had her ways of changing his mind, cause he never gave her any crap about it." I rambled yet again, it was so easy to do around him.

Dick: "That's awesome Grant, there really is nothing sexier than a smart man, who just happens to be a total stud. But seriously, don't you want to go to collage? Don't you want to go to Harvard? I mean, your parents went there, how amazing is that.

After my parents were killed, I could never bring myself to go to the circus again. It was just to painful a reminder. But one day I was forced, an old circus friend of mine was in trouble. I had no choice, I had to help, and it was the best thing that I could have ever done. Being back there, the smell, the tents, the crowds, everything, reminded me of my parents. But they were good memories, things I realized I wanted to remember. Now, when ever the circus comes to town, I always go, and for that moment, I feel like I'm connected to them again. That they're right there with me, and it feels amazing.

So, think about it, it might just be the best choice you've ever made. Plus think of all the collage hotties you'll have chasing after you." he said laughingly.

Grant: "I have the only hottie I want, he's just not chasing after to me." I shot back.

Dick: "Oh he is, you just don't realize it." he said grabbing me into another hug. I lifted him up into the sky, the moon behind us shinning brightly, and kissed him for all I was worth.


End Chapter-

Next chapter- All hell breaks loose as Lex controls Grant's mind. The Justice League Watchtower will be the battle ground, for the main event.